Update: Giveaway: Cabbage Patch Kids® Lil' Sprouts

10/31/2007 at 12:00 PM ET

Update: The winners are: Jenn C., Shanesgirl, Naomi, Andrea, Niki, Rebecca Mc, Jenni, Stacey, Amy Jo, and Tara Z.

Cabbage_patch_kids_lilsprouts_groupAttention Cabbage Patch Kids fans of all ages!  Enter for a chance to win one of the new Cabbage Patch Kids® Lil’ Sprouts, small doll versions of the classic Cabbage Patch Kids!  The new Cabbage Patch Kids® Lil’ Sprouts bring the adorable uniqueness of Cabbage Patch Kids to a new small doll size!

Standing proudly at almost 5” tall, each CPK Lil’ Sprout comes with long lustrous hair, adorable fashions, fun matching accessories, a cool chair and a special butterfly tag with inspirational messages. Lil’ Sprouts each have their very own name and birthdate, making them one of a kind – just like the big ‘Kids! These dolls are targeted for kids 3 and up. Fans of new CPK Lil’ Sprouts should also check out the highly-detailed CPK Lil’ Sprouts play sets available with lots of fun accessories for little girls to love!

Ten lucky CBB winners will each receive a one of a kind CPK Lil’ Sprout doll!To enter to win, post a comment telling us about your childhoodmemories of Cabbage Patch Kids.  (Giveaway closes 10/18/07 at 10 amEST.)  Please note: we are unable to specify skintone or hair color soplease only enter if you’re willing to receive any of the dolls.

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shanesgirl on

i absolutely love cabbage patch kids! i still have the powder scented baby(though after all this time it no longer smells like baby powder) that i recieved 20 years ago at the age of 11 (i am 31 now) i got it soon after we returned home after my granpas funeral because i did such a good job helping make sure my sister(who was 7 at the time) behaved and did her homework, while my parents made sure my grand ate and was doing the things that needed to be done after my grandpa passed away.

my sister and i sat and played for hours with our cabbage patch babies, we had bunk beds for them and clothes it was so much fun.
now mine sits on top of my bookcase in the living room. i’ll never get rid of it. too many memories.

Jenn C. on

OH gosh! I got my first CPK in 1985 for Christmas from my Aunt Annie. It was at the peak of the craze for them, but I didn’t know this until years later! She got me a little girl names Lynnia Nan, which was amazing since my Aunts given name is Lydia Ann. I still have the doll, and love her very much. I also have three others, one from another dear aunt, one from my mother, and another I saved up for and got at the actual Cabbage Patch Hospital in California. That’s quite a big deal for a girl of 10!
I will always love Cabbage Patch Dolls. 🙂

Barbara on

I remember Cabbage Patch dolls well. I was about 9 or 10 when the big hurrah hit. My close friends all got Cabbage Patch dolls – I even remember one girl sneaking a peek at her presents and finding one. My mom, being a single mom and my deadbead dad was not around, she could not afford a “real” cabbage patch for me. I was sad but understood. The following summer I stayed with my grandparents for the summer and they took me home from Illinois to Florida, stopping to see various relatives. I remember being in the parking lot of a Kmart in Mobile AL and seeing some “knock off” CP Dolls. My grandmother was kind enough to buy me one. It wasn’t the real thing, but it was good enough for me. I still remember her and loved her like she was the real thing. My 4 year old daughter now has her own Cabbage Patch. I think part of it was because I wanted to have one too!!!

Kristie Armstrong on

As a child, I was ill quite often, and once when I got out of the hospital, my parents surprised me with Twin Cabbage Patch dolls. It’s one of my best memories. Those dolls lasted quite a few years like new, but unfortunately, my little sister decided one day to give one of them a haircut, and so I have (to this day) one with long brown hair, and the other has, well, what you’d call a pixie cut. But they still sit on my shelf, and once in a while I get them down for my nieces to play with. And I always have to explain why they don’t look exactly alike anymore!
Now it’s interesting that so many years later they’ve come up with a unique looking doll for today’s girls. I plan to give the doll, if I win one, to my littlest niece, who turns 3 in December. It’s her mother who gave my doll her haircut, so that must just be the circle of life!

Dana Jacobson on

Oh I love Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember my mom going to the store really early to wait to get me my first CPK. I was so excited that I named her alexandria. She also bought me another one that looked like me wih red hair and pony tails. But my best memory was from Christmas…I got a boy CPK and was playing with him and all of a sudden I was out of christmas gifts and my parents had 1 gift left and said, “Oh Santa put this in the wrong spot…this one is for you.” And I opened it and it was another little boy. I named them William and Jonathan. I still have All my dolls and my little boy (jonathan) plays with the one named Jonathan.

Paige watkins on

I remember my very first cabbage patch kid was a girl with long blonde hair and head gear. I love that my 4 year old now has two and loves them.

Allison on

When I was in 2nd grade, the phenomenon hit. My parents got one of the last ones. They sent me on a scavenger hunt around our house with clues hidden all over until I finally found my doll.

gaynor on

The year was 1983 and just like every other kid in America….I WANTED A CABBAGE PATCH KID! I remember my mom going to the store and coming back empty handed! I was so upset! Luckily, the “Cabbage Patch craze” wasn’t so “crazy” in England and my aunt was able to send me one from “across the pond”! Her name was Emily Elizabeth and she had brown hair and blue eyes just like me! I loved her! She was the “little sister” I never had! Anyway, the years went by and Emily Elizabeth found her way to the bottom of the toy pile. I thought she was long gone, but luckily, my mom saved her for me! Now…24 years later, Emily Elizabeth sits in my daughter’s room! Her clothes have changed and there are a few marks on her face, but….she is loved just as much as she was 24 years ago!

Crystal on

Those are sooo cute!

My sister and I are twins and when we were 2 years old we got matching infant cabbage patch dolls and we carried them EVERYWHERE! We even named then after each other so we would always each other with us.

Beckie on

I still remember getting my first Cabbage Patch Kid. I was five on Christmas morning, 1982, and apparently my mom had called everywhere to try to find one and lucked out at the last minute. Clara had bright red hair and little dimples on her cheeks, and I fell in love right away. Unfortunately, I had the stomach flu that day, so I was only able to play with her for about five minutes before having to retreat to my bed to sleep. She kept me company while I recovered and for years after!

Shannon on

I used to love Cabbage Patch Dolls! I loved them so much that I saved all of them and now my 3 year old daughter plays with them all the time as her babies! I know she would love a new addition!

jend0225 on

I still own all my cabbage patch kids from 20 some years ago!!! The best invention ever! My cousin and I used to have a contest to see who could get the most! She won 😦 But I remember my mom racing to the stores and grabbing them up when the shipments came in! I would love one of these, no matter which is sent 🙂

Cindy Farto on

I grew up in the Cabbage Patch era. My mom and I would wait on the wrapped around the building line of Toys R Us just to get a chance to purchase a doll. My first Cabbage Patch doll was purchased at Bradlees when I had the pick of the box and my grandmother bought it for me. I have 13 CPK dolls in perfect condition and they still have that baby fresh scent. I am saving them for my little girl someday to have and to place on a shelf since I kept them in mint condition, I will let her play with them in the way that I should have done when I was young. I would love the chance to have a new small sprout doll to pass along. Thank you.

Naomi on

I have loved Cabbage Patch Kids since I was 5 years old and received my very first, Brenda. She was my favorite doll throughout my childhood. When I was 10 I had a knee operation and my mother and I “operated” on Brenda’s leg as well. That doll got be through that ordeal! My 14 month old daughter now plays with my old Cabbage Patch Kids and I know she’d love one of the new Lil’ Sprouts dolls.

Andrea on

I love reading everyones Cabbage Patch stories! I have a Cabbage Patch girl named Kathleen. I got her for my third birthday… that was the same birthday that I took off on my parents, fell in the lake with all my clothes on and could have easily drowned!
It’s a pretty memorable picture; me in my dad’s big shirt since my clothes were soaked, blowing out candles on my cake and clutching my new friend Kathleen.

Tracy on

I remember getting my very first Cabbage Patch Doll, I’m 34 so it’s been awhile, I don’t remember my age at the time, but it was when they first came out, and I was still young enough to believe. On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened all of our gifts, and as we were there playing with all our new toys, my mom comes running from the kitchen, looking quite confused and asked what that noise was. My sister and I didn’t know what she was talking about. She tells us that she hears crying, and so me and my sister, not knowing what was going on, jumped up and tried so hard to listen. She walked over to a closet and said the crying was coming from inside there. We opened the closet and there they were!! Our Cabbage Patch Dolls we both wanted!! I wanted a preemie and I got her, her name was Miranda. I still have her to this day, and now she belongs to my daughter who is 4. Wow, it still brings tears to my eyes, it was such a wonderful surprise! Then for my following Birthday, she gave me a regular size CPD, with long brown braids, her name was Regina. Still got her too, lol. I would love to continue the love of this very special doll with my daughter. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!!

