Jennifer Garner and Violet at the park on Friday

10/26/2007 at 04:27 PM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, goes to give daughter Violet Anne, 22 months, a lift after enjoying the slide at the Central Park playground in NYC on Friday. More images available at Just Jared.


Photo by Startraks; Flynet.

4280Violet wears Cacharel’s grey and pink tweed coat (£108).

UmiViolet wears Umi Kids Mathilda Mary Janes in pink ($55).

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Elyse on

Too cute! I just can’t seem to get enough of that little Violet! Look at those dimples! She definitely got those from her mamma. And I absolutley adore her little coat! 🙂

Megan on

oh good lord I am just in love with this child! Seriously I think this is some of the cutest ones we’ve seen –I LOVE her little half pony and that coat is ADORABLE! I love it…she just looks like a little dolly…I want to just give her a big smooch…and that dimple we see…yeah she’s her mom and dad’s daughter…hehe

I LOVE seeing them at the park…too freakin cute–and how cute is it to see Jen doing Itsy Bitsy Spider with Vi on the swing…that is just such a MOM thing to do…too cute these two are…all three of them just seem genuinely HAPPY and that’s so great to see…

LOVE the Garner/Afflecks…so down to earth and just love being a family…and with the cutest girl around…that’s all there is to it!!

Dana on

I don’t even have words to describe how cute this family is!

Lisa on

Love the pictures. Violet is so cute. Love the coat that she is wearing. Love seeing her wuth her mom and dad. They are handson parents.

Emily on

She gets cuter and cuter every time I see a picture of her. Adorable.

Erika on

What a doll! And what an awesome mommy, too! 🙂

Lola on

oh Violet is ADORABLE!!!
MY GOSH THAT COAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!! Does anyone know where it is?
I wish CBB did interviews with bigger celebs because I am sooo much more interested in their families & have many more questions. First thing I’d ask Jennifer, where did you get Violet’s coat?!

Sarah’s note: It’s very difficult to get interviews as it is, so that may just be wishful thinking. 😉

mamaria on

does anyone know where that coat is from? I LOVE it!

Lola on

Sarah thanks, sorry I didn’t mean that as a criticism, just realized it may have come across like that, yes it was more wishful thinking. I love CBB, my fave site for sure 🙂

Sarah’s note: No worries, I didn’t take it that way! I wish we could get A-listers like that.

Yaslind on

Stop the madness!! No more pics of Violet Affleck! That child is too cute, I can’t stand it anymore! This one with the dimples has sent me over the edge. I beg you, my biological clock is pounding in my ear, no more adorable Violet shots!

Natalie on

lol oh man baby Vi is too adorable!

it’s funny how she actually has dimples cuz i remember back when Jen was still pregnant, everyone referred to Violet as “Baby Dimples” hehehe

I wonder if she’s still obsessed with Jen’s stunt double lol

dani on

does anyone think violet looks like a young tessa allen in the movie “enough” with jennifer lopez?

mom-of-three on

Oh my word. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter….how could it be? 🙂

KayLee on

OMGOODNESS- by far, this child is the cutest celebrity baby ever. This family just seems wonderful and little Violet is simply precious.

Natalie on

oh yeah Dani, now that you mention it, she totally does! lol

except baby Vi had lighter hair 😉

Nikki on

Ahh! Look at V’s smirk in the first one! PRECIOUS smile in the second one…I want to pinch her little cheeks =P

gina on

omg !!!! i just want to squeeze those adorable dimple cheeks !!!! violet is by far cuter than any celebrity baby!!! i have to say it- even cuter than the famous and adorable shiloh and suri.

sil on

Violet is too cute! i love her shoes.

And I like how Jennifer is dress, just like any other normal mom that goes to the park with her kid, she knows that she will be sorrounded by paps, but she doesn’t care, she just want to be comfortable to play with Violet, and she looks amazing 🙂 Love this family!

Lola on

yes, totally she does look like a young Tessa Allen! Hadn’t thought of that before!

Cheri on

She looks just like her momma. Although, when Ben holds her you can see him in her too. Adorable child.

J.M. on

Violet is probably the happiest celebrity baby I’ve seen. Always smiling, always happy, just loving her little life!! Very lucky little girl! Isn’t it funny how these celeb parents don’t really need to take candid pics of their kids. They can just hand them magazines when their older and say here, this is us at the park and this is us coming out of a restaraunt!! LOL

Doreen on

I think that these pics are just the sweetest ones that I’ve seen of her!! She’s one of the cutest girl celeb toddler I’ve seen! Love her lil smirk in the 1st pic!

Nikki on

She is getting more and more precious as the days go by! What a pretty little girl Violet is.

brookefan on

Oh, Gosh…as if the dimples, and the coat weren’t cute enough, check out the shoes. It’s unanimous…SHE is the #1 cutie of the celeb baby set.

madam pince on

I’m having a totally different reaction to the coat — too formal for playing in the park. A parka would have been more appropriate. Just my call.

That said, JG is one of the most involved celeb mothers around, which I admire. Also respect her decision not to have another baby immediately. Enjoy your first, Jen.

gianna on

She is so cute, and such a happe child. She looks just like jen, and has the cutest dimples. Seriously one of my favorite families, and violet dresses so cute.

Rosy on

Violet is without a doubt the cutest and happiest baby of all the celebrity babies. She gets cuter every time I see her. She seems like such a delightful child, so sweet and lovable. Ben and Jen must be doing something right. All my love to the Afflecks.

Buckeyegurl on

Absolutely LOVE Violet and Jen. She is the sweetest little thing. Makes me want one though, LOL! Keep the pics coming. She just gets cuter and cuter.

PS, really miss Jen on Alias!!!

terri on

Oh, these pictures are just precious! Those cheeks are so pinchable.

FC on

Seriously, she’s just too adorable! I can’t say it enough. Even her hairstyle adds to her cuteness! And I just want to pinch those dimpled cheeks of her! She just seems like so much fun! I can see why Jen loves hanging with her so much! 🙂

dina on

OMG! Those dimples. I can’t get over what a pretty little girl she has become! When she was first born, she looked just like her daddy but now – all i see is mommy! what a cutie pie!!!