Jennifer Garner and Violet pick up muffins on Columbus Avenue

10/25/2007 at 09:02 AM ET

Actress Jennifer Garner, 35, and daughter Violet Anne, 22 months, stop at The Muffin Shop on Columbus Avenue, NYC, on Wednesday. They then walked around the block of their Upper West side apartment, and jumped in a cab.


Photos by Bauer Griffin.

UmiViolet wears Umi Kids Mathilda Mary Janes in pink ($55).

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Melissa on

Violet looks so cute!

Oh, I saw Ben’s Gone, Baby, Gone last night. What an awesome movie! It was really good and his brother Casey did a wonderful job.

Leti on

My friend works at the CVS over on 86 and Amsterdam and she told that Jen,Ben and Baby Violet came in, she also told me that they are the most down to earth people, they didn’t have bodyguards or a nanny with them, and Violet was being a toddler and knocking down the items off the shelve and Jen and Ben would pick up after her and would apologize.

Carol Alaniz on

I think Violet is becoming a ham for the paparazzi…she seems to like when the cameras are on her.

Cassie on

Every toddler I’ve known has loved having camera’s on them! When my youngest brother was a few monhts old, one of the only things that would calm him down whas getting his picture taken!!

Violet is a doll! So adorable.

stacey on

She and Suri are seriously the 2 cutest celebrity babies! She looks like she has a cute little personality on her and in that first picture she is a spitting image of her mother! LOVE IT

briana on

Look at that first picture ! Have you ever seen a happier mother & daughter ! My goodness that is one joyous child !

gianna on

Violet is so cute, and looks like she has the sweetest personality. Ben and jem seem so down to earth. Love how cute violet is always dressed.

Amy W on

awww what a cheeseball! shes so stinking cute!

bronte on

Do people in New York really just jump in a cab with their toddlers? No carseat?

I know it is probably just for a couple blocks, but statistics show that’s when most accidents occur.

Megan on

OMG look at that first picture! I am just grinning from ear to ear…Violet is so freakin cute i can’t even stand it! Her GRIN in that first picture…OMG her and Jen have matching grins…that is just absolutely adorable–Violet is definitely a ham–although with Jen and Ben at home I am not surprised…but I will say ONCE AGAIN–they look like any other mother and daughter taking a walk…no 6 inch heels, no huge entourage…they are just so down to earth I can’t handle it…and I LOVE IT…I think it’s one of the reasons we love them so much…Violet is gonna be such a well adjusted, fabulous child!

Oh and I can’t WAIT to see Gone Baby Gone–it’s gotten such fabulous reviews and it looks so good!

Oh and I ADORE Violet’s little hoodie! Too cute! ADORE THIS FAMILY

Lorus on

My 6yo daughter has a similar pair of Umi’s and they are by far her favourite shoe. They feel so comfy to me so I can only imagine what it’s like to walk in them.

I love that first picture with Violet being a ham. She’s such a cutie!

Campbell on

Ditto Amy W. Love that hoodie!! Lovin me some Violet photos!!

Elyse on

By far my favorite celebrity family! They are so down to earth and I really admire that. And that little Violet! What can I say? She is just too darn Cute! That first picture is absolutley priceless! :^)

Violet on

Does anyone remember the 70’s? Car seats did not even exist and people would just carry babies on their laps. Granted, not all that safe, but that was life back then. I am sure a short ride in a cab without a car seat is really no big deal.

J.M. on

Love the first photo of Violet. What a ham!

I will be in NYC for a few days in december visiting family and I really hope to run into them!! That would make my day!

MsCarla on

Bens girls are adorable! Love them!

melanie on

both of my girls have that hoody!!! so cute

and ms violet is ADORABLE! you can tell she is just a wacky little toddler! her and coco are my favorite celeb kids!

Bella on

Where is the hoodie from?

Nikki on

2 VERYYYY gorgeous girls!!

CarSeatPoncho on

In response to the comment about no carseats in the 70’s, how it was probably fine, I’d just like to respond that thirty years ago, there were fewer cars on the road, and those cars were a lot lighter and going a lot slower.

Also, 70’s or 90’s or 00’s, Violet and Jennifer probably have paparazzi over them all over, everywhere they go, and it would not be surprising for a paparazzi darting around or in front of their taxi to get a shot. Driver has to stop short, and voila, pressed Violet! NYC cabs also have plexiglass dividers btw the front and back rows, so there is nowhere for passengers to go but smack into them.

Babies held in their parents’ laps are especially vulnerable, bc if the car stops short and they are thrown forward, the parent’s body will actually crush the child. Jen, get a portable car seat!!!

E on

Yes, I second the question – does anyone know where that hoodie is from?

mom-of-three on

Oh my, looks like they have a little comidienne on their hands!

sara on

I think my son has the same hoodie in blue and green. It’s from H&M.


how cute
ilove they way they spent there time togeather

Chloe on

I love that first one with Violet’s huge grin! What a pro!

nicole on

i just took my 15 month old to chicago il and investigated into the car seat issue. kids are exempt from being buckled in while on a train, bus or cab. can you imagine carrying a 40+lb car seat around with you?? those things are heavy!!
BTW – i love this family too. Violet is adorable and they seem so down to earth!

madison on

Not to be difficult, but how do we know from these pics that she doesn’t have a portable car seat in her backpack? The portable carseat that a previous poster posted says it fits into a backpack and she’s got a backpack with her. It’s entirely possible that she jumped in the cab and pulled out the carseat.

CarSeatPoncho on

Madison, that would be amazing if she did that! Then I would be her #1 fan!!!

julie on

Violet is so cute! Those Umi shoes she has are adorable. I saw on that they are having a sample sale for Umi on monday! I can’t wait. I love that site.