Trista Sutter 'not pleased' with postpartum body; shares fitness and eating plan

10/24/2007 at 09:11 AM ET

Reality star Trista Sutter gave birth to son Maxwell Alston on July 26th and although the 35-year-old has lost a good amount of the 30 pounds gained during the pregnancy, she still is trying to get rid of the last of it.

Click below for the interview and new Max photos and video.

Trista, who is 5’2", is currently at 116 pounds and would love to get down to 106 pounds.

I’m definitely not pleased when I look in the mirror. When I fit into my size 26 Hudson jeans, then I’ll be happy.

Feelings about her body:

Myfriend said that when I came home from the hospital, I’d be back in myold jeans. Fifteen pounds did fall off immediately, but the fact thatit’s been three months and I’m still not in them is a bummer. All new moms want to feel normal and sexy again. I’m really focused on getting back to where I was before I got pregnant. I want to look even better!

The area that bothers Trista the most:

My belly. Ithas a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’sblubbery and I hate it. I want to be able to go bathing suit shoppingfor a vacation and not feel totally disgusted — I just don’t feel goodin a lot of my clothes.

On what she’s wearing:

Around the house, I used to wear shorts with tank tops, but now I feel more self-conscious around Ryan. I live in sweats and a nursing bra — or even pajamas. It could be 2 p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas!

Because I’m so uncomfortable about my belly, I have to wear long stuff or put a spandex shirt beneath a tight top. Yesterday, I had to try on a million outfits just to go out to dinner. Before, I felt good in shorter jackets. Now, I wear Ryan’s hoodie jackets to the gym — they’re huge!

How soon she started working out:

After the c-section, I had to wait six weeks, which is hard because all these other new moms are doing yoga and boxing. So compared to them, I’m thinking it’s going to take me forever, especially since I hadn’t worked out since ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ a year before I got pregnant. I’ve been exercising now for about a month with a trainer friend, Brock Fetch.

What is the routine?:

Five times a week for an hour we do a combination of yoga, Pilates, and power-lifting exercises. But I’ve had abdominal pain, so I haven’t been able to do the more aggressive exercises. When I danced for the Miami Heat, a lot of times I led the ab exercises, so the fact that I can’t focus on it when it used to come easy to me is frustrating!

Still, I’m getting into the groove. After Max has gone to bed, I do abs at night while I watch TV. I try to do sit-ups for entire commercial breaks.

Finding the time to work out:

That’s the question! If I have a date at the gym with Brock, I’ll do it. But if I’m at home, I’ll find something else to do because there are a million things to get done. If I didn’t have a trainer, I’d have a friend call and say, ‘What’s your workout time today?’ and put it on my calendar.

One good thing is that Trista isn’t alone in her battle to lose the rest of the weight.  Her husband, Ryan Sutter, 33, is doing his best to help as well.

IfI eat something that I shouldn’t, Ryan shakes his finger at me andsays, ‘Uh, uh, uh!’ He’s been awesome, 100 percent supportive. Hewatches Max when I go to the gym and is constantly saying that I lookgreat. But when you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t feel likeyou want to be intimate. I want to feel, and look, sexy again for him.Even though he is being nice and saying he’s still attracted to me, Iwant to feel like he’s telling me the truth and not just saying itbecause he’s a good husband.

Ryan adds,

I just encourage her to work out. It’s not like I have to crack the whip!

Working out with her husband:

I bought a mountain bike three or four years ago, but only used it twice. My husband, being the triathlete that he is, said I would ride the bike while he went running, but he was doing circles around me. I was miserable! We love hiking together though, so that’s a good thing for us to do.

On how she ate during her pregnancy:

The first four months, I was so sick that I only ate crackers and ginger ale. As the pregnancy progressed, I was feeling better, and I ate tons of French fries; it was awesome. I ate more Wendy’s when I was pregnant than I ever have the whole time we’ve been married!

Then I got [gestational] diabetes and I had to cut down on all my carbs and really focus on eating more balanced. Now I need to step it up again.

On her eating plan now:

I know if I try a crazy crash diet I will rebound from it. Those diets are just not realistic with my lifestyle. I’m trying to keep it a bit looser, so I don’t burn out, but the main philosophy of the diet is that it’s higher in protein with healthy whole-grain carbs. Because I’m breastfeeding until Max is 6 months old, it’s just not safe to cut calories, so I’m eating smart: five to six meals a day to keep my metabolism running.

Sweets are a huge problem in this house — we love ice cream, especially Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk — but we don’t really drink, so that helps. My father-in-law just said this is a sad time, because we have more healthy food in our refrigerator than beer!

Finding time to eat healthy:

I showed up at the gym one day at 3 p.m. and the only thing I’d eaten all day was a bowl of cereal! Max is my top priority, so when he needs me I’m feeding him or playing with him. Food just doesn’t pop into that picture a lot of the time; I really need to think about that, or I will ruin my metabolism by not eating.

What inspires Trista:

I found a picture of me with Howard Stern that I took after ‘The Bachelor’ in 2001, and I thought, ‘I’m putting that up on the fridge. That way, when I go toward the refrigerator, I can say no. There are also my ‘Maxim’ photos. They did a huge poster for a promotion, and Ryan put it on the roof of the garage! They were really pretty pictures. I felt like I’d be proud to say in the future, ‘Mommy looked like this once.’

Her ultimate body goal:

I just want to be toned. I like the athletic look, where you’re not too skinny and not too muscular. Jennifer Garner is a rock star, and Jennifer Aniston has a phenomenal body — maybe I’ll get there!

Still, Max and making sure he gets all the nutrition he needs from her remains Trista’s true priority:

Idon’t want to get too focused on losing weight. My No. 1 priority isMax, and I need to give him the calories he needs to grow.



Source: US Weekly; November 5th issue, p. 48-53.

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Were you happy with the amount of time that it took you to losethe weight from your pregnancy? Do you have any suggestions for Tristaon how to lose those last few pounds or how to handle not being back atpre-pregnancy weight?

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Lola on

Please, she has a healthy baby and is only what not even 3 months post partum? She wants to lose 10 lbs and isn’t pleased because she is 10 lbs heavier than her target weight. It takes many women months to get to the last 10 lbs. She should focus on her baby, breastfeeding and enjoying motherhood. The last 10 will come off slowly but surely! Goodness me!

Jessica on

wow I NEVER write on these boards but I feel terrible about myself after reading that.
I weigh a lot more than that, never had a baby and am struggling to lose weight. Wish I weighed 116!

Jaclyn on

Thank you Trista, you represent all the ‘real women’ out there. It must be so hard being 116 lbs right after having a precious baby. You poor thing.

Please tell me this is just to get yourself on a magazine, did Maxwell’s birth not teach you anything? Very disappointing.

