Seal on being a father and Heidi not being pregnant, for once!

11/04/2007 at 01:27 PM ET

Singer/songwriter Seal, 44, and his supermodel wife Heidi Klum, 34, keep busy with their careers and raising their three children — Leni, 3 1/2, Henry, 2, and Johan, 11 months.

With his new album, System, out on November 13th, Seal slows down for a bit to talk about falling in love with Heidi, his decision to raise Leni as his own, and how they parent.

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When the couple met at an awards show in 2003, Seal was smitten,thinking to himself that whomever ‘caught’ Heidi was a lucky guy. Threeweeks later, they ran into each other again, with Heidi asking Seal outfor pizza — but Seal didn’t get the hint that she liked him. Monthslater, they got together again — however, this time, Heidi was freshout of a short relationship with Formula One tycoon Flavio Briatore,and had just discovered that she was expecting his child.

Seal andHeidi kept their relationship low-key for the first few months, butwhen she started showing, things changed for Seal.

We couldn’t do the casual dating thing any more,because in four months there was going to be a baby. I hadn’t seen her fora bit because we were both working, and the nexttime I saw her, she had a bump. I was like, ‘Wow! You really arepregnant.’

That was the moment I really fell in love — and I fell in lovewith both Heidi and the baby. Up until that point, the baby hadn’t beena reality, but seeing Heidi like that brought everything into focus. Itwasn’t a big step to make; it was more a case of, ‘My number’s beingcalled and I’d better be worthy of this.’

I certainly didn’t look upon it as though I was riding to Heidi’srescue. I just launched myself into it. When I told my stepmother I’dmet Heidi, she said to me, ‘That’s sostrange, because I was just about to talk to you about adopting achild.’ It was obviously meant to be.

Leni was bornon May 4th, 2004, with Seal in the delivery room. He shares that he hasno qualms about raising a child that is not biologically his own –Leni is his daughter.

To me, it’s irrelevant. Anyone can father a child. Big deal. Raisingthe child is the key.

[Flavio has] no contact with Leni. That’s notbecause he’s a bad person. I actually think he’s great in many ways,because a selfish man mightwant to disrupt the child’s set-up, and he’s clearly not a selfish man.He obviously sees the set-up and leaves it alone.

Seal, who had a tough and dysfunctional upbringing with an abusivefather, is hopeful that having children is the catalyst he needs toreverse the cycle of violence that he grew up with.

I suddenly started to realize that all the mistakes I said I wasn’tgoing to make, the whole dysfunctional aspect of family…my chance [tofix that] was right now.

I’d be a fool to believe that I don’t have a lot of my father’s traits– but I’d cut off my own hands before I raised them to my kids.

Although he enjoys their children immensely, after subsequent 2004,2005, and 2006 pregnancies, Seal is basking in Heidi’s non-expectantframe, for once.

Our youngest child is now 11 months old, so I’ve told Heidi we’rebooting him out of the bedroom. [jokes] I’m not having it any more!This is the longest time I’ve known Heidi without her being pregnant.She’s got her body back and it’s real good fun!

Source: The Daily Mail

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Virginia on

I think I’m in love with Seal 🙂 Sigh…. What a lovely, lovely man. Heidi and him make a great couple and always seem so in love. They look like they make each other very happy and are raising and enjoying a beautiful family together. Best wishes to them. They set a good example I think.

Robin on

I LOVE this couple and the more I see and hear them talk the more I respect them. Heidi is blessed to have such a lovely man in her life and what a great father he so obviously is. Good for them!

Elyse on

What a great guy! I just gain more respect for this couple and their family everytime I read more about them. Heidi is one lucky lady to have a man like Seal in her life! 🙂

gianna on

He sounds like a great husband and father, and yea for once heidi isn’t pregnant so he can enjoy her great body lol.


I like Seal and Heidi, I think they are a great couple and what he said about Heidi is really sweet and romantic. But it does strike me odd how some couples can talk about very private things, while others would be bashed for talking inappropriately. For instance, brad pitt talks about his kids and some say he talks too much about them..and Angelina says she and brad have long talks while taking a bath and gets bashed for tmi. Heidi talks about seeing seals “package” and SEal talks about enjoying heidi’s body because she isnt pregnant..and no once says a word.

leah on

i can totally relate to this family. my dad isn’t biologically my father, but he raised me and is my daddy (i hope people get that lol) i have so much respect for men like seal and my dad. I just love this family.

Colleen on

The best part of the interview is Seal’s remarks about Leni’s biological father. The fact that he doesn’t try to bad mouth Flavio Briatore will probably mean a lot to Leni some day.

It really shows what a great guy Seal is.

Megan on

Seal is the definition of a FATHER…and the more I read about him and see him talk, I just realize that more and more. Biology doesn’t make PARENTS…and Seal is the absolute PICTURE of that–the way he talks about Leni, it’s almost as if he’s saying it’s ridiculous to even talk like Leni isn’t his in every way…and I adore that…she is his daughter and there is no way around it…he makes me ovaries hurt with how much he loves his kids–all THREE of them…

And the idea that he would step up and say what he did about Flavio and NOT badmouth him–well there just aren’t words for how much of a true MAN and FATHER that shows he is…absolutely adore this family…Seal is an amazing man…::sigh::

Shelli Akers on

What a beautiful man! Thanks CBB for sharing that story!

Shelli Akers on

What a beautiful man! Thanks CBB for sharing that story!

Shelli Akers on

What a beautiful man! Thanks CBB for sharing that story!

Shelli Akers on

What a beautiful man! Thanks CBB for sharing that story!

Julia A on

The way Seal talks about his family is almost poetic. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

ang on

i’ve never read seal’s interviews – i knew he adored heidi and the kids, but i didn’t know just HOW decent a guy he could be. wish other celebs in blended families could pay attention to this example. heidi is so lucky!

Sarah on

Seal is amazing! He puts such a positive spin on Leni’s biological dad not being in the picture, not even bad mouthing him. I’m seriously impressed. Love him!

Hilda on

Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man! Wow, these two ooze love for one another and their 3 kids.

melissa on

omg i think im melting!!!!!!!!! lol

Dana on

All I have to say is…Ditto!

Lola on

What an wonderful man! He is the definition of a father – what said it all to be was his acceptance and love for Leni, with biology having no part in that AND the fact he didn’t bad mouth the male biological “creator” of Leni.
I think I have a crush 😉

Meg on

What a sweet interview. It’s obvious he cares for his family more then anything. Loved his comment on Heidi’s body! So funny!

Mona on

I never thought much of Seal but, when a man can take another mans child as his own that to me is very SEXY!! Two thumbs up for a great guy like that and Heidi kick ass for finding him. Keep up the great work and cute family:)

terri on

Like others, what really impressed me was the comments he had about Leni’s biological father. Now that’s class.

FC on

Okay, I’m just going to be in a puddle now! The man is amazing, and definitely a class act! The way he holds no ill will toward Flavio is heartwarming, and takes a lot of guts! I have to say though, he got the better end of a deal when it comes to being Leni’s father, which Seal is in every way. He’s such a catch and Heidi did well in snagging herself such a fine man as Seal is.

LMAO at him enjoying Heidi and her non-expectant body, kicking Johan out, to do so even more…haha. Don’t blame him for it at all…;) Take advantage of that freedom while you can, Seal!

Shelly on

My husband and I did “The Family Bed” when we had our second child after reading the book by the same name.I waited util our son was 2yrs.old and I had bruises all over the place he was a traveler…I wish my husband would have told me much earlier.
I love this family soooo much!!!