Introducing Caspar J Thrupp

11/27/2007 at 06:22 PM ET

Jennyfrost4_cbb_2Former Atomic Kitten member Jenny Frost, 29, and her fiance Dominic Thrupp aka DJ Dom T, 44, welcomed their first child, Caspar J, on October 9th. This week, the Brit stars introduce their now 7-week-old son in OK! magazine.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights.


On the labor:

It was pretty dramatic because I’d been up all night with our little dog George, who was throwing up. The next morning, as soon as Dom left for the vet, my waters broke and the contractions started. The pain was excruciating, but I didn’t phone Dom as I wanted George to see the vet. I was literally pacing the room!

Dom adds,

When I eventually got back, we got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital. It was a lot more dramatic than I expected.

Jenny elaborates,

He wouldn’t take a shortcut because it was illegal, so I screamed, ‘I don’t care, it’s my f–king car — TURN!’ I nearly had a panic attack because by the time I got to the hospital my contractions were every minute and I was so scared. Luckily Dom calmed me down.


On the birth:

The birthing plan went completely to pot. I had got so far naturally that the wonderful midwife Becky said to me: ‘You’ve done the hard bit, now do you want drugs?’ I shouted, ‘Get the epidural in now!’ Whoever invented them needs a medal.

My contractions started at 9 a.m. and I had him at 7:16 p.m. My eyes were shut for most of it. I lay on the floor with Dom sat behind me feeding me ice cubes because they stopped my thirst but didn’t make me pee! I even had little man snacks for Dom, which I kept eating — I needed them more than he did! I was like an abusive woman out of a horror film!

Dom adds,

I was told not to be at a certain end [during the birth]!


On who Caspar looks like:

He’s all Dom, but he’s got my piggy nose and top lip.

Dom adds,

He’s got my [chin] dimple.

How they chose the name:

I loved the name Riley, but he doesn’t look like a Riley so Dom picked Caspar.


On breastfeeding:

I had to stop because I got mastitis, which was more painful than birth. My boobs blew up like footballs and looked like an over-the-top boob job! At least I can drink now.

Dom adds,

They looked great but I couldn’t even go anywhere near them because of the pain.


On parenthood:

Life’s pretty differentbut a million times better. I was worried about my parenting skills,but I’ve scarily gone into mum mode straight away. It has definitelychanged me, 100% for the better.

Dom agrees, saying,

It’s made us pull together because we’re a proper family now. It’s the oddest thing telling people I’m a dad. It’s an adjustment, but a brilliant one, and I’m great at changing nappies now!


More kids?:

I’d like a little sister for Caspar.

Dom interjects,

Can we just get used to this one first?

Source: OK!

Thanks to CBB reader Olivia for the scans.

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Pam on

Caspar is a handsome little guy. I kind of love that Jenny wanted to make sure the dog was seen at the vet before focusing on her labor!

I also wanted to comment on her mention of having to stop nursing because of mastitis — that goes against the advice I received from my LC and my pedi (I had two bouts of it during the 10 months I nursed my son). They said to feed frequently because otherwise I could set myself up for an abscess. So I just wanted to mention that you don’t ‘have to stop’ and that was against the medical instructions I received, personally. It is painful to have though, my boob felt like it was on fire!

I was still able to drink, too. 😉

Also had the same name issue as Jenny and Dom, the name we chose just didn’t ‘fit’ and we had to go to our second choice.

Annie-Kate on

What a lovely looking family. Cute name, too. Is the single letter “J” his middle name?

tracey on

I also wanted to comment on what she said about mastitis. I had mastitis and stopped nursing – but by choice. Nursing is very good for mastitis! You don’t have to stop if you want to keep breastfeeding. I commend all women that keep going, it’s so so painful and can make you feel so loopy from the fever.

Nikki on

“The pain was excruciating, but I didn’t phone Dom as I wanted George to see the vet. I was literally pacing the room!”

Glad bless her for that and Caspar is PRECIOUSSSS!

ruthella on

Caspar is so cute! They look like a very happy threesome!

I breastfed through Mastitis too, it’s EXCRUCIATING but can be done.

I don’t think single initials are allowed to be registered as names here in the UK, so I’d guess it’s actually ‘Jay’ or ‘John’ or something.

Lola on

What a cute baby! Like others said, nursing is the best cure for mastitis!

Harley on

LOL, this little boy will have a great Beginning of Life story to be told the older he gets 🙂 He’s adorable and they are quite a gorgeous family! I have always loved the name Caspar as well.

Bel on

I second (third, fourth) what everyone said about the mastitis thing. I’ve b’fed through mastitis several times and it’s been over fairly quickly – I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to back all that milk up further. I don’t think OK should censor celebrities, far from it, but it probably would have been a good idea to print at the end that breastfeeding through mastitis is recommended medical advice. So far the UK readers of OK have learned from them that breastfeeding is disgusting (thanks jordan!) and excruciating and you must stop if you get mastitis. Oh and it’s great if you stop because you can have a drink. Whatever.

Cute baby though.

ruthella on

Bel; well said! Great post 🙂

karine freitas on

linda as fotos da bebe.bem carequinha(rs)!.
eu amei.

mart pacatang on

take care jenny and may the lord bless your entire family love you kittens