Trista Sutter talks percentiles and parenting

11/20/2007 at 05:46 PM ET

In a new video interview posted to, reality star Trista Sutter said that her son Maxwell Alston, who was born at 36-weeks gestation after Trista developed HELLP Syndrome, is doing well.  Although Max — turning 4-months next week — still receives oxygen when he is in his home state of Colorado, where Trista and husband Ryan Sutter live at 8,500-ft altitude, Trista said that the baby only needs "a little extra help."  Added Trista,

[Max] is in his second percentile for weight, fifth for height, and 25th for his head.

Trista said that she was surprised "really how hard [motherhood] would be," particularly in regards to sleep. 

Trying to get him to sleep through the night is a pretty difficult task. 

At the same time, the 35-year-old admits that caring for Max during the daytime is relatively easy — for the time being.   

Because, right now, at least he’s not rolling or crawling or running or any of that yet. 

Nursing was a priority for the family, Trista said, adding that "it’s the healthiest alternative" for Max. 

It’s totally the parents decision.  Together I think you should make it with your husband.  But for us breastfeeding was the best alternative.

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Margarite on

She seems to complain a lot.

Anya on

Um…alternative to what?! Breastfeeding is natural, the first choice. Formula would be an alternative to the natural choice of breastfeeding. That quote was really strange.

Belle on

I refuse to be part of the breast feeding/formula feeding debate. Everyone including formula companies acknowledge breastmilk as being superior. That being said I also found her comments odd especially about it being Dad’s choice. Ummm, No it is not unless he can lactate. It is great Max is doing so well and I always did hope Trista and Ryan would make it.

Liza on

I just want to say that I HATE “percentiles”

Nothing against her, and she’s possibly saying it to show his progress from prematurity BUT… I always hate how people are “My kid is in this percentile for this, or that, or the other thing” Is it a competion?? I feel like its always a subject at my kids’ playgroup and it drives me nuts, IMO. My kids are exceptionally large and so its always “OH MY GOD THEY MUST BE IN THE 90th percentile!!!” (Grrrrrrr)

charsmom on

Trista, your baby is only 4 months old … he is still a little guy and if he isn’t sleeping through the night that is totally normal and expected. Especially since he was premature – he probably still needs the calories from nursing to get through the night!

Carrie on

I think her comments were perfectly logical. Breastfeeding is a choice, and I think she was right to say that any decision in parenting should be discussed with your husband. I guess I am just missing what was so alarming about what she said. Oh well…

penscribe on

Wouldn’t you rather relocate than have to give your baby oxygen to live 8500 ft up?

Renee on

Carrie, you are not alone with that thought. I just think some people tend to over analyze things people say

Sarah on

penscribe, wasn’t they just pictured in California the other day? That may be why they’re staying there…

Lola on

One of the biggest reasons that women don’t breastfeed is their husbands, followed by their mothers/mother in laws opinions. While I agree choices should be made together, I don’t believe if a husband isn’t supportive of breastfeeding a woman shouldn’t breastfeed – this is about bonding, attachment and health.
Since I started reading Tricia’s quotes (the one earlier where he shakes his finger at her if she eats too much or sugary food etc) my opinion of their relationship has changed a great deal…

Melle on

This poor girl can’t win. I thought her comments were very well put. She seems to feel that breastfeeding is best but didn’t want to offend or belittle anyone that might not be able to. Some women can’t breastfeed. I don’t think she meant alternative in a bad way.

Mel on

Alternative to what? Bizarre wording.

Christine on

I agree the wording was odd (“alternative”) and I assume she’s weaned him as she says “was”.

My mother had 3 children she did NOT breastfeed. All 3 of us breastfed all of our babies (6 in total) for over a year.
So it’s not necessarily doing what your mother did.

Sarah’s note: Trista hasn’t weaned yet, despite the was!

Sarita on

I think she meant alternative as one of the things you can choose to do, like one of the choices.

lizzielui on

Sigh. I wish people would stop dissecting and analyzing every single word this poor woman says about her life and her baby and the choices that she makes. Like Sarita above said, Trista said alternative meaning “the choice between two possibilities.” Clearly, she chose breast feeding although she could have easily chosen the alternative which is to use formula. The word alternative does not mean one is better than the other, it just means a different choice. Sheesh, I swear people just want to nit pick about everything these celebs say.