Shania Twain talks about son Eja and and her family life

11/20/2007 at 12:13 PM ET

Shania07ip7Country singer Shania Twain, 42, discusses her family life in the December 2007 issue of Redbook magazine. She is married to music producer Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange, 59, and they have son Eja D’Angelo, 6. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Do women face certain prejudices in the entertainment industry?

Yes. "Women have babies, women get fat, women are emotional" – all those things. They’re all true but you can’t just take our goods and throw the rest of us away! That’s what I like to sing about. I still feel the need to stand up, even in my own personal life.

Click below for Shania’s talk about her personal life, funny moments with Eja, childhood experiences and celebrating holidays.

What’s an example in your personal life of how you’ve stood up for yourself?

In our household, just domestic things with my son. My husband and I are both good parents. He is great with our son. But it’s up to me to give my husband responsibilities to take on. If I don’t, they’re automatically mine. In a way, we women take on more than we need to sometimes. We don’t need to control everything. So choose what you want to control, and usually what you want to control the most are the things that you enjoy. I try to prioritize that way. For instance, I love doing laundry.

Now that Eja’s getting older, will you give him certain household responsibilities?

Absolutely. He already likes cooking. He doesn’t love cleaning up his toys, but he’ll do it. A couple of months ago I started saying, "Eja, I’m your mummy, not your slave. I am not going to be picking that up for you." Now I’ll ask, "Eja, will you please grab my water?" and he’ll say, "Mom, I’m not your slave!"

What do you hope for Eja’s childhood?

I would like him to be well-rounded, humble and honest, without having to be deprived to develop that character. When you don’t come from struggle, gaining appreciation is a quality that’s difficult to come by. So we go out of our way to try to keep him appreciative. We don’t keep him in a bubble.

What lessons did your childhood teach you that have come into play with Eja?

I didn’t have a choice growing up but to be more insecure because others had more. But I’m grateful for it because it also taught me humility. Now that I have and I’m not a have-not, I’ve learned how important it is to maintain humility.

What are the holidays like for you and your family? Your siblings are still in Canada. Do you see them at Christmas?

Last year we had a big Christmas all together, and that was really great. Usually, though, Mutt, Eja, and I do a very low-key Christmas. It’s too commercial for us, personally. We get involved in the community.

Source: Redbook magazine, December 2007 issue

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Natasha on

I love Shania! She hasn’t talked much about her son in the past its great to hear about him 😀

gianna on

Shania keeps him out of the spotlight a lot, she seems like a good mom.

Mandii on

I wish we could see a photo of him though! 🙂

Ally on

Oh how I love Shania! Even with all the fame and fortune, she’s still so down to earth. I didn’t realize her baby was already 6…how time flies!

Chris on

Shania’s the BEST! It’s refreshing to see a celeb not showing off their kids to the paps!

Callen on

She’s beautiful! I wonder if she plans to have more children?She seems like a great mom!

Noelle on

Has there ever been a photo posted of her son? I dont think I’ve ever seen him. I’d love to though.

I like that she does her best to keep him grounded and normal, considering her fame and all.

gianna on

Callen, shania has said she doesn’t want anymore kids. About a year ago I read an interview where she said, she only always wanted one child in her life and feels complete with her son. I remember after her son was born too, reading her say she feels she has so much love to give to her son, she really doesn’t wanna have to split that with anther child, and that her husband and her decide 1 child was enough for them.

Callen on

Thank you Gianna!

Lucia on

I’m not sure I really understand why it is “showing off” your child when celebrities have their children in public…in my opinion, I would find it much worse to always see a celebrity out and about Without their children…we hardly ever see pictures of Shania in the magazines, so I am not saying this is the case for her…but I do not see a celebrity playing with their kids in the park, or on a walk “showing off”…should the kids be sitting inside at home all day everyday?

Megan on

I simply adore Shania! First because she’s an amazing singer and entertainer…but also because she seems like an amazing and down to earth mom as well =)) I hate that we haven’t seen Eja–because no doubt he’s gorgeous–but at the same time I completely respect Shania and Mutt’s decision to keep him out of the public eye…and Lucia…just to maybe put an answer on your question–I doubt they sit inside the house all day couped up…they live in Switzerland most of the time and i am sure they just live low key like any normal family…they just aren’t in LA or NY so the paps aren’t there…

LOVE this family and I am hoping for some new music from Shania soon…

Natasha on

I’ve actually seen one or two pictures of Eja from when he was 3 or 4 (paparazzi pics), I’ll see if I saved them.

Lucia on

Oh I definitely understand about them not being hounded in Switzerland, I am sure they are out and about…I am just saying in regards to other celebrities who live wherever, I don’t think it is showing them off when they take them out…whereas some people seem to think that!

gianna on

Lucia I don’t mean, taking your kids to a park is showing your kids off, that’s just regular parent stuff and happens to be the paparazzi grab pics of that when your a celebrity. I’m talking about someone like say katie price aka jordan who is constantly on magazines with her kids for no reason, like nonstop that is a bit much IMO. Also shania isn’t the type when she has a song or cd out, to be on a magazine cover with her kid, trying to promte her cd by one interview or picture after anther. She seems like a private type person, not the type to want attention nonstop

Celeste on

Eja sounds like he’s a great kid and mom is doing a good job with him. He’s going to grow up to be a great young man. 🙂

Shyanne on

Shania I have your CD Greatest Hits, I’ve listened to it so many time i have all your songs memorised, your a great singer and an even better mother!! 😀