Marc Anthony dedicates song to a pregnant Jennifer Lopez?

10/21/2007 at 06:26 PM ET

Although rumors are running rampant that singer Jennifer Lopez, 38, and her husband Marc Anthony, 39, are expecting, the couple has yet to confirm that they will soon welcome a new bundle of joy.

However, at a show on Friday, October 19th, Marc dedicated the song Faithfully to his wife which begins "They say that the road/Ain’t no place to start a family."

Source: People and US Magazine

Thanks to CBB readers Kelly and Chloe.

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Heather on

Look at that picture! There’s no denying she’s pregnant. And I really wonder if she’s pregnant with twins.

cari h on

Good for them.

Julie on

I think this picture pretty much shows that she has a rather large bump. She is such a fit person and thin elserwhere that it is hard to believe she isn’t pregnant.

Amber on

I’m glad they didn’t make a real announcement. No one has to announce anything.

morgan on

she looks great! I was hoping this rumor was true, looks like it is!

Karen on

I like J Lo. I understand that she is under not obligation to make an announcement. Loss of anonymity is a price that you pay for fame. I think at this point she could acknowlege her ever growing bump and allow all of her fans to be officially happy for her. One could take her lack of sharing at this date as a snub to the people who have made her famous. JMO

Megan on

I have to admit that i kind of like how they aren’t announcing–cuz it’s just driving everyone nuts when in reality, they aren’t obligated to tell anyone other than those they want to tell. I mean from all the pics we’ve seen, it seems that we will have a little one (or two) in the coming months but I almost love that Jen and Mark find no obligation to tell anyone…if it’s true, it’s their miracle to have and keep and tell whoever they want to tell…I love them and I think they are doing exactly what they should do–living their lives…

J.M. on

Either she’s pregnant or she continues to eat one too many churros!! I don’t know you take your pick?! lol

Beth on

LOL Well, if she’s not, he’s just fanning the rumor flames isn’t he?! So it sure does seem as if they’re having a baby 🙂

Aurora on

Lovely! I’m no expert, but I think it’s quite plain, not only from her babybelly, but from her round, glowing face, that she is pregnant! I would not be suprised if the rumors of twins are true as well. 😀

cats on

Have there been any leaks on Jen’s possible due date?

She certainly looks beautiful!

Darlene on

I thought they did announce they were expecting? Wasn’t JL on the cover of a magazine a few weeks ago?

Jada on

I was just thinking how funny it would be if she pulled a pillow out of her shirt at one of her concerts. LOL

If they are expecting (which looks obvious)then congratulations to them!

gianna on

Looks and sounds like the rumor is true, wonderful news.

Annoyomus on

Okay, after seeing this picture, even I finally have to admit that she is definently pregnant. Just as it did with Christina, it has become obvious. However, I am still not at all sure that it’s twins. I wouldn’t be surprised, since she more than likely did concieve via IVF.

However, although several sources have claimed she’s having twins, her own mother, who supposably confirmed the pregnancy, didn’t mention anything about it being twins. Being she was willing to announce that J-Lo is pregnant, I would think she would have also announced that fact that it’s twins if in fact that was the case.

Also, when her rep or Mark’s publicist (I can’t remember which one) denied the orginal rumor printed in In Touch or whatever magazine that was (and that rumor stated that she was having twins, but that they weren’t sure at first because of the way one of the babies was positioned), s/he stated that the report “was untrue”. Therefore, since it’s obvious that J-Lo is pregnant, I’m thinking it was maybe the twins part of the interview that was untrue. Then again, it could just be that the part about the positioning of one of the babies making it hard to tell if it was twins was the part that was untrue. 🙂

In anycase, I think she could easily be 5 months along with a singleton. I’m fairly certain that Christina was about five months along before her pregnancy became obvious (and that also may have been when her mother confirmed it). In otherwords, if J-Lo really is 5 months along with just one baby, she wouldn’t be the first celeb to have kept quiet that long. 🙂

I wonder, though, whether they’ll release birth details and photos of the baby/babies when it’s/they’re born. 🙂

Annoyomus on

Darlene- J-Lo was on the cover of US magazine recently, but it was her mother who supposably confirmed it, not J-Lo or Mark.

tary on

If they are pregnant, then, well done to the two of them for keeping a private and special time of their lives for themselves. They certainly don’t owe the fans any further information, and I find it a bit alarming that there are people out there who have such a sense of entitlement that they feel owed the information. It’s their baby, their lives, and they are snubbing nobody by keeping it to themselves…the only thing they ‘officially’ are expected to share with us is their music, that’s all our dollar buys us, and that’s the way it should be. Anything else is optional for them and they certainly aren’t obliged.