Amanda on

I was about 7 or 8 years old and my sister was 5 or 6 when the cabbage patch dolls came to be so popular. We wanted one so badly but my parents couldn’t afford them. Later my mom tells me that they had saved money to buy us each a doll at Christmas time but they were impossible to find. One day, a few months later my dad sent my sister and I to clean our room. On each of our beds sat a new Cabbage patch doll. A brown haired girl names Sally for me and a red haired girl named Naomi for my sister. Needless to say, this is a memory that is still crystal clear in my mind. I know how hard it was for my parents to get the money for those dolls. And when my daughter was born, I bought her a cabbage patch doll too.

Kathy on

Cabbage Patch Kids Entry—-
Well, I still have my little freckle faced cabbage patch frm when I was a little girl. I must say though, it has seen better days. I played for hours with my two sisters and our Cabbage Patch dolls. We brought them everywhere, even gave them baths one time much to my Mom’s suprise!! I am so glad they are still around for my children to enhoy today!!

crazytalk23 on

i loved playing with my cabbage patch dolls. i had three – a blonde, a brunnette, and a red head. i don’t remember their names (far too many other memories have replaced them) I still have them to this day – I gave them to my daughter who adores them and has really brought out the kid in me again when i see her hugging them and carrying them around. She has named them herself and carries the brunette one around all the time because “her hair is just like yours mommy”. they were constant companions during my youth and i am glad that i never let them go as i did so many other toys (usually donating to other friends kids). now my daughter gets to share in the fun!

Jolene on

I remember when the Cabbage Dolls came out, and at that time I’m sure my parents were not able to afford the real dolls, so for Christmas I received a knockoff Cabbage Patch doll, but loved it just the same. Red hair with pig tails. Still have the doll to this day, and my oldest daughter who is 5, and my youngest twin girl who is almost 2 love it. Never a moment where they don’t fight over the dolls.

Liza on

Oh God!!! I love them!!!! My first one was a cutie with blonde hair, and she had the atrocious name of Esther Jessica!!! AHHH! My sisters and I soon had a great collection including the “Crimp and Curl Ponies” which, we loved, and their wax coated hair was just great. My sister still has her Cabbage Patch baby, that squeaked inside, and is her lovey 20 years later!!

Amanda on

I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls growing up! I had a whole shelf for them, I had 3 total and I remember how much I loved bathing them, dressing them, feeding them. I always had one with me!
My 3 year old has a Cabbage Patch doll that she loves also. It’s funny, with all the baby dolls in our house she is always carrying her CP doll, the other day she say the new sprouts and was telling me she was going to write a letter to Santa for one, it’d be great if Santa had one less trip to make 😉

Roxanne on

Wow! I was an eighties child so I definately remember my cabbage patch babies. I will never forget the very first one that I received from mom and dad. I woke up Christmas morning and there she was right in front of our Christmas tree next to my Cabbage Patch big wheels. I think that Christmas was the best Christmas ever! Her name was Alexandra Ray and she had the cutest blue dress with long brunette hair. I have a 4 year (Maddie) who would love one of these new cabbage dolls, they are so adorable!:)

Lisa White on

I love my Cabbage Patch dolls very much!!! I still have all of them. My dad used to go on trips for work and when he would leave he would always take Raymond with him. He is my favorite Cabbage Patch doll. He would be my dad’s co-captain. He even took him to Georgia once so he could see where he came from. Silly I know but to a little girl it meant everything. I am just waiting for the day I have a little girl of my own so I can pass along my treasured dolls and even get her ones of her own. Many thanks to Xavier Roberts for making little girls around the world very happy with Cabbage Patch Kids!!!!

Susie on

My memories of Cabbage Patch kids are limited to dreams and imagination, as we weren’t able to afford one growing up. I was around 10-11 years old when the dolls first came out and begged my parents for one, but I think they retailed around 25 dollars at the time, and my parents felt they were too expensive. They had four kids and were not able to afford those type of luxuries at the time. All of us kids (legal immigrants from Peru, now long time US citizens)are now living the American Dream and can afford these types of toys for our own kids, but I always remember not being able to have one for myself as a child. That’s ok, my kids will definetely have one if they like!

Lynn on

I loved to dress up my Cabbage Patch dolls & had to fight with my mom over both of our dolls.

Niki on

The one thing I remember about Cabbage Patch dolls is the smell of them. Every time I smell one, it brings me back great memories of my childhood. I use to hide in my closet and play with them b/c I was so embarrassed that I was in 5th grade still playing with dolls. I was an only child and these dolls made my imagination soar!

sil on

I always loved Cabbage Patch Kids when I was a kid but unfortunately I never got one 😦 in Peru they where very expensive and we didn’t have enough money, but i remember my cousin, that was 1 year old, got one and I used to play with hers 😉 it was an adorable black Cabbage patch kid, with a blue dress…omg I can’t believe after all these years I still remember the color of the dress! lol
I would love to get one for my daughter now! I think it could be one of her Christmas presents 😉 (of course I will play with the doll too!)

Laura on

My Cabbage Patch kid was Paula Monica. She went with me when I got my tonsils out and they gave her a hospital bracelet which I thought was pretty cool. I had her in a green jogging suite and someone call her a boy (she was the preemie with just a little sprout of hair on her head) and that made me really mad. I guess it prepared me for having a bald little girl.

My daughter would love one of these new dolls. How cute!

Amy Newton on

I love CP Kids because they are such positive symbols of adoption.

Our daughter was adopted last year. We keep all of her adoption information in a life book we created for her, and we celebrate her adoption and the story behind it. Last Christmas, my daughter’s daycare teacher gave her a CP newborn. We keep “Lydia Ellen’s” birth certificate and adoption papers with our daughter’s papers and we use the CP doll to help explain adoption to her.

CP Kids are great!

ekaterina on

OOOH I love these!!!!! I got one for chrsitmas during the “frenzie” I remember hearing my mum say to my dad ” WHERE did you get them????” on the phone and I had a funny feeling i KNEW what it was!!!
Mine was “debbie ann” and I still have her!
=) ( mind you in the attic)

If my baby due in dec is a girl she will deff have some cabbage patch kids!

AmberStarLynn on

Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money and my first “cabbage patch doll” was actually made for me by my great-grandmother. I never knew since it looked the same and my grandmother had even gone so far as to make my own birth certificate. I use to play with it all the time, acting like it was my own real little baby. When I was a little older I actually got a real one at a yard sale and I showed it off like it was the most amazing, expensive doll in t he world. I was never without it, taking it everywhere and made sure that everyone was introduced to her and acted like she was real. I still have all my cabbage patch babies and now my girls play with my old ones and their new one just as I did.

Lu on

I was in high school and should have been “over” the doll stage. But, I mentioned to my parents that I’d love to have a Cabbage Patch doll. It was the holidays, and no store seemed to have a doll. I really didn’t think I’d get one, and I remember my parents saying, “aren’t you a little old for a doll?”

On Christmas morning there was a Cabbage Patch doll under the tree for me.

My mom ordered a doll through JCPenney catalog in spite of the odds. She was stunned when they called 3 days before Christmas to say the order was at the store.

When she arrived to pick it up, the salespeople asked if she would open the box so they could see her. None of them had seen one in person.

Delora Julina was perfect for me – dark hair, green dress. I call her Julina. Even today I still have her with me.

renee on

I am an oldie here. I always loved dolls and the cabbage patch dolls came out when I was a teenager. I wanted one so bad that my boyfriend bought me a boy cabbage patch doll with blond curly hair and fatigues. I still have him almost 30 years later and my 4 year old daughter has him now.I would love to have the new cabbage patch doll they are adorable.

Mary Clites on

I am 40 years old and still have my three CB dolls from when i was a kid. My mother and I stood in long lines to get these dolls and I remember how excited we both were to get them. My mother passed away but I can’t look at my dolls without remembering this special time with my mother.

kiki on

I have loved cabbage patch kids since the 80’s. I can remember my mom going through a ton of trouble to get me one for Christmas. As a teenager, I was in Atlanta and although I had outgrown dolls, I went to the cabbage patch headquarters. Even today, I look at cabbage patch kids in stores to see their names and outfits. I like that as times have changed and girls toys have gotten a bit crazy, that cabbage patch kids have still stayed true to form.

Bridget on

Let’s see, my mom almost getting into a fight with another mom over a premie with a pacificer at Christmas time. I had several and I liked to pierce their ears. They didn’t seem to mind. I had a cowgirl one with a horse.

Jen on

My Mom was unable to get me a Cabbage Patch Doll due to the frenzy and we weren’t really in a place where we could afford a lot of Christmas extras. So my Mom stayed up after I went to sleep in the days before Christmas, to make me a CP doll. It was really pretty close to the “real” ones and she even made the clothes for it.

I still have it and have passed it down to my daughter who has her own “real” CPK to play with as well–the two dolls are friends in her play world. Puts a smile on my face and my Mom’s!

Kena on

I love the Cabbage Patch Kids–I remember people waiting in front of stores for them and people fighting over them. I also remember saving my allowance for almost 6 months so I could buy one! I had a premee!

SAM on


Rebecca McBride on

I still have my 2 original dolls, Birdie Ilene & Herbert Palmer, that my dad waited in line for over 25 years ago. Ahhh, that baby powder smell takes me back to those carefree days!! My daughters are fast approaching the age that they can fully appreciate the dimpled bottomed dolls.

