Sponsor: Personalized baby nameplates by BabiePlates

10/22/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

BabiePlates are personalized nameplates with a name (baby’s name or other recognizable phrase like GO YANKS!) and birth date.  The Swedish baby stroller license plate is currently a very popular newborn, christening, and birthday gift for proud parents around the world. 

Product Uses and Life Cycle
* (Age 0-1 or walking)– Buy for baby stroller name plate – Identify your baby stroller in aflash in popular baby stroller parking areas (houses of worship,restaurants, etc).
* (Ages 1-7) – Move to bedroom door/wall – Hang on your child’s bedroom door or wall.
* (Ages 7-eternity) – Move to baby memoirs  – Ultimately save with your baby memoirs.
* Excellent and personalized gift idea– Buy for baby shower, newborn, birthday, holiday gift..perfect giftidea from grandparents, godparents, relatives, friends or coworkers.

Order your BabiePlate (or gift certificate) today. Use coupon code CBB at checkout to save 10%.

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