Rumor: Lauryn Hill is pregnant with 5th child

10/14/2007 at 09:35 AM ET

According to Young, Black and Fabulous, songstress Lauryn Hill, 32, is pregnant with her fifth child, with Rohan Marley, Bob Marley’s son.  This would be their fifth child together and his 7th (he has two others from a previous relationship).

Their children are daughter Selah Louise, 8 1/2, and sons, Zion David, 10, Joshua Omaru, 5 1/2, and John Nesta, 4.

Thanks to CBB Readers Susie, Nicky, and Kitty.

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Everglow on

Congrats to Lauryn and Rohan!

Just a note, too… Their son, Zion David was born on August 3, 1997 with daughter Selah Louise following November 12, 1998.

yaosa on

Congratulations to her! I am big fan of hers!

Thanks CBB for posting info on her.

Rain on

The only thing I remember about Lauryn Hill is an interview she did where she stated she’d rather have her daughter starve than have a white person listen to her music. After I heard that I got turned off by her and her music…it’s a shame, because her music seemed so beautiful at the time. Her ignorant statement completely ruined it for me.

snow on

WOW! I am thrilled for them if this is true, its nice to see larger families making a comeback, and look! They all have the same parents, and they are still together, something rare in celebs these days! Congrats!

Lilybett on

I love the song Lauryn wrote about being pregnant with Zion and making the choice to keep him, despite pressures to continue her music career.

There was an awards show a few years ago when she just had Zion and Selah where she was wearing a stark white dress and thanked the kids for not putting their hands all over it. Very sweet.

lizzielui on


That interview NEVER happened. That was a celebrity urban legend that permeated throughout email and the internet for some time. It started in 1996 when a caller called in to Howard Stern to say that he heard Lauryn give an interview on MTV saying that she would rather have her kid starve than to have a white person buy her album. As this rumor grew, Lauryn denied that she ever made those statements and MTV publicy announced that this interview never took place and that Lauryn never made such a statement to them or any of their affiliates. Furthermore, there has never any tape produced to show Lauryn saying anything of the sort. In fact, Lauryn even called in to the Howard Stern show months later to refute the claim that she made those statements.

lizzielui on


Rohan and Lauryn are no longer together. They have had an on/off relationship for the past nine years. Unfortuantely, when they first got together Rohan was still married to a young woman in Florida. She is the mother of two of his children. Rohan also has a child by Lauryn’s cousin which has been one of the main reasons why he and Lauryn keep separating. Rohan currently has seven kids, and if Lauryn is in fact pregnant again that would make eight.

Annoyomus on

If this is true, they’ll be giving the Jolie-Pitts a run for their money! LOL!

lolo on

To Rain

You are such an idiot, people must stop refering to that malicious false racist rumour that was refuted 11 years ago by MTV and Lauryn on interviews. People do your research. She even went to the Howard Stern show and the guy who started that rumour was even called in by Howard the same day they called Lauryn and he actually apologised because Lauryn challenged him.

When Howard asked Lauryn if she is anti white she said NO she is anti social destructive situations that are prevailing in the black communities and her music is inspired by young black kids from these disadvantaged communities, their life experiences and what they have to go through daily with such circumstances. Howard also mentioned that her manager was a white guy during that period. Howard was happy to clear this rumour out because it had no basis. Knowing Howard he went back to his own charming self telling Lauryn that she is beautiful and she has a great body and he wants her. End of the story.

lydia on

Yes the song To Zion is amazing, very emotional and personal to me too.

Jillian on


Thanks for clarifying… I too had heard about the statement and was turned off by it, but had never heard that the interview was made up. What a horrible thing for someone to do. Anyways, thanks for letting us know…

Monica Washington on

All children are a blessing but I want to know when will you be making a knew cd

Ashley on

It’s nice to see that other people are having big families too! I just found out that I am pregnant with my 5th child and I keep thinking “Whoa.. that is a lot of kiddos” so when I see that other people do it too and that it is enjoyable then it makes me feel better! My husband and I have also been together for 11yrs and that makes me feel good too!