Ashley on

I LOVE Cabbage Patch Dolls. We used to have a store by us that was a Cabbage Patch “hospital” for newborns and an “adoption center” for the older babies. It used to be my favorite store. They literally had what looked like the nursery at a hospital set up for the dolls; it was adorable! I still have 3 of the original Cabbage Patch Dolls from the 80’s. When they were re-released a few years ago, I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll that looked like me when I was younger. My DH ended up finding me one with brown hair, blue eyes, in a purple dress (my fav color), and it even had my birthday! That was one of the best presents he’s ever given me. My dad got me a Cabbage Patch Doll as soon as I found out that I was pregnant and when I found out that I was having a boy, I decided to put it in the closet until I had a daughter. To my surprise, my son saw it and had to have it. He now has a love for dolls and we have to take the baby everywhere with us. He would love one of the new mini versions and it would be much easier to take with us than the full-size Cabbage Patch we have now.

Meg on

I loved my Cabbage Patch doll, her name was Rose Marie, she used to play with my friend Suzie’s CPD Carla. She was one of my prized possessions as a child (her and my My Little Pony).

Sob story – we moved towns on my 7th birthday (yes, the actual day, yuck) and the moving people stole my whole toy box – every last toy inside, including my CPD and my MLP’s) and the box itself. I was devastated.

(It’s amazing what haunts you into adulthood)

Rachel on

I remember that Santa Claus brought me one of these beautiful dolls and I was so so happy and watching again on this site just reminded this moment.That´s why I´m writing these words.

Les on

I love Cabbage Patch Kids! I remember getting my first one just after my brother was born. (I was 4.) I also remember when I got my CornSilk Kid (she had fabulous hair!)- we had made a special trip to the “big city” and I remember being in awe of the selection at the huge toy store!

I am so glad that these dolls are around so that my 2-year-old can experience them as well- she already has 2 CPK babies (one of them even shares her name- Kiara) and 1 full-size Cabbage Patch Kid!

Colleen on

I LOVED my Cabbage Patch Kids. They were my “real babies” and I had a photo album for each of them of Polaroid pictures and those cute birth certificates they came with.

Jennie on

Boy, do I have fond memories of my old Cabbage Patch Kids dolls! Back in the mid-1980’s, when they were all the rage, I was in elementary school and I remember all my friends getting them…but I hadn’t gotten one yet and I was getting really sad. But I was lucky enough to get a CPK of my own for Christmas that year, so I was happy! I had 3 of them: Shari Madelle (a red head), April Judith (a blonde), and Sonia Allison (a brunette); now my own daughter has a few of them and I’m so glad I get to see her enjoy them as much as I did when I was a kid!

Annie on

My first and only cabbage patch was the one that came with the tricycle. i loved that cabbage patch cause it was my first non hand me down and it was a birthday present. I left for school one day and came home with her no where in sight.. i started crying and my brother came in and gave it back to me with her face totally caved in.. my parents werent able to pop her face back out cause my brothers had smushed it so far in.. so they buried it. i still love that doll.

Jess on

I had a couple of Cabbage Patch dolls when I was a little girl. Leonard was my very first. I cherished him! My mom made, and sold, her own Cabbage Patch doll clothes. I had quite the stylish selection! Leonard, and many of the clothes, now belong to my 3 daughters… Donika (3), Emersyn (22m.) and Eden (9m.) I had other dolls, but none of them compared to my Cabbage Patch Dolls! It’s fun to see toys I played with as a child return!

Robin on

I loved my CPKs so much. I had about 12 of them and they were the youner bothers and sisters I didn’t have since I was a only child. I would play with them for hours and I would love to be able to share them with my only child.

Judy on

Holy cow! I loooove Cabbage Patch dolls. They bring back such wonderful childhood memories.

I was the mommy of three of them. There was Larissa (the baby), Lauren (the redhead) and Stacy (the blonde).

I still have all three becaue I love them so much.

I remember when they first came out, I begged my mom to buy me one for my birthday, but they were all out in the store. I had to wait three/four months before I was able to get my first one (Lauren). Then, two of my girlfriends bought me a little baby one (Larissa) for my following birthday and the last one I treated myself too with money I saved babysitting (Stacy).

vrite on

I had unexpectedly lost my job in the mid-90s after I had my first (and only) child. We were careful with money and couldn’t buy new toys for our new baby but a friend had given my daughter a hand-me-down Cabbage Patch Doll — a pink baby Cabbage Patch Doll — that her daughter had outgrown. We named this doll Mabel and she became my daughter’s first and ultimate favorite doll. She loved Mabel, slept with Mabel and became so attached to Mabel. She wouldn’t even go anywhere without Mabel until she was 8 – 9 years old and by that time, you can imagine Mabel’s condition after years of washing and scrubbing! My daughter has had lots of other toys and dolls since Mabel but Mabel always has a special place in her room. She was fixing and cleaning up her room this past weekend and we were gathering old toys to donate. We thought she had forgotten all about Mabel but when I asked her if she wanted to donate or throw away Mabel, she shook her head and emphatically said “Never!” Mabel, the Cabbage Patch Doll was her first doll and will always have a place in her heart and in our memories!

Nichole on

I love CP Dolls! In 1983, I got one (I was 11). My mom was a single mother, and worked 2 jobs to be able to put a roof over my head. Money was tight and even though I asked Santa for one, i told him I’d rather he get my mom a new robe instead. I got up Christmas morning, and opened my gifts, finding no CP but a lot of other great stuff my mom made me (I still have the quilt on my daughter’s bed she made me that year). The morning went on and we went to my grandparents house to have supper with them and run around with the cousins. My grandfather hired a Santa to come in and give us all his gifts, and I was last. Santa called me up and says, Nichole, I hear you asked for something for your Mom, and I forgot to leave it your house for her. Could you please give her this (hands me a box), after I give you your gift. He handed me a box that I think I tore open in 2 seconds flat! Inside was a CP with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Ellen Anne. I think I carried that doll everywhere for the next year. My daughter has her now, and loves her very much. I do think she’d love a little sprouts doll, too!

augustmoon6075 on

I think waiting in line with my mom behind Toys ‘R Us is one of my first memories. I wanted one of those CPK dolls so badly for Christmas. My parents were not very rich but said a doll could be my Christmas gift that year if we could find one…no luck. However, my grandma had a friend who was a very talented artist and she asked her to make one for me. She had brown hair and eyes, like me, and a painted-on face. I loved her despite what the mean girls in my class said about my “fake” doll.

Tough times like that made me the confident woman and mother I am today. And now I am teaching my children to respect others and appreciate how fortunate they are, as my husband and I drive from store to store searching for the new Pixar diecast Cars movie cars for our son. It’s the circle of pandemonium!

I now feel like a mother, and appreciate my mother all that much more! I’d love one of these dolls for my little girl! And I’d love to see my mother watch her play with it!

Jenni on

I had one that looked just liek me, long brown hair, brown eyes and freckles. Her name was Aimee Jade, but i cant remember if that was the name i gave her or that she came with. I desperately wanted a boy Cabbage Patch Kid, but i never got one 😦

Alicia on

My first doll was a Cabbage Patch doll when I was 5 years old! Her name was Katie Collette and my mom looked everywhere to find her. This was during the first year or so of the dolls and people were fighting for them in the stores. I ended up with 3 dolls after a few years, but Katie was always the most special to me and went everywhere with me. I still have her and my own daughter, who is 6, loves them too. She already has 4! I would love to receive one of these dolls for her 🙂

Stacey on

oh gosh.. I must have been 8.. my two older brothers told me for days before Christmas that I was NOT getting a CPK.. no way.. etc.. but on Christmas Eve my Nanny gave me Otis.. he was a bald CPK.. she had waiting 3 hours in line at JC Penney’s after ordering him months ahead of time, just for me.. I remember sleeping with him that night and it was by far the most perfect christmas EVER.. I still have Otis and just recently handed him down to my 3 1/2 yr old daughter.. who loves him more than I did I think

stephanie on

I remember most, standing in line at a toys r us when i was little and my mom fighting for one of the CPK dolls. We got one, and my grandma got me another! I used to play with them all the time, and i LOVED the smell of them. Now that i have a daughter, I do the same thing with her, and when I buy her one, she always lets me smell it.

Amy Jo on

I thought I would be so unique in the fact that I remember my Mom working so hard to find me a Cabbage Patch Doll for Christmas. After reading all the posts – not so much!She was so happy when she found my first doll – a CP Preemie (Evangeline Gertrude), but she still kept looking and found Amanda Jo (pretty cool since my name is Amy Jo). I fell in love with Amanda Jo and she went everywhere with me. It would be cool to win a CP for my daughter Rowan. Such great memories!

Colleen on

My grandpa bought me my firs cabbage patch doll. I loved playing with that baby so much! I still have it 20 years later.

