Christina Aguilera confirms pregnancy, 7 months in

11/04/2007 at 12:21 PM ET

Caguilera101007_09_cbbDespite swirling rumors that began back in June, confirmations from Paris Hilton, and the now-obvious baby-belly she’s been sporting, 26-year-old songstress Christina Aguilera has thus far remained close-lipped on the subject of her impending motherhood.

Until now, that is. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Christina shares a little — but not too much. When asked about any New Year’s resolutions for the Dec/Jan issue of the mag, Christina whispered to the interviewer,

That’ll be about the time I enter into mommyhood, so…I’m hoping to have started a beautiful family with my husband!

Parenting is of primary concern to Christina.

I want to get it right, to balance that well with my career.

Husband Jordan Bratman, however, is a subject on which she’s willing to share openly.

He’s thrilled! He’s just great. He’s so supportive and amazing through everything. Hecame with me on the last leg of the tour and he was my supportsystem…I gush. I’m a lucky girl.

When you get married and have a team mate inlife, you don’t have time for the people around you that are just goingto weigh you down. I’m all about peace and keeping people that are honest and loving in my life.

The couple expect the baby in early January. They know the sex, but are not sharing.

Click below for Christina’s thoughts on her career.

Many have asked Christina how she’s managed to stay above the fray, when many of her peers in the music business and Hollywood are having trouble staying clean and keeping their priorities straight. Christina reflects,

When you hit 20 or 21 and you’re around drugs and alcohol, everyonehas a moment when they like to dabble in it and express themselves. It’s called being young, but there is a boundary.

You see allof these horror stories about people that have died of drug overdoses,people that have taken it too far and ruined their lives, and for me, Ihad so many things that I had yet to accomplish. It was just a matter of thinking, I don’t want to waste any time, and sticking to the plan.

Everyone has their own ways of choosing what’s best for them. I have no problem with telling someone, ‘Hey, I have to do a showtomorrow — you can relate to this as an artist, I want to do a good joband be on my game’.

Sometimes I wish I could go out to a party or a cluband just be able to be free, but there’s a consequence with thetemptation. You know you’ll feel it the next day when you wake up. Thereare too many things I have to accomplish.

However, that’s not to say Christina didn’t draw headlines of her own in the past. Back in 2002, the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ singer stormed back onto the scene with her new album Stripped, which featured her topless, tattooed, pierced, and wearing chaps on the cover. Of that period in her life, Christina laughs,

I definitely stirred the pot a bit, but I had fun. If it’s under the mark of respectability then it’s prudish, if it’sover the mark, it’s slutty. That’s really unfair, so I’m happy I’ve been able to expressmyself and be on both sides. People have loved it, hated it, beenundecided, and been empowered by it.

I was 21 and possibly when I’m 60, if I can still fit into [the chaps]…at the end of the day, I can say I had a frickin’ blast…a f–king blast!

Source: Glamour via The Daily Mail

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Jacie on

It’s a boy, they will name him Jack.

gianna on

I figured she would confirm it in a magazine interview, I said that from the start. Anyway can’t wait to see what she has, she looks cute pregnant.

Poshie T on

She looks so cute pregnant!!! She has really cleaned herself up since her “Dirrty” days! I think it’s a girl!!!

Charity on

When I read this headline, I laughed. It’s so obvious now, does she really even need to “announce” it? And I mean this in a funny ha-ha way, no meanness intended!

I think Christina will be a great mom seeing as how she’s not trying to draw attention to her pregnancy. My guess is we won’t be seeing many (if any) pics of her baby.

*emily* on

I totally think she’s having a girl..every pic I have seen of her shopping in a baby store, she’s been in the girly section, and she was looking at a hot pink stroller the other day…
Congrats to her! I’m due with my first baby girl in just a few days!! I hope she has a quick and easy labor!

Elyse on

My guess is the same Charity. With how private she has been about her pregnancy I’m sure she will be even more private when the baby is born. And more power to her for that.

Jessica P. on

I have always been a huge Christina Aguilera fan. Stripped is actually one of my favorite CD’s ever. I am so happy that she has found happiness with her husband and baby. I respect her decision not to reveal everything about her life to the media. Even celebrities are entitled to have some sort of privacy.

terri on

I love Christina and I totally embraced who she was when she was wearing her chaps as well as now. I’m happy for her and she seems so full of joy. She deserves it.

Rhonda Hossain on

Remi for a girl, Jack for a girl. Congratulations to your expanding family.

Russell Peterson on

Congratulations Christina,
I’ll go along with the crowd and guess a girl too! And for the baby’s sake I hope she has your looks and not Daddy’s😂 🍾 LOL! Just kidding.
Lovdah’ would be a nice name for a baby girl?

pita5085plw on

Love her. Glad for her.

Kendra on

She is not 26