Samantha Harris on a new mom's 'liquid gold;' shares new photos of Josselyn

10/26/2007 at 06:43 PM ET

Samanthaharris_0370_cbbNew mom Samantha Harris, 33, joined a different set of co-hosts this week, as she flew to NYC for 36 hours to sit with the View ladies on Thursday and Friday morning. There was only one issue for the Dancing With the Stars co-host and E! News correspondent — Josselyn Sydney‘s meals continued to be made despite her not being there to eat them. Although Samantha left husband Michael Hess plenty of milk to feed their daughter, 5 weeks on Sunday, she had more to give. When Whoopi asked if she’d been pumping, Samantha joked,

Yeah, you might notice, they’re very large these days. Even on the plane ride here — I’m just gone for 36 hours — it was a really hard decision because of course I don’t want to leave the newborn, but my husband Michael is so fabulous and so hands-on that was no worry, I knew she’d be in good care — but of course, you’re breastfeeding.

I’m sure you’ve all gone through this — you don’t want to leave the baby for any amount of time, and breastmilk is like liquid gold, you don’t really want to pump and dump, but that’s basically what I had to do on the plane. And this morning I produced some really good stuff — full bottles we’re talking about! — [makes 6 oz bottle hand gesture] and that was really hard to say goodbye to down the drain.

I wear a lot of good breastpads to make sure…because if you spend the night without any breastpads it’s a little…drenching.

Later in the show, actress Julianne Moore, 46, appearing on The View to promote Freckleface Strawberry, told Samantha she knew exactly how she was feeling.

I have to say, I remember I went to the Golden Globes when my son [Cal] was 6 weeks old, and I came home after the ceremony to pump and to nurse, and then we went back out, but by the end of the evening, I was choking on my boobs, they were up around my neck!

Click below for new photos of Josselyn.


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Katie on

i love to hear about stars breastfeeding. most of the time you hear about one having a baby and so worried about her body and returning back to work they forget about their baby and whats best for them. It always makes me happy to hear that not all of Hollywood is self centered and there are a few good ones out there who sacrifice time to give their baby what it deserves.

Stephanie on

Good for her for breastfeeding her little one, it’s such a commitment! Hopefully someone will fill her in that she does not have to dump her milk….that would kill me! There are several ways around it, and it sounds like she is making a lot and could probably use it when she has to be away for work in the future. Best of luck to her!

jess on

does the baby look jaundice or is it just the picture?

Sarah’s note: Could be either. They are pictures off of TV stills…

Annoyomus on

Whoa! Is it just me, or does Josselyn look an awful lot like Suri Cruise did when she was an infant?

KellyGirl on

Why does she need to pump and dump? Couldn’t she just bring a cold pack or ice pack and travel cooler to store the milk until it could be frozen or refrigerated? Seems a little silly to dump it!

ceci on

It’s too bad she doesn’t know breastmilk can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days (I think it’s actually close to 1 week). Then she wouldn’t have to pump and dump!

Good for her for talking publicly about breastfeeding though 😉

Lola on

I love hearing stars talking about breast-feeding and normalizing it so that future generations see breast-feeding and a normal part of motherhood

S on

I know I’m being judgmental…but here it goes…
I can’t imagine going back to work so quickly (assuming she doesn’t need to the money and in that case, ignore the following). Why can’t she relax and enjoy her baby instead of jetting off to the other side of the country to host The View? I’ve heard people say how great she looks, etc. Well, I’m saying that SH is setting a poor example to new moms. Take care of your body and your baby before soaking up the limelight of being a celebrity. Not that I ever thought about SH before this, but I really have a hard time respecting her. I hope she’ll enjoy her baby…it goes too quickly!

Stacy on

It’s not enough she went back to work after 3 weeks, now she leaves for New York,Why is she whining she could just as easily stay home with her baby a little bit longer.

Preesi on

I think you cant have anything like coolers and ice bags etc on planes nowadays

Cindy on

I believe you’re right about that. I really think Blue Ice packets in a cooler are not allowed. Regardless, her pumping and dumping is none of my business to criticise, but so great of her to be open and talk about it.

Has on

They have designed cooler types diaper bags with ice packs to cool for a few hours until you can get it to a freezer/refrigerator. Good for up to 8 hours if I remember from my paperwork on what I got from Avent.

Such a waste to pump and dump for 3 whole days

Pam on

Has, it’s only a day and a half instead of 3 days. She arrived Weds evening and left Friday morning.

I did the same thing on the plane in ’03 when my son was about 7 weeks. I was just back to work and my second assignment was a quick day trip to NYC for a meeting with corporate. I didn’t have my son with me, but a baby cried on the plane and oh my, holy letdown. I had to go in the bathroom and just hand squeeze into the sink so I wouldn’t have a soaking shirt. What a mess!

I do appreciate Samantha talking about it on air with an ‘well everyone knows what I’m talking about’ tone to it. It definitely makes me feel like what I went through that day was relatively normal!

FC on

That photo of Sam and Michael kissing Josselyn is cute!And in that photo right after it she makes me think of her dad, same hairstyle and all…;)

gianna on

cute baby