Update: Keri Russell talks about "intense" labor, nursing

11/18/2007 at 04:34 PM ET

Keriandriver Delivering her son River, 5-months, was no walk in the park for Keri Russell.  During a Friday appearance on The View, Keri told the audience that she labored for 38 hours before River made his eventual entry to the world.  Said Keri,

Your first baby, they always say it’s going to take forever, just wait, wait at home as long as you can. But little did I know, once my water broke, it was like, ‘Game on.’ Those contractions…it was like a whole other world. I was like, ‘Get me in the car and get me to that hospital.’

So we live in Brooklyn, hired a gypsy cab, it takes forever to get there — Friday afternoon, rush hour traffic. It took an hour and a half, going about a block a minute…I’m in the backseat of the cab, like, ‘Oh my god!’ (grips chair) The poor driver is looking in his rear view mirror.

It was intense…38 hours [of labor]. It was a looooong time. But it all worked out okay. 

Speaking of walks in the park, Keri says that that is about the extent of her exercise regimen, for she only recently hired her first babysitter.  As for her remarkable return to pre-baby size, the 30-year-old credits good genes and breastfeeding.

I would love to say I worked out every day. But it’s truly genetics.  You have what you have, and then you work hard or you don’t. And I… It was genetics.  And I have to say, breastfeeding, you burn so many calories, and I’m still doing it.

River is the first child for Keri, 31, and her husband Shane Deary.

Source: The View via Keri Russell Info 


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Harley on

Yowza! I have even more respect for her now lol. I’d have begged for a c-section by that point. Brave woman.

Poshie T on

He is too cute!!!

andrea on

I adore Keri- I think she is the sweetest (and most down to earth!) of the celebrity mommas. I totally relate to her previous statement about being jittery in regards to having a babysitter- I am very much the same way still, and my pumpkin is turning 5 tomorrow! lol

Question about River’s birth- I thought I had read that she was going to do a homebirth with a midwife or doula? I wonder what made her change her mind?

Sarah’s note: I never heard anything about her wanting a homebirth — in May, she had said she was planning for a midwife-assisted hospital birth, and that was what she did end up having. Here’s the article where she talks about it.

Laura AS1 on

Good for her. That’s a refreshing and honest comment by a celebrity mama, particularly about getting back into shape. Genes definitely do matter.