Zac Hanson and wife expecting first child

11/26/2007 at 12:47 PM ET

Make room for one more member of the band Hanson.  Youngest brother Zac Hanson, 22, and his wife, Kate, 23, have announced that they are expecting their first child in May. Zac revealed,

I am utterly thrilled at the thought of becoming a father. I can’t wait to meet this person.

Kate added that,

This is the most amazing time for us. It’s the most romantic thing we’ve ever done.

Zac can’t wait until the baby is born and meets cousins Ezra, 5, Penelope, 2 1/2, and River, 14 months (dad is Taylor Hanson) and Everett, 7 months (dad is Isaac Hanson).

It will be really fun to see five little ones grow up together. I know watching them is going to inspire a lot of music.

Kate is more focused on logistics, as everyone is traveling together to promote the group’s album The Walk.

We may have to start thinking about expanding to two buses!

Source: People

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Angela on

Just to let you know, Penelope is actually 2 and Taylor and his wife have a third child, son Ezra is 5…Thanks for the info!! I love this site!

rebecca on

hey congrats to them, …oh by the way Taylor has ezra who is five, penelope who is i think 3 and river who is one. if you look in the futy,,mother of peace ,,you can see a pregnant kate perfectly

B on

I think Taylor’s oldest son is (Jordan) Ezra (5), and Penelope was born in 2005, River in 2006.

Ashley Michelle on

Don’t forget Ezra! they totally left him out! they have a space for him next to his age but not his name 🙂 I am happy for Zac I was wondering when they would finally have one of there own!

Tracy on

They are certainly a fertile bunch, eh?!

Congratulations to their entire family! I hope it’s a girl, they need at least one more!

Megan on

Oh my goodness. I am so excited for them!

Kate on

Congrats to them!

Candice on

Oh, yay! Congrats, Zac and Kate!

But seriously, this is not helping with my already ticking biological clock! I grew up with the Hanson boys (not literally, of course. hah) and now they’re all off having babies? Geez!

Katie on

omg that is so awesome..I hope it’s a girl and they name her something Bret Michaels did with his daughters.

Kelly on

Yeah, I know what you mean, Candice! I mean Zac is younger than me for crying out loud, and I’m nowhere near being engaged, married or having a baby as far as I know.

Anyway, congrats to them! I’m sure he or she will be a beauty.

meghan on

wow – they’re all about making babies…

Ashley on

Anyone know when they got married?

eabdeb8176 on

If you happen to look at the people article, they have the number of family members wrong. They say only eleven but the number is greater than that if you count the hanson brothers siblings. Their parents and siblings go up to 9, adding their wives 12 and then their kids 17!

Ashley Michelle on

They got married in June of ’05 If I am right

christinajo on


Taylor and Natalie married on June 8 2006
Zac and Kate married last summer (sometime)
Ike and Nicole married last fall (sometime)

Alyssa on

Taylor and Natalie didn’t get married in 2006, they were the first to get married…June 8th 2002. they’ve been married for 5 yrs. But yeah, Zac and Kate celebrated their 1 yr anniversary last june.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Its gonna be a beautiful baby!

Lisa on

There have been whispers among Hanson fans over the past month about a possible pregnancy. A few days ago a video of the guys and their wives in Africa was posted on the band’s official website. In one particular scene you could see a visible baby bump on Kate. That was all the confirmation the fans needed. I’m glad they decided to make an official announcement though. I’m extremely happy for them. They looked so happy playing with the kids in Africa. I’m sure they will be wonderful parents!

And for the record–Hanson weddings
Taylor & Natalie: June 8, 2002
Zac & Kate: June 3, 2006
Isaac & Nicole: Sept. 30, 2006

Avery on

That family must love kids! Congrats to Zac and his wife.

Lindy on

I’m so excited for them! I’m going to two Hanson concerts next week, so hopefully I’ll see Kate there and see the beginnings of her bump!

Elisabeth on

Wow Zac and Kate got married the same day I did! That is kinda neat

Shawna on

Awe, such a lovely picture of the two of them! I can’t wait to see their baby; it will undoubtedly be gorgeous. Congratulations to them!

Gabrielle on

The Hanson family has made no secret of their faith and their devotion to their family. If I were set for life, I would just settle down and start popping out babies, too! 🙂 My fiance and I, however, have to save up the 60k+ to adopt the two girls we want to adopt.

Audrey on

wow, I can still remember when I was huge fan at 11 and the boys were still young, I am 2 months older than Zac and I can’t even imagine getting engaged or having a baby at only 22! I am really happy for them though!

Bobbi on

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday I was watching their first video and watching him be a crazy goof – now the crazy goof is having is first child! Though I agree that I am way too young to even think about children for me (I’m 22) – he grew up a lot quicker than people out of the spotlight would and family has always meant everything to him, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are starting a family now =] Congrats to the both of them and here’s wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy, Kate =] I know that baby’s gonna be beautiful just like the rest of the family!

frenzy on

Man! I remember when Hansons were so popular back then and they were still young. Now they were all married. Happy for them!

Miriam on

Wow, the way those Hanson boys are going, they’re going to have themselves a full church choir in a few years!

Jessica on

I’m so happy for a 3 guys and the success of their careers and their families!! I’m 23 and have two kids myself (both girls) and I know exactly how they feel!! I wish Zac and Kate the BEST of luck and much more success!!!

Kensey on

Zac and Kate Hanson I’m just so happy for you both. So what are you doing to name your child?