Halle Berry shows off baby bump at Rome Film Festival

10/27/2007 at 11:56 PM ET

Actress Halle Berry, 41, attended the premiere of Things We Lost in the Fire at the Rome Film Festival on Friday. Halle expects her first child in March with Gabriel Aubry, 31.


Photo by Bauer Griffin.

Thanks to CBB reader Chloe.

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SingingClayPearl on

She’s only 4 months? I may be the only one, but I wonder if she’s having twins..she seems to have ballooned out quite a bit pretty fast. Of course, I looked only 7 months when I delivered, so I don’t have much to compare to…

Noelle on

I dont think she could get any more beautiful. She’s absolutely gorgeous and even more now that she’s pregnant.

I can’t wait to see that child!!

Raye on

i’m glad i’m not the only one thinking that SingingClayPearl!
i was always under the impression that first-time pregnancies take longer to show?

Dawne on

She is definitely glowing. A great pic of her! Can’t wait to see the baby.

Annoyomus on

SingingClayPearl- Personally, I doubt she’s having twins. She looks about the same as Nicole Richie did at the same stage of her pregnancy. Some women just “pop” earlier, and she seems to be one of those women. 🙂

Annoyomus on

Oh, I just want to add that, if Halle is indeed due in March, she’s actually nearly 5 months along, rather than four.

Renee on

Isn’t Gabriel tall? She maybe showing a bump this size so early is cause she will have a long baby.Then again some women get bigger quicker than others.

Emily on

Is that a wedding band?? I thought she said she’d never marry again.
And yes she looks gorgeous.as ever.

terri on

She doesn’t look that large to me. She is quite beautiful.

foggy mind on

Pregancy suits her. She’s one gorgeous woman.

jess on

is one picture of Halle a day enough? it seems like every website shows 5-6 different pictures a day of her, 1 really is enough. thanks

Sweet Dee Asha on

Well, on Jay Leno Halle said, “I’ll put them right here” (refering to a chair arm) when they talked about her coming back and bringing the baby. I was like…hummm…smiles. I wanted twins at first but now that my son Christian is 7 months and almost walking…I say, “GOD knew waht HE was doing!!!” smiles

J.J. on

She looks really pretty in that picture. For some reason, she looks like she’s going to have a little girl.

J-Lin on

Halle makes it look so easy. I love her.

Jada on

She is absolutely stunning.
Leave it to Halle Berry to rock the 4 inch stilletos at 4 months pregnant! 🙂

Gabbie13 on

Halle looks stunning! Pregnancy really agrees with her. And as Jada said…..leave it to Halle to wear those stillettos….I can’t walk in those and I am not even pregnant!!!

BTW…My friend is also due March 21 and she has about the same size belly….

gianna on

Halle looks around 5 months, who knows maybe she is due late Feb, and not saying her real due date. She is so beautiful is glowing, I think she will have a little boy. I don’t think it’s twins on oprah she made it clear she is only having one baby now, but she would like one more in the future.

Daniela L. Smith on

This woman leaves me speechless….she’s got to be one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen! Who else could look so beautiful being 4 months pregnant??? There should be a law against it! LOL!

M on

I think it might just be the angle the picture was taken that makes her belly seem larger. Halle’s probably just standing at the angle to best show off her growing belly.

FC on

Talk about a proud mama-to-be! She’s flaunting whatever every bit of her pregnancy and proud of it.And, she really does have that maternal “glow” about her.

Carol Lee on

Her left foot looks like she’s about to fall in those heels. I’d be wearing flatter shoes if I was pregnant. She sure is gorgeous.

Elizabeth on

She’s absolutely more gorgeous, but I can’t figure this dress out! I found this pic:


and it looks electric blue, but here looks a demure gray. Trick of the lighting?

sinnah on

she is absolutely gorgeous. I am pregnant now and I wish I glow like she does. I love Halle, strong and beautiful. Go GIRL!!!!!