Update: Britney Spears regains visitation rights

10/21/2007 at 10:50 AM ET

Update: People is reporting that Britney Spears has regained her visitation rights with her sons. The boys were spotted with their mother and a presumed court-appointed monitor on Saturday.

Originally posted on October 18th: L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered that singer Britney Spears’ visitation rights with her sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 13 months, be suspended. The order came after Kevin Federline‘s lawyer requested an emergency hearing Wednesday. Court papers state,

[Spears’s] visitation with minor children is suspended pending [her] compliance with court orders.

According to TMZ,

Britney did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests. That is what triggered the suspension.

Britney had previously been granted once-a-week overnight visits with her sons.

Source: People; TMZ

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yogadaisy2 on

Aw, those poor kids. What did she do now? I’m guessing violated her alcohol restrictions or failed her drug test.

Jada on

I really hope she wakes up and realizes that those little boys need her. It’s so sad to see her continue on this path of self-destruction.
Who would’ve thought that Kevin would turn out to be the better parent?

Alice_R on

All of this is so sad. I’m not going to be one of those judgmental people who holler all over the ‘net about Britney being dumb and a bad mom – because, face it, we aren’t THERE, we don’t know what’s actually going on – but clearly she is in need of some help for whatever it is that’s keeping her from having custody of her babies.

I know a lot of people will say that the kids are better off with their mom than anyone else, but that is NOT always the case! Something is going on in Britney’s head that is keeping her from being stable enough to take care of those babies. I hope she will wake up and start being more responsible (or get the help she needs…)

I’m not a Britney fan at all and honestly am pretty disgusted by her behavior, but I think she may be mentally ill and this Hollywood environment is not helping at all.

Lola on

Britney only cares about herself. It’s obvious.

brandy on

I really feel sorry for the kids one min they can see their mom the next they can’t then they can now they can’t. POOR KIDS. I hope to see a more stable contact with both parents before long.

Shaynon on

what is wrong with her? its not like they are asking alot of her and you would think any mother would do anything she had to to be with her children. I feel very sad for her because she is missing out on so much.

~Beth~ on

As a mother, I think that I would be doing everything in my power to get to see my kids as much as possible if I didn’t have them all the time.

If the court says she has to have random drug tests & she says she’s not doing drugs then why not give your contact info UNLESS you have something to hide. It’s a real shame what she is putting her boys through. Sean is starting be get to the age that he will remember the things that he hears or sees. The whole situation is really sad.

Sasha on

God those poor kids.

Kathy on

I feel so sad for her and her two little boys. I hope she can get it together for her children’s sake!! I really hope her mother and father can be there for her in a positive way to help her get her boys back. Her own Mom’s positive support and unconditional love could be a really big part of Britney getting settled and being more at peace with herself and encourage her to find that inner peace to be there for her children. Her self-esteem has to be so low. She is under such immense scrutiny and the media has been just so awful to her and criticized her appearance and her weight over and over again. She is a young woman and I am sure this all has to be incredibly painful. It would be wonderful if she could just get away, get it together and be out of this horrendous spotlight she is in. I am going to say a prayer for her and her boys tonight!!

Callen on

Im hoping, for her children’s sake she gets back on the right track!

bren on

Very sad! =( she needs to get her act together!! I know we critize her A LOT, but I am sure something psycholigical(is this how you spell it? he he) must be wrong with her. She is a very sweet person…she is missing the best years of her sons lifes!!!

me on

Wow.. I wonder how long it’s going to be until she has her children taken away from her for good.

Carrie on

surprise, surprise…

Natalie S. on

As they say the children come first. Perhaps Kevin should just get custody until Brit can figure out what she really wants with a clear mind and heart. I think she loves her sons more than anything but right now she’s in a different place mentally. Best of luck to them all.

Nicole on

I’m a little confused by all this. Is it normal for there to be so much back-and-forth in custody hearings? It seems like the boys will suffer with no consistency – they stay with her a night one week, and the next they can’t. I trust the court to decide what’s best for the boys, but I feel bad that they’re probably hopelessly confused.

Jen on

Yknow, I feel for the girl and am pulling for her, but why isn’t she taking this seriously?

It seems like she is rebelling on the drug testing thing. It’s starting to seem like she doesn’t care either way.

