Katie 'Jordan' Price and Harvey in OK! Magazine

11/26/2007 at 10:33 PM ET

British stars Katie ‘Jordan’ Price, husband Peter Andre, and kids Junior and Princess recently did a Halloween photoshoot with OK! magazine, but son Harvey Daniel, 5 1/2, was not doing well enough to participate.

This week, Katie and Harvey are featured in their own photoshoot at a soft play area — click below for interview highlights.

How Harvey is doing now:

Really well — he’s talking a hell of a lot and becoming quite a character, although lately his behavior has been getting worse and it’s quite hard work.

We’ve had to put a tent up in the kitchen because he uses a tent at school as a chill-out area, so he goes in there at home and it chills him out. It’s better than the naughty step because then he just laughs when he’s put on there. I don’t believe in whacking your kids, so the tent works quite well in calming him down.

What she thinks made his behavior worse:

Well, he went to the hospital and it turns out he’s got an ear infection and a urinary tract infection so that’s why it’s been getting bad. Any sound like doors shutting — when it’s not him shutting it, he goes nuts.

We took him to the soft play area for the photoshoot and he was perfect in there. Then we took him outside and he was just lying the road and everyone was stopping to look, and I couldn’t lift him. He was just lying there moaning and kicking his legs so I had to wait and then three of us managed to lift him into the car and he was hitting us and flipping like a fish.

It was just because I opened the car door, not him. It happens all the time. There’s nothing wrong with his ears because they’ve been tested, but for some reason that’s his thing.

On his septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, cognitive delay, hormonal and weight issues:

As far as I know, it will stay the same. He just has to have his medicine and he’s fine. If you don’t give him his medicine, it’s fatal. He also has diabetes but it’s not the sugar diabetes — his diabetes affects his waterworks — it’s called diabetes insipidus. I don’t know why they call it diabetes because it doesn’t need to be controlled with diet or insulin.

[He has checkups] all the time. Every week he’s seeing someone — the doctor, the hospital, the health visitor. [Regarding his sight], he can see the top letter of the testing board, which is amazing considering we were told he would never see.

He’s definitely improving. If he was to throw a toy and I said, ‘Go and pick it up,’ he would go right to it.

How he is with his siblings:

He playswith Junior nicely but occasionally he’ll give him a sly little slap.Sometimes he will hit Princess on the head and she’ll just look like anodding dog — a bit shocked with her eyes big, but she’s sogood-natured and placid she doesn’t cry.

He’ll hit anyone — if hewants you, he’ll come for you. It’s just a symptom of his condition.

On his personality:

He’s on the autistic spectrum. He’s not a very sociable kid and he’s not very tactile — I mean I’mlucky if I get a cuddle — but he’s not as bad as some kids on the autisticspectrum. He does show affection sometimes.

He loves musical toys with lights, he loves fresh air, going on the beach. He loves being independent — opening doors and shutting them himself, walking outside at home, and he loves trying to control people. Like if you’re in a conversation, he’ll try to join in. We communicate back and forth absolutely fine.

On the future:

We won’t know until he’s older [if he can live on his own]. He’s already doing more now than what we thought so we’ll just have to take it as it comes and see how it goes.

Source: OK!

Thanks to CBB reader Olivia and ONTD.

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karina the great on

im not a big fan of hers, but i love how strong and willing she is to help her child to get better. GOD BLESS her and her child.

gianna on

Um why is she always posing in magazines with her kids. I love seeing celebrity babies too, but most celebrities only pose in magazine when the baby is first born or once in a blue mood, and the rest of the pictures we see are them going out and doing their everyday things. It seems every month katie is posing with one or all of her kids on magazines. Just weird to me, I can’t think of any celebrity even way more famous than katie, that does as many magazines with their kids as she does.

Annie-Kate on

I really admire her if she’s hands on with him. Good luck to little Harvey! So glad to hear he’s been progressing past what they expected. With such a supportive family he’ll achieve a lot.