Lilianne on

I am sorry but I have to say that a truly supportive husband would be telling his wife that she looked beautiful no matter what her size is not that she shouldn’t be eating something. Maybe Trista should give herself a break and remember that carrying a baby is hard work and that it took 9 months to gain that weight….it won’t drop off overnight. I say enjoy your baby and don’t obsess about your jean size or how flat your tummy is.

Leslie on

WHAT is Trisha wearing in that US cover?? I mean, she only has 8 pounds to lose, why is she wearing such a frumpy outfit??!!

C. on

I like Trista a lot. It’s sad that she is so hard on her body. At 3 months post-partum, 116 lbs (at 5’2″) is amazing! She should give herself more credit and rejoice in the wonderful life she brought into the world. Her husband really does love her body just the way it is now. Her doubts are most likely self-imposed. As women (and especially after pregnancy) we have to embrace who we are, extra tummy space and all.

DS on

Trista, I wish you good luck in losing your baby weight, and getting your body back to the way you want it. I’ve had 5 children, and I’m still trying. Max is adorable.

lilianic on

I’m really impressed with how honest she’s being. It’s not always easy for a woman to regain the shape she had before becoming pregnant. A lot of my friends have felt this way after giving birth, and I think Trista Sutter is a good counterpoint to the Hollywood mamas who are back down to a size two a month after having their baby.

Ann on

I almost wish you guys wouldn’t post stories like this.

Beverley on

Boy 116 pounds. What a heifer. (DRIPPING IN SARCASM HERE PEOPLE)

This is an extremely dangerous interview for a magazine to be publishing but also for CBB to post on. Since when is 116 pounds something to be unhappy with. I used to like Trista a great deal but her words are dangerous. Enough women have messed up ideas about their weight and eating disorders and someone complaining about being 116 pounds is ridiculous.

Not only that, but I worry that new moms who are breastfeeding get proper nutrition for themselves and their baby, not about being 116 pounds.

I would prefer if CBB would be more conscious of the words it posts, and articles like this one can be the final straw that pushes a woman to bulimia or anorexia because it tells her that she is inadequate if she’s not in a 26 inch waist for her jeans.

Lisa on

She just had a baby 3 months ago- one that she LONGED for. She should not be so consumed with fitting into her designer jeans. Babies grow SOOOO fast and one day she will regret all the time spend in the gym that she could have spent with her son. At 5’2 and 116lbs, her BMI is 21.2! That is hardly overweight! And I hate to say this, her stomach may never be the same unless she gets a tummy tuck. That is the small price you pay for a beautiful baby.

Nikki on

It makes me sad that Trista would care so much about losing the weight so fast. From most moms that I have talked to, it takes about 9 months to a year to get back to your pre-baby body. I am 32 weeks pregnant and we have really fought for this pregnancy. I am so proud of the weight I have gained. Having been weight obsessed in the past, its nice to focus on eating as providing for my baby. And as a result, I have a happy, healthy, thriving 5 lb. baby growing inside me. I know I won’t look the same for quite some time after he/she is born and that’s okay. I am proud to have a “mommy” body because it has taken us so long to get here. I have the rest of my life to look like I did before I was blessed with this amazing miracle inside me

Michelle on

Oh my goodness! Why did her friend tell her she would be able to fit into her old jeans when she left the hospital? It took 9 months to put on the weight, it may take 9 months to take all of it off.

Carleen on

I would have thought that Trista would have had a healthier view of post-partum weight loss. 5’2″ and 116lbs is not realistic for most women let alone after having a baby. 106lbs seems a little unhealthy.

Brandy on

I’m sorry but didn’t she try forever to get pregnant and then almost died giving birth! Losing that last 10 pounds would be the least of my worries. I have never posted a comment before but this story really bothered me. Why can’t women enjoy their new healthy babies and take the weight off at a slow pace. She only has 10 pounds to go, it’s not like she needs to lose 30!! It takes you 9 months to gain the weight and it may take you that long or longer to lose the weight.

Julia Schuck on

I think she looks fantastic. She just had a baby – by csection no less! Maybe some people fit back into their pre-pg jeans right afterward. I know I certainly didn’t. After each of my 6 csections I may have gotten back to my pre-pg weight, but it still took a while before I was back to my pre-pg size – in some cases, a year or more. I only gained 13 lbs with my last baby and lost it quite quickly. Even nursing though – I still am not into my pre-pg clothes. I don’t really like my jiggly belly – but I love what I have to show for it – a gorgeous and healthy baby boy!

gianna on

I’m sure she will go back to her pre pregnancy weight, it’s only been 3 months.

magnolia711 on

I understand she wants to get back to her old self. I still have 10 pounds to go too. But she needs to have the self esteem to realize that she’s still hot at 116 pounds. Her body is amazing–she gave birth! Really people, what happened to feminism!

Alicia on

I’m sad to hear Trista is so consumed with the last 10 lbs. after trying so hard to have this baby. She had a baby, she didn’t run a marathon…this is what babies do to your body. Great to exercise and be healthy, but to even entertain the idea that her husband may not be attracted to her when she carried their child? Typical Hollywood crazy talk.

Maddy on

This makes me sad to hear. I feel she is placing unnecessary pressure on herself and she should not feel disgusted because she has an extra ten pounds on her when she gave birth to a child. The weight did not come from a lack of being fit.
Ask almost any mother who and they will tell you it took six months to a year to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight and that your body will never be the same.

madison on

I totally understand that she’s not feeling her best. When I am carrying some extra lbs it certainly drags me down. But really, she’s 3 months out from delivery. It took 9 months to gain it, no one should expect to lose it so quickly. Relax, eat right, exercise and enjoy your baby – the weight will come off in due time.

Jena on

9 months to put it on, 9 months to take it all off. and of course your body will never be the same! how many of us would like to fit into size 26 designer jeans?

yogadaisy on

Trista, please focus on your baby more and going to the gym less and I promise you, by your baby’s first birthday, you’ll be back to your old weight.

Linda on

the day my husband waggles his finger at me at says *uh, uh, uh* is the day he’s going to need to purchase a hook.

CaliKelly on

Wow! she is quite hard on herself! but then again, lots of women are!! And I’m sure at 116 pounds Ryan doesn’t have to just say he’s attracted to her, I mean I can’t say I know what he thinks, but 116 pounds is no “disgusting” size

Mimi on

I think that Trista might have had an unrealistic expectation of what losing the baby weight would be. We all struggle with this, and at 3 months post partum, she shouldn’t expect to have her pre-baby body yet. Unfortunately for Trista, her friend set that expectation by telling her that she would fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans! The best advice on baby weight I received was from my childbirth class teacher, who said that it takes nine months to put on all the weight, so, realistically, not to expect it to come off in much less time. And she was right! My daughter will be one in two weeks, and I started Weight Watchers when she was six months old, and I am just now reaching my goal. I have lost the baby weight, and more. I think women need to educate other women in terms of body image after baby. Don’t expect a miracle! Most women have to work at it, and it takes a little while! Spread the word!

