Elisabeth Hasselbeck to give birth in AZ; husband Tim signs with Arizona Cardinals

10/16/2007 at 08:13 AM ET

Elisabethhasselbeck2_cbbLast evening, on Barbara Live, Barbara Walters’ live weekly exclusive SIRIUS show, The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced some big news.  Her husband NFL quarterback/sports commentator Tim Hasselbeck has signed with the Arizona Cardinals as their backup quarterback and she will be going to Arizona very soon to prepare for their second child’s birth, who is due in three weeks, on November 11th. As such, she will have to start her 6 week maternity leave from The View earlier than expected, most likely next Wednesday, so, as she put it, "I don’t have to have the babyon an airline."

Regarding the job change for Tim, Elisabeth said,

It’s great news. I know the two of you knowhow much it means to him, how much it means to me. He’s done a greatjob exploring the area of broadcasting and analysis for football, butwhen he got this call…I saw Tim, I saw him on the phone, I saw hisadrenaline get going again, and… this is what he’s meant to do. Itmakes things a little challenging in the near future.

Her maternity leave dovetails nicely with the football season and the show’s hiatus so she’ll return next year when the show picks up again. She said she has yet to find a obstetrician, pediatrician, or a place to live.

Barbara joked that Elisabeth should try to have the baby on the show,

Would you consider having the baby on TheView? It’s the least you can do – you’ve been with us for a few years.

Elisabeth, 30, laughed and responded,

Good try… you can be my doula.

It will likely be a hot topic on this morning’s show, so be sure to tune into The View on ABC at 11 am EST.

Barbara Live, Walters’ exclusive weekly call-in SIRIUS show, airs Mondays from 6:00 – 7:00 pm ET on SIRIUS Stars channel 102.

Did your family have a major move or job change when you were about to give birth?  How did you manage?

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Jory on

I HOPE this does not mean that she will decide to leave The View for good! I personally enjoy her. I think she is fun! But either way good luck to both her and Tim on their new journeys!!

finnaryn on

At the end of my second pregnancy, my office was overcast by a scandal involving my boss, a high level elected State Official. I remember being interviewed by a State Patrol officer while 8 months pregnant.

During my pregnancy I had been worried that I would loose my job because none of my bosses would talk to me about my leave. Later, I found out through e-mails that came forward during the investigation that they were planning on firing me once I had the baby because they never processed the FMLA paperwork. I would have been “gone without permission.”

Finally she (yes, this was a woman) resigned and left office three weeks before I was due. I knew the son of the man who took office and I knew that he would have no problem giving me whatever leave I asked for. He also apologized for what I had gone through.

In the end, I had to be induced early and had the baby exactly one week after my new boss started. He was my boss through the next election and the next pregnancy. Again he and his staff were very supportive.

anonymouse on

Hasta LaBuhBye…..*does a happy dance* and hopes she doesn’t return to The View….

However, when her hubby gets dumped by Arizona…..they’ll be back…

I’m hoping they fall in love with Arizona FIRST and decide it’s the best place to raise kids, better than NYC….which it is. I’m a Northeasterner but lived in Arizona for many years.

I DO wish them a lot of luck….just please do not return to The Big Apple or The View.

Ann on

Same thing I was thinking Jory. It’s going to be hard to travel back and forth with 2 young kids. I kinda think that next season she won’t return. It’s going to be hard to be in NY for a few days to shoot and then travel to AZ, with a family. I hope she doesn’t leave but I think it’s kinda going to happen.

ashley on

I am betting now that Elisabeth will leave The View… I don’t think she’d do The View in New York while her husband lives across the country in Arizona. Time will tell…

Jasmine on

My husband had to relocate from Atlanta, GA to a medically under-served area in Arkansas to provide medical care at a community health center. At the time of the move, I was 8 months pregnant and had two toddlers under the age of 4! We had an older pre-teen daughter who helped immensely. It was hectic because I had to find a doctor for myself and the kids. Of course, it was made easier because my husband is a doctor. I loved my OB/GYN and worked at the hospital where our two toddlers were born so it was difficult to relocate. However, it was an experience that I would not change for anything in the world.

Amy on

With my third pregnancy we moved twice during the nine months, the first time in Nov., the second time in April, my son was born May 19. My husbands job requires us to move a lot, 8 times in the last 10 years. We actually found out today we will not be moving for a different position, and I am eight weeks from my due date with my fourth child.