Stef on

Katie has always impressed me by the “c’est la vie” way she approaches Harvey’s issues. I’ve never seen her feel sorry for herself or act oppressed by her lot. It’s truly commendable.

zaoli on

I don’t have a clue who she is, but what a great interview. It’s nice to see someone so open and willing to accept what’s been dealt.

gianna on

She sure poses in magazines a lot with her kids. I think almost every month, she is in ok magazine with her children posing for pictures.

sdurdin on

wow. now i feel a bit crappy for my earlier criticism of her. i am a bit impressed i must admit. she seems like an incredible mom to Harvey.

nicole on

I had no idea who she was until a few months ago but I’ve really come to admire how she is with her family. Having a child that’s different is a challenge but she doesn’t give some sob story about it- she just loves her son as she should. Her husband seems great with Harvey too!

FC on

I’m happy to hear how well Harvey is doing, and the new photos are great to have as well. All of them are sweet, but the last one of them is adorable. ♥ He just seems like a sweet, lovable boy… 🙂 Love how they’re matching, too! 😉

ruthella on

It’s a shame that the headline on the cover for this magazine was ‘Harvey hits Princess across the head like a nodding dog’, which is a shocking thing to read in the Supermarket! Personally, I’d just keep my family private but I’m sure Jordan has her own reasons for selling these stories.

Tracy on

She and Jenny McCarthy are really inspirational for mother’s dealing with special children.

It’s amazing to see how well she accepts his challenges and takes it day to day instead of trying to change him!

Taylor on

great interview, sounds like shes a great to mom to Harvery. I also love how she’s so dressed down in the interview – sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Kat on

I knew as soon as I read about some of the quirks about sounds and doors that he’d probably be on the spectrum.

I wondered about it when was watching their show, too.

It’s so easy to get the wrong impression of Katie, but to hear her talk about her kids, see her with them, you know she’s an awesome mom.

And her nanny for Harvey when she’s working and stuff is her MOM… so that’s been awesome…

I don’t know if Harvey can ever live on his own, either, but I know that he will continue to grow, improve, and exceed everyone’s expectations.

and I’m also not surprised that the behavior issues were worsened by the infections… pretty typical for kids who can’t just say.. hey, my ear hurts… or hey, it hurts to pee.

Karen on

Who is Harvey’s dad? is he not in the picture helping at all, her Husband seems great with him , She has to be a strong mom to have 3 children and one with a disability, it is alot of work and she seems to be doing a good job!

Angela’s note: Harvey’s father is Dwight Yorke.

Sarah on

Katie does not get enough credit from the press, so this article makes me really happy. There is such a negative vibe around the whole “glamour models” thing, yet look at what she has accomplished. She accepts her son for who he is and she clearly does her best as a mother. And props to Peter for accepting the package of Katie AND Harvey. There needs to be more men like that!

Jay on

I think its great the way she handles Harvey. I’m sure its not easy and she takes it one day at a time and deals with it. Have to admire her for that.

Liz on

I’m afraid her candor regarding Harvey’s violence toward his siblings will result in a door-knock from a social worker…

While I know Harvey’s issues must be hardships beyond what I can comprehend, I don’t know that it’s a BAD thing for that to happen. As he gets bigger, his weight will continue to be higher than what is normal for his age…and that combined with a lack of understanding toward physical boundaries could have tragic, disastrous results.

Although I have been put off by her views on breastfeeding and her lackadaisical approach toward Harvey’s issues, I now see that the latter, at least, is just such a bear to deal with in everyday life.

I always thought “orange” or “tacky” when I saw photos of her before…but you know, in these pictures…for the first time ever, I see that her face is actually exquisite when not covered in fake tan/orange pancake makeup. She really is a beautiful woman, despite the ridiculous store bought plastic parts.

Ruthella on

She has other Nannies too, as well as her Mum. She’s been filmed sacking at least one of them on one of her ‘documentaries’, and there have been many others. She’s also mentioned countless times how much Harvey hates cameras and bright lights, so I’m puzzled as to why she keeps on doing these photo shoots with him.

Jess on

Karen – Harvey’s father Dwight Yorke and Katie split before his birth; and Dwight has had little to do with Harvey since. He does try to see Harvey on a monthly basis – when Harvey was hospitalised Jan 07, Dwight visited him twice but then didn’t see him for 3 months afterwards.

Harvey’s main father figure is Katie’s husband Peter Andre (who is father to the couple’s other children, Junior and Princess). Katie said that Harvey doesn’t fully know who Dwight is and refers to Peter as ‘dad’ rather than Dwight.