Rhiannon on

I remember getting my 1st Cabbage Patch kid like it was yesterday, it was actually Christmas morning of 1985 and Santa had left if for me. Her name was Fran Tilly, and her birthday was one month before mine, May 23rd. She had brown pigtails and wore a voilet outfit to match her eyes. To this day, I still have Fran Tilly on a shelf in my bedroom. I have two daughters now and they have their own CPK dolls but have always wanted mine. This is the only think I can think of that I haven’t given in to my girls about, I am unable to give her up for others to play with, I guess I too am still a big kid at heart.

Melissa C. on

I love love love love cabbage patch dolls. I was 4 when I first saw one and we were really poor at the time so my neighbor who lived down stairs would let me play with hers. She had like 50 with trunks full of clothes and I would spend hours undressing and redressing the dolls and playing with their hair. Her dad knew I liked them so much that he would let me in so I could play with Dawn’s dolls even when she was not home. 🙂
Finally for my 6th grade christmas present I got the crimp and curl cabbage patch and I spent hours pretending I was a hairdresser. I still have her to this day… I’m 26 and she sits on a shelf with my totally hair barbie that I also got for christmas that year. I would love love love to add this mini cabbage patch to my collection of memories.

Lauren on

I got my first Cabbage Patch Doll when I was around 4. Her name was Deborah. She had a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose, brown hair in pig-tails and blue eyes. Soooo much fun. I was just looking at the Cabbage Patch Kids at the store for my daughter!

tati on

I got my first CPK doll for my 11 bday. I still have her blonde yarn hair with blue eyes. Katie Michelle was her name, I never changed it. Now she belongs to my daughters.

Funny, I just bought my youngest one her first CPK newborn for her bday today.

Melissa McIntosh on

I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid so bad when I was young, but my parents weren’t able to get me one because of the madness surrounding them and they were sold out. To alleviate my disappointment they had by Grandma leave a different baby doll in a basket by the door with a note to me asking if I would adopt this baby. It was my favorite baby doll and I later figured out (from the handwriting) that it was my Grandma who left it because my parents swore it wasn’t them. So I would love to receive my very first Cabbage Patch Doll-23 years later (but of course I would give it to my daughter).

Marci on

These are so darn cute! More adorable then the original cabbage patch dolls.

I bought an original CP for my then 3yo daughter as her first doll when they were hard to find. She loved her Leila! To this day (21 years later) she still talks about her.

I would love to give one of these new ones to my 5yo daughter. I can only hope that she would love hers as much as her big sister did.

MsCarla on

Elizabet Aleta; all I can say is she was my first baby, in my eyes she was real, breathing flesh. I find it funny that my daughter Amira, who turns 2 next month, looks just like her, full cheeks, fat feet and all!

Tresa Mathews on

I actually still have all my CPK’s from when I was younger. I have one from every year since they come out until I was 17. Both my daughters love them and the oldest has decided she wants to start a collection of her own.

Sandi on

As the mother of 4 boys, I didn’t have the chance to express my girlie side much while they were growing up. I remember the year that Cabbage Patch Dolls were the must have Christmas item. I lived in a fairly small town and was lucky enough to find one! I was so happy! Looking at this beautiful little doll with those big eyes begging to be adopted, I realized that this doll needed someone to love her and play with her. I could only keep her in her box up out of reach of the boys. Flashes of what could happen to her if my boys got hold of her went through my mind. Would she have the same ending as poor Pocahontas who was attached to a rocket and sent into space? I put her back on the shelf and hoped that the little girl who woke up to her would love her and play with her. 2 years ago, after many years of hoping and wishing, my sister had a baby…a girl! I would love for her to have her very own Cabbage Patch Kid so I can get on the floor with her and love and play with her too!

monica on

My parents bought me my first cabbage patch doll in 1985 when I was 10 for Christmas. I remember overhearing my mom tell a friend how she had to go to many different toys r us stores because they were all sold out! I cherished my cabbage patch doll and wish I still had her, I now have a 2 year old little girl danielle and would LOVE to pass on the joy of having a cabbage patch to her 🙂

Sherry M. on

My sister and I loved our Cabbage Patch Dolls! My fondest memory is my sister, mother and I waiting in a line of 100 people at Toys R US. The truck pulled in and they started tossing the dolls off the truck. My sister caught a Bald Boy and I caught a Blonde Girl that I named Julia.

Robyn on

My Cabbage Patch was such a huge part of my growing up. It was the last thing my mother gave me before she passed away and I still have that doll to this day. There was something so different and sweet about them compared to other dolls. I couldn’t afford clothes for Molly Ann so I would take fabric scraps and make what I could, she may not have had a lot but I loved her more than anything in the world and she made my childhood not so lonely.

Tara Zinna on

I had TEN– YES, TEN– CPKs when I was a little girl! I adored them… I had twins, a preemie, a clown, you name it, I had to have it! 🙂 My own little girl now has two CPKs of her own, and its so funny to still smell that yummy baby powder scent in my home!

Allison on

My first cabbage patch was named holden clancy and my dad got him from the hospital in GA. I have a hard time imagining him tracking that down on a business trip but he did! I loved that doll!!!

Leah on

I remember my first cabbage patch in the mid 80’s as a gift. I took it with me everywhere. Whenever I was able to get another one, I would always try to find my birthday on the certificate.

shannon on

I remember I only had one CP doll – she had a hard body and was designed to go in the bath or pool with you. I remember I named her Janie and I would spread out towels in the hallway and put on our bathing suits and pretend to be sunbathing with her!

elisabeth on

THESE ARE SO CUTE! My mom waited in line for hours and hours at Consumers Distributing (Now long gone) to get me one. I wanted one with a pacifier so badly. But when she got to the end of the line there were only 2 left and both boys. So that Christmas I got Timmy. I still remember the smell when I opened the box. The smell of baby powder. Although I was the only little girl on the street with a boy cabbage patch, and after I got over the initial dissapointment that he had no pacifier I grew to love him.
My daughter turned 4 and I gave her Timmy thinking he would end up in her pile of dolls. But he is her favorite to. I am so happy to see her sleep with my Timmy. His afro hair is all knoted and mangled and he has some marker on his face , oh and I signed my name on his butt too :o) but he is still loved to this day. I hope to clean him up a bit more (now that they have invented mr. Clean magic erasers) and hopefully he will be passed to her child one day. And the hours my mom spent waiting for him out of love for me and the love that I gave that doll and the love that my daughter now gives him will be passed on. Cabbage patch was more than a trend it was a part of our childhood. I am sure we all remember the smell of the dolls and the memories come flooding back of our childhoods.

Brandi Dockett on

My first Cabbage Patch Doll was a trendsetter!
My birthday was in August and I asked for one. My birthday gift came to me as a cute little girl with pigtails named “Karlin Angel”. I loved her and was ahead of the craze since my parents were able to find the doll before the christmas craze hit 2 months later.
She went everywhere with me and one year later Quinn Quinnton (who name was changed to Jeffrey) joined big sister Karlin and all was right in the world of my childhood.

morgan on

My favorite dolls of all time! My mom was one of those mothers who went thru the masses of women to get me one for christmas. I still look at the CPK dolls everytim eim in the toy isle, and its what i buy all my friends daughters. Every girl nneds a CPK, even the big girls like me !

Maya on

I loved cabbage patch dolls! My favorite though, was one that my grandmother made. She was able to buy the actual cabbage patch doll head and then sewed together a body. I named the doll Karen and I still have her. I took Karen everywhere with me. I want to pass her on to my daughter some day.

Stacey Wenzel on

I’m 34 and I still have my very first cabbage patch doll. Like most others here, I got mine during the Cabbage Patch Kid craze. I didn’t think I would be getting one because no one was able to get their hands on them, but my grandma surprised me and managed to find one. It was the best Christmas ever with her and sadly my last…my grandma died two weeks afterward, but I still have my doll to remind me of that Christmas. And here I am soooo many years later with a foster daughter who loves them now. Its amazing how toys can touch your life and hold memories

J.M. on

I owned many cabbage patch dolls! My mom used to tell me of stories of how she was one of those crazy black friday shoppers that would stand in line for hours just to get her hands on one!! She even went crazy trying to find my brother the boy doll dressed in a football uniform! I have a photo of me as a toddler sitting on a chair covered with cabbage patch dolls and the only thing you see is my little face sticking out! I can’t believe she went through all that trouble just to get me those dolls but I guess those are the things that mothers will do for their daughters. I am sure I’ll be the same way.
Although I have saved a lot of my old toys (barbies, dolls, carebears, etc) and passed them onto my 2 yr. old niece I didn’t save any of my cabbage patch dolls. However it would be nice to get one for her. I’d rather her play with them then the barbie dolls and even those half naked Bratz dolls that she seems to have her eyes on! The cabbage patch sprouts look much more suitable for an almost 3 yr old!!

Missy on

wow! I still have my first Cabbage Patch Kid, she’s a beautiful doll with brown hair and green eyes and when my Dad gave it to me, I thought it was so cool because I felt she looked alot like me, which for a young girl was a very big deal 🙂 She was my first real doll and she is still very much loved!

