Charlie Sheen says he's excited to have more kids

11/05/2007 at 12:09 PM ET

When the dust from his nasty custody battle with ex-wife Denise Richards finally clears, Charlie Sheen, 42, is looking forward to opening a new chapter of family life.  In an interview with Extra, scheduled to air tonight, Charlie says he is "absolutely" going to have children with fiancee Brooke Mueller

We’re just dealing with what’s in front of us right now and getting through all this crap, getting back to our regularly scheduled life … then dealing with getting married and having our own family, which is exciting.

Charlie and Denise have two daughters, 2-year-old Lola Rose and 3 1/2-year-old Sam.  Calling the dispute between he and his ex-wife a "ridiculous and unnecessary circus," the Two and a Half Men actor says that "it’s just so unfortunate because what’s been lost … is that the initial request was just to be able to hire my own nanny."

That’s all I asked for and an extra weekend. Cut to two months later, this is what I’m forced to deal with.

Source:  Extra!


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Natasha on

Sounds kinda weird to want more kids but hire nannies for the ones he already has

cats on

Denise has just been such a bad parent in badmouthing her children’s father to the media. I really hope that Charlie gets more custody over time.

On an unrelated front, I really see many of Denise’s outings as staged. She always looks like she’s called the paparazzi and are posed for the “I’m the perfect mommy” pose.

yaosa on

I agree with you Natasha but we know that Charlie doesn’t always have it together. At least he seems to be trying:-)

Rebecca on

He works on a hit television show, which shoots (normally from what I’ve seen) during the week. If he has visitation during the week he’d need to have someone on set to watch the kids for him (because it’s his time with the kids he can’t expect Denise to hang out on set watching the kids.) Because it’s his job, and many other people depend on him being there, he can’t say “Well, I’m going to take a few hours off on these days for my court appointed visitation.” It doesn’t work that way. I can totally understand him wanting to hire his own nanny, that way he’d have someone watching the kids during his time that is being paid by him, and wouldn’t go and tell Denise every little thing (oh, he let them share a soda during his lunch break!) I don’t think it’s odd at all to talk about having more kids (what does his fiancee do? I think it’s safe to say that she’ll stay home with the kids while he’s at work) while his older kids with Denise have a nanny.

pmfrances on

The reality is this marriage probably won’t last either and he’s going to have more kids going through a bitter divorce and growing up without their dad. Sad…

Ivey on

I often wonder about his oldest daughter, she grew during his ‘really bad behaviour’ days.

We never here much about her, weather he had joint custody of her ect.

I’m just wondering because it might shed light on the current situation.

cats on

Denise has been the one behaving badly these days. She uses the paps to get the “perfect mommy” shots and continues to badmouth Charlie (who really seems to be on the right track).

Di on

Charlie’s issue is not that he wants a nanny, the issue is that he does not want his visits with his kids supervised by someone who is employed by his ex-wife.
My stance has been that if Charlie has to be supervised, it should be by an independent third party and not someone who is obviously biased in favor one party. I think what Charlie is asking for is reasonable.

Cha on

I hope this relationship really works out for him and he’s able to have a family life without the drama. They’d have beautiful children : ) Maybe he’ll get his little boy!

cats on

I’m so sick of the pro-Denise comments.

J.M. on

I wasn’t always on Charlie’s side but I think Denise is just being a manipulative control freak and she’s truly not putting her kids first when she does things like this…well I should say to the both of them that the childish behavior should end!!

Dancer on

Cha, What do you mean by you hope he has his little boy. What’s wrong with having two daughters? Male preference is a huge problem in most of the world. Why is it that most men and women celebrate male children, but seem resigned when they have female kids?

Erin on

Dancer: Charlie has THREE girls. And I’m sure he would love to have a son because of that fact. It has nothing to do with thinking males are better or anything of the sort – just the fact he has 3 daughters already!

terri on

I think he has three daughters, not two. Nothing wrong with girls. I’d be thrilled to have 3 girls someday, but would be happy to just have a healthy baby.

cats on

Why are only pro-Denise or charlie bashing comments being posted? You all are so anti-Charlie Sheen.

ConcernedAboutBrooke on

I already feel bad for Brooke if she decides to have kids by him. Come on girl, trade him for Wentworth Miller!

Dancer on

If he has three kids already, why does he want more? I know Asian families where they have 9-10 girls just because they keep trying for the elusive son. Yeah, keep contributing to the overpopulation problem just because someone can’t be happy with a couple of daughters that are gifts from God.

Kelley on

Dancer, I am sure he is completely happy with his two girls. He is in a new relationship and wants to have kids with Brooke. Are you saying Brooke should not be allowed to have her own children with Charlie because he already has two?
I feel bad for Charlie and hope this whole mess gets resolved. Hope Denise realizes that one day her kids may resent her for what she has done.

AnaMaria on

Run, Brooke, run!

Erin on

Dancer: Instead of coming to a website that celebrates the arrival of yet another child that is contributing to overpopulation, why not go somewhere else? Honestly, I don’t think that is you’re issue – your real issue has to do with Charlie Sheen and some odd resentment or hatred you have towards him. Instead of nit-picking on a stranger who is doing absolutely nothing to hurt you, maybe it’s time for you to find a new hobby.