MsCarla on

I gave birth in July too, only three months ago and half fifteen more pounds to lose but know that it takes time and that’s okay. Often we do have to work at it and its not always easy. Mostly be greatful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished.

Has on

Geez I’m 5’2″ and 9 months after having my son I’m still 140 pounds (after losing 20 pounds postpartum). If I were 116 I would be celebrating! (That’s less than I weighed before I got pregnant with my daughter!!)

And trust me, if your husband really loves you, he means it when he says he still finds you sexy. It’s shouldn’t be a matter of him “being nice” to you or not.

Valerie on

Trista should focus on the fact that she had a healthy baby and not worry about her weight. Lots of women aren’t so lucky.

Andrea on

Those quotes made me very sad. I think the media puts so much pressure on women to be thin and fit in a certain size and this article just adds to that. I’m sorry that Trista’s friend gave her those unrealistic image of her fitting into her pre-preg jeans. I agree with the previous poster…9 months on, 9 months off.

Sadie on

It’s hard to feel for

kelly on

I am really disgusted by the article with Trista. What a horrible message to send to women who recently have given birth. Her son is 3 months old!? Her comments on how Ryan shakes his finger when she eats something she “shouldn’t” is ridiculous. I truly believe she has some issues and items like this should not be posted for new moms to see, and perhaps base their self judgements on. I feel like we should focus more on people like Jennifer Garner who, while they may have trainers and work out to fight baby weight, they are more realistic about losing it all slowly. Everyone’s body is different, and thus reacts differently to just having had a baby. Has Trista ever thought about how hips spread when you’re pregnant!? Fat or not, your body will be DIFFERENT. What an unrealistic view this article is portraying. As a daily reader of CBB, this posting disgusts me.

amelita on

Welcome to motherhood Trista! My good friend always says, “One year up and one year down” regarding the weight gain and loss of pregnancy. She’s really being too hard on herself. Getting back into shape takes time- three months is not enough!

Amanda on

I have to say I am very shocked and as a mother of 2 young children (as well suffered 4 m/c including a set of twins)

I am really disgusted that she is so concerned to fit into her “size 26 Hudson jeans, then I’ll be happy.”

And to have her husband sit their uh uh uh and maybe you shouldn’t eat that.

And to get down to 106 pounds?

I wonder if Trista forgets what she went through in the last month of her pregnancy with their son?

“Trista’s ninth month. Her doctor found protein in her urine and tested Sutter for preeclampsia, a potentially fatal hypertensive disorder that typically occurs toward the end of a pregnancy.”

Trista was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome (a complication of preeclampsia).
“The risks are seizures and coma”
And puts both mother and baby’s lives at risk.

And thank God that her son and mommy is healthy and alive and doing well.

I think she should just focus on raising her newborn and enjoy motherhood and all the beauty that comes with that. Including a little belly buldge!

mandy on

It made me really sad when I read her quotes about her weight. She has a beautiful, healthy baby boy and it just saddens me that she is seemingly quite concerned with her weight. Max will grow up so fast, I hope Trista is taking the time to enjoy her little boy.
That being said, losing the baby weight and feeling uncomfortable with a new body is hard on many new mamas.I gained 22 lbs with my daughter, and my body just seemed to look different. I nursed my daughter, who is now 2, and lost a bunch of weight right away. I feel like nursing kept a little extra weight on me. After I stopped breastfeeding at 14 months, those last few pounds came off! The rest will come off! No worries, Trista!

gianna on

I understand the pressure she feels, especially when your used to be thin to begin with. But she only has 10lbs to go which isn’t much, and her baby is only 3 months. No doubt before her baby is 1, she will lose those 10lbs.

Cara on

I think Trista is a bit shallow and empty. I wish I had her problems!

Kate2 on

I see nothing wrong with Trista’s comments. I do however see something wrong with all the people who are judging her for being honest about how she feels. It’s really sad that mother’s are held to such high standards that they can’t express concern about their own appearance without being accused of focusing too much on themselves and not enough on the baby.

I think all the people who are saying she should just “focus on her baby and not her body” should spend a little more time focusing on their own lives and a little less time judging others. And in response to the person who said she should go to the gym less and spend more time with her baby: It is possible for a person to work out and still be a good mother. What is this 1950 – I can’t believe that there are people implying that she’s not focusing enough on her child just because she wants to lose weight too. Newsflash: It’s 2007, mothers can has other interests and priorities besides just motherhood.

Ann on

I think at her height she is at a healthy weight at 116. 106 seems awfully low. It is sick how some people become obsessed with the scale. As long as she is eating right, exercising, and yes firming that stomach will take some time & dedication. She shouldn’t focus on a number. The average for her height is probably 125!!! Be happy you have a healhty baby & family!

Daniela L. Smith on

Gee, I wish I could be lucky enough to feel disgusting at 116lbs! 🙂

Really, she’s tiny even at 5’2″, she needs to relax cause it will eventually come off as she exercises and continues to watch what she eats.

Ashley on

Doesn’t Trista realize that she may not fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans? The fact is that many women get to their goal weight only to find that they’re a different size and shape. I know many women who widen through the hips especially and it stays that way. Of course, she may lose the weight and be exactly where she wants to be. Personally, at 3 months post-partum, the last thing on my mind was to leave my son and go to the gym to workout.

momtoone on

Wow…. I’m 5’2″, I was 106 before I got pregnant with my son. I’m 111 now, and I love it! 106 was WAY too skinny. I shed the weight eventually, but wasn’t worried about it. She makes it seem like she still has 50 lbs to lose!

Lissette on

I’m surprised this made the cover of UsWeekly. I agree with the other posters who say she needs to enjoy her baby and not worry so much about the weight. It’s just gonna take some time.

sarah on

Um…does she realize it hasn’t even been THREE months since she gave birth?? I think she’s taking the whole weight loss thing a bit too far too soon. And it’s only 10 pounds. It will come off on it’s own. When you’re fit and small to begin with, that’s how it works. She’s just got to give her body some time to recover.

I’m very thin and gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy. I lost most of it after 2 or 3 weeks, but it took about 5 full months before I had my body back.

Taylor Blue on

That’s too bad that she feels that she needs to look the same way again. I know I have struggled with my baby weight and probably will for the rest of my life. She should know she’s not alone.

Lana on

Geez I’ve never had a baby and I am only 5’3″ and way 144lbs, so I really don’t want to hear Trista complain about being 116 pounds.

ebethpuddle on

I’m sorry, but if my husband ever shook a finger at me and commented on what I was eating, I would be furious! On the one hand he is telling her how great she looks, while at the same time monitoring her food choices. What?! No wonder the poor woman has body issues. My husband has always been supportive of my post-partum weight issues, but never made me feel bad if I wanted to eat a cookie.