Cicely on

Oh how I loved my CPK dolls!! And so did my sister. The biggest HORROR of my childhood was coming downstairs Xmas morning to find Santa had left me a pair of Skis – and my sister got – TWIN CPK kids!!! What had I done to deserve Skis???
When my Daughter turned one my sister bought her her first CPK.
Oh how DD loves her CPK, takes her everywhere in her stroller!!
These appear cuter than the originals!!!

brandy w on

i remember always having my cabbage patch doll with me. never found one with my name. i slept with it every night it was my baby.

Anastasia on

I always wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll as a kid, but we couldn’t afford them 😦 So I never got that Fresh Out Of The Box, Cabbage Patch smell 🙂

Whitney on

I remember the first year that they were impossible to find…wanting one so badly and opening all the gifts on Christmas morning only to find that Santa had ‘forgotten’ the gift I really wanted. A few hours later, as my brother and I played with our new toys, I found three boxes wrapped and hidden behind a chair in the living room. I pulled them out and found them addressed to my brother, my mom, and myself. To out utter amazement, we each received a CPK that Santa had hidden as a very special gift. Later than evening, I confided to my family that I had come downstairs and found Santa in the middle of the night…and that I pleaded with him to leave a CPK for my mom, too. My family was very impressed with my pull with Santa that year. It is still a memory we laugh about, and our dolls, Cinda, Jaycee, and Reed are still cherised members of our family 🙂

laurie on

I loved my Cabbage Patch babies! I used to play with them daily. My parents saved them, and I now love watching my 2 year old daughter play with the same dolls that I loved so much when I was little!

Anne on

I love Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember the Christmas when I got a set of twins. I had wanted them so badly. I hope my daughter will love them as much as I do. Incidentally, I still have mine.


Lynn on

I had a haunted experience with my Cabbage Patch Kids. I must have been going into 2nd grade. Me, my sister and my best friend were all playing with our CPK’s in our living room. We decided to go jump in the pool with my other siblings and lined up our CPK’s in a row sitting on the couch. When we went back into the house (before my brother and sisters) we found all the dolls had been turned onto their heads! There had been several ghostly experiences in that house and since the only person left in the house during that time was my mother, we were convinced that the culprit was indeed a ghost. I’m still convinced it was a ghost. I just hope that Russell Randy and Rocky Andrew weren’t too frightened by the experience!

Autumn on

LOL! It’s fun reading about all of your Cabbage Patch Kids memories from the 1980s. Yeah I was between the ages of 8-10 when Cabbage Patch Kids fever hit between 1983-1985. My family could never really afford actual Cabbage Patch Kids, so instead my mom bought these doll kits from the local Ben Franklin craft store and made I and my brothers faux Cabbage Patch dolls. (The original doll kit from 1984 made a doll out of nylon pantyhose material…which was interesting to say the least!)

Then in 1985, when I was 10, she made another doll for me from a doll kit with a plastic head, which looked much more like a real Cabbage Patch kid. Interestingly enough the outfit I used to mostly wear on that doll was one I got from my grandma in 1985, only a few months before she died and I received the doll at Christmas.

Then in 1986, about exactly a year after I got that doll, my baby sister was born and that was better than a Cabbage Patch Kid! lol!

Ashley on

When I was little, I had several cabbage patch dolls. I gave one of them to my great grandmother when she was in the nursing home. Everytime we would go visit her, she would have that baby laying with her in the bed. To her, that doll was real and was her companion for when she was lonely. She was in the nursing home for several years and she always kept that doll right at her side. After she passed away, I got the doll back. To this day, everytime I look at that doll, I think of her. That doll holds a special place in my heart because of her.

Lisa on

I loved my cabbage patch dolls and have several. I have now passed them on to my kids who enjoy playing with them – even my boys will play with them! They are so sweet looking and soft and cuddly that they’re hard to resist. I have a toddler one, baby, and premie. All are still in great shape even after me and my three older kids playing with them – I’m sure they’ll still be up for more playtime when my youngest is ready to start!

Lisa on

Cabbage Patch dolls – I was in high school when they came out but still had to have one (ended up with four!). It was fun looking for just the right one. Last Christmas I so wanted my daughter to have one but couldn’t find one with the right hair and eye color combination. I plan to try again this year because even though she loves playing with my old ones, I’d love for her to have the joy of “adopting” her very own. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to find the perfect blond hair, brown eyed doll for her!

Colette on

One thing I love about Cabbage Patch Kids are their diversity. As a biracial kid, there weren’t many dolls that reflected my own identity. Cabbage Patch Kids not only had dolls from many races, but many choices within those subsets! You could get many colors of hair and eyes.

Fantastic. They were on top of it long before other doll companies had expanded past the blond/blue eyed white dolls and the general African American doll.

Kim on

My cabbage patch dolls were my best friends when I was a little girl! I still remember they both had the same birthday, October 1st 🙂 I have them packed away safely so that if I have a little girl someday, she will want to play with them.

Jackie on

Now that I am a mom I can appreciate the extent of trouble my mom went through to get me my “preemie.” I grew up in a small town and my mom had to get on a waiting list and was constantly checking to see when we were going to get our special delivery. I can still remember going to the store and picking my “baby.” It was awesome!

Sarah on

I dont have any memories myself, but my husband has many pictures of him and his two little cabbage patch babies. One with light skin and one with darker skin.
My favorite is the one where he is putting them to bed in a cradle. I am definitly going to look into getting one for my little guy 🙂 I see nothing wrong with boys playing with cabbage patch babies

scrappinseminole on

My coolest memory was riding my bike by myself to the old Richway to wait in line then getting to go in early to the stockroom to pick out my new CPK baby 🙂

tonya on

When I was a kid, my parents couldn’t afford CPK’s for me. My cousin however, had tons. I always loved going over to her house to play dolls with her. My fav. in her collection was a lil boy CPK that was Russian. Now, my children love CPK, and I buy them every chance I get.

Sharra on

My grandparents took me to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. I am sure I was wide eyed and filled with awe. These dolls have always held a special place for me. Now that I am an adult, my daughter loves her cabbage patch baby.

Sally on

I remember at the height of the craze getting not one, but two CPK’s for Christmas and I was the luckiest girl in the world. My daughters now play with my old dolls!

Diane on

I remember one year Cabbage was releasing a new doll or something…I can’t remember exactly but we went to our favorite toy store hours before it opened. There were people lined up all the way around the front of the store to get these dolls. Someone from the newspaper came and took a picture of my sister and I in line waiting with my mom. Then, after we survived the hunt for the perfect doll and were walking out with our CPK dolls, they got anohter photograph of us. I still have the newspaper clipping to this day….and the Cabbage Patch doll, too. It was just a really neat experience. I was only 4-5 years old and was amazed to see my picture in the newspaper. I can’t wait till my 6 month old daughter takes an interest in dolls – Cabbage Patch one will be her first!

Rebecca on

I will never forget my first Cabbage patch doll. My mom got one that had the same name as me. I was so proud. I carried her everywhere. I even remember the Cabbage patch diapers. I changed her religiously. I was devasted when my brother tossed her out the window one day while we were riding in the car.

alex on

I remember when i was younger, i was first introduced to CPK’s by my grandmother. She gave me and my sister a lot, 3 girls and two boys i believe. We loved those dolls, especially the one boy with curly red hair. Our favorite game though…playing restaurant with our “babies”.We would bring them to dinner, and make them ruin the whole fancy table setting and dinners.We also enjoyed making up dances our dolls could participate in, and taking them for walks in the carriage. We also were introduced to the CPK movies, one of which we still have. After the movies we received a Norma Jean doll, one of the characters from the video. I also loved my Cabbage Patch baby, who was hard, and i would take into the bath, pool, and sprinkler with me. Now, my little cousin plays with my old CPK’s and also loves them. If i won one of these dolls, i would give it to her.

Trish on

I remember wanting a Cabbage Patch Doll so bad it hurt. I didn’t think I would ever get one. My parents didn’t have much money and my brother was the favorite. I was shocked when I did get one for my birthday. I loved that doll so much, I carried her around everywhere. My mom even found one that had brown hair and eyes, like I do, and was name Patty, like she called me.

nancy on

I had two cabbage patch kids growing up (nancy madge – my name and had same hair/eye color as me, and mitzi candace, who had red hair and blue eyes). How funny that I remember their names to this day? I was so envious of my friend that had TWIN cabbage patch kids that came in mouse costumes. I was so jealous. Now that I have an 18-month old daughter, I check the shelves at any Target store I go to for one with her name (lily – still haven’t found the correct spelling!) Here’s hoping i find one someday 🙂

izzy on

When i was a kid I always wanted a CPK,My aunty had one and always let me play with it!I still never got one:( They are SO cute!!

WOW on

Hell, I love Cabbage Patch Kids so much I will wait and buy them once they are in the shops!