Jessica on

I’m beginning to believe what alot of other people have been saying all along…That she just doesn’t care. What mother in Britney’s situation wouldn’t make sure to dot all of her i’s and cross all of her t’s so that she could be sure to keep her babies? I would be absolutely devastated if I could not hold my children everyday, and only getting to keep them with my one night a week? I really don’t believe she cares about being a mother to these two boys. I hope she is making it to those court mandated counseling sessions. I wonder about PPD. I am disappointed in Britney by this news, though I can’t honestly say I am suprised.

Colleen on

This is so sad. I really hope she gets her act together for those two precious boys.

gianna on

I agree Colleen

lisa on

I really feel sad for her and I wonder what it’s going to take for her to hit rock bottom and get her life in order. At this point, I am really worried about her and think maybe the kids are better off with Kevin until she can get her act together. I also wonder if she even wants the kids because IMO she doesn’t seem to be making an effort to get them back. Just a really sad case all around and I feel for those beautiful boys!

morgan on

you would think that losing her kids would be her rock bottom. I really hope she can get her act together so she can properly care for those two boys.

madison on

What a sad situation. I just don’t think she has the maturity or the tools that come with maturity to make good, solid decisions. She has grown up in such a unique, non traditional way. So much money, people who just want to make money off her, handlers that ‘yes’ her……from such a young age. I’m not saying those are excuses for behavior that causes one to lose their children – but none of us can relate to her world. I hope all of this is teaching her the very important lesson in life that there are consequences to bad behavior.

Preesi on

I wonder where her Mom and Sister went?

I thought they had made up?

J.M. on

and the saga continues……

Di on

I don’t get Britney. She does not comply with the judge’s orders and her custody goes down to monitored visits. She still does not do what the judge orders and now those visits have been temporarily suspended. She needs to get her act together. Those boys need their mother. She might not like what the judge has required her to do but if she wants to see her kids she has to do it.
I really feel sorry for her kids. I’m sorry because it appears that their mother does not care enough to fight for them; she does not appear to be willing to do whatever it takes to get them back.

gianna on

Colleen I agree with you.

brookefan on

Just when you think it can’t get any sadder. Think of what those 2 little boys must be going through. THey have to wonder where mommy is, even if they can’t talk yet. Oh, it’s heartbreaking. I wish the judge would have thought about them being just “old” babies…they are too young to go that long without their mother. At least see her for a visit..

MommyX1 on

Honestly, what kind of a completely sane and normal person can mess up so many times, over and over and over again? And these are the most simple things that she can possibly be doing in order to see her children. I think it’s quite evident by her behavior that she has absolutely no interest in being a mother.

Carol Lee on

This girl has every reason in the world to clean up her act and she does’t even appear to be trying. Maybe her children are better off not knowing her.

Beth on

Sounds like her addictions are awfully serious. Me heart goes out to her and her little ones. I really, really hope she is able to reach out for the support she so clearly needs. Addictions ruin lives every day. So sad.

Renee on

What bothers me is that people still defend her talking about second chances. She has had plenty of chances to get her act together but she won’t do it. I don’t see why she even pretends that she wants her sons back cause she sure isn’t acting like it. Britney is still out alot all over L.A. which doesn’t make anyone think she is trying to change her lifestyle. I thought for sure maybe that her mother would knock some sense into her.

daphneesmith on

MommyX1, I totally agree with you. It takes more than biology to make a mother. I can never understand the people who say “She’s a great mom to her kids!” What??

Annoynomus on

Me- I seriously doubt Britney will get her kids “taken away from her for good”. As far as I know, the courts almost never completely strip parents of their parental rights.

lisa and Mommyx1- Are you saying that Britney doesn’t love her boys? It seems to me that she loves them very much! For one thing, she seems to be extremely hands on with them AND happy with them in most of the pictures we’ve seen of her with them (and since the vast majority of them are paparazzi photos and not posed photoshoots, she probably isn’t “just doing it for the cameras”). Also, I read a few weeks ago on People Magazine’s website that a friend of Britney’s stated that Britney was (at that time, anyway), “confident that she will get her boys back once she completes the judge’s checklist”. In otherwords, it sounds like she DOES want her boys back.

All of that said, I was extremely pleased to find out that Britney has reconciled with her mom. Perhaps her mom can help her finally do what she needs to do to get her boys back! 🙂

Annoyomus on

Oh, and I just read went to People Magazine’s website and read their article about Britney being temporarily stripped of visation rights, and it seems that, in fact, Britney may not have been at fault. Here is a quote from the article:

“But a source close to Spears says the judge removed visitation rights after the pop star was unreachable by a cell phone designated for court-related scheduling. “She waited by the phone,” says the source. “It never rang.” It turned out the phone wasn’t getting reception at her house, the source says.”

