Update: Katie 'Jordan' Price and Peter Andre on OK! Magazine cover with children for Halloween

11/06/2007 at 08:25 AM ET

Model and television personality Katie ‘Jordan’ Price, 29, appears on the cover of the latest issue of OK! Magazine with husband, pop singer Peter Andre, 34, and two of their children. On the cover with them are Junior Savva, 2, and Princess Tiáamii, 4 months. Harvey Daniel, 5, was not in the photoshoot.

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Source: OK! Magazine

Thanks to CBB reader Lost Girl.

Katie and Peter say that they worry about bullying in schools and ultimately would like to have their children home-schooled.

Katie: One, to make Harvey walk, talk and see completely. And two, that we had billions and billions of pounds and could get private tutoring at home for all the kids because I get scared they will be picked on at school.
Peter: The kids won’t get picked on at school because as of next year Junior is going to have martial arts training so he can stick up for his brother and sister.

Katie was greatly scared when they first bought Princess home and a visitor came into their bed each night.

When we brought Princess home and for the first three nights in a row a massive spider would crawl across the bed at 3am, and I hate spiders.

Both of them hate thinking about dying.

I hate talking about dying – all I know is I desperatly want to die before my kids – I never want to have to bury any of my kids. That’s probably my greatest fear

Peter says that he wouldn’t mind being a vampire…but only if Katie and the kids could also be vampired.

Could we have all our kids be vampires too? I’d like that as long as I had Katie and the kids with me.

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finnaryn on

Even with the red hair, Princess is the spitting image of her dad!

gianna on

Girl looks like katie, boy just like peter.

Stef on

Poor Katie. She must feel like my mom did–my sis and I both entirely took after my dad’s side of the family looks-wise. But since my dad passed, it’s actually now a special thing.

ANYWAY, I didn’t know Halloween was celebrated in England. Guys Fawkes Day, yeah, but I thought Halloween was uber-American, like Thanksgiving.

Sarah on

Is is just me or does she “hide’ her first born, you never see him and it is sad to only see her 2 “perfect” Children!

Preesi on

Stef? Halloween was STARTED in the UK!
Its wholly Pagan! Unlike in the USA, in the UK the kids actually have to do something for their candy, like a song, dance, joke etc…

Princess looks like Dad, Jr looks like Mom

Preesi on

Oh and Stef? Canada has Thanksgiving too..

Precious on

Where is Harvey? I am starting to feel as if she is leaving him out on purpose. If you can’t put all on the cover don’t put any. FAMILY is the key word.

Tracy on

I wonder why Harvey wasn’t included on the cover, even if he was in the shoot… That seems a bit unfair to me. He’s a very cute little boy! I just hope it isn’t because Peter isn’t his father…

Sarah’s note: I doubt that’s it. They’ve been very vocal about Peter being his dad, despite not being the biological father. It’s just like the Seal/Leni situation.

My thought is that if Harvey doesn’t want to pose for a photo, he’s not going to, and I appreciate that they don’t force him. The last interview I read, Katie had said Harvey was in a phase where he wanted to be left alone and be in his room. If that’s still the case, I bet a group photoshoot would be stressful for him.

I’m going to wait until I can read the interview and see the rest of the photos before judging. I don’t agree with a lot of Katie’s views, but from what I’ve seen on their TV show, I think they do a great job raising Harvey and being mindful of his issues. I’m just going to wait and see the whole article first.

meg on

Stef, we celebrate it, but it is nowhere near as big over here as it is in America.

Princess looks a lot like Peter, but has Katie’s colouring.

Brooke on

Umm, doesn’t she have THREE children???????

Kitty on

I miss Harvey 😦

lolasmum on

Where my family lives in England, Halloween is not really “celebrated”. It is seen as something witchcrafty and children don’t do the trick or treat thing. Its just not as big as it is in America. However, other parts of England do participate — Southern England.

lolasmum on

PS. Did anyone else notice a pic of Kerry Katona in the bottom corner that reads “yes I was on drugs on GMTV”?! Yikes!

Tracy on

Thanks Sarah, that information helps! 🙂

Megan on

Lolasmum – I am in the North of England and a lot of the children here do Trick or Treat – when I was in London, I barely saw any children doing it, so I think it is fair to say it varies area to area over the UK – areas with kids 9 and under are far more likely to get trick or treaters. However, it is no where as big as in America – I don’t know many adults who will buy an outfit or dress up for the occasion. Shame really, I think the kids are really sweet when they dress up but where I am, we get a lot of unruly teens as well!

lolasmum on

Megan, oops…I guess I shouldn’t have piped in. You are probabaly right that it varies area to area. My sis was saying it was a much bigger deal in London than in the NW. I guess every town is different…

eilidh cross on

aww there a lovely family
just bought the magazine harvey the eldest
son dust a pear to be in it

annonymous on

picture is lovely but how come all of the babies rnt there? where is harvey?

Katrina on

I flicked through the magazine today and Harvey doesn’t feature in any of the photographs. I didn’t read the article so I don’t know if it’s explained why he isn’t there.

Princess and Junior looked absolutely adorable though.

Chloe on

They are so cute!

