Katie Holmes and Suri out in NYC on Friday

10/19/2007 at 11:50 AM ET

Actress Katie Holmes, 28, and her daughter Suri Cruise, 18 months, were spotted out walking in NYC on Friday morning.


Photos by INF; Startraks.

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Kate on

I love Suri’s hair – it looks so pretty!

Also, what a cute outfit! Any idea what Suri is wearing?

Lexie on

Why is she wearing long sleeves and a turtleneck? It was 71 degrees this morning in NYC. She must be sweating her ass off!

Ines the frenchy on

First for the first day of my life!! lol
Oh what a cutie!!! She is so beautiful!! I like her lips… Is Katie Holmes pregnant?? She very looks….

Elisa on

Suri is the cutest celebrity baby ever. And I don’t even like Tom and Kat.
She’s a doll… awww…

Mariam on

What were Katie and Suri doing in NYC anyway?

Angeline on

Wow! She looks just like Tom, especially the eyes.

Tiffany on

I love Suri…I think she’s absolutely adorable.

But everytime I see pictures of her with a bottle I have to ask myself why?? Why is she still on a bottle? I know some kids have problems switching over but I can’t imagine her pediatrician is saying it’s still okay??

It doesn’t really matter as long as she’s healthy I suppose. She’s just too cute!

Katie on

Why is this 18 month old still drinking from a bottle? I think that’s the “wrong action”.

Ween on

Time to give up the bottle…

Campbell on

Beautiful little Suri. Love the longer sweeping bangs (altho, I’m sure the wind did the “sweeping”). Such an enviable wardrobe.

ps on

love,love,love this family!Suri is the most beautiful baby i’ve seen.not surprising cause she has the mix of beautiful parents.

Jade on

It looks like she has Tom’s nose.

lola on

She looks like she has a cold & congestion! She is a real cutie πŸ™‚

Shell on

Suri is a beautiful little girl! But she is too old to still have a bottle.

Karen on

Mariam I heard rumors that Katie is planning on running in the NY Marathon so that might be the reason they are in NY, there could be another reason though.

brannon on

She does have Tom’s nose! I never noticed before …

gianna on

Suri is beautiful, and always dressed great.

Berjoui on

I’m surprised none of you usually very observant and critical readers commented on how Suri is still drinking from a bottle.

Diane on

Beautiful girl. But, she needs to old fo for the bottle. Needs a sippy.

Sheri on

OMG what a beautiful child! That second picture is absolutely the best I have ever seen of her.

Nadège on

I just can’t resist posting, as Suri has got to be one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. And to think that, at one point, I was skeptical over her even existing! πŸ™‚

Mariam on

Thanks alot Karen

AmΓ©lie on

Wow, in the first pic she looks so much like mummy, but in the second she looks just like Tom I’ve never seen so much of both parents in a kid.

legemc on

She is so cute I want to eat her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

delia on

I just dont get Katie Holmes dressing up habit. Its about 100% humidity here in NYC, muggy,warm and summer like. Why does she dress opposite of the weather????????????????????

ele on

Suri looks just like Tom in this pics ! gorgeous little girl !!!

Lilybett on

I don’t know anything about bottles but why does that first pic look like Suri’s bottle has milk in a little plastic bag insert? Is that some new convenient style or wacky hygiene thing? Or is it just that the shape of the moulded plastic inside the bottle isn’t symmetrical?

Paula S. on

I don’t usually get on here with negative commetns but aren’t kids supposed to be off the bottle by the time they are 1 year? I think that it is time that they start giving her a sippy cup.


Principesa on

Why does an 18 month old still use a bottle?

MuffThumb on

Last night Tom had a screening of “Lions for Lambs” in NYC.

Tom was with them when they were strolling downtown. why didnt you guys include him in the pics?


Sarah’s note: He wasn’t in the ones for sale on our photo agencies.





Sammi on

She is such a cute little girl. Isn’t she getting too old for the bottle?

CheriScha on

She’s looking more and more like her daddy every day. What an adorable child.

Julia on

Katie might be feeling sick, as it has been mentioned she could be Pregnant

I am sick everyday and wear a warm jumper when it is 30 degrees and mum says how can you wear that

Hella on

I know every one has said this but she is just too beautiful for words, when I come to CBB and see pics of her, I run all over the internet looking for more. She just is too cute. Thanks CBB.

And she does look like Tom, especially the eyes!

ang on

not having kids, i’m pretty ignorant when it comes to this sort of stuff, but at what age generally does the bottle get the ol’ heave-ho? cute pics tho….

p on

i just have to post again cause I missed the second picture .Sarah,you really have good pictures of Suri my favorite celebrity baby!!!

Karine on

This child looks more like her father now, what an adorable child. And she does have a serious wardrobe,Katie dress her beautifully.

Ailene on

Can someone please tell me what kind of bottle Suri is holding?

elisa on

Suri is adorable as always …STUNNING baby girl! She does look more and more like her Dad !

LaLoca1 on

Suri is too beautiful for words!! That second pic (while kinda scary how close the paparazzi can get!) is absolutely stunning!

megan on

cute pics! i notice that suri has a bottle in alot of her pics though- isn’t she getting a little old for that?

DS on

Get rid of the bottle!!!

Colleen on

She is a beautiful baby, but she’s 18 months-old. WHY is she still using a bottle?

Jessica on

I think she is the sweetest lil thang in Hollywood! I love the fact that they use everyday bottles and not some overpriced bottles…shows thier humble side.

Jessie on

Why does she still have a bottle?

Daniela on

Can anyone help me? I just wonder whats that in her bottle. It looks like a filled sack with milk or whatever. I have never seen somethingh like that but in the last bunch of Suri photos?
She looks so adorable. I always watch out for new Suri photos on CBB πŸ™‚

BRITchick on

She is adorable and is always dressed so nicely πŸ™‚ but a bottle?! :/

momof2 on

um I know her sunglasses are really in and everything- but they make katie look like she just had cataract surgery.

Susan on

Why does she, at 18 months old STILL have a bottle?

Kristin on

What a gorgeous pic of my favorite celeb baby. If she were mine I would have a hard time taking my eyes off of her! What a doll! Her eyes and nose are pure Tom, and her cheeks, mouth and hair are Kate’s. I would, however, like to see her in some regular, comfy clothes just once πŸ˜‰

Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this great picture.

Ashley on

Katie’s holding a itty bitty baby girl Tom Cruise in her hands!! Lol what a cute little sweetie Suri πŸ™‚

m on

okay yes the kid is beautiful…but can we all just comment on how she’s 18 mos old and still on the bottle? what’s that about? she should be using a sippy cup.