Doreen on

When I was little and the Cabbage Patch Kids were coming out, I got a red haired one that I adored! I used to talk to her and she kept me company at night, sleeping with me. Odd as it seems, I used to think she was talking to me. 🙂 I had such an imagination with CPK’s that I never had with any other toy ever! This one was my favorite out of the ones I had and my parents bought me quite a few! One time, my Mom won me a brunette haired CPK in a store give-away! I think her name was either Karen or Brenda. I don’t know how I remember that! LOL I would LOVE the chance to win one of the new CPK dolls! These WAY cuter than the original ones!!

sewathomemama on

oh, gosh. i have so many fond memories of CPKs. i was about 6 when they first came out & EVERYONE wanted one. i recall going to the store with my mom to buy me one for christmas. i remember the WALL of CPKs & the absolute mayhem in the store. every single doll was on hold for someone! i thought for sure i wouldn’t get one & since i was a little girl, i ws very sad. on christmas morning, i unwrapped every gift, hoping each big one was my doll. it wasn’t. when all of my gifts were unwrapped, my mom pulled a hidden gift out from behind the tree… it was her! my very own doll! she had red yarn hair, blue eyes & freckles like mine. she was later joined by a boy & then an infant. a few years later, my mom’s then-boyfriend bought me the latest version – baby powder scented! i hope to pass on my dolls to my kids.

Anjelica on

I wanted a Cabbage Patch the year everyone did and my mom had no luck at the store, so she bought a boy doll and a girl’s outfit and gave me that. I was suspicious as I had never seen a Cabbage Patch girl with short hair, but I vigorously defended that transgender doll to anyone else who questioned her/him!

Kimberly on

I received my Cabbage Kid doll for Christmas when I was 5. I was sooo excited! She had brown hair and blue eyes just like me. I wish I still had her (as I wish I still had a lot of my toys from when I was a kid). My parents later told me they waited in line for hours at Toys R Us for her. The crazy things you do for your kids!

Doreen on

Oh and I also remember having & playing the Cabbage Patch Kids game!!! That was A LOT of fun with my friends! LOVED the game!!

Nicole on

I remember waiting in line for hours to get that very fist Cabbage Patch doll. My mom worked so hard to get it for me! I remember she had red hair in 2 braids and a green gingham dress on. In fact I know she is tucked away somewhere at my mom’s house….

Angie on

I remember my first Cabbage Patch Doll…she was my ‘baby’! She had blonde curly hair and I just loved her little dimples. I still have that doll somewhere in storage!

Ivy on

I also have both of my dolls from my childhood. I remember all the chaos there would be in stores just to get one. People went crazy over them. I remember that I got my first one for Christmas. The reason that my mom got a hold of one, was that a neighbor of ours worked for a department store and she could get them. It was funny too, because as it sat under the Christmas tree, my baby brother had snuck downstairs. All we heard was the ripping of paper and he had opened my doll. I was very happy and still have the doll sitting on a shelf.

Lynnetta on

The Christmas that CB Kids were so popular, my parents couldn’t get their hands on one for me. So my grandmother made me one for my birthday out of a CB Kid kit (my bday is in December). I was very disappointed (that was a child’s response – today I wish I knew where that doll was because my grandmother is no longer with us). I finally got one for Easter, but only because my grandmother, who worked at Fred’s Dollar Store, was able to get me one when a shipment came in and before they were put on sale. The dolls name was Regina Delta and she is in storage with all my other childhood stuffed toys in case I ever have a little girl of my own.

Elaine on


I still have my Cabbage Patch Kids Koosa. The hardest thing for me to do was provide him with a name. After leafing through some of my mother’s magazines, I came up with the name Waldorf – thanks to the help of some salad recipe!

N. M. on

I too have fond memories of my much loved Cabbage Patch Dolls. My dear Godmother gave me my first Cabbage Patch Doll. I was in the hospital having my tonsils removed and terrified out of my mind when my Godmother gave me a special friend to keep me company. This blonde/blue-eyed guardian angel was the first of many beauties in my collection. My daughter now has her “Emma” and “Jenna” whom she just loves to play with. She’s always asking me if she’s a good mother and I must confess that she truly is. Her babies are so cherished and I can’t help but smile when I see her play and vividly remember sharing many hours of fun with my cousins and friends. Thanks for letting me share my story and take a trip down memory lane. Take care and keep smiling! N.M.

Tammy on

Oh my gosh!! I am smiling so big right now! This makes my whole day.

I have the best Cabbage Patch story. The year was 1986 and I was 12. I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll soooo bad.

My dad wouldn’t get me one because he thought they were overpriced. But he didn’t want to disappoint me completely, so HE HAD ONE HOMEMADE! That’s right.. a homemade Cabbage Patch doll. It was a sweet gesture, but the doll was hideous. Her face was made out of pantyhose! HA! She had no birth certificate or pretty name. I still have her if you want to see a picture:) People at work have seen her and we laugh about this all the time!

I have my own daughter now who is two, and as long as I can afford to, I plan to get her as many REAL Cabbage Patch dolls as possible!

Becky on

I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids. I think I had three or four, and recently I found the “adoption certificate” for one of them, Judd Chester, a cute little bald one, and one my red-haired girls, named, I believe, Frannie or something. I am always trying to find ones with my kids’ names or birthdays, but I’m never successful. I miss playing with them so much and hope my daughters will enjoy playing with them too.

Vanessa on

I got my CPK in 1986 after my sister came home from Hong Kong. Her name was Cassandra Ruby and she was part of the Preemie range. I still have her now after 21 years. I even had a party once to celebrate her birthday and invited my friends around, which at the time was normal (I guess), but when one of the friends I invited mentioned it many years later, I was rather embarrassed. I hope to pass on Cassandra to my daughter (if I should have one in the future).

Karin on

I think it’s neat that Cabbage Patch dolls are still so popular now! It’s funny, I just recently asked my mom if she knew where my old Cabbage Patch doll was, because my daughter is at an age where she would love playing with it! (she’s going to bring it on her next visit :o) Anyway, I loved playing with my doll when I was young, but one thing I didn’t like at the time was her name – Hazel Peggy! Now I think it’s actually a pretty cool name, but back then I sure didn’t!

Karrie Nelson on

I remeber when the Cabbage patch kids came out. I was about 6 or 7. My little sister and I both got one for christmas. I can still see mine she had blond hair but her name was Nelly Crystal! Ack being a little house on the prarie fan i changed her name to Laura Elizabeth my mom even sent for the new adoption papers. I don’t know what happend to her but i wish i still had her so i could show her to my 2 little girls!

Evie on

My favorite Christmas picture is of my sister and I wearing Cabbage Patch earmuffs – the ones with little CP heads over each ear- and Cabbage Patch bedslippers – the ones with gigantic CP heads on the tips. The heads on the end of the slippers were so heavy you had balance carefully…but so worth it! These accessories make my daughter cringe now – but secretly, I think she wishes she had them. Oh, and I still have the earmuffs. 🙂

stephanie on

oh, i LOVED cabbage patch dolls as a little girl! I had a preemie named bruce trevor who wore a little green corduroy overall set with an elephant embroidered on him. I also had a cabbage patch doll paper doll set and loved that one of the paper dolls had the *same* outfit bruce did, it made me so happy to feel like i had a paper doll *of* my doll.

Teresa Foskey on

My first memory of the Cabbage Patch Kids was when I was 9 years old. My sister who was dying of Aplastic Anemia really wanted a Cabbage Patch my parents stood outside of Toys R Us waiting to get one. Well by the time they got in they were all gone. Well shortly after thanksgiving my sister was admitted to the hospital. During her stay Santa Clause came around and ask all the sick boys and girls what they wanted for Christmas well of course she told him that she wanted a Cabbage Patch kid but she also said that she wanted her little brother and sister to have one too. Well my sister was released from the Hospital 2 days before Christmas. On Christmas eve there was a knock on our door and it was an a man dressed up like Santa and a woman dressed up like Mrs. Clause. They gave each one of us a present. Under the wrapping paper was a Cabbage Patch doll. My mom was just sobbing!!! They never told my parents who they were but I know how much it meant to me and my brother and sister. My sister died when she was 20 and I still have the original box and the dolls that were given to us!

Stacy on

I love the cabbage patch kids. I had some of the stickers but my parents couldn’t afford to buy me the dolls. My best friend had one and we used to sort of share her. My daughter is now 13 months. I was thinking of buying one for her for the holidays. They are still so cute!!
If I don’t win one, I will buy her one for sure!!

Heather on

Sybil Sally! She will always be remembered for one particular occasion – I was 6, and had chicken pox. My mother, bless her soul, thought I’d feel better if SS had them too. So while I was sleeping, she snuck in my room with some red lipstick, and gave my CPK the pox. Well, I woke the next morning, dragged SS by the pigtails to the potty, and it wasn’t til then I looked over and saw her face – and SCREAMED! I remember my mom running in to see what was wrong, and I was just absolutely hysterical that something was wrong with SS. She washed her face off as fast as she could trying to explain to me that my CPK really wasn’t sick. I eventually calmed, but never forgot that. And no, I don’t let mom live it down 🙂

Today, SS lives happily chicken pox-free in my home with my 2 1/2 year old daughter!

Julianne on

My first memory is actually not a pleasant one. My mom asked her cousin to get a doll for me for Christmas. Well, this was smack in the middle of the craze/shortage. He bought me a doll, left it in his back seat of his car and someone stole it! Yikes…
A friend of mine wound up going to Japan and getting me one there!
When the powder scented babies came out in the late ’80s I bought one named “Celeste”. I still have her so my daughter thinks she’s her doll:) We love her and include her amongst my daughter’s “babies and sisters”.