It is stressful, there is no doubt. Any time you move it is. But, the emotions and fatigue are obviously different when you are pregnant. The only thing to get you through is to just keep plugging along. Make a list, and just go through it one by one. The worst part is all the decisions that have to be made, drs, homes, etc. Luckily for Elisabeth, she will have a lot of help and can afford to pay a lot of help (I am assuming here). I had to rely on my mom to travel to help me, which I completely appreciated. But, if I could have paid someone to come in pack me, search out houses for me ahead of time, etc., there would have been a lot less stress. I could have concentrated on my kids and the pregnancy a little more. But, alls well that ends well and my third boy is the happiest go-lucky kid I have so far. So, the stress didn’t affect him in any way. We’ve moved twice since he birth, so it’s a distant memory!
I do appreciate that Elisabeth is going with her hubby to deliver insted of just staying put. I think it’s great for the family to be together for the birth. I couldn’t bear the thought of hoping my husbands flight got there in time to see the brith of his child. That would put more stress on me than the move! Just my opinion:)
I too like Elisabeth, I am glad she sticks it out on that show where her opinions are obviosly in the minority most of the time. I would hate to see her go but wouldn’t be surprised, I think her heart is with her family.

lee on

please leave the show for good…she’s so annoying…and she’s really not a celebrity for all the coverag she seems to get….
however, best of luck to her, tim, grace and the new baby!

Sheri on

Airlines won’t allow expectant mothers to fly without a doctor’s note if they are (or look to be) within 6 weeks of delivering. I am shocked that Elisabeth’s doctor will write her a note to allow her to fly from NY to AZ (a very long, very high-altitude flight) during what will be her 38th week of pregnancy. That being said, I’m sure Elisabeth and her doctor have discussed the possible complications, and I wish her all the best!

gianna on

Next tuesday will be her last day. Good luck to her with the new baby, but I’m looking forward to see some guest co-hosts filling in while she is gone.

Candace on

We made a move 6 weeks before the birth of our first child. It was VERY tiring for me packing and unpacking, but thank goodness we had A LOT of help from family and friends moving and lifting all the heavy stuff. It was hard being in a new town & farther away from family right after our daughter’s birth; but we made a few new friends and made it through okay.

On a sidenote, my aunt & uncle have a BEAUTIFUL 6 bedroom + den, 5 1/2 bath, 4260 sq. ft., 4 car garage custom home, in a private gated community for sale in North Mesa (suburb of Phoenix). They are asking $950,000. I wonder if Elizabeth and her husband would be interested??? I wonder what kind of home/price range they’re looking at?

ladymama on

She looks really small to be due on November 11th. Wow.

Sarah’s note: The photos for the Pregnancy mag shoot were taken when she was only 6 months along.

Dana on

We moved (albeit within town) just before our first was born. My husband and his mom did everything. I wasn’t even allowed to unpack boxes. I just told them where to put everything. My MIL even made me put my feet up and drink water while she put things away.

gianna on

I can’t believe she is flying 3 weeks before her due date, most doctors don’t recommend it within 6 weeks of your due date. Definitely can understand her staying in AZ while on her maternity leave, but I would just let my husband fly back to ny when I give birth, rather than her have to get a new doctor and fly to AZ three weeks before her due date

yaosa on

I feel for Elisabeth but I’m sure she is n good hands. How exciting for her though! I love the southwestern landscape! Good luck to her and her family!

We left NYC to move out to Southern California in my 7th month with my second one. It was a bit stressful as I had a 2 year old and had to organize packing and movers. After that my husband dealt with the logistics. Thankfully we didn’t have much moving from a one bedroom NYC apartment:-) but still packing up my personal stuff was a chore.

We were fortunate to stay with my parents who live out here for the remainder of my pregnancy and my daughter lived her first month with her grandparents which was a real help and jump start for my post pardum recovery.

Again we were fortunate through contacts to get a home quickly and moved into our new house when my daughter was 5 weeks old. By then I could manage unpacking a few things. Mostly the labor fell on my husband. It’s now 5 years later.

Toontown on

So in other words, she’s gonna leave the View. How she’s gonna live in AZ and work in NY with a husband and two babies?

Carla on

Yep, the minute I read this stuff I thought too that she’s on her way out the door. Maybe she is using this opportunity to head to AZ as a way of exiting gracefully after the whole “Rosie” episode – which I think burned her out. Then again – NFL jobs are hard to come by and you can be cut (again) just like that too – so why would she risk quitting her day job?

Kimberley Morse on

I will be very sad if Elisibeth leaves, she is the voice of the 30 something women, and I love to here her voice…

Renee on

I think she is leaving the view as well.I don’t see a marriage surviving with two young children and both parents live in separate states with a long distance apart.Vanessa Williams and Rick Foox tried it and of course it failed. She maybe able to do the view during the off season of the NFL but I don’t see that being likely.