Leah on

116lbs is actually a great,very healthy weight for someone her height,but I guess she feels the pressure of looking “celebrity thin.” I don’t think she is obsessed about it at the expense of her baby though.It’s great to set time aside for exercise every day. Any woman working on losing baby weight has those feelings of “uh,I look fat”to some extent.The only difference with her is that she is giving a detailed interview and being honest about how she feels.Getting fit should be important for all moms both for self-esteem and to maintain good health.

brittany on

Since when is 119 lbs bad? She looks like a normal person. I agree with everyone else. She should lighten up and enjoy her new baby. This is really sad.

BostonMom on

Oh, please, is all I have to say. Don’t these people realize that having a baby means that your body changes? It is not the end of the world. Buy some Spanx and get on with your life!

kelly on

I totally agree with all everyone else said. After all the hardships to have this baby, give yourself a little bit more credit. Baby weight is hard to get off, but taking care of your baby is more important. Dont sweat it so much. Give it time. Im 18mths post partum and still struggling to take some weight off and am aggravated….but hey thats 18mths not only 3mths ago. Welcome to the joys of motherhood and pregnancy.

Laura on

I am a 25 year old mom of a 3 year old, I am 5’3 and 130 lbs, I am still holding on to 15 lbs of pregnacy weight after losing 30, believe me this is not because I haven’t tried when I have the chance, but why let it be all consuming, let’s embrace the fact that maybe moms aren’t the skinniest people, but we have been given new beautiful bodies because we were given beautiful children. I try and eat healthy, but when my daughter wants to share a moment by dunking cookies with her in milk, I am going to because a few 100 calories is not worth giving up that opportunity. I try and exercise, but if my only chance that day is taken by my daughter wanting to cuddle with me while we watch a princess movie, I’m there.
I think Trista really needs to think about what she is saying and the impression she is forming before giving another interview like this one.

megan on

I think alot of women could find it offensive that she finds her weight disgusting!! If I weighed 116 pounds I would LOVE to go bathing suit shopping.
It’s almost as if she is comparing herself to the Hollywood Startlets, and she is not one. She was on a reality show. Also, like others have said, she waited so long for this baby, she needs to enjoy him and let the weight come off in its own time. She is very thin for most people’s standards.

Lola on

lilianna and linda you are both right and raise a good point. In thinking about it Ryan should be supporting her not helping her get to a weight that is in itself unhealthy especially 3 months post partum. She needs to enjoy her son especially considering he was so longed for. This is very very sad.

Michelle on

Trista welcome to being a mom…enjoy your baby and the weight.

Sanja on

Never had a baby, weigh more than her and don’t think I’m fat and neither does my SO. Agree with the posters who said that there is no way I’d let my husband/boyfriend watch what I eat after having HIS baby.
And we’re shocked at the number of girls/women with eating disorders.

Jada on

I’m throwing in my 2 cents as a recent mother. I am 5′ 2″ and I have an extremely petite frame (my wrist is about the size of my 10 year olds) and my current weight is 108 which is still a few vanity pounds heavier than before I got pregnant. I’ve never had a doctor tell me that I have to gain weight (aside from pregnancy weight).

I am healthy, I eat right and I exercise when I can but on very small framed, petite women, 5 pounds looks like alot more. When you’re shorter and smaller, you carry weight very differently. I’m not justifying her remarks, just trying to give some insight to how she may be thinking.

That being said, I can definitely relate to how she feels but she’s putting way too much stress on herself WAY too early. Given the apparent life-threatening last trimester she experienced, I agree that her focus should be on that beautiful baby that she struggled so hard to conceive and her own well-being, not her last few vanity pounds.

BTW, Linda, I’m with you…if my DH ever shook his finger at me about what I was about to eat he’d need a hook too!

Alice K on

I had my 2nd baby, a little boy in February, and I’m finally at 130lbs. I’m 23 and 5’8″. It’s been 8 months, and I believe I lost the weight faster this time around, but I have totally shot the “pre-babies figure/weight” out of mind at this point. I wouldn’t mind shedding the last 10lbs, but I sure am not trying frantically to lose it, I figure, if it comes off, then great.

I can’t believe Trista is so stressed with losing weight at this early stage. She should be enjoying her baby, as we all know, children grow much too quickly.

As for her husband… I don’t know what to say about that, mine knows I’d like to lose the last few pounds, but I personally think he’s trying to keep me chubby! (He brought me a 1.5 lb chocolate bar last weekend, lol)

Women and moms alike should be content with their bodies, pregnancy gives you changes like you’ve never known, but in the end you have a beautiful child who smiles and laughs and draws silly pictures of you.
I’ll keep my stretch marks and extra layer of fat and skin. It’ll keep me warmer in the winter anyway!

Maria on

After as much trouble as she had getting pregnant and then the difficulties she had with the pregnancy, she should just be grateful she has a beautiful healthy little boy and not so focused on herself. One thing she better learn fast if she wants to be a good mother…Its not so much about you any more as it is about the baby. They come first!

“I want to feel like he’s telling me the truth and not just saying it because he’s a good husband”

Too bad it hasnt occured to her that maybe he isnt just a good husband saying all the right things, but maybe just maybe he actually means and believes them too…what a concept!

Hannah on

This article makes me sad. As women we need to celebrate our bodies– the fact that we are able to grow a little life inside of us is nothing short of miraculous. Her body may never be back to where she wants it to be (she could lose that last 10 lbs and find that it doesn’t trim her tummy so much), and I hope that some day she’s okay with that. Children are worth the sacrifice. Women, lets stop being so hard on ourselves!

Autumn on

I understand Trista’s concern for her weight, but imho I think she’s great at 116 lbs already. She’ll get down to 106lbs in due time, if she keeps working on it, and may-be she’ll be able to get back into her pre-preg jeans, but I’d almost guarentee that after having a c-section she’ll never look the same in a swimsuit again (esp. a bikini! lol!).

Most of that is all due to becoming a mother., as many have already mentioned.

As far as moms fitting back into their jeans, I wonder how it’ll go for Halle Barry and her old Size 2 (or less) Mickey Mouse jeans that she claims she’s been able to squeeze into since she was a teenager in the 80s, once her baby is born?

Jeanie on

As some others on here had said….
I have never posted here before…
I just had to give my opinion on this, I am just betting that this whole statement from her is a publicity stunt to show whatever weight loss product she is starting, this doesn’t sound like a woman who tried so hard to get this beautiful little boy. I remeber when her fame started to die down after she had the tv wedding, she then would do interviews that promoted products, like on valentines day, she was interviewed and said things like if you want to feel confident and get close to somebody use Crest white strips on your teeth 🙂 and some deoderant product too.
It just sounds too artificial to me, I will have to read the mag to be sure, but I really think it’s to promote something.

