Dave Grohl on schedules, touring, and Amy Winehouse

11/12/2007 at 08:55 PM ET

Davegrohl06_cbbRocker Dave Grohl, 38, spends his mornings with his daughter Violet Maye, 19 months on Thursday, switching off with wife Jordyn Blum at lunchtime. As it is with older babies, each day is fairly predictable.

She sits on my lap and watches the bunnies in the yard as she drinks her bottle. Then we play, and she has a nap at 9:30 am. She’s on a routine, man. The schedule’s hardcore.

Of course, music is a big part of their routine as well.

She loves the Amy Winehouse record. It’s all about the ‘Rehab’ song. If she hears, ‘Try to make me go to rehab…’ Violet will go, ‘No, no, no.’ I know it’s a little weird, but it’sreally cute!

Now that all four of the Foo Fighters are daddies, Dave admits the conversations have taken a decidedly less provoking turn.

We don’t talk about how much we drank last night. It’s about how much sleep we got, how much sleep the baby got, diaper rash, formula.

We used togo on the road for three months at a time. [Now] it’s a struggle for me to leavefor even 12 days. I realized the life I always imagined beginning oncethe band ended has to begin now. When I think about Violet growing up, I feel like I have to be there.

Source: People, November 19th issue, p. 93-94


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juliana on

I think that is really cute- of course she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but all little ones certainly know the word “no” My daughter sings “ohhhh it’s what you do to me” from the delilah song- and it’s the cutest thing

PSB on

That’s hilarious. I can definitely see the allure of a song that says “no no no” for toddlers. I adore Dave and think it’s the sweetest thing how all of the Foo daddies have changed so much.

FC on

Don’t worry, Dave, I think it’s cute and funny myself. 😉 But he sounds like such a devoted daddy, not wanting to leave her for X number of days. 🙂

Michelle on

My 16mo old son does the same thing when “Rehab” comes on the radio. “No, no, no”. Then he sings it all day. Dave Grohl is a sweet daddy.

laur on

I saw his daughter and his wife last night at a foo concert she is sooo cute! she had on these yellow earmuffs!! his wife is beautiful too.

girl_sweet on

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