Laura on

I still have my first two cabbage patch kids, one looks just like me, and the other like my mom. they sit in a place of honor in my childhood bedroom. when my goddaughter was born, i bought her one so she could love her baby as much as i still love mine.

Shannon on

When I was about 10 years old I received my 2nd cabbage patch kid, I was in love with them, I aready had a girl and I wanted a little boy. His name was Quentin Bartholomew, I did not like that name so I changed it to Johnny James, even sent the birth certificate away to get a new one with his new name.
I did everything with my CPK’s, birthday parties to taking them to friends houses, my mum made all their clothes for them as well.
I met my husband 6 years later, it wasn’t until we were dating for a while when I found out the name on his birth certificate was Johnny James. I think it was fate, I still have all my CPK’s, with the added bonus of about 40 more.

lis on

OMG those are adorable!! 🙂

I loved my Cabbage Patch Kid.. I got one, that was a baby (versus the little kids), and was so excited to discover it was a BOY! His name was Josiah. He wore a little teal onesie.

I also remember being very excited when I got a CPK that had my same birthday. 😀 She had red hair and purple eyes and her name was Morah.

Hee hee. I still go look at them whenever I’m in the store. They’re one of my favourite toys.

Azia Patrick on

Oh wow, what do I remember about CPK? I had so many dolls they covered the bottom of my closet. My favorite one, was my little bald cabbage patch baby that smelled like baby powder. I would always pretend that the “older” cabbage patch kids were the parents to the little baby. I would spend hours in my room playing with ALL of my cabbage patch kids. It absolutely amazes me that they have made such a BIG comeback, it is so nostalgic for me!

Andrea on

I absolutely loved and still love the Cabbage Patch Dolls! I am 21 years old now, but I had tons of the dolls growing up. I have a picture of me when I was about 5 months old sitting beside a cabbage patch doll… and yep, I still have that doll! I would carry those cabbage patch kids around and care for them like they were my own kids. Now when I see them in the store, deep down, I want to buy one but I think it would look silly for me to have one at my age! I’ve bought my 10 year old niece a CPK before, and when I have my own little girl, I hope she will love them just as much as I do. They are every girl’s best friend!

Sheri on

Well, I wasn’t so fortunate to get one for a couple of years. My mom’s friend had her name on a list at Toys R US and she had already bought one for her daughter, so my got to get me one.
I hadn’t known where she was going, she came home and called me downstairs. I was so excited. She wasn’t one of the cute ones with the long hair, but I was thrilled to have one. Then a few years later I got a premie one. My mom threw them out unfortunately and I have two daughters that would have enjoyed them.
I bought my 2 1/2 year old one last year. Her name is Lisbeth Elizabeth. Her hair is falling out and she’s filthy. We’re afraid to put her in the washing machine. My daughter doesn’t go anywhere without her. Everone asks “is that a cabbage patch doll, oh I remember when they were so popular” Other people just laught at the dolls hair or lack there of. I would love to win this for her. She would truly enjoy it and her 3rd bd is coming in November. Thanks for reading!


Brooke on

When CPK were popular in the 80’s, my parents hardly had the money to buy one for me… so of course, that’s all I wanted, right?
My sweet, sweet mother, knowing how badly I wanted a CPK, signed up for a class, offered by our church, on how to make a homemade CPK knock-off. She’s incredibly gifted with sewing and crafts, and she made a brown-haired, hazel eyed doll, dressed in the outfit in which she brought me home from the hospital after I was born.
Of course, Christmas morning rolled around, and of course, Santa would bring me just what I wanted! I walked in to find the doll my mom had made, thinking it was from Santa. A four year old can’t help but be disappointed, lol. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I did NOT want that doll. I wanted a real CPK doll, and I’m afraid my disappointment was all too obvious. Looking back, I can onl imagine how heart-broken my mom likely was about that.
It was a few days later, after trying to convince my friend that the doll I had was a real CPK, I realized the only difference was that my doll didn’t have a signature on it’s butt. LOL! So guess what I did?

Yup, I did it. I found a pen and tried my very best to forge a big “X.Roberts” on the butt of my doll. And I swear, the second I lifted that pen from her butt, complete with a sewn-in butt dimple, my mom walked in the room. Why does it always work that way?! And she was NOT happy. Not one bit. That doll was taken away from me and ya know what? I was really sad not to have her for that time (which was probably only a day or two, but seemed like an eternity).
Dozens of CPKs and various other dolls later over the year, it’s only appropriate that the only doll I kept was that knock-off my mother spent hours and hours making by hand (and still clearly has pen on its butt). Now that I’m a mother, I’d do the same thing for any of my three girls in a heartbeat and never look back. She taught me a valuable lesson… it truly is the thought that counts. ;0)

Colleen on

I was raised by my grandfather and grandmother. Christmas of 1983 my grandmother passed away, I was 6 years old. My grandfather (Pop) was a tractor-trailer driver and a few weeks after we buried my grandmother, he brought home a beautiful red haired Cabbage Patch girl who’s name was Marie (which was also my grandmother’s name). He told me that my MomMom came down from heaven to give me this doll to always remember her by. And I still have her today! And now my daughter Shannon enjoys playing with her too.

Shalini Kaiser on

I remember visiting my uncle in Queens, NY when I was about 6 (so 1985) with my yellow-yarn haired Cabbage Patch Doll. She was the love of my life then, carried her everywhere, in subways, in the cabs, and i remember me and my sis (then 4) had matching dresses with the doll. We were so obessed with Cabbage patch at that age. And I remember sitting in the driver’s seat of my uncle’s car pretending to teach my Cabbage Patch doll (I named her Sally) to drive.

Linlee on

I still have all 10 of my cpk’s packed in a box at my parents house. I remember getting my first one for Christmas. She had red hair and green eyes. Her name was Casey. My mom waited in line for hours to get one and was so happy that one of the last ones had red hair just like me (of course she didn’t tell me that at the time because Santa brought it!)

BC on

I was about 10 when the Cabbage Patch kid craze hit, and just like every other kid HAD to have one!! My mom went to every store on the face of the earth for like 2 months looking for one just like me – with glasses! She finally actually did find one, at a Toys R Us, and one with freckles for my sister too. Only later when I was older, did she share the story with us of jumping head-on into a pack of other moms desperately searching thru the dolls at that last store, and kicking and clawing and she admitted she wacked some other mom in the head with her purse to get darling Tina Bella for me! Of course what makes this even funnier is the fact that my mom is this very mild mannered, down to earth person that goes to church several times a week and always has, so it was SO out of character for her!! Eventually I ended up with that one, a premie, a baby and a Cornsilk haired one, and my daughter and son love them best of any dolls they have, even the two new ones we bought them!!

Michelle on

I still have memories of watching the news and seeing people camping out in front on Aames department store so they could get in first thing in the morning for new shipments of Cabbage Patch Dolls. To see people fighting over a toy — it was crazy! I did have a cabbage patch baby named Felicity Brenda. I have two little girls who love dolls and I’m sure these would be right up their alley.

Crystal F on

I didn’t have the best childhood so I honestly only have a few memories here and there from when I was small. I can remember playing with cabbage patch dolls with my sister. One of the earlist pictures of my sister and I is at Christmas and we both have these cute cabbage patch earmuffs on. I would love to be able to find a pair for my little girls. I’m sorry that the story doesn’t have more detail.

Heather on

I loved my cabbage patch doll. Kailynn Alexandria was her name. My parents have 6 kids between them and I was the youngest. They never had alot of money and us kids knew not to expect much for birthdays or christmas. The year I got Kailynn, I had asked for a CPK but never really expected to get one. My parents came through though and got me the cutest CPK I think they could find. She had long sandy blonde yarn hair and a blue overall outfit with little white flowers all over it. She was the only Cabbage patch I ever got and I still have her to this day.

Susie on

My first Cabbage Patch Kids doll was Bernadette Nadia. She had dark brown hair in pigtails. I was a little bit freaked out when I started playing with her hair and found that underneath her pigtails, she was totally bald!

Later on, I got one of the preemies, and I’m afraid I do not remember her name. She was cute, though, and smelled like a real baby (baby powder).

Thanks for offering this contest! It’s a great opportunity to get back in touch with our childhood, which everyone should do once in a while! 🙂

Angela Granberg on

I remember my mom coming home and bringing them with her. They had just come out and some how she got 4 of them??? My dad was in the Navy and gone to sea at the time. She worked full time. I look back now and now that must have been really har for her. I actually asked her how she got them and come to find out, she had a friend that worked at the store and hid them for her,lol.

Kelly on

As told on the homemade video documenting my first birthday party in August of 1986: “We had no idea what to get a one-year-old for her birthday…chances were, she’d like the wrapping paper and box better than any toy we could pick out. However, in the weeks before her birthday, we would take Kelly into the stores where she would promptly cry for a Cabbage Patch doll. She had no idea that the doll she cried for was the most popular toy of the year. What could we do but get it for her?” The video then fastforwards to my first birthday party where I am opening gifts–the last one suspiciously big. I instantly begin yelling “Amanda, Amanda”…the name of my next-door neighbor’s daughter who’d been born earlier in the day. Over the next few years, as other holidays and birthdays are documented, “Amanda” makes several appearances…including one infamous incident where the ‘real’ Amanda tries to steal her namesake.

