Introducing Robert Jake Kaiser

10/29/2007 at 07:21 PM ET

Tinayothers0389_cbbFamily Ties actress and Celebrity Fit Club winner Tina Yothers, 34, and her husband Robert Kaiser welcomed a son on September 24th. Now 5 weeks old, Robert Jake is introduced in this week’s issue of In Touch Weekly.

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Tina and Robert, who also has two teenage sons from his first marriage, are already parents to daughter Lilly, who just turned 2. When they found out they were expecting again, the couple chose not to find out the sex until the delivery.

It makes it so exciting. You don’t get many surprises in life.

One surprise they weren’t planning for was the early arrival of the baby. The family was enjoying a day at Disneyland when Tina went into labor. At 6:08 am the next morning, Tina delivered baby Jake naturally with the assistance of a midwife.

Having a baby is a scary thing. But it was beautiful. He’s named after my husband, but we call him Jake. It’s a strong name.


Tina’s children are her priority, she reveals.

For me, kids always come first. I take them everywhere with me. Lilly is a lot like me — a born entertainer — and Jake’s laid-back and easygoing. He’s an angel. Lilly’s been really sweet. I couldn’t ask for more.

However, there are no plans for more!

I don’t think so. Now I have two, as well as two teenage stepsons — so I think we’re done!

Last year, Tina won Celebrity Fit Club, going from a size 18 down to an 8. She kept off the weight during her pregnancy by using a modified NutriSystem diet and working out three times a week.

I gained 45 lbs with Jake. But I’m excited to get back on the NutriSystem diet.


Source: In Touch Weekly; November 5th issue, p. 60-61. Photographed by Lisa Rose.

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Heather on

If he is named after Daddy, why is is Robert Jake and not Richard Jake? Just curious…..

Sarah’s note: Good question. I wonder if the mag has a typo. I took it out of the quote in case.

Crystal on

It now says Robert instead of Richard as Tina’s husband. It must have been a typo.

Sarah’s note: Yes, I think it was a typo. I wrote exactly what In Touch has quoted in their magazine, which mentions ‘Richard’ in that one spot about Jake being named after his father. I took out the name in that instance as I believe In Touch did make a mistake. Hopefully it’s all set now.

Melissa on

What a cutie!

Candy Girl on

I don’t understand women who name their kids one thing, but want to call them something else. How come they just don’t name the first name the name they intend to call him? If Tina Yothers is going to call him Jake then she should have named him Jacob Robert Kaiser. I think that makes more since.

Mimi on

Candy Girl – I think that anyone can call their child anything they like. In Tina’s case, it was obvious that she wanted to honor her husband by naming their son after him, but also wanted to distinguish between the two of them. Sheesh!

Kat on

Candy girl – what she’s doing is common.

When a boy is named for his father and they want to lessen confusion, instead of calling one Robert and the other Bobby, or one Rob and the other Robbie, etc., they will call the father what they always have and call the son by the other name.

My own wonderful grandfather is Lloyd Charles XXXX

His son is Junior. Obviously, there are no nicknames for Lloyd and my grandparents didn’t want him called LJ or Lloyd Junior or Junior.

So they called him Charlie… he’s also called Chuck…

They just chose to go by the middle name.

With my second son, who is named after his father, we considered it and I still think it might have been easier, but not only are there nicknames for Jeffrey (my husband’s name), but he goes by Jeff, so that left Jeffrey, Jay, and JJ.

We intended to call him Jay… his brother always has, but he’s the only one that does.

he ended up Jaybird until he was about 4. Then we called him Jay. And when he went to school, he had to be called Jeffrey in school and he decided he liked that better, so that’s what we all call him primarily.

He does, however, refuse to answer to Jeff, when people just assume that we would call him that (this is before they know he’s a junior)… he will turn on a dime and say… “I’m not Jeff… I’m Jeffrey! Jeffrey Allen XXXXXX, Jr.! Jeff is my Daddy!”