Fynn on

Trista says, “When you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t feel like you want to be intimate.” I remember that feeling, BUT I found out that being intimate (even when I wasn’t sure I “deserved” the attention my husband seemed eager to lavish on me) made me feel sexy, which leads to more intimacy, more sexy, more intimacy …

Amanda on

oh come on!! I can’t even begin to say how pukey this interview is!!! Poor trista…weighing a whopping 116 pounds…that poor thing! How does she even fit through the door?? Christ! If she’s disgusting, how are the rest of us supposed to feel? It’s times like this when I have to remind myself not to put so much stock in celebrity.

Stacey Scolnik on

I have never posted before but after reading that I was moved to comment. All I have to say is WOW! Needing to lose 10 more lbs. after having a healthy baby is not a tragedy. That’s Hollywood for you.

morgan on

Sometimes weight Defines a person. Its sad but it is true. 116 is nothing, but to her it may be unbearable. I think she looks fabulous and any extra unwanted weight will come off naturally over the next few months.

shelley on

The next time her husband wants to have sex, she should shake HER finger at him and say “Uh, uh, uh!”. Please…(yawn) what a boring article.

Mia on

Her baby is adorable.

I’m sure like everything’ll pass. It usually takes a year. Everyone is different.

Sheila on

This kind of article and these kinds of comments from a celebrity only make anyone with a normal, healthy attitude toward baby weight feel poorly about themselves. For some women the weight goes on a LOT more easily than it comes off. I am currently pregnant with #4; it has generally taken me a good 9 months to get back to pre-preg weight. I am a fitness instructor so exercise is a constant and my nutrition is good, and I nurse my kids for a year. My body, for whatever reason, just holds onto the weight. Trista needs to give herself a break and chill out!

Shannon on

OMG!!! I feel AWFUL about myself right now!! I am so surprised at her. I really never thought she was so vain. I used to think she was so down to earth, I guess I was wrong. She really should be focusing on her son and not her belly. That is great that she is so “determined” to breast feed Max for “6 months” but she shouldn’t be acting like she is doing him a favor. I’m just glad that Paige Jeans makes sizes 33 and 34 so us real moms can have designer jeans too!!

Amber H. on

I highly doubt she has forgotten her traumatic last month or pregnancy and birth. I’m sure this interview wasn’t completely about weight loss…it is a story they could spin. US Weekly always has similar stories. She seems like a very focused and happy mom…she just wants to lose a few more pounds. Don’t we all?!

Dawn on

I usually don’t comment either but this post makes me upset. She is complaining that she is fat when she is 116 lbs. I am the same height as her (5’2″) and weigh 180. It makes me feel like I should go into hiding or something. Didn’t she have a life threatening birth? If I were her I’d just be happy that the baby is healthy and so am I. Period! She looks great. Sheesh!

meja on

I think people are way too quick to judge others. I LOVE how honest Trista is about this,and I would never even consider to think twice about her happiness over her son. The media often quote celebs to angle them as shallow,bodyfreaks and/or bad parents.
But I do think its sad how the world is so bodyfixated. In the public eye the perfect mom is a slim,career-focused but yet homeloving,married,charity-working,cookie-baking mom.
I for one feel its liberating to see public women that speaks openly about her difficulties. I have the same problem myself. Hate my postpartum body,even though I know all the basic arguments: eat right during pregnancy,remember It took 9 months to gain it,be happy about your baby,stop whining. bla bla bla

Its no wonder we want the nice body (back?). The community/magazines/media doesnt exactly make it easy for us….

damn it,I want family AND the body!! *winnie the pooh-moment*

a girl can dream,cant she?

Pam on

I gained about 60 pounds and have now lost all of it plus 20 pounds by nursing and Weight Watchers. I am a huge WW fan and suggest it for anyone struggling, but make sure you go to the meetings and, if possible, take a friend along – it helps to do it with someone else!

It took about 6 months of WW (8 months since baby) and I feel great. I would like to lose about 10 more, but I’m very happy with my results so far!

Good luck!
Frederick, Maryland

Lex on

I thought Trista’s words about post pregnancy weight loss were sick and demented!
She is already at a healthy weight!Her drive to lose more is unrealistic and creates a poor example to real moms out there balencing baby, work, other kids, a real life etc.
The worst of it was her comment that her husband shames her for eating things, that isn’t “support” that is sick!
And the final quote that is tacked on about the child being her priority and giving him what he needs from nursing is totally lame!

Kristen on

I just thought it was funny reading “size 26 Hudson jeans” – I know NOTHING about designer jeans. Where I come from size 26 means something different! :p

Tracey on

If Trista needs to lose weight to feel better about herself then we shouldn’t give her a hard time about it! It’s not like she’s trying to weigh 80 pounds as a goal. That being said, I agree with the other poster that said that it might take a year to get your old body back even though the weight might be off. That’s the really tough part. I was 5-10 pounds less than before I was pregnant and it still took around a year to fit into all my clothes again. The belly and hips just took a while to get back to their normal position. Also she’s probably holding at least 5 pounds due to nursing so it might come off then. She sounds sensible that nursing is more important than dieting. It will happen in due time. I think she looks great right now so it’s totally the pressure she feels herself. I think it’s great that Ryan is supportive and watching Max while she hits the gym and helping her watch her food intake. I appreciate it too when my husband sometimes helps me when my willpower falters. I’d like to thank her for being so honest in her interview!!! Max is beautiful and he’s lucky to have such a supportive and caring parents that not only love him but each other.

karey on

I was glad to hear her say that Max was her priority. After my first baby, it took me a full year to get back to my postpartum weight. After my second was born, I never could get the last 8 pounds off (she is nearly 5 now). My body has changed and it has stretch marks and cellulite . . . but I have 2 beautiful children that I care more about impressing than anyone else.

Principesa on

People! You don’t live your life in one day, how could one expect to lose weight in such a short time?

I agree with Lisa and Lola 100%! If one is that concerned about fitting into a pair of jeans, I am inclined to believe she’s still yet to be in the mom frame of mind.

It’s about the kid, Trista. Who cares if you can’t rock the jeans right now?! You have the rest of your life to do that.

This mindset blows mine big time.

It saddens me that some women can’t embrace the miracle their bodies created without obsessing about their post partum pant size. And more so since she was purported to have suffered some kind of infertility issues.

Christine on

LOL @ BostonMom – that made me laugh!

My daughter is 9mos old. I have always kept a “nursing layer” on with all of my kids.
I keep about 7-10 lbs on until I finish breastfeeding (around 1yr).
I won’t even consider being disappointed in my body until well after I wean her.
I am also 5’2″. I currently weigh 115.
My pre-preg weight is 105. I believe I will get back to it…but if not – hey – this body gave me 3 beautiful babies.

