Rumor: Sir Paul McCartney considering push for full custody of Beatrice

11/05/2007 at 12:41 PM ET

Revelations last week by Heather Mills that she has, at times, battled thoughts of suicide may have lasting consequences for the custody arrangement currently in place with regard to her 4-year-old daughter Beatrice with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney

In a series of television interviews, Heather said she "wanted to die" after her marriage ended and that she felt "pushed to the edge" by related events which have taken place since, including death threats from Paul’s fans.  Disturbed by Heather’s appearance and statements during her media assault, Paul is now reportedly reconsidering the agreement already reached for Beatrice, which calls for Heather to retain primary physical custody of their daughter.  Speaking to the News of the World, an unnamed source said,

Paul fears Heather’s lost the plot and needs help. He’s deeply worried.  She claimed to the world that her life’s at risk.  If that’s true, so is Bea’s and she must be with her dad.

Beatrice is the estranged couple’s only child together.

Source:  The Age


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sian on

News of the World is such a terrible paper- it’s about 98% garbage.

Stephanie on

Sian, there are countless other people reporting the same thing so my guess is that it is pretty accurate this time.

I have always gotten a bad vibe from Heather Mills. Even when she was on Dancing With the Stars and everyone was rooting for her, the tone of her voice when she spoke was just…odd. I don’t think she’s a good person. Even Barbara Walters said she isn’t a good person on The View this morning. I’m kind of hoping Paul can get full custody for the sake of Beatrice, because something really is off about her mommy.

finnaryn on

While this rumor may not be true, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for Sir Paul to request that Heather attend therapy as part of the custody agreement. Maybe not change the amount of time she spends with Beatrice, unless the doctor determines it is needed, but he does have a right to know that Heather is in the correct frame of mind to care for her. Since Heather seems fairly level headed, I think that therapy would be good to help her work through things and continue to be a good mom.

Tracy on

You know, I really wish they would just leave that poor woman alone!

What difference does it make to label her a “gold digger” anyway? Even if that was true about 98% of women in Hollywood probably have her beat by a mile!

People just want Paul to be their Idol and don’t like people to slander his name.

I can’t say that I blame her for feeling the way she does! I would go insane if I thought every person in my country hated me!

She seems to be a great Mom, and Paul agreed at some point… I hope this doesn’t get drug through the dirt even more….

bren on

I agree with you Tracy!! I don’t understand why people hate her soo much!! None of us know what really happened in that marriage!!! Yeah she might be talking ‘too much’ but maybe she is just scared, and is trying to proof she is not that bad and Paul and daughter are not perfect.

I feel soooo sorry for her. People judge her because she is asking for half his money, well that is what she is intitle to, wether we like it or not. Maybe she does not deserve all that money, but who cares! people need to back up and leave her alone!!


Jenna on

I totally agree with what Tracy and Bren said. No one is perfect, but Heather does not deserve to be treated like rubbish by the British tabloids.

Di on

I feel really sorry for Heather that Paul McCartney’s crazy fans have it out for her. What is the saying, it is not paranoia if they are really out to get you. If she is receiving death threats which would be easy to confirm then she has right to be afraid and concerned.
What upsets me is that, Paul, whois worth hundreds of millions of dollars and he is not stepping up to pay for round the clock security for his ex and their daughter. No matter what Paul feels about his ex, Beatrice needs her mother. To be honest, Paul is probably more like a grandfather than father anyway.
She she should move away from England but their custody arrangement will not permit it.
Whoever is quoted in the magazine is ridiculous. Some lunatic is threatening me and my child and instead of Paul or the police protecting me and my daughter, my ex gets custody which means that the bad guys win. Unacceptable.

nanse on

Have some of you lost your minds? You feel sorry for a gold digging slut who pulled a fast one on Paul McCartney? Paul didn’t make her say that stuff on TV. Paul didn’t ask her to sneak her lawyers notes to the nearest fax and fax it over to the papers denigrating Paul’s behavior and lifestyle. So far, Paul hasn’t said one thing. Just Heather the mouth keeps going on. Heather, take the 100 million and shut up. And if you’re so interested in charities after selling your body for years, well good for you. Now you’ll have the money and the freedom to do that. But Beatrice is going to grow up some day and see all the horrible things you’ve said about Paul – and that day will be called a Reckoning. And I suppose you’ll blame Paul again. Ha What a laugh you are.

