Julia Roberts discusses the idea of more children, weightloss and paparazzi

11/05/2007 at 12:25 PM ET

Actress Julia Roberts, 40, recently sat down with Vanity Fair and discussed numerous issues including the idea of more children with husband Danny Moder, her ultimate dream, the paparazzi, and her kids — twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, 2 1/2, and Henry, 4 months.

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Julia’s ultimate dream would be: A highly fulfilled and productive stay-at-home mom and wife. The highest high would be growing our food that I then make, and then composting and growing more — that kind of circle.

A creative outlet is important to her: Even if it’s just silly needlework and stuff like that. To have that high-functioning fulfillment, and to have that radiate into my children so that I’m there with them, I’m connected with them, and I’m with Danny and we’re all together, and yet my motor is revving.

The type of diapers she uses: I use Seventh Generation [chlorine-free, nontoxic] diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the [plastic-free, flushable] gDiapers. Henry’s got a gDiaper on…I would recommend them overall. It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down.

She doesn’t think there are more children in the future for her and Danny: At this point I’m having so much fun with them. You only have so much energy and you want to put so much energy into each child. I wouldn’t know how to have five kids. And they’re a really good trio, these three.

On being overprotective: I’m sure there are lots of things … that I could get pretty scaredabout, but then, that’s no fun. I’m always like, God,they’re going to get hurt. But they will get hurt. That’s the thing.And [Danny is] teaching me to show them that they can get up from that,or show them how to jump off of it.

On the issue of paparazzi taking photo of celebrities’ children: I just feel like it’s so demeaning the way they behave, and I hate the fact that I even put any of my energy into thinking about it or being stressed about it. And really, more than anything, it just has to do with my kids. There’s no reason to take pictures of celebrities’ children other than for people to say, "Oh, they’re cute." I think magazines shouldn’t run pictures of people’s kids. I have a problem with that.

I also have a problem with the whole notion that, if I have Henry in a sling, I’m hiding him. He’s a baby and I’m carrying him around, and so’s the lady across the street. I get pissed off, because I think that it’s inhuman to chase a woman with her children.

What she would do if her children wanted to start acting: I would call Natalie Portman’s mother. Natalie is such a good actress, but she seems like such a sensible person. I asked her about it one day when we were doing ‘Closer,’ and she said she only worked with people that her parents trusted, and she only worked when it didn’t impact her school. So there were definitely guidelines.

No one does it that way, but they did it, so it can be done. I hope I don’t face that, though, because I think kids should be kids and childhood should be filled with … you know that smell, when your kids come in and they smell like dirt and sweat and sunshine? That’s what I hope for my kids.

On getting back into shape after having three children: I have been working out, but listen, it is 97 percent genetics. Don’t let anybody tell you any crap about anything else, because that’s what it is: 97 percent genetics and 3 percent just get your ass moving. Because I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like.

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Crystal on

Love Julia! She seems so down to earth!

gianna on

I personally agree with julia, 3 kids is a nice size family IMO. It’s not too big and not too small, and 3 kids is a good balance.I know victoria beckham when she was on leno said she has 3 kids, but it feels like more because david and her are outnumbered now, as oppose to when it was 2 kids and each parent had a kid lol.

QuestioningReader on

Julia’s comments really highlight a question I have had for a while. How does CBB justify posting paparazzi photos of children? I can understand photos that have been released by the parents, or photos taken at places that can be expected (such as movie premieres), but I have an issue with paparazzi shots. These children do not choose to be celebrities the way their parents do. They have privacy rights, and the right to a normal childhood without the glare of flashbulbs every time they go to the playground. I would love CBB editors to respond to this, especially because I know that many of you are parents yourselves.

yaosa on

She’s great and so down to earth. It’s nice to see her in this phase of her life and enjoying it! What a beautiful family they must be!

amelita on

Love her! She’s right on, baby!

Lilybett on

Uh-oh… here come my guilts about looking at celeb baby pics! I feel she’s right when she says it’s inhumane for a pap to be chasing a woman and her children down the street… We wouldn’t stand for it as a community if this was happening to non-celebs… But I love this site all the same and feel it’s a respectful outlet for that kind of thing. Auuggghhhh!

lucy on

The fact she is disturbed by people photographing her children and putting their pictures online isn’t going to stop anyone from doing it, or for example, this site from publishing those photos, is it? Everyone just ignores what they don’t want to hear.

Ellen on

I REALLY like this woman.