Roberto Cavalli latest to confirm Jennifer Lopez pregnancy

10/30/2007 at 07:43 PM ET

Joining the seemingly endless parade of family members, ex-wives and ex-boyfriends who have spoken publicly about the pregnancy of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, fashion designer Roberto Cavalli — charged with the task of dressing Jennifer during her current tour — has chimed in on the topic as well.  Speaking to People on Tuesday, Roberto said that designing clothes for Jennifer has been "complicated" recently because "every week she is getting bigger."  Added Roberto,

The thing about Jennifer Lopez, she is a singer, she is a dancer.  Most of the time when I prepare something for the tour, the performer, they want something very soft so they can dance and so they can move free…Well Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby.

The baby will be Jennifer’s first child; She and husband Marc Anthony are yet to make a formal announcement of their own with regard to the pregnancy.

Source:  People 


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Elyse on

Geez! Everybody is just letting the cat out of the bag aren’t they? I wonder if Jennifer and Marc will ever confirm the pregnancy. Or maybe they don’t feel the need to since everyone else has confirmed it!

J on

We get it, she’s pregnant. Why are all these people confiming it for them. Personally, I would never say someone else is pregnant if it seemed to be kept quiet, it’s none of my business and it’s their personal announcement when they choose to make it.

Annoyomus on

J- ITA! Yes, it’s obvious that she’s pregnant, but if they want to keep it quiet (which definently seems to be the case), then people should respect that! Their pregnancy is nobody’s business but their own!

That said, I noticed that Roberto said “…because she’s waiting for the baby”. That makes me more convinced than ever that she’s having just one baby, not twins. The other people that have confirmed her pregnancy (her mother, 2 of her ex-boyfriends, and Mark’s ex-wife) haven’t mentioned anything about it being twins either, and both of the ex-boyfriends even directly mentioned “the baby”, rather than “the babies”.

gianna on

This is like christina aguilera all over again lol. Funny christina and jlo are private now, but I bet when the babies come they will be the first ones on people magazine posing for new baby pics because they will get money for that, and than they will want the publicity lol. You can’t get more private than salma hayek, but when the pregnancy rumors start going around with her, she straight out had her publist confirmed it. After that she didn’t give any details, didn’t pose for any magazine covers while pregnant or discussed her pregnancy, and hasn’t been on a cover with her baby. But the way christina and jlo are doing it, grabs more attention, and that’s the purpose IMO. And I happen to love them both, especially jlo, but it’s no secret jlo loves media attention and christina wasn’t too private it when she sold her weddings pics for a magazine. So honestly I think they are doing this more for attention

Renee on

If they didn’t want people to announce it,they should have said don’t say anything but they didn’t. Roberto is not at fault here.

terri1 on

I don’t think Jennifer or Christiana are keeping mum for the attention. They would get the same amount of publicity and attention even if they did announce it.

The fact is it’s their private life and if they choose not to make a public statement, I think they have the right to that. It’s very obvious in both of their cases, so why do they need to say anything anyway.

Congrats to Marc and Jennifer!! 🙂

FC on

I believe my tally of outings by friends/family/etc is up to three: Mama, Cris, and now Roberto Cavalli. I wonder who’s next…:P Hmm….lmao.

Mary-Helen on

Christina donated the money from her wedding photos to charity, hence the reason she let them out.

I don’t think Christina or Jennifer have any obligation to announce anything. I don’t tell the planet when I’m expecting, so why should they? I hope they do release photos of their respective children though, because I’m sure both will be stunning.

gargoylegurl on

While celebs certainly have no obligation to make a formal annoucement, I think not doing so only makes the media frenzy and speculation worse.