Book Review: Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten!

10/30/2007 at 02:39 AM ET

Homebooks_3Like most parents, I want to feel like I’m involved in my child’s educational process but never feel like I’m doing enough. What’s more, as a first-time parent I never really know what is age appropriate. I was quite interested in checking out Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten, a book written by parents with approval from a panel of teachers and curriculum specialists as a solution to "no child left behind."

Based on the core Kindergarten curriculum, the 32-page dry-erase book prepares kids ages 2-6 for, well, Kindergarten, teaching things like numbers, shapes, colors, coins, counting and so on.  Stacey Kennenberg, owner of Cedar Valley Publishing, looked for a book like this one but found that there was no book like it on the market, so she wrote and self-published it.

Since I have a 27-month-old I decided to put the book to the test myself.  At first glance I thought "no way will a kid this young understand this!" but I decided to use trial and error, skipping over what I thought was difficult, and going back to it later.

My daughter Catie has known her alphabet, numbers, colors and basic shapes for quite some time now but it never occurred to me to teach her to identify letters and numbers out of order, or to teach her difficult shapes (like a hexagon or whatnot) this young because I thought she just wouldn’t get it. Well, within just a few days of "playing" with this book she could correctly identify about half of the letters of the alphabet (she still gets certain ones, like B and D for instance, confused but my mom — a school teacher — says this totally normal) and numbers zero through nine out of order. She can also identify all her shapes and will now point them out to me on her other toys.  I have even started to teach her how to identify her coins but she seems to be more interested in inserting them in her piggy bank at the moment!

Green Bay (Wisconsin) area public schools have been using this book for a few years and have seen a positive marked improvement in testing.  The books have also been approved for use in schools in both California and Texas.  I can see why. This is a book that I would wholeheartedly recommend to all my mom friends and I can see homeschooling moms especially loving this one. 

The book’s sister publication,  Let’s Get Ready for First Grade, is already available and the goal is to have a book written for each grade. Both books were included in the Swag Bag at the Emmy’s!

Get your book directly from Cedar Valley Publishing or from amazon. Use code PISHPOSH for 10% off your order!

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