I am forever being stopped in the street by people saying my son is the spitting image of Junior…

Here is my son :

sdurdin on

that baby is so dang cute!!! katie just looks fake, always has to me. i think she could be pretty under that mound of make-up, so i don’t know who the baby looks like (i refuse to say her name lol)

Chloe on

Actually this pic of my son looks more like Junior!

J.M. on

those are the oddest questions and responses I’ve ever read in a magazine!
The children are cute esp. that Junior!

Colette on

I think perhaps photoshoots are a little too tedious for Harvey to deal with so he often sits them out.

Although I think a more likely explanation is that he was at school whilst the shoot took place.

karen on

i love this family!
chloe- your son is darling- he really does resemble junior. thanks for sharing your pics.

Irishgal on

Princess looks like Peter, but she has Katie’s colouring. Junior is the image of Peter too. England have Guy Fawkes night, Nov 4th, but Halloween is big here in Ireland, just like it is in America.

sarawara on

I think that Harvey is overlooked, whether purposefully or not. Like Rosemary Kennedy. It’s sad.

Amanda on

If Harvey finds photoshoots difficult, why do Jordan and Peter carry on doing them?

Surely for the sake of all their children they should just give these OK! exclusives a rest for a while.

FC on

I’m beginning to think Junior is a mix of his parents, though he favors his dad a little more than Katie in some ways, while Princess Tiáamii looks exactly like her daddy.

Would have loved it if it was the whole family but still, the photos are cute.

brannon on

I’ve read before that Harvey is in a stage where the flashes upset him. But they have certainly done plenty of photoshoots with Harvey – in fact, they have also done individual shoots with just Princess, just Junior and just Harvey. If Harvey was having a bad day, then i respect them not putting him in the limelight. However, I certainly don’t think he is overlooked (I know because I adore him and love seeing pics of him so I know they appear quite often 🙂

sonia on

Very cute kids…

Halloween was started in Ireland (the country used to be pagan, Halloween is actually a mix of Pagan & Christian traditions), the traditions of jack-o-lanterns (pumpkins) and dressing up (to scare evil spirits away) was brought to USA by Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine.

rhian on

Also they have said that they cant do a photoshoot with all three kids as Harvey plays up and its difficult, which we can all understand but it would have been nice to see him..he is a very beautiful boy and yes, peter sees himself as Harveys daddy he says in his book that harvey was his ‘first boy’ and he calls him dad too…sweet, sweet family_love them!

malibustacey on

Usually Jordan is going on about how much money she has made, so I’m surprised to see her saying she wishes they had ‘Billions and billions of pounds for home tutors’!! I’m pretty sure she can afford it…

Stef on

Amanda–They do the shoots cos it brings in a lot of money for very little effort.
At least that was the explanation Katie gave at their wedding…

In the second pic, do they have Junior dressed up as a skeleton or Noel Fielding? LOL

Sarah on

When Harvey is older and even though he has some issues I’m sure he will wonder why he was never included with the “perfect” Children she shows off like handbags!

They have a beautiful family, it is to bad how much more beautiful it would be if all were included. Something is wrong is he just wants to be alone..he is a little person, and should be included.

olivia on

ya we have it here in Canada,Thanksgiving that is.

Mary-Helen on

I have to hand it to Katie for not forcing Harvey to participate if he doesn’t want to. I mean, isn’t it better if he is uncomfortable to not be there than force him. Maybe they got the photog to take some private shots of Harvey later on.

I know she has done photoshoots with him in the past so I don’t think she’s ashamed of him, maybe he was just having an off day.

gianna on

I’m not a katie fan at all, but I don’t think she overshadows harvey at all. We have seen him plenty of times, maybe he is just getting older now and didn’t wanna have his picture taken. Junior looks like peter, and princess more katie IMO.

Nika on

Some of the comments here are so judgemental.
It seems as though some people are just trying to find any oppotunity to slag them off.

Clearly none of the people leaving negative comments know anything about this family. Otherwise you would know that this family has ALWAYS included harvey. But he has a condition and cannot and does not always want to partake in these things and he is not forced to.

“When Harvey is older and even though he has some issues I’m sure he will wonder why he was never included with the “perfect” Children she shows off like handbags!

They have a beautiful family, it is to bad how much more beautiful it would be if all were included. Something is wrong is he just wants to be alone..he is a little person, and should be included.”

Posted by: Sarah at Nov 6, 2007 4:27:34

People come to these judgements based on nothing.
They project the same “perfect family” when harvey joins them and when he is absent.

If people would scroll up, they’ll see that sarah has put her two cents in in defense of them.

Angela on

I think that it is such a shame that they left out Harvey from the shoot. If it was them, then they are shallow. If the photographer didn’t want him in because he felt it “didn’t look good,” for his photo they should also be ashamed. Harvey is disabled. He should be recognized and given the same appreciation as members of the family as the other two children. I do however, feel sorry he was born to a mother who consistantly ignores his existance. He is a beautiful little boy who deserves to be treated with the same respect. What example does she set by keeping him hidden away so much. It is so sad for her. Shallow. Shallow.

belinda roe on

people are too quick to judge,katie and peter would not intentionally leave harvey out of a photo shoot, they both love him and you can see this. they have 3 great children and if one decided he did not wish to have his photo taken he would never be forced to.Junior and princess look very much like there dad, lovely looking kids, and so is harvey,best wishes to all of u.