Denied: Father of Linda Evangelista's son is not Francois-Henri Pinault

10/16/2007 at 09:24 AM ET

Supermodel Linda Evangelista, 42, gave birth to her son Augustin James a year ago and it was believed that the father was a New York architect. However, Page Six is reporting that the father is actually Francois-Henri Pinault, 45, who just had a daughter, Valentina, with actress Salma Hayek one month ago.

Francois-Henri is the French Head of PPR. The company was contacted for a statement but did not return phone calls or emails. Didier Fernandez of DNA Model Management did release the following statement,

Not true. She has never said who the father is.

Source: NY Post

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Heather on

Well that would make for an interesting twist!

Toni on

I really don’t feel it’s in good taste to post a “rumor” about who is who’s baby’s daddy. If Linda wants it to be a secret, then it’s for a reason. I feel it’s a little malicious. This site is dedicated towards positive and uplifting stories about mom’s and their children.

tan on

Now if thats true he was sleeping with them both although that child is a year old now.He is a triffling man to me if this is true then.

Kim on

Linda’s always been private and there’s been so much made up about her just to feed public curiousity.

gianna on

I hope it’s not true, because I would like salma to have good luck with men this time around in her life. She seems like a nice lady, and now with little valentina, hate to think the daddy is making babies and denying them.

Sanja on

Is she pregnant again or not?

Sarah’s note: No.

polina on

I know exactly how she feels. That happened to me. Everyone was speculating about my baby’s father and the truth is -no one knows. Not even me.

gianna on

I wonder if this is true. And if so if he was with salma when he got linda pregnant.My friend read it’s true and that Francois suports the baby, but they didn’t wanna reveal he was the dad to the public. Hope it’s just a rumor because I like to see salma, find happiness with a good guy and her baby. As for linda I would love to see pics of her little boy.

legemc on

Why would his name even come up a a possible father? Do they even know each other? It just seems totally random that they would say he’s the father if they have never met.

Amber on

“Francois…you ARE the father”



If you do the math he could have gotten involved with Salma after Linda and as long as he supports the baby who really cares.

gianna on

Yea I know the math Butterfly but supposedly salma and francois have been together since 2005, so if it’s true it would mean he cheated. If it’s his son I would find it weird that linda and him don’t say it, why would they wanna hide it, he has other kids so what’s the big deal with one more. It’s probably true this rumor, find it hard to believe the ny post just picked his name out of no where and said he was the father lol.

essie on

The NY Post is a tabloid and they have been known to pick names out of nowhere. I don’t trust them one bit.