Happy 2nd birthday Anya!

10/14/2007 at 08:57 AM ET

Library_029Today my munchkin turns 2! We’re celebrating today with 15 of her best friends (and their parents) in our backyard.  The special treat will be a petting zoo complete with a llama, an emu, bunnies, goats, and chickens.  I’ll be offline the rest of the day but since you can’t make it to her party, here are some Anya photos from the last few months as a birthday treat!

Here’s a quick Anya update:
-She talks SO much!  Especially in the last few weeks, she’ll repeat words we say.  In typical fashion, we understand what she’s saying but no one else seems to.
-She started preschool a few weeks ago and loves it.
-Her favorite things to do are: serving tea, taking care of her many babies, coloring, playing with play-doh, watching Casper and Mickey Mouse.
-Her favorite songs are: The Wheels on the Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat, the Alphabet Song, and Patty Cake.
-Her favorite food is corn and "bubbly water."
-She loves other kids- big and small, calling all of them babies.
-She’s a little peanut- she’s still wearing 18 months size in clothes.
-I weaned her a few weeks ago and since then, she’s eating SO much more, sleeping through the night, and is so affectionate with me now (previously when I held her, she would inevitably ask to nurse).

Click to launch the photo album.


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Kristen on

Happy 2nd Birthday Anya…hope you and your family have a wonderful day!!

Nicole on

Happy birthday Anya! Such a little cutie!

Adri on

Happy Birthday sweetie! Have an awesome day!

Sanja on

Happy birthday Anya!

She is so cute! And I love her name.

Marie on

Oh my garsh — I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Anya is a-DOR-able and just gets moreso each day.

Thank you so much for sharing photos and stories of your little “munchkin” with us. I so look forward to your updates!

Most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little miss Anya. You are a beautiful and lucky little girl, and you have many, many people who are just crazy about you!

Mariam on

Happy Birthday Anya! Wish you a happy year and have a great birthday bash!Wish you luck Danielle on the “terrible twos!” Hope Anya doesn’t get them! Happy Birthday!

maz on

aww happy birthday anya!!clearly the only reason i go on CBB is because of this darling little girl! *winks* i love the pictures of her with the sunglasses, shes a regular lil poser! tell her shes got a fan from london. Love the petting zoo idea, my sister recently went to her friends 7th bday party and it was held at a reptile house, got very good pictures from the event

Amanda on

Just absolutely loved all those photos!! I can’t believe she’s this grown up already!! And you’ve weaned! Wow, it’s kind of sad & neat at the same time! B/c she’s so big now, she no longer needs that comfort…you know, standing on her own…moving onto the next chapter *tear* 🙂 She seems like such a happy girl.. have always loved her smile! I think my favorite shot was the harry potter wand! Oh and loved all of her pedipeds 🙂 Thanks for sharing…

Katja on

Happy Birthday Anya! Have fun at your party, what a big girl you are. The photos are adorable!


Lynn on

Danielle – Can you provide a link to the month by month pictures of when you were pregnant? I am due in Dec & would love to see them again.

Sarah’s note: You can just click the category title under the post — where it says ‘Anya Update/Danielle’s pregnancy. 🙂

Nausicaa on

Happy birthday, Anya! She’s adorable. It’s great that she started preschool early – I think it’s best to enroll them in school as soon as possible.

When do you think you’ll have baby #2?

Vicky on

Anya is adorable!Such a cute little girl with such a pretty name!

Anyone can tell me what children learn in pre school cause in Canada we dont have that. School start when they turn 5 years old.

Chloe on

Happy 2nd birthday Anya!xx

Emma on

Let me start by wishing Anya a very Happy Birthday, filled with fun.

And thansk for sharing photos of Anya, I love her hair, it is so lovely.

Sian on

Your daughter is absolutely precious. 🙂 Is she a daddy’s or a mommy’s girl then?

Lisa on

Happy 2nd birthday. Hope she has a great day. The pictures are so cute. Thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing pictures of the birthday.

Sian on

PS- A big ‘penblwydd hapus’ from Wales, too! 🙂

Liza on

Happy Birthday Cutie Girl!!!!

Megan on

Happy birthday Anya!

juliana on

she looks so beautiful and grown up! The party sounds fun, tell us how it went. I would love to go to a party with a petting zoo, the children will have so much fun

nicolie on

Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!

Colleen on

Happy Birthday Anya Lucia!

Hope your petting zoo party is lots of fun! (please show us some photos of this 😉

Ashley on

Anya is absolutely beautiful.. when will their be siblings!?

Jaclyn on

Happy Birthday Anya! You’re two whole fingers now!

