Cat Cora on making sweet potato casserole with Zoran

11/13/2007 at 03:56 PM ET

Iron Chef Cat Cora, 40, her partner Jennifer, 36, and their sons Zoran, 4, and Caje, 6 months, are featured in this week’s People, discussing their Thanksgiving plans. Cat shares,

My son Zoran helps makeour sweet potato casserole. As long as I promise him he can eat two orthree marshmallows for every one he puts on the sweet potatoes, he’svery energetic.


Source: People, November 19th issue, p .124

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Janine on

wow, she and her partner look a lot alike.
the boys look adorable.

Harley on

Wow…well for 1, didn’t know she was a lesbian lol (no I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner). For 2, are the munchkins adopted or are they theirs by birth?

me on

Wow, I didn’t know she had children and a family.. much less that she had a partner! Not that it’s a bad thing, but wow, that’s amazing! Are they biologically theirs, or adopted?

Amy on

Add me to the clueless crowd- I had no clue she had children or a partner. But what lovely ones she has.

K on

They’ve been married for awhile. I worked at the Food Network on her show, and remember the wedding picture (both wore big white dresses) 🙂

Cristen on

It’s crazy how much Cat and her partner look alike!! Her partner looks like a 6 inch taller version of Cat. Cute boys by the way.

michelle on

Ok at least I am not the only one who this is news to. I thought I totally missed something. 🙂 They are so cute together. Wow! They do look a lot alike. So happy for her and her family!

terri on

Yeah, I was clueless as well. Cute kids.

nona on

Cute family. I don’t know who Cat Cora is, but I think she looks like Holly Marie Combs with a blonde wig in this picture! I actually googled more pics of her to see if she always looked /that much/ like Holly. Apparently not.

Renee on

Such a beautiful family 😀

PSB on

I knew she was a lesbian, but didn’t realize she was married with kids…to a woman who could seriously be her (taller) twin sister!

I’ll bet those are their bio kids – the little boy looks a lot like Cat and the baby seems to look like her partner.

Lesbians are so lucky, because (unlike gay men), they can just use a sperm donor and have babies without going through the vast expense and ups and downs of adoption or surrogacy. Also, if one of them has fertility problems, they always have another shot at motherhood. If only we straight women could get our husbands to share the childbirth burden!

Whitmar on

Trust me, trying to have children as a lesbian is neither cheap nor easy! We still have to deal with adoption of the child by the non-bio mom, legal and clinic expenses (and fertility problems), and some states don’t even allow same-sex adoptions. Everyone no matter what their situation has difficulties. Regardless, I am just thrilled to see their picture! Such a cute family!

Bella Mama on

what a beautiful family…

Tara on

I love that an Iron Chef makes old fashioned sweet potato casserole with marshmallows!

Tracy on

“Tara” me TOO! Haha!

My husband and I LOVE Iron Chef and it’s even more exciting when she’s on! I wish she were on more often though…

I knew she had children, but the rest was news to me. I love that she is open with her sexuality and wish that more women were.

Thank you to Cat, Ellen and Rosie who show the world that being gay really isn’t a big deal! Well, at least in my opinion anyway!

Renee on

I agree Tracy. I do love the fact that people is so good with showing gay couples like this 🙂 I want to see this in other magazines.

Tracy on

they are married in name only, not legally, as the United States does not even acknowledge same sex marriages, this is really a civil union and to state they are married is simply an untrue statement.

E on

Re: “Thank you to Cat, Ellen and Rosie who show the world that being gay really isn’t a big deal! Well, at least in my opinion anyway!”

Here, Here! I couldn’t agree with you more Tracy!

Shell on

Actually, in California, “Common-Law Marriage” is legal and if I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t matter if the couple is hetero or not. If they’re “together” and co-habitating for at least 7 years, then it’s considered a common-law union.
Either way, good for them!

Suzanne on

Actually common law marriage is not recognized in California, even for a man and a woman. The states that do recognize it in general specify that it applies to mixed gender couples.

That being said – If they could get married and did not it would probably be inappropriate to refer to them as married, but since they can’t why does it bother you?

Betty on

Can I download Cat’s videos? It would be great to be able to view the video when I was ready to make the recipe.

If download is possible, please tell me how.

Thank You

allen on

I am from the Philippines and we love Cat Cora here. I didn’t know she was a lesbian until a friend told me. The more I liked her! I wish we can see more of her shows here in the Philippines.