Nicole Richie denies smoking rumors

10/30/2007 at 01:21 AM ET

Nicole_richie_mr_fp_165693cbb_2_4Nicole Richie’s rep lashed out at Page Six over a piece which accused the seven months-pregnant starlet of smoking last week.

The tab alleged witnesses caught Nicole, 26, lighting up a cigarette outside Manhattan eatery DaSilvano, and again, three days later, at Nobu. Nicole’€™s rep issued a statement, calling the report "irresponsible and untrue."

The rep might have a good point: Nicole was in Thailand and Australia touring with Good Charlotte in the time Page Six claimed she was smoking it up in NYC.

Nicole herself wrote a note to Access Hollywood, saying,

It’s really very sad andhurtful that journalists don’t believe in checking facts before writingfalse and unsubstantiated stories about my health and my pregnancy.The healthy birth of my child is my number one priority.

Source: Page Six, Us Weekly via Extra


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dickieangenson on

And if she was sitting outside of a restaurant smoking, don’t you think we would have a picture of this?

meg on

there is a picture in the sun with her with a bump and cig in hand, but the bump looks bigger than hers. i dont know if she has played a pregnant woman in some show and its prosthetic or not though.

Sarah’s note: Yes, that’s from Simple Life a few years ago.

Dani on

Those pictures in Thailand as soo beautiful.
they seem so close…they look really happy.
That is really vicious and irresponsible of Cindy Adams.

Your Daddy on

No pics, not real. I mean they have pics of Brittney without underwear, but claim someone is smoking outside a place where popernatzi’s live for the photo, and yet there are no pics of this.

Stop making shit up because you have no real news to report!!!

madison on

The Cindy Adams column doesn’t give the date that they saw her. It gives a time. The article begins with 10/29/07 but that is the date of the column, not the info in the column. Today’s column begins with 10/30/07. Maybe I’m missing something but where does this story give the date?

Robin M. on

Dickie Angenson – that is precisely what I was thinking. If she were going to smoke while pregnant, why would she do so right in front of such paparazzi-friendly locales like Nobu and DaSilvano? I hesitate to believe this story without photographic proof!!

rebecca on

i saw the pics on n im glad its a FAKE stomach she carried for the simple life i believe

i doubt shes that much of an idiot to smoke while preggers

Vanessa on

Didn’t she have a fake belly for The Simple Life? I thought I saw her then with a smoke in her hand. I don’t watch the show, I just remember reading it somewhere.

anna on

I though those pictures in the Sun looked odd when I saw them… If they are from an old TV show, publishing them with that headline is TOTALLY out of order and completely misleading. What a terrible, horrible thing to do. That newspaper owes her an apology.

I genuinely feel for her. She’s tried really hard to turn her life around and the scummy tabloids just want to drag her back down. No wonder it is so hard for these girls to change for the better – people don’t want to see them succeed.

Sanja on

First of all let me just say that I don’t believe this story, as others have mentioned there would be pictures.

But, considering all the other things pregnant women do (including celebrities), like alcohol, drugs,etc., an occasional cigarette doesn’t seem like the end of the world to me. I see it all the time in coffee shops and restaurants and no one complains or says anything to those women (which I HATE). I know plenty of women who smoked during their pregnancy and had perfectly healthy babies (especially 20-30 years ago when doctors didn’t say anything about it).

Shanon on

Recently it was reported that a seven-month pregnant Richie was spotted smoking outside of several restaurants in New York. She has angrily denied the claims saying, “The healthy birth of my child is my number one priority. It’s really very sad and hurtful that journalists don’t believe in checking facts before writing false and unsubstantiated stories about my health and my pregnancy.The couple began dating last November and was reportedly talking marriage before she got pregnant, but now she reportedly wants to wait until after the baby is born. A source close to Richie said, She said she doesn’t want the baby to one day grow up and think she and Joel rushed to get married just because she got pregnant. The couple just vacationed in Australia and Thailand and it was reportedly an all expense paid trip by Ok! Magazine. The couple allegedly exchanged the trip for an interview.

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