Tarsha on

Britney must have something to hide….

Preesi on

The cellphone reception thing wasnt true.
The truth was that she gave Shannon Funks old cell number, as her “contact” number. They were saying on the news that it is a TYPICAL drug abuser excuse to give dead phone numbers as contact info, to delay the drug testing. Like, “OOPS! I’m sorry I must have written down the wrong number!”…

And Britney does not have PPD!
All the TV shrinks are in agreement on this!
Drew Pinsky and Dr Phil BOTH say NO PPD.
Dr Phil said, “No, uh uh! I dont see PPD here, what I see is typical drug addiction!”
If it were PPD theyd be GIVING her drugs not trying to test for them.

Preesi on

BTW? To all you Britney Spears Fanatics who make excuses…

Britney Spears decided to spend her day yesterday NOT working on getting custody back, BUT getting her lips Restylane Injected.

MommyX1 on

Seriously? The PHONE didn’t have reception? What a horrible excuse. You would think that if that were true, she would have a landline. Or check her voicemail. I have missed calls plenty of times becuase of bad reception, and knew about them right away because I had voicemail on my phone. Not only that, but you think that if that were the case, it would always be a fact that her phone had bad reception, therefore she would take steps to ensure that she wouldn’t miss an important call. It’s not hard. It really isn’t. The way that she makes the tiniest bit of work or preparation look like a bunch of momentous tasks is beyond me. I mean, who loses SUPERVISED visits?

PSB on

I honestly think this woman has had a psychotic break or something. She seems like a bipolar person who is self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. I just don’t know how a bipolar person who is out of control and not on meds would have the clarity to get herself on meds unless she ends up at a state hospital. She’s too far gone to realize there is something wrong with her and has gotten rid of all of the people who could have possibly helped her. I think her own mom must feel really powerless.

I obviously can’t prove all of this, but it’s a gut feeling I have. I think she has mental problems and needs help. I think there’s no way she should be around those kids without a monitor right now. This judge has a lot of experience and has probably seen tons of parents like Britney. I’m sure the cell phone excuse (just like the gate intercom excuse last week) is probably one of the oldest ones in the book.

I think it’s in the kids’ best interest for her to be kept away until she can get herself together. She is erratic and the fact that she keeps driving after running over people’s feet and having multiple accidents (one hit and run!) in the past few weeks, shows how out of touch she is. Imagine if she took her kids in the car with her and drove like that?? Scary.

Campbell on

She REFUSES to take herself out of the media. To watch a person/mother self-destruct in public is utter saddness. From her pre children interviews, I gathered that she believed that a baby would “fill her up”. And when a person has no sense of self, they are a bottomless pit. No wonder she has become a drug addict. Something I don’t think must have ever crossed her mind before having children is that the word parent is not only a noun, but more importantly a verb. Verb- a content word that denotes an action, occurence, or state of existence.

terri on

I feel bad for the boys. They don’t deserve this.

I honestly think Britney thought that having kids would fill some need in her. She has found that to be untrue. She loves her kids, but I’m not entirely sure that she wants them full-time. Not complying with the judge’s orders time and time again, is her way of not having to care for her sons full-time without having to really admit to not wanting to be a full-time mom.

Kate2 on

“It seems to me that she loves them very much! For one thing, she seems to be extremely hands on with them AND happy with them in most of the pictures we’ve seen of her with them” –

Annonymous: Hands on moms show up in court for the hearings, they follow the judges orders so they can keep their kids, they do everything in their power to keep their kids. Britney has not done that. And it’s irrelevant to me whether she is smiling when she’s in pictures with her kids – smiling in pictures and then doing NOTHING to keep custody doesn’t cut it.

I understand people having sympathy for her because she’s obviously very troubled, but it’s beyond me how anyone could defend her and say “she’s a great mom.” She’s clearly not stable enough at this point to be a great mom. And she seems unwilling to get the help she needs to become a better mom. She’s making her priorities quite clear, and those priorities unfortunately don’t seem to include her kids.

Di on

I’m really starting to believe that Britney’s problems are more pyschological than drug related because two of her drug tests came back negative.
It’s like she is sabotaging herself. She is ruining her chances of gaining 50/50 custody any time soon. On one hand she loves her babies but on the other she is not doing what is required to get them back.
Assuming Brit does what she is required to do so that regains monitored visits, the judge will now be less inclined to go up to 50/50 because she has not consistently followed the judge’s orders.
I think she should do what Lindsay Lohan did and go away to Utah for treatment. 30-60 days out of the spot light could be great for her and just what she may need.

