Usher talks about his 'greatest gifts'

10/15/2007 at 11:29 AM ET

R&B singer Usher, who turned 29 on Sunday, and his new wife, Tameka Foster, 37, spoke to Essence magazine about their ‘true‘ love and how the coming birth of their son is going to bring them closer together.

When Tameka and Usher canceled their lavish wedding during the late summer, there was much speculation and doubt swirling around about their commitment to one another. Usher said:

It was like, wow, [getting married] and having a child is something that everyone should celebrate. What’s happened to us as a culture and a people?

Tameka added that she has experienced an openness with Usher that she has never felt in previous relationships. She explained:

I feel totally uninhibited with Usher. I’ve never been in a situation with anyone, even as far back as high school, where there were no secrets. I know I can tell him anything and he’s not going to judge me. I can finally share my dreams. And because of that, I know that man loves me.

Usher commented that he believes their bond will grow even stronger with the birth of their son. He said:

Tameka’s given me one of the greatest gifts I’ll ever have. With a child, now I have purpose. I understand love.

Usher and Tameka got married August 4 in a simple ceremony in Atlanta and their son is due sometime around December. This will be Usher’s first child and Tameka’s fourth.

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lboog on

where are her other 3 children? i never see or hear about them. all this talk about the new baby but no talk about integrating the family and stuff….

bell on

There is something about her that bugs me and I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well, none of my business anyway. They DO seem happy. Usher seems enthralled with the idea of fatherhood. Hope they have a happy,healthy baby.

FC on

I don’t even know what it is about this. Maybe it’s how they came out of the blue. One minute he’s single and then, BAM!, he’s dating his ” former stylist”-turned manager, then they’re engaged and expecting a baby and then have a few bumps before they marry in a hush-hush ceremony before they go ahead and have a real wedding. All minus his mother, who has been with him from jump. His mother always seemed so supportive and for her to have bad vibes about this woman, I’d say she has good reason. Too many shady things come to mind…

Regardless, I hope they have a healthy, happy baby, and I won’t say much else on that little aspect of their relationship.

It’s just weird how he’s just so loved up with this woman and supposedly found “true love”. Hmm….just not getting this. Anyway, best of luck! Hope they both really have what they want!

Annoyomus on

Iboog- I’ve been wondering that myself. I don’t mind so much that they aren’t talking about intergrating the family. First of all, that’s really none of our business. Also, they certainly aren’t the first celebs with a blended family who have chosen not to discuss that. For example, I don’t think Tom and Katie ever talked about intergrating their family before (or even right after) Suri was born. I even remember a few people wondering why, after Suri’s birth, Tom and Katie never said anything about how Bella and Connor were doing with their new sister.

Anyway, that said, I do wonder why Tameka never talks about her other children (at least I’m assuming she doesn’t, as not much info seems to be known on them. All that I’ve heard is that they are boys). However, I never heard of her before she hooked up with Usher, so I am wondering whether or not she herself is a celeb. If she is not, that would probably explain why she choses not to discuss her other kids.

Also, maybe her kids’ father prefers that they be exposed to the media as little as possible (I have heard that Shanna Moakler’s daughter Atiana’s dad is like this as well). At any rate, I am sure that she loves her other kids just as much as she loves her baby-to-be.