Australian radio legend to become a dad at 70

10/20/2007 at 09:50 AM ET

Australian radio legend Philip Satchell is to become a father for the fourth time at 70. He and his musician wife Cecily, 39, are expecting their first child together in April. The couple married four years ago and at first decided against having children. Then Philip had a change of heart.

It was originally my idea. I thought ‘what a waste of a good woman not to have a child’. I’d been seeing a lot of people struggling with their children lately and I thought ‘I’m crazy not encouraging Cecily to do this’. I know she is a strong, sound woman and would be a wonderful mother. I asked if she’d like to and she said ‘yes’ quick as a flash.

Philip’s sons Andrew, 40, Tim, 38, and David, 37, from his previous marriage encouraged him when learned that they were trying to have a baby.

They were constantly asking, ‘When is it going to happen?’ It won’t affect their lives that much, but they’re all pleased.

Philip has two granddaughters, Annabel, 2, and Eleanor, 10 months, and he hopes that both they and the baby will help keep him fit.

I won’t have much time with that child, but clearly it’s better with a child to have a life than not to have one. It’s not a way of filling in my life, but of transforming my life. It will keep me very fit.

Cecily admitted that she had put motherhood out of her mind,

I was surprised because we’d discussed it and decided we wouldn’t have children. I was happy with that. We have a good life and a happy marriage, but when we talked about it I thought it was a great idea. I think it surprised a lot of people, but we’re very happy and excited.

She will take six months maternity leave from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Philip will stay home full-time with the baby.

We know we’re in for a change, but it’s very exciting. I think the child is very lucky to have Philip at home all the time.

Source: Adelaide Now

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Kara on

I admire them for being realistic about this. While I don’t agree people have any place having children at that age- 70!- at least they seem loving and dedicated. Congrats to them!

Carrie on

Way too OLD to be having kids if you ask me. I mean, he’ll be 98 when the kid graduates from high school. Gross.

Victoria on

I personally believe that everyone has the capability of making their own dicisions. With that said, I don’t agree with men becoming fathers that late in life, especially when they have grandchildren already.

Ashley on

Why should men of that age not be allowed to have children? Just because they won’t be in their children’s life for as long as they would if they had them earlier, does’t mean that time won’t be meaningful.

Julie on

Those of you who think he shouldn’t be a father because he is too old and might not be around as long, give me a break. With that logic, no one should have kids because they could die tomorrow, and grandparents shouldn’t be allowed to raise their grandkids. There are no guarantees in life; take the time you have and make the most of it. Congratulations to them.

Ana on

Ashley you just said it!!! 😉 So I don’t need to repeat it but making your words mine!

Nausicaa on

Uh, wow. They seem to be pretty level-headed people, but why couldn’t they adopt an older child? Chances are he’s not going to live long enough to see this child graduate high school!

Renee on

Ashley and Julie..thank you for posting your comments. Sometimes I feel like some people here just judge and it’s nice to see some positive points of views

Kara on

All I’m saying is that why have children so late when you know you aren’t going to be around to enjoy them like the other kids you may have had earlier in life? It seems quite selfish to me.

Luciana (Brazil) on

Congrats Ashley, Julie, Ana and Renee, it’s great to see that there’s people in this world like you girls.

My cousin died at 34 when his wife was 5 months pregnant. So she should had an abortion because the babyh would never meet his dad?
My friends’s father died last month at 46, and she is 17, so, she must hate him because she’s to young to lose her father?

Gimme a break!

Selfishness is not to have a child when you CAN and WANT to!!!

What if he dies at 105? Who knows? Everything is possible!

He should not have a child because he may die in 10 years? He may die tomorrow! I could die in 5 minutes!!!

Best wishes to the couple and the baby!

yaosa on

Ditto to Renee:-)

I don’t always feel like addressing the negative comments and frankly, when I read them I don’t feel like posting at all. But their outlook and perspective is rare and realistic and it’s no one’s business but their own.