Nikki on

Postpartum I say! 😦

jen on

What hapened to the moderaters here?

Annoyomus on

Kate2- I didn’t say that Britney’s a great mom! In fact, I agree with the majority that she is NOT a great mom (however, I don’t think she’s a horrible one, either.). What I was trying to say is that it seems to me that she DOES love her boys.

That said, I agree with the poster who stated that she is probably so far gone to realize that something is wrong with her. I also agree that she is probably mentally ill at this point, and that that is the main cause of her problems right now (the drug addiction, IMO, happened because of her mental problems/illness, and is a secondary cause of her problems).

However, I also agree with Nicole and brookefan. Thanks to the courts, things for Sean and Jayden seem to be anything but consistent these days, and they are probably very confused. Also, I think that, like brookefan stated, Britney should at least be allowed supervised visits with the boys. I feel that the judge is being unfair not only to the boys, but to Britney as well.

I mean, the agreement was that if Britney didn’t complie with the judge’s requirements, she would lose CUSTODY of the boys, not visitation rights! As long as they are supervised, I don’t see the problem with allowing her to have visits with the boys. Obviously, if someone is surpevising the visits, the boys are in safe hands during them (since the supervisor would hopefully intervene if Britney were doing something that was putting them in danger).

Anyway, I just wish the judge would think of how all of this must be affecting the boys! brookefan is right, at their ages, they need to at least be able to have their mother visit them!

Kate2 on

“I feel that the judge is being unfair not only to the boys, but to Britney as well.

I mean, the agreement was that if Britney didn’t complie with the judge’s requirements, she would lose CUSTODY of the boys, not visitation rights!”

Actually, no, that wasn’t the agreement. The original court order in September was that if she didn’t comply with the judges instructions then she would lose custody. Then after she lost custody, the judge added that if she didn’t comlpy with his orders then she would lose visitation. Go back and read the orders, it very clearly states that if she doesn’t comply she loses visitation.

And I think the judge has been more than fair to Britney. He has given her chance after chance and she has screwed up every time. This is the same judge who was generous enough to give her overnight visits just 10 days after she screwed up and lost custody. The judge has been more than fair. As for whether it’s not fair to the boys: It’s the judges job to make sure their mother is complying with ALL his orders to ensure that she is stable enough to ensure their well-being. And she chose not to comply, therefore she is the one who is being unfair to her children, not the judge. I am so tired of hearing people blame others for Britney’s screw ups. Britney failed her children again by not doing everything in her power to maintain custody, and yet somehow there are still people who are blaming the judge for Britney letting her kids down.

Di on

I know that some people feel like the judge is being very unfair to Britney and the boys but it is Britney’s actions that have hurt her children and not the judge.
If the judge asks you to do something it is because he believes that it would be best for you and the kids. Had Britney done everything the judge ordered at the outset she would still have 50/50 custody.
Britney cannot do what the judge asks when she wants to do it.Britney has to know that her actions have consequences. If you read the ruling her visitation rights were suspended pending compliance with the court’s orders so if she does what she needs to do she can her kids again as early as monday.
The judge is trying to make sure that Sean and Jayden have the best mother possible and even though it might hurt them not to have their mother in their lives for a short period, in the long run it might be for the best especially if it causes Britney to be a better mother.

Ashleigh on

my husband and i split when my kids were 3 and 1 month and he did everything under the sun to get full custody of our girls. All of the arguing and being thrown around between us had a huge toll on three year old Holly but Sasha was to small to understand.
I ended up with full custody and unfortunately for my girls they will never see their daddy again. since then i have gotten maried and i am expecting another baby. just think of what this is doing to sean and jayden

Vanessa on

Kate2, thank you for saving me the typing. You hit the nail on the head with everything you typed — I couldn’t agree more!

Renee on

I’m shocked she got back some visitation rights.I think the judge is being too easy on her. How will she ever learn if every time she messes up, they give her another chance? I try to be positive but I don’t see anything positive about this situation.

Lilybett on

Perhaps therapy and a “learning to be an adult” course would be more helpful for Britney at this phase in her life. I think she missed some valuable steps while she was exposed to working and the entertainment industry from such a young age. She’s had employees and sychophants for years and has never really had to do anything or take responsibility for herself. She’s probably also not been told “no” a whole lot either. I think these are deeper issues that are driving her to act irresponsibly and won’t be solved until they’re addressed explicitly.