Ayla on

Bren, Please do tell why in the world Heather is due half of Paul’s money? They were only married for 4 years. She may and I am highly sceptical about it, be due half of what he earned the last 4 years, but half of everything, NO.

Heather was very obviously out of line with her interviews in regard to Paul.

I had no problem with her attacking the media and their relentless pursuit of her.

The only thing she had bad to say about Paul was that they separated because he wouldn’t give more to her charities. Big deal.

She also says he is not protecting her….How do we know? I am sure he has done what needs to be done in that regard.

I have to confess that Paul has been my idol since I was 11 years old. I tried really hard to like Heather, but she has shown her true colors. It has become apparent that she has done nothing but lie throughout the whole relationship.

I’m not saying that he’s done nothing wrong. Maybe he did hit her which is inexcusable. Then again…….who knows what he’s had to deal with. Just look at how crazy she came of in her several interviews this past week.

I’m just saying, Paul may not be in the wrong here and he certainly does not owe her half of his fortune.

Amanda on

I know for me personally, what I don’t like about Heather Mills is her personality and the way her actions always seem to contradict her words.

She has so many issues with the press but goes out of her way to keep herself in the papers and on the television. I mean, what was the point of her going on that dancing show? Surely she had better things to do with her time, like try and reach an amicable divorce settlement?

And her appearance on GMTV was just cringeworthy. She made herself look like a hypocrite and a liar. And how she can dare compare her experience with that of Kate McCann is absolutely beyond me.

And she claims she is not a gold-digger? Why is she still fighting in court for more and more of Sir Paul’s money? How much more does she need? She won’t stop until she’s got as much as the courts will allow. What a great example to set her little girl.

She needs to take a leaf out of her ex-husband’s book and keep firmly out of the spotlight. If she did that, people might give her the sympathy she so desperately craves.

Renee on

I’m sorry but Di,isn’t saying that Paul is more like an grandfather than a father kind of mean? Just because of his age, doesn’t mean he isn’t a great father to Beatrice.I’m sorry but people are judging Heather so harshly is because of stuff she has said in interviews…from her own mouth. Maybe that should be a sign to not do anymore interviews. Let’s not forget that Paul’s own older children dislike her which doesn’t help her public image.

mills on

“leave Heather alone”?? who’s forcing her to appear on all those shows? People can’t stand her because she’s a manipulative and vicious gold-digger: Heather is not happy with just getting millions of pounds for THREE years of marriage, she won’t rest until she destroys her ex’s reputation as well. Never mind that her child will suffer in the process. I don’t have any patience for her histrionics and I don’t know anyone who does. There are people who deserve our sympathy but Heather Mills is not one of them.

lizzielui on

Grandfather? That is way out of line. So because Paul is a somewhat older than what the average father of a four year would be he’s to be referred to as a grandfather? FOR SHAME!! My father had me when he was 54 years old. Everytime someone called him my grandfather or implied that he was too old to keep up with me I wanted to choke them. Age has NOTHING to do with whether or not you are a good parent and the implication from DI is very insulting.

meghan on

This story sounds like a lot of bull. They (the press) really need to get off this lady’s back. They have been viscious to her from the very start.

PSB on

Heather keeps implying in interviews that there is something scandalous involving abuse and Paul (that he hit Linda and that he mentally abused Heather during their marriage). I don’t know whether or not this is true, but it seems really in bad taste. Either she’s a victim, in which case, she should be advocating for women’s rights or dealing with it in private. The fact that she keeps alluding to it, but never comes out and says anything, makes me think she’s trying to blackmail Paul in the press.

Also, she can say what she wants about her own marriage, but I think she’s really out of line airing dirty laundry – or inventing untrue things – about Linda. She didn’t even know them during their marriage and she is being extremely hurtful to her step-children and Linda’s memory.

I think this is all for show and for more money. She may be receiving threats, but she probably received threats when she was married to him too. Also, I highly doubt she has no security team. I just think the whole story rings untrue, and if she truly wants to be left alone, she should stop doing interviews and not do reality shows. Otherwise, she is just putting herself out there.

Amanda on

PSB, I couldn’t agree more.

Riki on

I think the marraige was a BIG mistake I mean Paul is 26 years older than her and Paul is sort of too old to have a kid
he is 65 and a grandfather I think either
Heather should get custody or give the kid up for apdoption