I hope that Trista realizes that even though she may get back down to a size 6, those Hudsons may not fit. I got down to pre-preg weight the last 2 times, but my body change shape.
Who was her friend who told her she’d be skinny when she got home from the hospital??
Oh and if my husband ever shook his finger at me eating something and said “uh uh uh…” his finger would be broken.

kaosong on

116 pounds and she’s complaining? I thin she’s obviously got some sort of body image and eating disorder problem if she thinks that she needs to weigh less. I can understand wanting to tone up and eat healthier, especially since it sounds like she is nursing, but the way it comes off sounds so vain! I look at that eating plan and with all the exercise and nursing, she’s not going to make enough milk to sustain herself and her child.

elisabeth on

116 pounds? I would kill to be there. Thanks for making us not so thin woman feel awful Trista. I am 5’3″ and 135 my goal is 120. I would give my right arm to be 116. Give us a break you have a beautiful baby. I do not think anyone has any simpathy for you Trista. Be happy you are that thin 3 months post I am 3 years post :o(

Lynn on

Funny how she’s obsessing about her body and rarely mentions her new baby in the article…

Shannon on

Apparently Trista forgot to sign up for the obligatory post c-section tummy tuck/breast lift that all the rest of Hollywood signs up for. No one is trashing her for being “honest” but really cover stories like this just add to the problems with young girls and women alike developing eating disorders.

Ashley on

Principesa… I am 100% with ya. I do like Trista but my view on her article is the same as yours, which is the same as Lisa and Lola

morgan on

This is reminding me of when Trista spoke about possibly needing a C-section to deliver her baby because he may be large. People had a hissy fit on this blog. Sometimes things dont come out right, sometimes people take things wrong, and sometimes people just live their lives differently. I am saddend that some of you would imply she does not love her baby or is not greatful for her baby because hse wants to lose some weight. Who knows, maybe the magazine paid her to follow her weight loss and that is why she is talking about it. Dont be so judgemental!

Sasha on

If she really wants to lose the last 10 pounds fast, she needs to significantly drop her calories, run and lift weights. Obviously that’s not the smartest thing to do 3 months post c-section with a nursing newborn – or really anytime, but if being fierce in those jeans is her big thing in life, what can anybody say? I agree that she should have thought this out better before venting to the press…

Di on

My opinion is that Trista should take her time, work hard, eat right and the weight will eventually come off. I could understand Trista better if she were a model or an actress like Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie whose career is based on her looks but Trista is someone who fell in love and married a guy she met on a reality show.
I know that Heidi Klum was on the runway in lingerie just weeks after giving birth but then again she is a model so it is a part of her job.
What everyone has to keep mind that in Hollywood, what is considered a normal weight in the real world is overweight in LA. It is unfortunate.

MOM2boys on

Haha Kristen…you and I must be from the same place where size 26 means you are definitely NOT thin! LOL!

Kate2 on

After reading these comments I completey undertand why women have such a reputation for being catty. Some of you should really be ashamed for judging someone else so harshly, and for implying that her baby isn’t her priority just because she also cares about her looks. I really hope none of you ever have to experience the kind of jealousy, judgment, and rudeness that you’re hurling at this woman.

Renee on

How can people judge her for wanting a better body?! I’m tired of the judgmental comments! I knew when I saw the 50+ comments that people would be complaining. She sounds excited about Max but she wants to feel good about her body again and there is nothing wrong with that. I wish people would stop acting like they didn’t feel the same way after having a baby or even if they gain 10 pounds.Really people..can’t we have a post about someone who wants to lose post pregnancy weight without people attacking the person..better yet can we have any post without people acting like judges?

Tracie on

Hasn’t anyone told her that most normal women NEVER get their old bodies back! You just had a baby. Enjoy him and remember that it is 9 months on and 9 months off. I’m back to my pre-baby weight (before 2 kids), but everything has shifted and nothing looks the same. I just enjoy my kids and try to eat healthy and exercise. I’m still not back in my pre-baby jeans, so I just bought new ones. Stop obsessing and enjoy your life and your son!

megan on

what kind of friend tells another friend that she will be able to fit in her prepregnancy clothing coming home from the hospital???

what a load! never happens. some “friend”!

kateg on

Poor Trista – I feel so sad for her. I also feel that for her to try and compete with Ryan in exercise is totally unrealistic as he is tall and a fireman and will have a far greater capacity than her anyway. Please try to enjoy Max – I almost died in childbirth due to similar complications and every lump or bump I have is a reminder of what I achieved in surviving and having a healthy son.Sounds like some post-partum emotions are still raging….
Hope she can get some perspective 🙂

CAT on

Gosh – I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy and I have 15 more to lose. AND I gave birth 2 years ago!! Once you have a child, they become your main focus. Not your size 26 Hudson jeans. She should really be happy and thankful that her son is doing well. What she had (HELLP Syndrome) is very serious and again, should be happy that all is well with her and the baby!

Debbie on

Wow…what a shame. I had a baby girl in April and I cannot even think about getting my size 4 body back until we’re done nursing. My advice to Trista is to relax and stop obsessing about weight. Life is way too short – when you’re time comes you won’t be thinking about those Hudson jeans – it will be those precious moments with your son that will be important.

Renee on

I guess people forget she does read this blog…

frenchlas on

On the cover of a major magazine with the headline “Thin by New Year”….yeah, good thing she’s not too focused on losing the weight as she says in the last quote. For pete’s sakes, my first son died from prematurity, i’d take an extra 10lbs (or 20!) to have him alive and well. Trista will feel “sexy” again when her brain gets in better shape, not her belly.

Nancy on

You are all so polite. Trista is just a shallow D list personality who was on tv for maybe 8 weeks total. She is lucky to be alive, luckier still to have a beautiful healthy child. She acts like her son was just a phase and she is on to the next thing. The worst part is her obsession with looking like her Maxim photos. She can think and say whatever she wants but when she puts it in US magazine she should expect criticism. I think Trista should spend some time with Charlotte Church!

Andrea on

She is 116 pounds and complaining because it’s so hard to lose that extra 10? I’ve never had kids, and I would LOVE to be that size. I agree with everyone else that posted on this. She tried so hard to get pregnant, she was sick most of the time when she was pregnant, she had Max premature, and she could’ve died! And yet, she seems to be worried that she can’t lose that extra 10 pounds? It will come off, even if it comes off slow. It took her almost a year to get her body like that, it can’t come off in 3 months.
And honestly, I wouldn’t want my husband to be pointing his finger at me and saying “Uh Uh Uh”. It’s bad enough when you feel bad about your body, of course that’s gonna make her feel more self-conscious! He needs to tell her she’s beautiful no matter what.

Robin on

As much as I like Trista and feel so bad for what she went through to have little Max it seems to me that she has very unrealistic expectations. It takes 9 months to put on the weight and 9 months to a year to take it off. More and more you see these Hollywood celebrities having babies and within a few weeks looking like they never ever had a baby at all. That isn’t realistic nor is it very healthy. Focus on the baby. Most people don’t wear size 26 jeans nor have they been in Maxim magazine and that’s okay!

