Rumor: Christina Aguilera having twins?

10/26/2007 at 03:47 AM ET

Christina_aguilera_mr_fp_164492cb_2We all know that songstress Christina Aguilera is pregnant, but is she expecting twins? NY Daily News is reporting that according to their sources, the 26-year-old and her husband, Jordan Bratman, are expecting multiples when their due date arrives in January. Time will tell on this one — we know we aren’t going to get anything out of Christina!

Source: NY Daily News

Thanks to CBB readers Tess and Aline.

Do you think Christina is pregnant with twins?

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Estherpanda on

Where does the rumor come from??
If she’s expecting twins, she’s really really small !
On some pictures you can hardly tell she’s pregnant so I don’t think it’s true !

Angela’s note: The rumor comes from NY Daily News

M on

i cant seem to find it there :/

(im not doubting someone did,i just need help finding it i think :p)

Angela’s note: It was from yesterday and it appears that they have placed today’s news.

Caroline on

I already think she has a very small bump for a January arrival, so if she’s excepting twins, then she’s VERY VERY small …

cindi on

i agree with everyone else….she’s way too small to be having twins in january.

Renee on

I have heard this too.Who knows for sure? She maybe one of those women who are really small until the last two months and become really big. She still has plenty of time between now and January to gain even more weight.

brindlegirl on

I don’t think so at all. You’ve got to be kidding me! How desperate are they for stories. Twins. She barely look as though she carrying one!

dee on

I’ve never been pregnant b4, so this is why I’m asking this… Isn’t it true some people don’t really start to show until halfway thru a pregnancy and some women balloon in the last trimester?? Just curious, if so than maybe its possible to be pregnant with twins, but I personally think its just that, a rumor! I guess we will have to wait and see. On the other hand, she has been seen buying or just looking at a lot of baby products, both boy and girl stuff. Whatever she’s having, may it be healthy! 🙂

Princess on

I’m not believing this one just yet.

Here’s the original source:

Michelle on

It’s amazing how one woman show a lot while carrying one baby while another will barely show at all and be carrying twins. I’ve seen it before so I believe it could be true. I don’t know where those babies are hiding, but you can’t judge anything by the size of the belly.

Jada on

I agree. If she is carrying twins I don’t think there’s any way she could be as far along as 6 months.

Christen on

I agree…I’ve thought for a while now that she was pretty small for being as far along as she is, I highly doubt she is expecting twins, and if she is then I think her due date is a little further off than people think.

madison on

No, I don’t think there are two in there…

Priscilla on

I have to say that I highly doubt it, she is way too small, I mean yes she is petite but really with twins and going into her 7th soon month no way….

sil on

I don’t think so, her belly is too small for twins, imo.

Bethie on

She is due like 2 weeks before me and I have a WAY bigger belly. I know that is always not a tell tale sign but I think twins is highly unlikely!


Not a shot. She’s tinier than Nicole Richie who is also due in January.

gianna on

I don’t so because twins rumors are always high when celebrities are pregnant. I remember when britney was pregnant with sean it was said she was having twins, than before halle confirmed her pregnancy rumors were it’s twins, same with jlo. It’s like one baby isn’t enough for the media, they need to add the twin rumor to make it more juicy lol. But if she is having twins, how nice.

DS on

Why does it matter!?

Nadège on

I carried twins and by the time I was 6-months pregnant, I looked as if I were full-time carrying a singleton.
I wouldn’t suspect Christina is carrying twins due to her smaller sized bump. Also, she has quite a petit frame while would likely make her show even earlier.
I guess this speculation is just cheap gossip.

Ashley on

I don’t think it’s twins. My hairdresser who is very petite like Christina just gave birth to twins in Aug and she was very obviously pregnant by 11 weeks and much bigger than Christina is now at 6 months.

Michelle on

Don’t they predict that every celebrity is having twins? I think they do it, just in case it is true, so then they can say “we told you first!”.

I don’t think she looks big enough to be having twins in January, but then, Nancy Grace doesn’t look that big, either, and she’s due with twins.

Mary on

I’ve had twins and a singleton. I was bigger with my singleton than with my twins. People never believed I was carrying twins. By the time I delivered, I BARELY looked like I was even full term for one baby, let alone two.
That being said, people always claim celebrities are expecting twins. Not that it’s anyone’s business, but we’ll know in a couple months.

kily18 on

No way! she is carrying a tiny girl…

BTW: if she is expecting twins, Milla Jovovich is expecting triplets!

Cara on

i have a very hard time believing she is carrying twins. i have 4 year old twin boys. you show SO MUCH faster with twins. my belly was the size her’s is now by the time i hit 20 weeks. by the time i was 30 weeks, i constantly heard people ask “so, you due any day now?” imagine their surprise when i would say “no, i still have 2.5 months!” LOL

i think she just looks way too tiny to be having twins. the entire bone structure of her whole body is very small. plus, she does not seem very tall. so i would think if there were two – she would be so much bigger by now simply from the rule that there would be nowhere else to go but out.

either way…..i think she is a very adorable pregnant lady!

now….jennifer lopez….i could totally believe she is expecting twins. especially if you look at her bikini pictures from august compared to her pics now. she has really grown FAST.

~Beth~ on

I just had twins girls 2 months ago. I can say that I didn’t have to wear maternity jeans until I was almost 6 months. No one believed it was twins. By the time they FINALLY got here (@ 38 weeks) I had only gained about 25 lbs. They were both healthy @ 6.7 lbs EACH!!! Anything is possible. I just wish her nothing but good luck throughout her pregnancy 🙂

Ivey on

They are probably just trying to push her buttons so she’ll comment on it. Maybe a strategy to get her to say ‘no it’s just one’

Annie on

Seeing how every woman’s uterus is different, and some carry low/high and every combination in between, I’m going to reserve judgment on this rumor. There are women who don’t “look pregnant” through their entire pregnancies and still deliver healthy babies. We’re all built differently, and although there are some norms, the beauty of humanity is that certain people will break the mold.

Ashleigh on

i think that she is not having twins. i had twins a month ago and i was twice the siz as what she was. i think she is a little smaller than most people at 7 months. nicole richie isnt overly big either.

pup on

don’t believe it.