Di on

According to the court order, Brit’s visitation rights were suspended pending compliance with the court’s orders so as soon as she did whatever she did not do, her visitiation rights were reinstated. Kevin’s attorney said on Thurs that it was likely that her rights would be reinstated before the next court hearing.
In any event, let’s hope Britney complies with all the court’s order but I have a feeling she might mess up again.

WOW on

I’m glad the judge saw through Britneys excuses and did what he had to do. Unfortunately for Britney this is a very serious situation which she cannot lie her way out of. She’s a parent now and has to grow up.

SM on

I just think that she needs help and needs to get her act together. It’s obviously affecting her kids’ lives. She may put a new album out, but it is not going to help her situation. Can it be that she’s addicted to attention, whether good or bad? I think that she’s being quite self-centered because if I were her, I would concentrate on my family’s wellbeing, not how many times I’m shot by the camera.

J.M. on

SM I agree. She’s addicted to any and all attention that she gets at this point. She’s lacking a lot of confidence in herself. She’s a beautiful girl with a lot of potential but she’s throwing it away so quickly. I really hope she gets her act together. It’s ashame when people put this idea of a “family” in their heads and then it doesn’t turn out like they dreamed. Just goes to show just because you may be successfully rich doesn’t mean that you have it all together or can handle being an adult. Britney never got to be a kid and I think now a part of her would like to be one but another part of her lingers to be a mother. I don’t think she knows how.


I believe that so many of you are very judgemental. You do not know what is going on in this young womans life. How do you know that she isn’t Bipolar? We only know what we see, but we really do not know what is going on in her life. PLEASE STOP be so judgemental. A lot of us think we are the perfect parent (Joan Cleaver), but we are not.

Mary-Helen on

@ the risk of sounding mean, i don’t think Ms Spears cares if she gets those boys back @ all. She is constantly tanning, @ the gym, getting her lips injected and getting her hair done, focusing on her “comeback”. Where was she when this custody hearing was pending? She was out partying and focusing on her “comeback”.

In all of her pregnancy interviews, Britney raved about having a little girl she could cuddle and love and dress in frilly clothes. IMO once she got boys and not the little daughter to mold in her image, she grew bored of them like she does her pets and her friends. She dumped them and Federline for not providing her with the child she wanted. I saw the footage of her informing him she had filed for divorce, he was blindsided and broke down. She galivanted around while he picked up the slack. He is there for those kids while she isn’t.

I don’t think Britney’s problems are psychological. I think she’s just plain selfish and is more concerned about her album than her children. I hope it flops so she can see she’s hurting the only people who truly love her: her children.

Kate2 on

I think it’s sad that the judge gave her visitation rights so easily. It seems to me that every time she fails to comply with an order she’s just trying to buy time to let the drugs get out of her system. Then she complies with the order a day or two later and: Poof, she gets her visitation back. I think she should have to prove herself for more than a few days before having vistiation reinstated. The judge should stop giving her so much wiggle room to manipulate the system.

??? on

Just a question…The order is for Britney to be the only one to be drug tested, right? It has been all over the “news” that Kevin has been smoking pot all over the One Tree Hill set. Not only that, Shar Jackson said she had never seen him do anything harder than pot. Does he get tested, too?

They should both grow up and think of the kids. Also, maybe a monitor for both of them…something. It is a frustrating situation for parents to watch b/c all we know is what we see.

Renee on

????..what sources said that about Kevin? Sounds like something that would be printed in Star magazine? Really I’m asking.

??? on

N on

Well, Renee…Kevin’s first baby mama gave Perez hilton an exclusive interview and she said it. I would consider his other baby mama to be more of a reliable source than star or TMZ who is also a tabloid site. Some of these sites get tidbits of truth and spin it. It was TMZ that said it was a reception issue with her phone. It was never deemed “FACT” that Shannon Funks number was the one given. PEOPLE mag which is more accurate than TMZ said it was due to no cell-phone reception! NO ONE but her and the inner circle KNOWS the complete truth….SO in other words stop passing judgement when you don’t have ALL of the needed info!….. WHICH none of us will be privy to. ALSO….It is not that easy to pass drug tests…especially for habitual and frequent users. Its not just a piss or a pluck of the hair type of test.