So maybe he won’t be round for another 20 years but then again he may and a life is a life no matter how it comes about.

About adopting an older child..why do people always bring in adoption like it’s going to the supermarket to buy some meat ?

And what difference would an older child make that a baby couldn’t make ?

Natasha on

Yaosa I’m with you, adoption takes a long time, and yes its nice, but whats so wrong with just having a child?

Don’t get me wrong I think adoption is great, but there’s nothing wrong with giving birth to a child.

Laura on

Good for all of you with the positive comments. This is such an upbeat, healthy site most of the time, but occasionally the comments are uncomfortable to read in their judgment. I don’t think anyone would appreciate being told that they shouldn’t have a child, why don’t they consider adoption, because someone else doesn’t think that your personal circumstances are appropriate for raising a child. Nor would it be any better for them to adopt an older child, only for that child to lose their father. I agree, there are no guarantees in life, so we should seize happiness when we can. A family is a blessing, a child is a blessing, and congratulations to them both.

Cindy on

Nausicaa, I am sorry, but why SHOULD they have wanted to have adopted an older child? Every woman in childbearing age must certainly have the urge for biological children, and that is so totally normal. Yes, he is alot older than average fathers, but who are we to judge who “can” or “cannot” become parents? Congrats to them.

dee on

I think everyone makes good points. I personally wouldn’t want to be with someone that old first of all and second of all I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world with someone that old. But, not for the reason everyone is thinking (too old), but at that age I don’t know if that person would have the patients and energy to deal with and energetic and needy child. I would rather travel or something, esp. if I have already experienced having children. But, at the end of the day as long as its not me that is in that situation, than whatever makes a person happy, because that is a decision that they have to live with.

Anyway, congrats, but still awkward imo!

ang on

wow hot topic. fact is, she’s 39, he may die in 5yrs time n she might after a while meet someone else n want to have a kid with them n it’d be too late. a girl i went to school with lost her mother when she was 7(n she had 2 older sisters an older brother & a younger sister at the time).since then(she is 25 now)her dad remarried & had the family added another girl & then a boy.her dad is super-fertile =) and rich too so why not?

ella on

Though I appreciate people not being judgmental, etc… I think the negative aftermath is not that the father will only have 5-10 years with his child, but the fact that the child will be losing a parent at a very young age. I think that losing a parent is extremely traumatic for any child of any age… I personally wouldn’t want to willingly submit my child to that… because, yes, I could die in a car accident tomorrow, but he is 70 YEARS OLD, that sort of makes it a guarantee that he will pass in that child’s young years. It might be right for them, but I just can’t get behind that.

jjj on

I have nothing to say about the rightness or wrongness of this. I’m just amazed that it was still possible for him to father a child at 70!

Ana on

Ella, I can get your point, but I think a 30 year-old suffers as much or more losing a parent than a 5 year-old. A parent is a parent and no matter your age you get hurt when you lose him/her. And besides a 30 year-old (for example) has more memories with that parent than a younger person, so would she/he suffer as much. Death is traumatic no matter your age, and no matter our age it’s a reality.
In the end that kid would have loved that parent as much, and wouldn’t switch in any condition.

tdevol on

No one should live life fearing death. That being said, good luck to them and their new baby and may whatever time anyone has with their children be meaningful.

trixie on

I agree it’s no one’s business but their own, but still, I find it highly irresponsible for ANY person — male or female — to parent a child when statistics show they will probably not live to see them graduate from high school, get married, have children of their own, etc.

True, as some of you have pointed out, ANY parent could die at any time, but the odds are much less likely that a 35 year old man will die when his child is under the age of 10.

Jay on

Reading this story made me smile. I’m glad his sons supported their Dad in his decision to have another child.

Connie Wisnasky on

Congratulations! I am sure that this will be a child that is so filled with a family of love nothing else matters.God Bless your pregnancy and your life together learning all new experiences. What fun! Peace and love to you all.Connie Wisnasky