I just picked up this issue. Harvey is gorgeous and it’s really nice to know he is doing well…he can even read! Katie and Peter are wonderful parents! xxx

J.M. on

Liz I hardly think social services would be involved. What sibling hasn’t hit their sibling. Sure Princess is a baby but I know people who have kids 14 months a part and it’s hard to get their toddler to understand that they can’t play rough with the baby. Does this mean that social services should be involved? Hopefully when Harvey is around the other two children they are doing their best to make sure he doesn’t violently hurt them!

It’s lovely to see Harvey finally in some photos with his mama.

doeadear on

I had to do a search on “Dwight Yorke” and found out he’s a retired British footballer. Most Americans wouldn’t know, as most Brits wouldn’t know who Tom Brady is, I am sure.

You know, there are a two celebrities who had very bad images in the public eye, one being Katie, and the other being Colin Farrell. After reading about Colin’s unconditional love for his special son, and the honesty with which Katie deals with the challenges she faces, I realize their public personas are nothing like their private ones. I have nothing but respect for how they love their children and accept them as they are. I grew up with an Autistic sister, at a time when there was very little known about Autism, so I am glad that now children with special needs are out of the darkness. They don’t need to be shielded or farmed out to someone else or an object of shame. Good for these parents.

Katie really does look very lovely in these photos and Harvey looks so sweet. I think most people know that children with special needs tend to hit their siblings. My sister hit me with music boxes and ashtrays and even kicked me while wearing shoes, so, it is a big challenge, I know. God bless them.

Kait on

I know Katie Price doesn’t always get the best publicity but I have so much respect for her and Peter Andre for the way they handle their family. Just like a lot of celebrities, it seems like they “turn it on” for the cameras, but deep down they are genuinely caring parents who are approaching the challenge of their special needs child with dignity and love.

I especially love how they are honest about the conditions Harvey has and the way it affects their life without being all “Oh! Poor us!”

Liz on

J.M.- I did not say social services “should” be involved…only that I wouldn’t be surprised if they DID become involved.

And I stand by my statement of not being sure if that’s altogether a BAD thing. I in NO way advocate Harvey or either of the other children being removed from the home; on the contrary…I just think they might could do with some additional specialized help.

I agree that the “sly little slaps” he bestows upon his littler brother are likely nothing but the tried-and-true initiations of sibling rivalry.

However, Harvey, while a gorgeous child with glowing skin and a smile that would melt glaciers, is also VERY large for his age. He hits a not-yet-six-months-old INFANT to the point where she is like a “nodding dog”.

I’m sorry…but that is a dangerous situation and I fear Harvey’s volatile and mercurial personality will only cause him to exhibit violence more and more as he gets older- and *stronger*.

If, at age five, he hits her so hard he knocks her crosseyed- on a regular basis no less- what do you think he’ll do when he’s two years older and fifteen or twenty pounds heavier? She will still be a fragile, small child, most likely…and he will only hit that much harder.

It’s obvious from the pride on her face that she cherishes her lovely firstborn child…but I’m sorry- hitting an infant so hard she lacks cognitive function for ANY amount of time is a horrible, horrible outcome just waiting to bubble up from the surface.

I do believe she’s doing the best she can but I also believe that if there isn’t SOME type of intervention or changes made, there is a distinct probability of things happening that are simply too awful to say.

Thanks for sharing, though…I always like when someone singles out my comments, agree or disagree. We’re all grownups here, right?

Stef on

You are majorly overdramatizing what she said. She never said that Harvey beats the baby until she’s dazed and unable to function. That’s ridiculous. Think about it, Harvey is nearly six and they are the most high-profile family in the UK. Katie has been under scrutiny since Harvey’s condition was realized and she had to defend herself against uninformed, cruel accusations that her lifestyle (i.e. drinking before being pregnant) led to his condition. Would she or anyone be so dumb as to publicly admit that she sits back and lets her son chuck her baby around?
If you ever watch their show, you will see that Katie has given Harvey the utmost care–driving to and from London to specialists, keeping a bedside vigil when he had an accident, overcoming post-pardum depression with Junior–all the while taking personal care of Harvey. She personally administers his meds numerous times a day. I can’t even think to criticize her myself because I don’t think I’d have the strength or presence of mind to handle half the things she does with Harvey.
The baby is going to be fine. They already went through the motions with Junior and know what to expect and guess what? Junior came through unscathed. I can’t help but feel you’re implying that a severely mentally-handicapped child like Harvey shouldn’t be allowed to stay with his family because they can’t handle him.