Renee on

I have to admit, I’m confused that people say she or Christina don’t have to announce they’re expecting but yet these people are on a celebrity baby site? If people really want celebs to be private all the time, sites like this wouldn’t exist cause there would be no interest. Anyhow, if she is pregnant, good for them although I can’t say I really a fan of them.

cheyenne on

she looks beautiful… i hope they don’t give into media pressure and announce it (unless they want too)… that’s their business if they want to wait until the child (or children) leave for college… that’s their right

Hea on

So he covers Journey songs these days?

terri1 on

There is no doubt that she’s expecting. Congratulations to Marc and Jennifer. If they do not want to make an official announcement, it’s their business. They don’t have to.

I do think it’s twins because she got big really fast. I hope it’s twins. I love them as a couple.:)

doeadear on

I haven’t been able to figure out why people are assuming JLo had IVF? Is there a history of infertility? Also, women over 35 tend to have multiple births, regardless of IVF.

Jay on

I don’t think Jennifer and Marc have to release an “official” announcement that they’re expecting. They don’t have to give up EVERYTHING because they are famous. And you can still be happy for them without them giving an official announcement. Just be happy for them. Congrats to the both of them.

Heather on

What Journey song also has the line about the road and raising a family?

Hea on

Heather – Unless Marc steals lyrics straight off, he just covered Journey’s song “Faithfully”. It’s on the Frontiers album from 1983 and it’s about a musician who stays faithful to his girlfriend while on tour.

peachpye on


Karli on

I think this whole thing is hilarious. Not only is she not announcing that she’s pregnant, with the Twins rumors it makes it impossible for anyone to guess how far long she is. Too funny.

Berjoui on

I agree that it is absolutely hysterical that they have not officially announced the pregnancy yet and now they’re singing songs that drops hints to torture people even more – bravo!

Lisa on

She’s def. pregnant. Given that Marc has 2 children from a previous relationship, why would they consider IVF?

Also…. this song “Faithfully” by Journey has that line in it, but it begins differently. It starts out with “Highway run, into the midnight sun…” That line comes a bit after the beginning. I think the media is just playing up that line in the song.

Pam on

Lisa, your comment about IVF confuses me. Obviously given that Marc has other children, it would seem that any fertility issues aren’t lying with him, but that doesn’t mean that Jennifer doesn’t have a problem and need assistance. I can definitely see why they would consider IVF.

michelle on

I love how cute she looks. She looks happier than ever before. Dont forget she is on Dancing With The Stars tomorrow night. You will be able to see then. 🙂

corinne on

doeadear, there was a newsbit here on CBB awhile ago about Jennifer & Marc considering IVF and she was changing her diet to better support their efforts at trying to conceive. Other gossip sites had sightings of them entering & leaving an IVF clinic – a place that couples don’t generally visit if they’re getting pregnant on their own. Also, she’s not had children with any previous husbands/boyfriends (most of whom have had children since being with her) despite her being quite public about very much wanting a child. Plus, the fact that she’s at an age where many women find it difficult to conceive without medical assistance. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that she may have used infertility treatments to conceive.

Good luck to them, they will be great parents!!

Campbell on

She looks beautiful. Yes indeed she will be live Tuesday night on Dancing With The Stars…looking forward to seeing her.

FC on

I don’t really think I need DWTS (though I’ve watched faithfully, no pun intended, since its inception) to know she’s pregnant! The photos and her ever changing look has said so. I don’t mind that they’re just not saying anything and just leaving things that scream “baby”, that’s just fine.

I’ll be willing to bet she’ll have had the baby and they still won’t say anything for I don’t know how long, and drive people crazy even more. I just want to laugh, really.

Besides, the photo included with this post is just as incriminating as the other photos from the same concert. 🙂