Tori Spelling talks about weight loss and Liam

10/18/2007 at 11:01 AM ET

Mcdermott_spelling_053107_02_cbbActress Tori Spelling has previously spoken about losing the weight following the birth of her son Liam Aaron seven months ago, but now she even weighs less than before she became pregnant.

I went on the NutriSystem program after I had the baby and it took the weight off. I’m actually a few pounds thinner now, [thinner] than I was before I had Liam.

While the decision to go on the NutriSystem program was relatively easy, Tori admits to never dieting before and was a little nervous.

I was terrified! I thought, ‘Oh my God! I can’t be so strict. I can’t be on flavorless food, tiny portions. What am I going to do? Am I going to starve to death?’ Then I went on NutriSystem it was convenient. It was easy.

Tori doesn’t push herself in the gym either.  She claims that her workout comes from her growing little boy with husband Dean McDermott, 40.

It’s not like I had to workout heavily for a workout every day, except my baby is really heavy now, so that is a little of an arm workout.

The actress also shared new information about Liam and his development.

He just got his first teeth so he has two teeth on the bottom. He is no longer the toothless grinning wonder — And he just learned to wave, which I am really proud of, so he like waves to everyone.

Source: Access Hollywood

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Becky's Daughter on

You know, I thought that she was beginning to look a little thinner than before the baby. Almost like her 90210 days when she was really thin.

She seems to be enjoying motherhood. Good for her!

bren on

Good for her!! Liam is so cute and I love his name!! he he!!

I wish I could go on the Nutrisystem diet…a couple of co-workers and my boss went on it and have lost so much weight…my boss lost 60lbs already…she was a big big lady!! Too bad is too expensive and I could never afford it =(

Brava97 on

I watched an episode of their reality show that showed them at the gym working out with their trainer. Dean groped Tori while she was lifting arm weights while leaning over a weight bench. He squeezed her butt and also held and squeezed her breasts for at least a minute while people watched. Gross.

PSB on

She looks really good. I love her show and I think it’s great she was so confident and went out and about on tv shows, etc when she was heavier after the baby. Most celebs bundle up, starve themselves, or hide until they lose the weight. It’s great to see a normal person who takes their time and does it the right way.

PSB on

Brava 97–

Yeah, that groping scene was a little gross and tacky, though part of me felt happy for Tori – because I always wondered if Dean married her for her celebrity/money. Turns out he really married her for her body! LOL. Seriously though, nice to see he genuinely is into her.

Lauren on

I love Liam he is the most adorable thing ever, definetly one of the cutest celeb babies.

gianna on

She lost a lot of weight, body looks good

legemc on

I’m with ya bren! I’ve been wanting to do NutriSystem for long time, but unfortunately my monthly food budget right now is $100 and it costs about $300. I’m so broke! It sucks that all the cheap food is the least healthy. I’m eating a lot of Ramen Noodles…yuck!

ang on

tori & dean did a live online chat the other night after their show. the transcript is floating around-among other things(like tori being on hsn with her jewelry on oct 30 & her book out feb 19 2008)they said that a baby should enhance rather than change ur life & the baby item they cannot live without is a jolly jumper.

Preesi on

I lost ONE pound only on Nutrisystem years ago.
It relies heavily on Soy Protein, even the chocolate drops have soy protein in them.
So be aware if you are sensitive to soy or soy estrogen like I am.

BTW- you can do a diet just like Nutrisystem with Lean Cuisine etc.
Look for those plans on the net.

bren on

legemc – he he Ramen noodles, I eat that when I broke and

Thanks Preesi..I will look into the lean cuisine… =)