Di on

I just have to clarify some issues. In terms of what Shar Jackson said about Kevin smoking pot. She said that when they were together she did know Kevin to smoke some marijuana. Now Shar and Kevin have not lived together in over 3 years so Shar has no knowledge as to whether Kevin is smoking marijuana right now. Let me add, Shar did not say that Kevin was using drugs right now which is very important because the judge found that Britney was abusing controlled substances either currently or in the recent past.
Secondly in terms of the phone reception being the reason why Brit missed the drug test. People magazine was only reporting what a source close to Britney told them. This source is probably lying to protect Brit.This same source also said that the reason why Brit did not do what she was supposed to do following the judge’s orders in Sept. was due to a miscommunication.
What are the odds the Brit’s failures to comply with the court’s orders came about simply because of miscommunication.
I don’t know what is going on behind closed doors but I do know that the judge said that Brit has substance abuse issues and emotional issues which means that her problems are way beyond the typical mistakes every parent makes.

Kate2 on

“PLEASE STOP be so judgemental. A lot of us think we are the perfect parent (Joan Cleaver), but we are not.”

It’s actually June Cleaver, not Joan.
And just because some of us think a self-destructive person shouldn’t be allowed to drag her kids down with her does not mean we are judgmental – it means we care about the welfare of her children. And I am well aware of the fact that I am not a perfect parent, no one is. Every parent makes mistakes. But there is a huge difference between a parent who is trying really hard and making a few mistakes here and there, and what Britney is doing, she is not trying really hard, she’s barely even trying. She didn’t even care enough to show up in court when she was losing custody of her kids, she doesn’t even care enough to make sure she does everything to comply with all the judges orders the first time. She is letting her children over and over again – being disgusted by a person who doesn’t even care enough about their kids to put them first does not mean that we think we’re perfect.

N on

Sorry Di, That was not the conversation Shar and Perez hilton just recently. She gave this interview while she was performing for Raping with the stars or something…the show was boring. But he asked her if kevin “USES” drugs….she said nothing hardcore…Perez said are you sure i know he has used ex and other stuff he began to name some and she said all I know of is marijauna…he “USED” to sell it but not anymore. Go to perez’ hilton’s site and google it. ALSO…per TMZ http://www.tmz.com/2007/10/22/the-real-story-behind-britney/
Britney Spears has the same visitation rights she had before ticking off the judge last week.

As we first reported, Brit’s visitation was suspended after L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon learned the drug testing people couldn’t contact her for the random drug tests. What has not yet been made public is that Britney’s visitation was automatically reinstated when she could show proof she had a phone that would make her reachable.

Brit’s peeps submitted documentation of the phone, and her visitation is the same as before; regular day visits and one overnight a week.

That could all change on Friday, when Spears and K-Fed are due in court. Sources say Spears will probably ask that the 50/50 physical custody be reinstated. We know K-Fed had been ….READ the rest on your own!

Also, If she was using a landline for her “RANDOM” drug tests…if she is out and about how will they get in touch with her. That’s why she uses a cell phone….when they call her she has to go get tested. Not wait until she gets home to pick up her answering machine to see if they left a message!

Renee on

N, why are you defending Britney. The judge knows more of what is going on than any of us. Also, I wouldn’t use Perez Hilton as a credible source when it comes to information.The many lawsuits that have been filed against him should show that.Also, if Kevin is test positive for drugs, Briteny won’t get custody..the kids will probably go to the grandparents or foster care. I doubt she will get 50/50 custody again for a while. A drug/Alcohol addict doesn’t just change in a month without legitimate treatment.

Di on

I always find it interesting how people try to make Brit look good by making Kevin look bad. I’m no fan of Kevin by any means after all, he dumped Shar when she was pregnant.
I’m not going to go over the Shar/Perez interview which I have seen but as I stated earlier, Shar and Kevin have not lived together in over three and a half years so I’m pretty sure she has not SEEN Kevin use drugs in at least three and a half years. And I seriously doubt that he would tell her that he uses drugs considering that their communications are probably all about their children.
Bottom line- the judge found that Brit has substance abuse issues and he did not make the same findings as to Kevin. The judge found that Brit needed parenting classes and not Kevin. Brit’s custodial time has decreased and Kevin’s time has increased. The judge would not award Kevin primary custody if he thought he had a substance abuse problem and I’m pretty sure Brit’s attorney would have argued that Kevin has a drug problem if there was any evidence to back that up which there probably isn’t. Shar’s interview in which she was joking and laughing with Perez is not evidence.On the other hand, Brit’s former bodyguard said he SAW Brit use drugs on two occasions post rehab.

ricky on

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