Holmes-Cruise family check out of Carlyle hotel

10/21/2007 at 03:23 AM ET

Actors Tom Cruise, 45, and Katie Holmes, 28, check out of the Carlyle hotel in NYC yesterday with daughter, Suri, 18 months, and head to the airport — probably to jet back to Germany where Tom is filming Valkyrie.


Photo by Splash News.

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Aleah on

Katie looks gorgeous and Suri is adorable.

Hella on

Wow, I love the way Suri is always dressed, look at that coat, she is going to be one fashionista. I just love that kid. I must admit Tom does look nice and Katie is beautiful too.

peachy on

Suri is so adorable in red and in every clothes she wears.Katie really,really has good taste,such style!I also dressed my two boys in designer clothes(mostly bought on sale)and i tell you they wore them to tatters,literally speaking.

Colleen on

Suri has cuter coats than I do!

I love all these new photos, thanks!

brannon on

Adorable coat … but it was 75 degrees yesterday in New York! To look at this photo you would think it was freezing! 🙂

P. Ferrell on

Katie looks beautiful.. And look at how their scarves are tied the same!

J.M. on

LOL I agree. It’s been awfully warm on the eastcoast this time of year and Tom and Katie and Suri all look as if it was 30 degrees!! They have got to be hot although maybe they’re preparing for Germany’s chilliness!

Cory on

It’s not that cold here yet (in Berlin). Didn’t they just leave Germany a few days ago? Seems weird to me to go through jetlag just for a few days. Was Tom on business in NYC?

MuffThumb on

I swear to God, that kid is too adorable!!

Oh, and Tom already wrapped Valkyrie. So they might be heading home to California, or to the next “Lions for Lambs” promo stop.

Tara on

Love that red coat! IT has been getting a little chilly at night in the NYC area– though I’m not sure if it’s qiute scarf weather yet! But they all look great– and happy!

Campbell on

Wow Suri looks more and more like Tom in every photo. She is so sweet looking. I agree, I think Katie looks particularly beautiful in that pic (and yea, Tom ain’t chopped liver) So funny that they would dress so warm. Even if they were preparing for Germany, I’d bet there is room on their jet for coats!LOL. MuffThumb~ The entire movie is having to reshoot due to a chemical destroying the finished film… talking ’bout a multimillion dollar OOPS! A major bum deal for the families of everyone who must have worked so hard. That’s why in a another post I asked if anyone had heard how the Cruise/Kidman children (whom I think are normally back w/ their dad at this time)would deal w/ all their school and school activities (soccer,baseball,basketball,etc.)back in Beverly Hills. I was just curious how they may have juggled it all. Funny, even the uberrich and famous have to deal w/ big snags in life.

PSB on

I agree with Brannon and JM. I live in NYC too and even at night it hasn’t been that cold. The only thing I’ve taken out of my closet is a hoodie, and it’s usually so hot I have to tie it around my waist. What is going on with those heavy scarves?! They must be a very thin-blooded family.

LOVE Suri’s coat. Wish it came in my size.

zeldalee13 on

hat happened to tom’s 2 kids with nicole kidman, connor and isabella? i wonder if they are feeling monumentally left out of their dad’s new family.

gianna on

Suri is beautiful, and at 18 months has the best wardrobe. They dress her great, and she is a beauty.

Lisette on

Has Suri ever used a stroller? I always see pics of her walking or being carried. It’s so interesting since Heidi Klum and Gwen Steffani have like 5 strollers and here’s the Cruise family with none.

Carissa on

I am perplexed by the winter coat and scarves. It has not been nearly cold enough to need something so heavy, even at night, the most you would need is a lightweight jacket. Very strange that they would wrap themselves up like that!

Suri is so beautiful..

Annoyomus on

Lisette- No, I don’t think they’ve ever used a stroller for Suri. However, I’ve noticed that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt hardly ever uses a stroller, either. I think there are literally only two sets of pictures of her in a stroller here on CBB. I don’t think Zahara used a stroller very much as a baby either.

My guess is that the Cruises and the Jolie-Pitts figure it’s much easier and safer to carry their kids than use a stroller, given all the paps that are constantly following them. Most of the celeb parents we see using strollers (like Gwen and Heidi) are either less famous or less of an interest to the media than the Cruises or the Jolie-Pitts. Therefore, they probably don’t have nearly as many paps following them. 🙂