Apple and Moses Martin out in London on Wednesday

10/17/2007 at 04:09 PM ET

Apple Blythe Alison, 3, and brother Moses Martin, 18 months, were spotted hitching rides in London on Wednesday. Apple received a piggyback from their nanny, while an unidentified man gave Moses a shoulder ride. Dad Chris Martin, 30, is hard at work on the next Coldplay album, due out next year, while mom Gwyneth Paltrow, 35, focuses on Spain…On the Road Again, her new reality show with chef Mario Batali, also making its debut in 2008.


Photos by Pacific Coast News.

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gianna on

Moses is so adorable, haven’t seen him in while but he is a cutie. Apple looks like gwyneth a lot.

morgan on

I was just thinking i hadnet seen a pic of these two in a long while! Apple is adorable as always and Moses is growing into such a big boy! So cute.

Kelly on

Wow these kids are aborable! I haven’t seen recent pics of them in a long time and they’ve both sure grown since the last time I saw them. Apple sure looks like Gwyneth.

augustmoon6075 on

It took me by surprise how old Moses is even though he’s the same age at my daughter…I just assumed, for some reason, that he was still a baby! 🙂

They are both adorable and seem like good children. I think that Gwen and Chris are raising them to be grateful and polite children. Keep up the good work!

Natasha on

Moses is so cute!

yaosa on

They are just gorgeous and adorable children! Apple looks darling with her long yellow locks:-)

They look like siblings and a nice mixture of their parents.
All the best to them.

Candice on

No way is Moses that big already! WOW! He’s certainly grown up (and what a cute little man he’s become).

WOW on

Apple has beautiful hair!
I don’t believe Apple is really her name. Surely it’s just a nickname?

Heather on

Its been way too long since we’ve seen new pictures of them. They are both so beautiful!

Nineveh on

Of course Apple is her real name. Where have you been, haha.

J.M. on

I think Moses looks more like Gwyneth while Apple looks more like Chris! They both got so big!! Love Apple’s long blonde hair!

CTBmom on

They are both really beautiful children. I think Moses looks alot like Gwynneth, but I think Apple favors her grandmother Blythe Danner.

PSB on

Apple is the spitting image of Chris – she has the same downturned eyes. I don’t think Gwyneth is a natural blonde like Apple either — more of a light brown/dark blonde.

Moses, on the other hand, look just like Gwyneth, IMO.

Both kids are adorable.

esperanza on

that hat is cool.

sillicat on

apple is a little mini-me for gwyneth, what a cutie-pie.

moses looks like his dad.

Bridget on

Apple looks like a typical english rose! very pretty girl!

Aase on

Apple is absolutely beautiful-just like her mom!

ellie on

apple is gorgeous! she has such a renaissance/paintilly style face – there’s something so classically beautiful about it. its so quirky and not conventionally ‘baby cute’. gorgeous! very gwyneth.

Lu on

They are both so like Gwyneth, especially Apple.

Kat on

could the older man be chris martin’s dad??

elise on

They are so beautiful! I love the attitude of their parents loke at them they are like the others childrens they don’t have some expensives clotes or somethong like that …

Natalie S. on

Moses is adorable. Apple is simply gorgeous, the long blonde hair and those blue eyes. She’s a splitting image of Gwyneth.

Tracy on

“PSB” I couldn’t agree more!

Everyone says Apple looks like Gwen, but I cannot see anyone other than Chris in her; 100% Chris doppleganger! Haha!

Moses is a good mix of them both, but I can see more Gwen in him. Very handsome!

Lynn on

It almost looks like Apple has a lazy eye. Does anyone know if she does? She is so cute!

Kyah on

I just pulled up a pic of Chris Martin, and have to say that if you shaved him and put a long blond wig on him, he be a super-sized Apple!
Everytime I see pictures of these kids I can’t look away, they’re both so gorgeous!

April on

They are both so cute! I wonder if that man might be Chris Martin’s dad? He kind of looks like him a little bit. Maybe another relative?

MaryN on

Thank you for the treats! It has been long overdue. Can’t believe these kids has grown so much since the last time their pics was posted. Soooo cute!

olivia on

Apple is in a school uniform.If you click the picture you can see her kilt. And her sweater is a school uniform sweater. I wear a uniform so I am sure.

Nikki on

I think Apple looks just like Chris. I don’t see much of Gwen in her other than the hair. She’s a cutie too and I agree, she looks very english!

janie on

Please tell me there are other photos showing that Gwyneth or Chris was nearby. If not, CBB should be ashamed of themselves for publishing these photos. Those 2 children are NOT CELEBRITIES. They are children who are with 2 other people who are also NOT CELEBRITIES. This is a blatant invasion of privacy and exploitation of these 2 kids. If Gwyn or Chris was on the scene, then fine. That’s what you get for being famous — your photo taken no matter who u r with. Celebs routinely have the kids go out with the nannies and grandparents so that they will not be photographed. Look, I like pics of celebs and their kids just like everybody else here, but this is so crossing the line if Gwyn, Chris — or even Blythe — was not there. From your copy, it seems like they were not.

TAKE THESE PHOTOS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roise o on

It is wrong to publish these photos if there parents were not present. Just becuase we know there names does not make Apple and Moses celebrities! How would you like it if someone took a picture of Anya out in the park with the nanny and posted it on their website? Creepy, right? C’mon, Danielle, have some common decency!

gren higgins on

take these photos down! I’m contacting Chris’s agent adn publicist in seperate emails. Someone needs to stop you!

jeru on

Could you please clarify whether or not Gwyn or Chris were present when these photos were taken? If they are not there, this is blatant exploitation of these children and these photos should be removed. Do either Apple or Moses have an entry on IMBD? NO! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

stephanie on

Where can I view other pictures from this day?