Heather on

After reading all the struggles that Trista went through, and how estatic she was just to finally be having her baby, I hoped to hear something different from her than this. No mother is satisfied with her post-partum body, especially 3 months after the fact! My second is 8 months, and I’ve still got many pounds to go. But I am enjoying every single second of being with her, and being smart about eating and exercising while breastfeeding. I’ll get back to my weight in time.

Your baby isn’t going to be proud of you for your giant Maxim poster hanging in the garage, he’ll be proud of you for the kind of mother you are. And hopefully that’s not the vain one that has come across in this interview.

islaygirl on

I know that everyone looks at their weight differently, but it is WAY too soon for her to be concerned over 10 lbs. Esp. if she comments that she’s having pain, so she can’t do the aggressive exercises? That’s a sign right there that she needs to scale back a little bit and give her body time to catch up.

Mace's MOM on

I just had a baby on June 21st through an er c/s myself. I totally agree with the whole not feeling like your sexy self, but she has her priorities straight with Max first and all. Working out is a great stress reliever and having a newborn does stress anyone out. Keep it up Trista!! You look great.

Annoyomus on

ITA with Megan, Renee, and Kate2! Just because she wants to lose the last 10 pounds of her baby weight does NOT mean that she is not enjoying her son!

Personally, I do think she is try to do to much too soon, but I respect her feelings and her decision! It also saddens me a bit that she plans to breastfeed only until Max is 6 months….But it’s her choice, and at least she is breastfeeding for those 6 months!

mommy2-3 on

I am not trying to be rude and or mean, but she is only 116 why the need to lose 10 more lbs? She looks great, and I dont see that she needs to lose anymore weight.
It kind of ticks me off when women that are already skinny say they look fat and need to lose weight. She just needs to forget about the (10 lbs.) and enjoy her baby boy.
No one should feel like they have to be a certain weight to be pretty or sexy. If you are happy at 300lbs. then so be it. Atleast your happy.
Who cares how much you way just be happy!!!

monika on

she sounds so ridiculous, it took her forever to get pregnant she had some complicatiosn, her baby was born eearly and shes worried about a stuopid 10 lbs? serisouly, she needs to get her head out of…

Melissa on

She needs to get over herself, and Ryan needs to stop wagging a finger

Kimoi on

It’s sad to see that interview is all about the weight and not about the beautiful newborn. I’m sure she loves her son and all but having gone through such a traumatic pregnancy, losing weight should be the last thing on her mind.

FC on

Honestly, I’m going to say she has guts for being this honest. I can’t say she needs to lose those ten pounds. And really, I know some are ragging on Ryan telling her no on some foods, but she seems to want to have someone discipline if she forgets her diet.

But I look at her and think there’s nothing wrong with her. That whole stomach issue will work itself for her, I’m sure. But, to me, she looks great. I wish I could look like that three months after a baby. Some it takes mere weeks or months to get their shape back, or most of it, others it could take a little longer. She should give herself a break on the whole thing.

But, other than that, little Max is precious! 🙂

Kelly on

When I had my first baby, I was too focused on looking after him in the first few months to even worry about the weight. I gained 80 pounds and was a whopping 216 1bs. After my second pregnancy, I bought a double jogging stroller and hit the pavement. It took over a year but I have managed to get down to 125 pounds. I am 5’6 and have never felt better. She should really just relax and it will happen. It is what only 12 weeks. My husband was very supportive in that he just let me do it in my own good time. I would have given him the other finger if he ever pointed at me once during the process! I did it when I was ready!

TigMode on

I remember not feeling very sexy at 12 weeks postpartum with each of my kids, the second of whom was born via c-section when she got stuck in the birth canal. It had less to do with my weight than being exhausted, having leaky breasts, shirts that were usually stained in 2 or 3 places from baby spit up, etc.

She had a bizarre courtship, an over the top fantasy wedding on somebody else’s dime and now reality, not TV reality, is crashing down on her.

Campbell on

She is being very honest, which always opens one up to criticism, so kudos for that. Max is just beautiful, and I think that what she is “feeling” about her body is very typical and dare I say “normal”. I personally think she is terribly hard on herself, like so many women are. I sure hope she gains a bit more perspective and relaxes just a bit. I wish her well and hope she can find a healthy balance in her perspective. It’s tough.

Elyse on

I totally agree with you Campbell. What Trista is feeling is normal. We women are so hard on ourselves when it comes to our weight. When the first US weekly spread came out with Trista and Maxwell I thought Trista looked absolutely fantastic for just having a baby and I still think she looks great. Kudos for her speaking out on what can obviously be a sensitive subject.

morgan on

These comments are unbearably rude. Please people, re-read her article. She Clearly says that Max is her first priority and that she is taking in the calories she needs to nourish him.

I am so disappointed in CBB for letting some of these comments go thru, i thought the “armchair parenting” was over.

Frenchlas comment about getting her “brain in shape” is especially uncalled for. Who is monitoring these things?

Risa on

I can relate to what Trista is going through. It is very hard going from being thin and trim to having more pounds and a loose tummy. I know from personal experience. I have always been tall and thin until I had a baby almost six months ago. I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy eating healthy, so far as I know I have 25lbs to lose yet. (I do not own a scale, as I would weight myself too much.) I still have not been able to wear any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Some days it is depressing. I just want to wear what I liked before. My husband tells me I will get back into my clothes.

I am breastfeeding my baby. My philosophy right now is focusing on that. If I am weighting more now, it is for my baby. Just as I needed to gain weight to grow my baby inside, I need to have some extra to continue growing him now that he is nursing. I want to be healthy in the long run, so I am not dieting just eating healthy and exercising (walking or yoga) when I can. A friend told me I have a “mommy body” and it is beautiful because of that. I have bought a few new clothes that fit. I feel good in them even though they are a few sizes bigger. I try hard not to concentrate on that and focus on all the good things I have in my life right now. When my baby is finished breastfeeding, then I will focus on getting the weight off.

Cat on

Trista! Don’t feel bad for wanting to look like you did before. I’m just 41, have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Both boys. These women who think you don’t have your priorities straight just don’t get it. As a gymnast/dancer for 13+ years, we have a standard that we are use to. You compare yourself to yourself which is fine. I did the same thing. I am 5’4″ and weigh 114 pounds and my abs look great and are flat! After my first son, I was able to do double workouts maybe twice a week only because my husband was around to help. He’s a recon marine and he’s NEVER home but I still managed to get the weight off. My secret tool was my jogging stroller. We lived in Hawaii at the time and I would run up the most killer hills. I even passed a few marines along the way! I encourage you to be consistant and I bet at month 5 you will see a new you or should I say the old you! I too love sweets and still bake too many cookies but I have a really clean diet besides that. Don’t be too hard on yourself because the hard work will pay off. I also have my BS degree in Exercise Science so I was even harder on myself but it will all come together!!! Stay positive and just because you want to look hot for Ryan doesn’t mean you don’t fall over every time you look at your son in amazement! Good luck! Cat