Liz on

Stef- please…read what I wrote. I said under no circumstance did I advocate ANY of the childrens’ removal. And *I* am not overdramatizing anything…it’s Katie herself who made the “nodding dog” comment and said that if Harvey wants to come after you, he does. She said last month that his episodes of violence are escalating in frequency and intensity. All I am saying is that SOMETHING will need to happen in order to protect everyone involved including Harvey himself.

I never (and WOULD never) “imply” or otherwise state that a child with handicaps, mentally severe or otherwise, be unable to stay in his family home. AS I said- on the contrary. I believe familiar surroundings and routine are a child like Harvey’s best “medicine” and a lifeline for the other family members as well.

ANYONE would have to admit that a large child with exceptional strength repeatedly hitting a small baby about the head is NOT an okay thing to have happen! All I’m saying is that some type of interventional therapy or measure needs to be taken before someone gets seriously hurt. At this age, tiny infants are so prone to brain injury when hit in the head whether intentionally or accidentally.

A child that was NOT disabled but simply “bratty” would certainly not be allowed to traumatize an infant in such a way…nor would an adult or anyone else be “allowed” to do such a thing. And that is the way it should be.

Babies are entrusted to our care and we have to do just that- care for and protect them. I’m hopeful that Katie isn’t lackadaisical enough to think this problem will “sort itself out” and that she is taking preventative measures ie close supervision of Harvey when Princess is “within reach”.

I was hesitant to say anything because I didn’t want to do just this– argue with anyone. I respect your right to your opinion and I’d like the same courtesy…please do not put words in my mouth.

My statement simplified was “the baby doesn’t need to be hit in the head” by someone who outweighs her by ninety plus pounds. Anyone who disagrees with that…well, I would HOPE that there’s NOBODY here on a blog devoted to babies and children who would disagree with such a statement.

Mina on


I am a Supervisor at a facility for children/adults with mental and physical disabilities…I also have my degree in Psychology. I have been working in this field since I graduated high school and all throughout college. I have dealt with all sorts of agencies and families.

Children with any form of disabilities, whether mental or physical, is always a challenge. It’s extremely stressful and challenging for the families as well. And in cases where the families cannot take care of their children, whether it’s because it’s declared by the State or otherwise, is one of the most difficult situations a family can be in.

I believe that Katie Price is an amazing mother to Harvey. The love she has for her son shines through her eyes whenever I see her with him or she talks about him.

I’m not sure which poster said this above me, but with Autism spectrum, one of the “effects” that many have is that you are lacking in social skills. Harvey hitting his sister is merely an example of it. I believe Katie embellished when she describe Harvey hitting his sister (or maybe it’s just English slang that I don’t understand). But I can sit here and tell you the number of times I have been hit, kicked, bitten, hair pulled, spit at by the children I work with. It’s part of their behaviors, part of the spectrum.

Now, I have worked with families that overmedicate their children to the point that they are just sitting in front of me, unable to do anything. But their behaviors were only SLIGHTLY improved. I’m not saying that all medication is wrong, but what I disagree with is the idea that families want their children to have NO behaviors because they want their children to be “normal”. They don’t want the stares, whispers, criticism by others.

I applaud Katie in being a wonderful mother who understands her son and his disabilities. I believe that she knows what is best for her son and will do whatever it takes to make him happy and healthy.

Autism Awareness….that’s what we should be talking about.

Kyah on


although I agree action needs to be taken when a child is at risk, I really really think you’re reading too much into Katie’s “nodding dog” comment. I work with children and adults with disabilities, and have seen (and felt) firsthand the amount of power they can have behind a kick, slap, etc. And I seriously doubt any mother would sit back and allow a 100lb child to hit a 15lb infant in a way that would be at all harmful.

I applaud Katie for having the strength and courage to speak about her family life and about the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

ruthella on

The most high profile family in the country? Ever heard of the Royals? LOL

Jordan probably is over-dramatising the situation a little. After all, she’s getting a good price for selling the story at all so maybe she wants to ‘beef it up’ a little as we say over here!