Dana on

I’m so glad that Cabbage Patch Kids have made a comeback! I vividly remember my CBK and I having matching dressy dresses and Garfield pj’s! It’s so special to see my daughter love her CBK as much as I loved mine…but I really can’t wait for her to have these smaller sized ones – that’ll provide hours of make-believe play for her!!!

Jay on

I remember getting Sally, my first Cabbage Patch Kids doll for my birthday. She was dressed in cute yellow overalls, and had long red hair in 2 braids. She was my best friend. My mom would sew us matching outfits and she by far was one of those toys I will remember forever.

As I got older and felt too grown up for dolls, I took Sally and placed her in the box for the garage sale. My mom told me of the story of how my grandmother had waited in the long lines and been pushed by so many, just to get me that doll. My mom was very ill and couldn’t do what it would take to get it for me, so her mom did what any parent would do for her child… help. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so grown up, and took Sally back, she had a story, one of love. My mom died a few years ago, but I still have my grandma with me… and Sally

These days, Sally is getting to know my daughter Ariel… its a new generation but the same friendship, and its just adding to the story.

Jay on

My sweet Sally has been in my life since I was nine years old. My mom would sew us matching outfits and we would have the most amazing adventures together. We never had a lot of money growing up, so to get that real CPK on my birthday was a dream come true. I told my mom I would love her forever.

Now at 28, I am the mother of my own daughter, and I am happy to say Sally is still looking great. In fact, I think she likes her new playmate.

Angela Willis on

I got my first cabbage patch when I was 7.. my mom stood in line for HOURS and had to beat down other moms just to get that doll that best matched myself. LOL I remeber her coming home ragged and looking like she had gone through a war zone. She ended up just handing me the doll no wrapping or any sort of bows and saying “I hope you wanted this.. as Im not taking it back” Im not sure what gift was better the doll or seeing her like that (my mom is VERY proper). LOL So funny.

PlayatHeart on

I still love my Cabbage Patch Kids! I keep 10-15 of them out for the kids to play with. My favorite memory is of my mom, who loved my sister and I so much that she stood in one of those really long lines in a small town hardware store to get us a CPK for Christmas. She finally got up to the front of the line and discovered she left her wallet at home. She begged the owner to hold them for her, while she ran home to get her wallet. When she returned, she couldn’t find the owner anywhere. She finally asked another salesman if anyone had left her 2 CPKs in her name. The man flashed her a huge grin and said, “ma’am – Mr Clark held onto those dolls as long as he could but he had to go on to work.” The man she thought was the owner was just another parent in line! My mom ran into him every so often in the small town and they laughed about it for years.

Diane on

I got my first cabbage patch doll for christmas when i was a year old. My parents video taped me opening my doll and as soon as i got her out of the package i took the bottle she came with and tried to drink it. Her name is Stacy and I still have her, she’s in my old room at my parents house and sits on my bed along with a few other favorite dolls.

Diane Souza on

I bought my daughter her first Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas 1986. She had red hair just like my daughter and her name was Alana Gilbertina (who came up with these names?) 21 years later we still have here and fond memories. My son even received one a few years later, Dickie Errol (how do I remember these names?). My son loved his doll dressed in a basball uniform and my husband didn’t even mind him carrying around his “baby”

Laura on

At my sister’s request, my mom sewed certain, er, appendages (made out of old stockings) onto our male Cabbage Patch Kids to make them anatomically correct. Everyone I tell this story to now finds this bizarre, but it seemed perfectly normal to me at the time. I also remember being extremely excited when the waterproof ones came out and we could swim with our “Cabbages.” Happy memories.

Jackie on

I have very fond memories of my Cabbage Patch Kid. My sister and I were about eight and ten when we were given our dolls. We always played with the dolls together, pretended they were our babies and dressed them up. I was a very creative kid and would make doll clothes out of anything I could find, including toilet paper, socks, and my mom’s scrap fabric. I also liked to style the hair. One time I even decided to cut and dye my Cabbage Patch Kid’s hair with my Crayola markers. Each chunk of hair was a different color in the rainbow, but needless to say, it was a huge mess and my mom wasn’t too happy. When I look back, I was so proud of myself and I absolutely loved that doll.

marcia on

i actually still have my first cabbage patch kid!!! joseph henry:) i still remember my mom scouring the town for a doll in time for christmas…she found one at a local fire station of all places and the proceeds went to help the station so it was a win-win situation! this new smaller cpk looks so cute,i’m certain my daughter will love it if i win this contest:)

Lyn on

My sister and I are such toy freaks that we still give each other a toy for Christmas…and we both have teenagers! She scored a Cabbage Patch kid for me that first holiday when they were so hard to come by. His name is ‘Shea Peter’ and I still have him in my classroom. That first winter he was a real ‘character’ in our school. So many kids wanted CPKs but didn’t have one so he became ‘ours’. They babysat for him during the day. We had to be quiet in the classroom when he was napping. Heh. And once when some students asked if they could take him outside for recess, I reminded them to keep his ears covered so he didn’t get an ear ache….and another teacher standing by just burst out laughing at the ‘reality’ of it all. I have had others but Shea Peter still holds a special place in my heart.

Katie on

I am a mom of 2 girls and still have my original Cabbage Patch. When I was 5, they were the hot thing, and I started telling EVERYONE that I was getting a Cabbage Patch for Christmas. My mom looked everywhere and couldn’t find one. She finally had her friend’s sister who lived in Michigan (who found one by chance in a store) ship it to us. It arrived via UPS on Christmas Eve. I never knew until a couple years ago, but it was probably my most exciting Christmas present ever. P.S. Her name is Eleanor Lynnette. 🙂

Lisa on

My grandmother is a piece of work. I was about 5 years old during the Cabbage Patch Kids craze. My lovely grandmother knew how much I wanted one so she was one of the first in line at the toy store during the holiday season. She wanted to find one that looked just like me, with red hair and brown eyes. So, after searching and climbing over all of the other customers she found one. Unfortunately, another woman was just about to pick it up. At that point, in a moment of panic, my grandmother decided to play the old lady card. She dumped her purse on the ground, then looked helplessly at the other woman. As the other woman bent down to help my grandmother pick up her things, my grandmother swooped in at ninja speed, grabbed the doll, scooped up her purse and booked it to the checkout line.
I still have my red haired, brown eyed Daphne Bambi sitting on my bed at home. She always reminds me the lenths to which people will go for their kids 🙂

Tammy on

Oh my gosh!! I am smiling so big right now! This makes my whole day.

I have the best Cabbage Patch story. The year was 1986 and I was 12. I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll soooo bad.

My dad wouldn’t get me one because he thought they were overpriced. But he didn’t want to disappoint me completely, so HE HAD ONE HOMEMADE! That’s right.. a homemade Cabbage Patch doll. It was a sweet gesture, but the doll was hideous. Her face was made out of pantyhose! HA! She had no birth certificate or pretty name. I still have her if you want to see a picture:) People at work have seen her and we laugh about this all the time!

I have my own daughter now who is two, and as long as I can afford to, I plan to get her as many REAL Cabbage Patch dolls as possible!

Shannon on

I loved my cabbage patch kid. My grandparents got her for me for Christmas. I took her everywhere. One day I decided to take one of her pig tails out. Little did I know I would not be able to put it back up (I was only four).

Amber H. on

I had three CBK baby dolls as a child. They were all boys and had funny names like Theo, Herbert and I can’t remember the other one but he was bald, bald, bald with one tooth!

Nicole C. on

OH MY GOD. I remember Toys R US was having a contest with an entry form to submit for a free Cabbage Patch Doll. I wanted one so bad, and it was impossible to get. So when the local advertisement “flyer” came out, my mother and I went walking miles, collecting everyone’s flyer and filling out the entry forms. We were walking the streets in the middle of the night, taking the papers off everyone’s porches. Needless to say, we did win, but my mother didn’t give me the doll until Christmas morning. I will never forget opening up that last present, and there she was. That is one of my childhood memories that will stay with me forever.

Lisa on

Wow, this is a blast from the past recalling my memories of the Cabbage Patch Kids. My mom and aunt looked everywhere to find me this doll to give to me for Christmas as I later found out in life. Those were the days when we had more toy stores and Kmart blue light specials…lol Cause at that age I still believed in Santa…LOL I was about 9/10 years old and desperatly wanted one and sure thing she popped up under the tree for Christmas. Till this day I still have her and I named her Crystal Gayle. I named her after Dynasty’s “Crystal” because my mom loved that show and the character/name. I don’t recall where I picked Gayle from but etiher way she was my all time favorite gift. I had so many of their accessories too, the high chair you could attach to the table…oh man so many precious memories. I love reminiscing because as we grow up we forget the joys of our past…
Like a previous poster said it does remind you the lenghts a parent will go for their child.