CBB Exclusive: In the rain with actress Amy Locane

10/19/2007 at 11:19 AM ET

Amy_1_cbbAmy Locane has had an impressive acting career spanning over two decades. Discovered when she was just a teenager, Amy has starred in feature film cult classics such as Cry Baby with Johnny Depp, School Ties, and T.V. favorite Melrose Place. She also expanded her career to include theater as well. Cuddling with her beautiful 8 month-old daughter, Paige Cricket, born last January, Amy sat down with CBB to discuss her new role as Mommy.

After the interview, we headed out into the pouring rain to shoot Amy, 36, at fiancé Mark Bovenizer’s firehouse in Hopewell, NJ. Between the drops, we got some amazing images.

Click below for all the photos and interview highlights.

Photography: Gabbeli Photography (www.gabbeliphotography.com) Hair/Makeup: Douglas Martucci

How did you meet your fiancé Mark?

Mark and I met inJanuary 2006. I had been out in California for pilot season,house-sitting and doing pre-reads. One day, I found myself walkingaround L.A. thinking, “What am I doing here?” The business had reallyshifted in the past few years, and I had enough. I took a plane homeand thought I would make a go at the real world and get a real job!

I was working at a store in Princeton, and I was really happy. Itwas a completely normal, regular lifestyle. Mark owns the liquor storeright next door and he asked my boss about me. We have been togetherever since. It was funny, since I was still reeling from what was goingon in show biz, and then a month later I met my husband-to-be and fellmadly in love.


What happened in the industry?

It really started after 9/11. Reality T.V. crept in, and big movie stars were doing T.V. It was like only 20 people were actually working, and there was no room for anyone else. The market just dried up.

Returning home was one of the best things I ever did. It was what I needed. Little did I know that I would find the man of my dreams, have a baby, and a great life, all in my hometown!

Let’s talk about your baby daughter, Paige.

She is the love of my life! I love waking up in the mornings to take care of her, and she’s an excellent baby. I just adore her.

How was your pregnancy?

It was pretty complication-free. I had to give up running, which I love, because I had a scare. When I was about 3 months pregnant, I was running, looked down, and there was blood everywhere. I totally freaked out, but the doctor said everything was okay, except that I had to stop running.

Paige was born 5 weeks early. My water actually broke outside of Mark’s store!

Keeping fit is very important to you.

I like how I feel when I am in shape. I don’t go to a gym; I run. I started running again about 6 weeks post-partum. Running is very spiritual for me. It is therapeutic; it clears my mind and helps me to focus.


Speaking of running, you starred in a play about “running,” just a few months after Paige was born.

Yes, I starred in a play called ‘Run For Your Wife’ during the summer. It’s an English farce, so I had to do an English accent. We had a six-week run, and it was a lot of fun for me. It was almost like ‘Three’s Company;’ a taxi driver with two wives gets into an accident and the wives report him missing to the police. I was like Chrissy Snow, stomping around in a pink nightgown and being silly.

You didn’t have to “run” very far to get to the theater, right?

No, it was literally down the street from where I live! It’s also right across the street from the firehouse where Mark works as a volunteer firefighter. It was amazing to have all the things and people I love so close together.

How did you balance being a new mom with working?

Paige was just 4 months old when we started rehearsals. My mom would come over and baby-sit. It was a wonderful experience for me; it was a cool, creative outlet that took me out of the “Oh my God I just had a baby!” mode.

The play came at a great time. When you have a new baby, you can get really overwhelmed, since it’s such a huge responsibility. You’re thrilled to be a mom, but your sleep schedule is so thrown off and it can be scary if you don’t have a good support system.

What are your plans for the future?

My wedding!!! Mark and I are getting married in May 2008. I have looked at thousands of dresses, and the one that I love the most so far is by designer Monique Lhuillier. I definitely want a poufy dress!

My maid of honor is going to be my best friend from high school. It’s going to be an evening wedding. The church is very classical and looks like a cathedral. We’re going to have lots of peonies, since they are a classic May flower. The bridesmaids are going to be in hot pink.

And what will Paige wear?

Paige is going to wear a tiny version of whatever I wear. It’s going to be the exact same dress. She is going to walk with my teacup-sized Yorkie, Joe, down the aisle! It will be original, classic, and totally unpretentious.

Do you plan on doing more plays?

I’d love to do more theater work. I can definitely do more theater since it’s just down the street. I’m lucky enough that I can actually take a break from the rat race and focus on being the best mom and wife I can be.

I’ve learned it’s not about being famous and big money. L.A. can be a fun place, but when it comes down to it — and this might sound hokey — there’s no place like home. Here, I can go to the local corn stand and get fresh corn and wave to my neighbors and host play dates with my friends at my house.

It’s simple living but it’s really relaxing and fun. And I’m happier than I ever have been.


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Charlene on

Thanks for the interview and photos. I’m actually watching reruns of ‘Melrose Place’ right now and Amy Locane’s character is still on. Paige is beautiful and Amy looks great. What a nice profile on her life.

Nicole on

I have loved Amy Locane for so many years! When I was younger, I wanted to BE her because she got to kiss on Johnny Depp! 🙂

She is so pretty and I hope she is happy with her new life. Maybe someday she can come back to tv/movies! She’s a great actress!

Ekaterina on

Oh my god! I live in Hopewell! And I went to middle and high school in Princeton, it’s even where I work now!
Thanks so much for these! I loved her in Cry Baby!

Campbell on

Good heavens! How precious is that pic of both mom and baby in pink dresses?! Also, love the baby’s nursery colors (assuming that is her nursery)

meghan on

What a cutie! It’s nice that Amy is in such a good place in her life.

jessica bird on

I am also from Hopewell! I went to high school with Mark (didn’t know Amy) and he was super, super nice. Gorgeous baby, I’m happy for them. Amy is so pretty.

Scarlett on

What a hot mama!! I have never seen Amy look better. Her body is in amazing shape and she goes to show that become a mommy does not mean to become matronly! Her husband is a lucky man that Hollywood become so pedestrian and panders to shows like I love NY or else he would never have Amy and Paige. BTW, love the fireman poses!!!!

Kristen on

I couldn’t put a face with a name when I saw this post here last night but now I know who she is. What a cute baby!!

gianna on

How very sweet

Annabel on

Love how she’s ended up with this nice regular dude and is happy as a clam.

Kara on

They seem so grounded and happy. Congrats to them!

Kirstyy Boulton on

Amy is my dads cousin were from england but ive never met her she sent me a pic of her and singed it but wud love to hear from her again 😀
Veryyy cute paigee aww ma little cousin is gawjushh
your really pretty aswell amyy :D:D

Lovee youuu