Eva Herzigova offers advice to new moms trying to shed baby weight

10/30/2007 at 07:21 PM ET

Supermodel Eva Herzigova credits genetics and nursing for her amazing return to pre-baby form following the birth of son George Marsiaj Herzig, turning 5-months on Thursday.  Speaking from a fundraiser in Rome recently, the 34-year-old recommended that new moms fretting over their postpartum bodies "breast feed and don’t worry about it."

Nature has a way of taking care of things. If you have a certain figure you’ll go back to it.

As for parenthood, Eva said "every little thing about it is wonderful."

It makes me feel satisfied with life and more grounded.

George is Eva’s first child with boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj

Source:  People


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Cindy on

It is fantastic that she has the lucky genetics to be able to bounce back so easily to her pre-pregnancy form. It made me chuckle when she said that new moms not worry about the weight, which is a great sentiment, yet being as slim as she is is not the norm for most new moms.

barb on

yah if all people were supermodels like her we might have the same positive outlook. this coming from a woman who was thin, gained 70 pounds due to preeclampsia and enough stretch marks for a million women. Yah genetics and “don’t worry about it” my A*S*S

Alexandra on

How is that “advice”? Congratulations to her but even some women who were skinny pre-baby, ate right, exercised, breastfed, and didn’t worry … didn’t get as lucky as her. I for one will never again be able to wear a shirt that even risks exposing my abdomen for a second. I don’t care about that but it does sting just a little bit when those with blessed genetics assume that those who don’t bounce back completely must have done something “wrong.”

Julia Schuck on

Oh great – so this is my “certain figure”? After 6 kids, all csections, all breastfeed for a year or more – I would say not everything is genetics or nature taking care of it! But, she is right on the not fretting about it part – I choose not to worry about it. My beautiful children are my primary focus. As much as I dislike my various physical flaws – my body did manage to produce several beautiful and healthy children.

Amie on

Didn’t she do a photo shoot in a string bikini like a week after giving birth? Breastfeeding did NOT help me lose weight–it kept it on! I only got close to my pre-preg weight AFTER I began to wean at 12 months. The party line is that nursing is the major factor in losing the weight (along with a healthy diet and exercise, yes)–but this was absolutely not the case for me. Has CBB ever done a poll on this? I would be curious to know for how many people breastfeeding made the weight stay on vs. come off.

gianna on

She is a model, sure she will bounce back, most celebrities do. Although a lot of people that were skinny and worked out before pregnancy, find it easier to get back to their bodies I noticed in my gym. Plus the more kids you have, a lot of the time the harder it is to get skinny again. Might be easier for someone who had 2 kids, as opposed to someone who had 4-5 kids get back into shape

Kate on

Amie – I’m with you! I ate right, exercised daily and breastfed for almost a year. Breastfeeding, IMO, KEPT on the weight. I think I produced fatty milk or something and my body just hourded the fat. I lost weight after I stopped bf’ing!

dancingmom on

It must be different for everyone. I lost all my baby weight (about 55lbs) by breastfeeding but it took 6 months. I continued to lose even more and stayed very thin while nursing. But after my daughter weaned I gained about 8 lbs.

PSB on


I didn’t lose any baby weight until after I weaned the baby at 12 months. I even had a personal trainer helping me work out at the gym, and I didn’t lose one pound until I stopped nursing. Some people don’t bounce back from breastfeeding. It’s a myth! Some women are lucky, some are not. It’s all genetics IMO.

Mary on

some celebs tend to be somewhat flippant about the whole losing baby weight thing. i seriously doubt its as easy as some of them make it out to be. if breastfeeding was all it took to shed all the baby weight, i think they would have been packaging and selling that magic formula a long time ago lol!