Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn out shopping on Sunday

11/26/2007 at 07:13 AM ET

Larry Birkhead, 34, took his daughter Dannielynn Hope Birkhead, 14 months, Christmas shopping on Robertson Blvd on Sunday. Dannielynn was happy in her father’s arms, but also gave walking a try. The father-daughter duo visited Lisa Kline Kids and Kiston.

Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173289cbb Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173331cbb

Photos by Flynet.

Many more in the extended post.

Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173301cbb Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173290cbb Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173266c_2 Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173266cbb Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173262cbbDannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173299c_2Dannielynn_birkhead_mr_fp_173256c_2


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Lara on

Awww the second where she is about to try walking and the last one are probably my favs.

Looks like she is doing well. And she really looks like Larry. Its totally the chin

Carol Lee on

She’s adorable. I love the Darth Vador outfit. But I hate when babies don’t have shoes on when they’re out in public….just a weird quirk of mine I guess.

Mariam on

Does Dannielynn actually walk on her own yet?

Sarah’s note: Don’t know. It’s completely normal if she’s not yet though, she’s only 14 months.

Dawn on

Now isn’t the t-shirt that Dannilynn is wearing nothing short of IRONIC?

dee on

I’m not trying to be funny, but is Dannielynn cross-eyed? I think she is still gorgeous none the less n she has beautiful eyes. N love to see those two together, they look really happy and at peace.

Sarah’s note: One of her eyes was slightly crossed in previous photos. It still may be.

Casey on

It scares me when I see the videos of ANS on drugs during her pregnancy. Her little girl is so beautiful and I only hope that her state is not affected by her mothers actions.

Sarita on

The photos are cute, esspecially like the second one!

Her shirt is bad taste in my opinion.

mary on

She’s a pretty baby. She looks very happy. She also looks to be crosseyed. I hope they have a good doctor to help. Early intervention is a plus.

C. on

What a beautiful little girl. She appears to have developed cross-eyes though and hopefully has been taken to a specialist for that.

Jennifer on

Anyone else cracking up at the “Who’s your Daddy?” t-shirt?

Nausicaa on

What a gorgeous baby! She’s looking more like her father.

Tara on

that t-shirt is real funny

misha on

omg! they are so adorable together!
am i the only one who thinks the ‘who’s your daddy’ t-shirt is ironic?

perfectsadie on

OMG! Look at her shirt!!! How hilarious is that? My Star Wars fans must have one!!! Does anybody know where I can find it?

Mina on

How was there any doubt that Larry was the father of this adorable little girl?!?!?! Love those big blue eyes!

Cass on

What a wonderful father he is!! She is one blessed baby to have him.

Watershipdown on

I do wish Larry would stop announcing to the press when he is going out with that baby. I know Howard would have never done that.

Natalie S. on

That’s sweet, they look happy.

Jeanne on

She is such a cute little girl, and I love the Darth Vader t-shirt!

Lufie on

Please tell me that child is not wearing a shirt that says “Who’s Your Daddy?” She never had a chance.

Sara on

I just love little Dannielynn, she’s such a cutie!

becka on

I like these 2, however I do think that shirt he had on her was extremely inappropriate!! I’m shocked at the tacky taste to emphasize the ‘who was the daddy’ issue mocked and displayed on the child! Not right to parade that child with that shirt on! She will see this picture some day and her first year of life is hardly something to joke about.

gianna on

She is a very cute little girl, her eyes remind me of larry, but her nose and mouth are totally anna’s. Larry seems like a good dad

Sara watson on

aww shes such a cutie.. I Love the last pic out of all of them.. he looks like hes such a proud and happy daddy!!!

Jessica on

She is a cutie. I wonder if he has had her eyes checked she looks like she may have some form of strabismus?!?

Edith on

She favors her grandma Virgie so much!! She’s gonna look like her mom and grandma Virgie as she grows!!

finnaryn on

Carol Lee, either you do not have kids, or you have endless amounts of money to spend on dropped and missing shoes. Not only did I not put shoes on my children until they were fully walking, but I took their shoes off (leaving the socks on) whenever we went into stores and they would be sitting in the cart. I got so tired of searching for the missing shoe that I really could have cared less what other people thought.

Andrea on

She is incredibly gorgeous!

dee on

I don’t see what’s wrong with the shirt! People need to lighten up. If anyone should be offended it would be Larry Birkhead himself! Geez, people need to laugh more and stop being so judgemental. As u can see with Anna Nicole and her son, life is too short!

Kat on

Why do people always have to critisize on here??