Dee on

Im saddened by some of the comments I’ve read here by other women. to say trista is not in the MOM frame of mind because she is concerned about her weight is hurtful not only to trista but to all women who are moms. I think its natural for any woman to be finally catching her breath after getting thru childbirth and the first three months of sleepless nights to realize life doesnt revolve soley around the baby, she isnt ONLY a mom. she is a wife and a person too. I applaud her for sharing intimate thoughts she has about her body, I recognize those thoughts myself being that I had a c section when I had my own son’s. she shouldnt be criticized for it, she has given a voice to women who silently feel the same way. I hope it was therapeutic for her to get it out. I have learned from experience that EVERYONE is happier if MOM is happy. Mom is happy when she makes time for herself, doing something she enjoys. from what I know trista has always been energetic and fit. I dont feel there is anything wrong with going to the gym, its an HOUR people! claim it for yourself Trista! she is with Max 23/7 good for her! Exercising will give her the endurance to go those other 23 hours! continue eating smart and dont beat yourself up over the time its taking, just enjoy every minute of your baby and your free time. It takes a HAPPY woman to be the best mom she can be. Best of luck with your goals and Trista believe Ryan….He is so in love with the woman that gave him his child..dont doubt that for a second. I have my own..”ryan” going on 23yrs now, Im glad I believed him. You have a beautiful family

emily on

Ok, people who don’t wear designer jeans, I just thought I’d clarify. The size 26 she’s talking about does not correlate to say, the Gap’s size 0 1 2 4, etc. The size is the circumference in inches of the waistband of the jeans. They generally run from about a 24 to 29 or 30. Grab a tape measure and place it loosely around your hips (where your jeans would sit comfortably) and you have your size. I have to say as someone who is about her height and build, it disappoints me to see the judgment here. Who are you to say you are disgusted by her comments and that she should be happy at 116 lbs.? You are not her, you are not living in her body. I weigh 102 and I would feel gross too at that weight. ME, personally. I’m not speaking for anyone else and neither is Trista. Would it be ok for me to say to someone at 200 lbs. that they shouldn’t be happy unless they were 145, because that’s the weight I thought they should be? No, that’s ridiculous.

Nicki on

I understand completely what Trista is saying…and yes, after reading her answers I thought many wouldn’t understand. But no matter what size you start out at, it’s a little sad to not see yourself in the mirror when it’s all said and done. I’m just now back to my pre-pg weight and am back in shape…it took me two years. Give yourself time Trista… I totally understand how you feel…but it’ll go back…it will.

Michelle on

Clearly Trista does have an investment in her appearance, being on TV and in magazines, but really. It takes 9 months to have a child and put on the weight and it will take awhile to come off too. She still looks great, but I feel she is now being very picky. She will feel like herself and return to her previous shape IN TIME. Feeling overly conscious about it and thinking about it all the time will not help. Maybe when she returns to her ‘old self’ she will feel silly for worrying about it.

sarah on

I definitely agree with the posters who point out that Trista is entitled to have more in her life than just her baby. No matter how much she loves him, taking care of her own needs (like exercising and taking time for herself) will ultimately help her to be a better mother.

At the same time, I don’t think that most posters are railing on Trista because she spends and hour or two working out, rather than being with her son. Instead, it’s dismaying to think that her relationship with her post-partum body is so defined by weight, especially when she has so little to lose, and gave birth so recently. She should feel proud of what her body was able to do, even if she’s not satisfied with the way it currently looks.

One thing I wondered in reading the quotes: could a certain amount of post partum depression be involved? It’s probably easier to fixate on the imperfections of your post-baby figure, rather than admit that motherhood isn’t quite what you expected.

Ivey on

The thing you have to remember here is that Ryan is a triathlete, so exercize is his thing, that has too be a large part of their relationship, I’m sure he is not being insensitive, she probably asked him for help, and he WANTS to help because, he probably feels he has expertise in this area.

As far as him saying uh, uh, uh that will push some serious buttons, it probably pushed hers which may be why she mentioned it.

Macy on

je suis francaise et j’adore ce couple ils sont vraiment formidable le petit est magnifique,je leur souhaite que du bonheur j’ai pas vraiment tout compris mais les images parlent d’elles même ils ont l’air très heureux,je suis contente de voir des photos de Maxwell il a l’air bien en forme et Trista est très jolie la maternité lui réussie très bien.Bonne chance a eux.
Good luck to them they are beautiful.

Jamie on

If you guys would notice in nearly every comment she makes about losing the weight she also mentions that Max is her number one priority, and the majority of the work outs at home, during what little down time she does have and the only time she is gone is for one hour to the gym, at that time Ryan is with Max witch provides a good bonding time for them.


stacey on

My god, Trista, it took you and Ryan so long to conceive, I know that is an emotional roller coaster. Be happy you have a healthy beautiful baby. 10 pounds should not even be a concern.

tessa on

First of all, Trista you look great and you always have 🙂

Second, don’t be so hard on yourself – you just gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy, and one that you and Ryan longed for for so long. Rejoice in that and remember the time with him as a baby is fleeting. He’ll be grown before you know it!

Third, I hope your husband is grateful for your health and well being since your complicated pregnancy and delivery. I have to say, after enduring what you did, if my hubby wagged his finger at me while reaching for the ice cream I’d break it right off his hand!

Be happy with where you are at this moment and enjoy your little boy!

Poshie T on

It’s not the number that matters…I weigh less now than I did before both of my sons. However, I would take my pre-pregnancy body over my lighter weight…nothing is in the place it used to be!!!!

Julie Steventon on

Oh well I have just had my third baby and can fit my pre pregnancy jeans. I am not a small person but not morbidly obese. I am happy with my body at the moment and lost weight by chasing after the elder two kids hehe. I just eat right and as it is coming into Summer in New Zealand, that means salads galore!

Hanna on

I’m very happy for Trista & Ryan. Your weight will come off. They say that breast-feeding helps. Do it for as long as you can and the baby wants. Best wishes.

mary ann on

Anyone know which of the products trista is using on that site she said she uses to calculate her calories? I want to order all of them! LOL I cant get any of this weight off no matter what I do and its sucks!

debbie on

I hadn’t read this article before, and I have to agree with the other posters who commented on the fact that Trista should have not been so focused on losing the weight so fast. It took me almost a year to lose the 30 extra pounds I had after my first child was born.

Elizabeth on

A truly supportive husband does remind you if you are trying to lose weight not to eat something that would prolong the process. I am sorry that you would rather have your husband lie to you. Sounds like a GREAT marriage! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or the shape you are in as long as you are healthy and happy with the way you look and feel. She is doing the right thing for her and her baby. She needs to be fit and eat healthy because she has to keep up with little Max and plus she is breastfeeding. After having my 3rd child myself I know that I want to get my body back and I plan on following her diet and exercise plan because it obviously works. Sorry for all the haters Trista, there are people out there that who look up to and are proud of you for getting back in shape. Good for you!