Kate Winslet in a bid to stop daughter from being body conscious

10/15/2007 at 11:18 AM ET

Actress Kate Winslet, 32, says she often praises herself and her body to stop daughter Mia, 7, from becoming body conscious. She hopes it will help Mia love her body as a teenager,

I’ve just started subtly telling Mia, ‘I love my belly. You and Joe came out of there. I’m proud of my belly and I’m proud of my hips. I love my body.’ I want to give her something to her that is empowering so when she comes into her teenage years she feels confident in herself.

Mia’s father is director Jim Threapleton, 33, and Kate also has son Joe Alfie, 3 1/2, with husband, director Sam Mendes, 42.

Source: WENN via discoverkate.com

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A&B Mommy on

As a mom of two little girls, I think that is great that Kate is thinking ahead like that. I’m even noticing that clothing for toddlers seems to be getting ‘smaller and tighter’…I mean most 3 year olds still have little bellies – what’s up with all of the skinny jeans and tight pants that barely give them room to breathe, let alone run around and move like toddlers are supposed to! 🙂

Crystal on

I love Kate! And I love that she is so outspoken about body image and Hollywood.
I am so happy that she is trying to instill that quality of self-acceptance and self-love in her daughter!

yaosa on

Kudos to Kate!

I commend her dedication to providing a normal and helathy environment for her children within her celebrity life style framework.

I’m totally with her on praising one’s own body as an example to empower children. It has to start with women and mothers first before a young girl (or boy) will believe in herself (himself) and not be swayed by popular culture when it comes to body image. I also think it’s important to accept our different body types. It’s not about being ‘thin’ or ‘fat’, it’s about being healthy and accepting what and who we are and what others may perceive as imperfections. We have to be alright with it.

Renee on

Good for her! This makes me happy! Girls need to hear more of things like this.I love Kate Winslet, she seems like one of the few celebs that actually try to spotlight things like this.

Karina the Great on


meja on

finally! a public mom who got it!! Yay for Kate!!

I find it so hipocritical for some other celebs saying;” oh I want my kids to love them selves for who they are,and dont care about what other people say or think”,when themselves has gotten tummytuck,lipo,silicon++ One need to set an example by being that very person!

Dana on

I love Kate Winslet. I have thought she was one of the most beautiful women in the world ever since she starred in Heavenly Creatures. Even though I feel that she has dropped a few too many pounds in recent years (I prefer her more curvy), she is not rail-thin and realizes that even if you are thinner, you don’t have to have a flat stomach and no hips to be beautiful. A wonderful trait to pass on to her daughter.

Anni on

I love Kate Winslet! That’s the sort of message i want to give to my daughters! I think that she is such a wonderful role model!! Go Kate 🙂