Shawn Wayans on naming his son after his brother and fatherhood

11/05/2007 at 09:29 AM ET

Actor Shawn Wayans, 36, loves being a father to daughters Laila, 8, Illia, 4, and son Marlon, 2. In fact, he calls it beautiful.

Waking up every day and seeing three different versions of yourself is great. Watching them grow and learn and being a part of completing a human being is beautiful. I see so many things that I’ve taught my oldest daughter and she’s learned — and that her mom has taught her — from day one. It’s beautiful to watch.

Even though Shawn loves fatherhood, it does weigh on him at times.  Especially since his son has hit the terrible twos.

He is destroying my house by drawing on my couches and breaking all my stuff. He draws stuff for me and shows it to me. There’s a nice picture he made for me, but it’s on my couch!

Speaking of Marlon, he is named after Shawn’s younger brother, Marlon Wayans.  The two brothers made a pact when they were little kids to name their kids after one another and they kept it.

It was a deal we made when we were kids. I named my kid Marlon, and he named his son Shawn. What’s strange and funny, though, is my kid looks just like me and his kid looks just like him. It’s awkward, but it was a deal we made when we were six-years-old and I’m glad we made it.

Source: OK! Magazine

Have you named one of your children after a sibling? If so, does it cause confusion?


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Jay on

I love how close Shawn and Marlon are. And its really nice how they kept the pact they made as kids.

Natasha on

My uncle and brother have the same name and its really not confusing because they’re Scott and Scotty or little scott. Its far more confusing that I have 2 uncle Johns. (My mom’s brother and my mom’s sister’s husband)

clair on

I don’t have any kids yet but i can tell you this,if i have a daughter the name Caroline will feature in somewhere.
My sisters name is Caroline and she is so special to me that i will definitely use it in a daughters name

gianna on

I love how close marlon and Shawn are. My son’s name will have frank either in it’s first name or middle name, and it’s in honor of my grandfather who I was very close to and my brother’s middle name, who I’m also close too.

jaQ on

well, we went for the middle name, Michael. we would have used it for the first name, but my children actually have three uncle Mikes: my brother, ex-husband’s brother, and ex’s sister’s husband. that would have been too much to add a fourth. not to mention, i am now engaged to another Mike. lol

Jeanne on

That’s so sweet how they kept a pact they made when they were so young, it’s a true indicator of how close they really are.

My maternal grandfather, a maternal uncle, my dad, and my brother are all named William. I’d use it for a middle name but I think we have enough Williams in the family already. Thanksgiving is confusing enough.

renee on

I think their pact is cute and very special. I don’t have any kids yet, but am planning to for my daughter to have my sister’s middle name (Elizabeth) in some way. My mother has worn out her first name (Sara) from yelling it over the years so I’ll just use Elizabeth. It’s also our great-grandmother’s middle name so it’s even more special. Everyone in a our family is named after someone, so we have two or three of everything!! I think it’s sweet that they love each other so much to fufill their pact.

FC on

I know that if, and I hope I do, have a daughter, she’ll have my grandmother’s middle name, Juanita, as a part of her name. It kind of works both ways, my grandmother and great-aunt share the same name, as does one of my cousins. So, but I really wanted something that would honor my grandmother first and foremost. I always had it that she’d be here when I had my baby, but, I know she will be in spirit…

Niko1975 on

I actually gave my youngest daughter my youngest sister’s name. My sister’s middle name is Lane and so is my daughter’s!

Nicole on

I love these two brothers!! It is so wonderful that they are so close and have always been. It doesnt hurt that they are fine either. My brother’s name is Jayson and when I had my son I wanted to commemorate that in some way. So, I opted to name him Jaydon. So, I switched the s to a d. Well, we still accidentally call Jayson Jaydon and Jaydon Jayson. Its funny!!!

sik;lket;alks on

Marlon and Shawn are the best brothers ever and the thought of them naming their children after each other,that is so cute