Denise Richards, Sam and Lola attend Halloween party

10/21/2007 at 11:36 PM ET

Actress Denise Richards, 36, and her daughters Sam, 3 1/2, and Lola Rose, 2, attend a friend’s Halloween party on Sunday in Beverly Hills.


Photos by Startraks.

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WOW on

Gosh Denise is beautiful.

brookefan on

Aww, Sam is feeling so pretty and happy in her costume! Love to see her smiling!

hmm on

the son of antonio puerta has been born

Emilie on

She is very pretty, she has one of those perfectly proportioned faces, perfect symmetry.

gianna on

Such cute girls, and denise is so pretty.

Sara on

I think Sam is gorgeous! I love to see her smiling! She looks like a little angel 🙂 Lola is adorable as well. I love this family 🙂

Lisa B on

This may sound silly but why are the girls wearing princess and (what looks like) cheerleader outfits? In England kids dress up as spooky things , witches, vampires etc and I thought as trick or treating is so American they would do the same. Do kids just wear any fancy dress? Thanks

Sarah’s note: American kids wear all kinds of things! Sometimes spooky outfits, but princesses are very popular, as are ‘profession’ costumes (fireman, cheerleader, baseball player, doctor, etc) and characters (Dora the Explorer, Star Wars, Harry Potter).

madison on

Interesting that the paparazzi are at a friend’s halloween party….

Sarah’s note: These are posed pics…Startraks does a lot of those. The Tori/Liam pumpkin patch ones from the other day were also posed.

Catherine on

I love Lola’s Canes Cheerleading Costume!
We won a very big game this weekend too!

I can’t believe how fast both girls have grown up, to me they seem to be the 2 celeb babies who shoot up in height a foot each time we see them. Both of them are gorgeous as well 🙂

Wendy on

Our school wishes for us to do non scary or violent costumes. So as not to have to buy 2, we just get one that is appropriate for school and wear it for Trick or Treating.

Amber H. on

They are adorable. I actually like seeing the younger children not looking all scary. My DD is going to be Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

Lisa B on

Ah ha. Thanks.

Colleeen on

It really rubs me the wrong way that Denise invited a photo agency to come and take posed shots of her and her girls at her friend’s Halloween party. I hope she at least had the permission of the friend to do so. If you want pictures of yourself with your kids, bring a camera and have a friend take pictures like every other person!
Denise and the girls do look really cute though. I’m glad to see them dressed just like any other 2 and 3 year olds will be this year.

brannon on

I have a little Donald Duck! Unfortunately, schools in my area are not allowed to celebrate Halloween so he does not get to waddle off to school in it 😦

Lola looks so sweet 🙂

Elaine on

I wondered the same thing as you Madison…Even if they are posed pics -and clearly Denise was happy to pose for the camera – why was a celeb photographer at a private party? Seems a bit odd to me. Her girls are cute.

sil on

wow Denise looks like a Barbie doll, she is a beautiful woman.
The girls are very pretty too, I like Sam’s costume 🙂

MelanieCA on

I find it wierd that she is posing for pictures for the papparazzi with her daughters on the doorstep of a friends house, but oh well! And just a question…I see people often referring to their kids as “DD” and I’m wondering what that stands for?! I know its not just one persons child is called DD (At least I don’t think so) because numerous people have used it, thanks for clearing that up! haha

Annoyomus on

MelanieC- DD means “dear daughter”. 🙂

Aura on

DD = Darling or Dear Daughter.

Lots of celebs pose for photos – How many have been posted here? Tons. I don’t think it’s weird, it’s way of getting rid of the paps – Give them what they want, and then get on with your life.

Shelley on

I find it sad that denise always looks perfect hair and make up and the girls while really cute alwayshave that thrown together look. Shoes dont match clothes hanging out of the costume. It is also on more than one occasion.

Mary-Helen on

I don’t think it’s that odd, alot of celebs do it. Tori Spelling has photoshoots for every aspect of Liam’s life, so why is it such a big deal for Denise? Everyone oohed and ahhed over Tori and yet another posed photo shoot with Liam @ the pumpkin patch. What is the difference?

Lola and Sam look so cute and Denise is such an awesome hands on mother.

Mary on

Haha, the witch hat is appropriate for Denise.

KiraGrrl on

I think certain people just dislike Denise so they are extra critical of EVERYTHING she does……

The girls look cute I think all little girls are doing the Disney princess thing this year LOL