There’s another furore over here which has just broken out because Heat magazine has printed stickers of Harvey’s face with the words ‘Harvey wants to eat me’ on them. I feel desperately sorry for this poor lad, to be mocked in this way. But it must be said, if readers weren’t SO familiar with his face and his habits, the stickers would never have been printed.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether or not Jordan sanctioned the stickers. I truly, truly hope not…

Stef on

I was referring to celebrities. A year ago, I would have said the Beckhams, but they’re over here now.

As for the stickers–that’s horrible. I have no doubt Katie did not sanction those.

Liz on

I hope Katie OWNS that magazine for what they’ve done…making wide-open fun of a disabled child! My God above, what IS the world coming to.

I like to imagine if Harvey were asked his opinion of the situation (although I hope he NEVER finds out, of course) that he would do just as he did with Peter that one time…send some eye-daggers their way and say “Heat Magazine….Eff…OFF!” ( < -- sorry for the crudeness)

ruthella on

I don’t know if we can paste links on here or not? But the magazine in question has today apologised to Jordan. The Press Complaints Commission don’t take third party complaints so it remains to be seen whether or not Jordan herself makes a formal complaint.

I feel so sorry for Harvey. As if it won’t be bad enough in years to come realising that the nation knew he was heavier than his Mum at five years old and shared clothes with his Dad, now there’s these nasty stickers to contend with too.

I don’t know enough about his condition to know whether or not he will ever fully understand them but I just hope the humiliation of this innocent little boy stops NOW.

Colette on

Did anyone else notice the mention at the beginning of the interview that many people had wondered why Harvey wasn’t involved in the Halloween shoot?

It made me wonder if OK had visit CBB and seen the comment here (as that’s the only place I had seen any discussion of the matter).

How exciting!

Shelly on

All I can say is Katie is a wonderful mum as is Peter they just don’t get the positive press that they deserve.Thanks CBB for keeping their special family in a good light.I know all to well that it is not easy my husband left me after our 2nd.son was born with developmental disorders which were found to be genetic.Their stepfather I know is an Angel as is Peter!

Elaine on

I read the whole article, and I didn’t see anything that implied Harvey actually injured Princess. I think that Katie spoke about how Harvey can be violent and that he needs to be watched carefully with the other children. Katie has a very direct way of speaking, and that can be misunderstood I think.

The sticker is actually contrary to what katie has said about Harvey’s weight. He doesn’t have a huge appetite, its due to his medical condition. There was a lot of comment about Harvey being very big and Katie was critisised for apparently feeding him fattening foods before she went public with this. The magazine shouldn’t make fun of any celeb children let alone a child with health issues, but what they said no doubt made it even more upsetting.

If Harvey was scared of the camera or unhappy in the photos that would be obvious – but he looked very happy and smiley in them all. They were actually taken at a soft play centre which Harvey likes to play at.

Sarah J on

Katie’s reps have said that she fully intends to make a complaint against the magazine.

It still horrifies me that the magazine editors thought that it was even remotely acceptable to make fun of a disabled child’s unavoidable large size. It’s quite sickening.

As someone said they can criticize Jordan, they could even question her parenting skills…but to pick on Harvey is just so unbelievably low.

eleanor smart on

i to have a little boy like harvey and i completely take my hat off to katie and her family, i know what a struggle things can be, diabetes insipidus is a full time job off its own, i find the blindness the hardest to deal with.

i watch katie and her documentaries for ways in which she handles things, because it is hard out there to find children with similar medical needs and people to share problems with, so i think its great the way she copes.

my little boy is also very overweight and we struggle every way to balance his diet, but it is all to done with his condition, these are children at the end off the day, and our babies and comments hurt very much

Carly on

People, THIS is what happens when people party & get drunk a lot while pregnant.

Boo to Jordan for putting her partying schedule in front of her unborn childs health.

hay on

katie price is great mother and deserves the mother of the year award. anyone who thinks her other children are in danger because of harveys condition shud be ashamed

hayley h manchester on

hay it is realy gud what you do you are realy an ensperation to us all and i love your new nexted chapter and can not wait till it is back on hayley