Carol Lee, shoes are not good for babies, you should really wait till they are walking. I did GCSE Child development and learnt that it is bad for their toes to wear shoes when they aren’t yet walking un-aided.

As for walking… I learnt to walk when I was 15 months, and I’m fine…

There’s nothing wrong with her wearing that t-shirt – lighten up!!!

Jennifer on

She is really cute.

As far as the eyes, they may or may not be crossed and I say this from personal experience. I had cross eyed corrected at a young age and they appeared crossed almost all of the time. Both of my sons at the that age and younger appeared at times to have crossed eyes, however it was the bridge of their noses that were wide where they were still growing into their faces and completely normal according to the eye doctors they went to from 6 months on. Now at 5 and 2, I don’t notice it all but until the age of 2 it sometimes appeared that way.

CK on

The shirt is so ironic, I love it!!!!

Dee on

So what if her eyes are crossed, so what she is not wearing shoes and so what about the t-shirt? How about is she happy and healthy? Lighten up.

Nikki on

Great comment, Dee!

mary on

I also like the t-shirt I think is playing with the situation with sense of humour. If she grows up with a bit of it, she will be OK with anything people may tell her.

Mary on

BTW, I think she already walks.. I remember seeing her stand at least in her birthday party video someone posted ( I think it was here).

Annie-Kate on

Her little hair-do is so cute. She looks like a little spunk with it sticking up. Am in absolute love with that last photo. Its nice to know this little one is happy.

Amy on

Ummmm…the shirt is not ironic. It did not just happen to appear on her body…that would be ironic. The shirt screams “PHOTO OP.” Please, Larry was shopping on Robertson Blvd aka Paparazzi Central. He went there so that he could get his picture taken, and he purposely put that shirt on her. There is no irony involved.

Stef on

A little girl in a Darth Vadar shirt. THAT’S what I’m talking about!

mary on

Well, I think there would be demand for her picture anyway, with shirt or not.

Carol Lee on

Hasn’t anybody ever used soft shoes for their kids? I’m not an idiot for God’s sake. I’m sorry to have offended everyone with an innocent remark about shoes.

Cindy on

Amen, Dee! Everybody is so so catty and judgemental it takes away from the fun of baby pics! Always with criticism, “he should do this…” “should do that,” OMG, enjoy the photos and move on! I am sure any person with kids could be ripped apart by this crowd.

sheryl on

Dannielynn is very pretty and looks like both Larry and Anna.

I don’t think the shirt is inappropriate and the “irony” probably didn’t even cross Larry’s mind. It’s a cute shirt.

So what if her eyes are crossed? Please, please stop the cries for celebrities to fix their children’s “flaws”…Zee’s legs and now Dannielynn’s eye.

They both look really happy.

Avery on

She’s a beautiful little girl and I’m happy to see that she finally has stability in her life.

I didn’t start walking until I was 15 months and I turned out fine. As far as the shoes go, I agree with the poster who said it’s 10x easier than stopping every 5 seconds to find where it was dropped, especially since she’s not actually walking on her own yet.

The shirt is adorable, imo. I doubt it was put on her just to parade her paternity around and even if it was, who cares? She’s obviously healthy and thriving with Larry so I don’t see the problem.

annonymous on

She is so cute, and he looks to be a good daddy. Though it looks like she has strabismus (cross eyes) I hope they get that checked out. My daughter has it, and she wears glasses (shes 2, got them when she was 1) If you don’t get it treated ASAP, the child can go partially blind. It could also be the reason why she isn’t walking on her own yet. Kids with Strabismus see double. This makes it hard to find balance.

Anyhoo, thats all from me lol.

spafs on

I agree on the shoes.
A short shopping trip is not going to cramp any childs foot. Geesh! If anything, it introduces the shoes so when they start walking it isn’t a major adjustment.

Maybe he is busy keeping Howard in shoes.

Once again, he peddles this poor baby like a commodity. Sad she isn’t allowed a chance at at normal life and is stuck with a wanna be punk for a Dad. His humor isn’t appreciated.

He needs to grow up and think of the child first not himself!

Ashley on

Dannielynn is adorable I love her lol and Larry is a hott daddy whoo! I think Dannielynn looks so cute, personally, her whole entire getup and I’m just happy that they’re happy together, and Dannielynn still always looks more like Anna to me

WOW on

LOL How on earth did I miss this post in November? Dannielynn is my favourite celebrity baby and I was hanging out for an update. She is beautiful 🙂 I’m glad she and Larry are having fun together.

Gail on

I think it is great they are shopping together and having a blast. Dannielynn is a beautiful child and Larry is a great dad. I hope they stay happy and healthy and life treats them well.