Happy thoughts for the next year and beyond…

Campbell on

MANY happy birthdays to precious Anya! Happy 2nd! May she have FUN FUN FUN!

Lara on

Happy 2nd birthday!Awww…bless!She is such a gorgeous little girl!

Dana on

Happy Birthday to a cutie pie!

Preschool is used to prepare children for entering kindergarten. My daughters learned the alphabet, numbers, counting, writing, beginnning reading, math, science, social studies. Mainly, what kids used to be taught at home before they entered school. Now, what they are learning in kindergarten (because most kids do go through preschool) is what I was taught in first and second grade. They have a cirriculum, but are not graded. I hope that helps.

yaosa on

Happy Birthday Anya!!!!!

Wishing you lots of good things during this next year! I still remember reading about you in utero like it was yesterday:-)


wish you and your family and friends a joyous celebration as she enters the next phase! Thanks for sharing your angel Anya with us all! She’s beuatiful and I enjoy to read her updates:-)

Dory on

oh my god….i CANNOT believe she’s two already?! How time seems to fly…

she is such a little cutie! hope the party goes well! i love birthdays at that age…always such fun (the best part – cake and balloons!! yey) lol

PS – happy birthday little one!

lola on

how do u pronounce tat name?

CTBmom on

Happy Birthday, Anya!!

She is a beauty! Thanks for sharing the pictures of her.

Misti on

Thanks for the update. She is adorable! Kids seem to grow up so fast. I was wondering if Danielle might be willing to share her “weaning strategy”. I’m not sure how to attack it and I really need for my son to eat more and stop being so attached to my chest. LOL!

Nancy on

Too cute! Happy bday Anya!

You should post some with her daddy.

Emma on

Ah She’s such a gorgeous little girl! Definetly gonna be a heart breaker. Happy Birthday baby!

leslie on

She’s a doll! I just discovered this site a week ago, and I love seeing your own “celebrity baby”!

Philippa on

wow, congrats on your little girls birthday!!
she’s so gorgeous!!!

Jennie on

Happy Birthday cutie pie! Wishing you all the very best. May all your birthday dreams come true!

char on

happy 2nd birthday anya!

my daughter’s a month older than anya and she’s also petite. =P i wanted to wean her before she reached 2 also, but no luck. if it’s ok to ask, i was just wondering how you went about weaning anya?

http://blacktennispros.blogspot.com on

What a treasure! That’s a smile that you definitely want to see each new day for.

Callen on

Happy Birthday Anya! You are such a beautiful little girl,and I wish you many Happy Birthdays to come!

Mariam on

Where was Anya born?

Karrie on

Hi Danielle!
Thanks so much for the updates! I remember when she was born! I have a silly question, on the pictures 28,29 and 30 when she is close up and everything behind her is blurry, what setting do you use on your camera? I love those shots but can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks so much and you should be very proud! 🙂

J.J. on

Happy 2nd Birthday Anya!!! You are growing up to be sooo adorable! Wish you and your family friends a wonderful day.

Candice on


I remember when you first announced that you were pregnant. Time flies way too fast.

Happy birthday, Miss Anya!

alexp on

Anya is absolutely heavenly. Great job Danielle!

Tyler on

I this blog. Thank you for all the hard work you and all the writers put into it. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL and I hope you enjoyed her birthday!

Renee on

Happy Birthday Anya and I wish you many,many happy ones!!!

ariana on

omg i remember when you found out you were pregnant! and now ur daughter is talking…how the years pass…god bless her and the family!

maggie on

happy b-day anya I hope you have a great year, she looks like a fun and sweet girl, lovely pics, and I was wondered what does it says the black tee anya is wearing?

Paulina on

Happy happy birthday! Hope the party is lots of fun.

ang on

happy bday anya-hope u have a superfun day!!

sidenote-danielle, u kinda look like janeane garofalo(it’s a compliment-i love her!) those photos r so precious-may u treasure them forever.

Estelle on

I love the dress Anya is wearing in the pic of her holding the red ball. She is always dressed so stylish.

J.M. on

Geez I remember Anya’s birth announcement! I can’t believe it’s been two years!! Hope Anya had a wonderful time at her party!!

MomtoB on

Happy Birthday Anya!
I too have been reading about you before you were born. I have lived in three different countries since then!
You have a fab mom! Best wishes in year 3.

Cindy on

Happy 2nd Birthday, Anya! She too sweet & gorgeous for words. Don’t believe in the terrible two’s, BTW…they’re just learning who they are and about boundaries. I adore 2-year-olds!

Linzie on

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Happy Birthday, Anya!

Danielle: Your daughter is gorgeous and the pics are spectacular…what type of camera do you have??

coco on

Oh my god! I remember the pictures you posted when she was born!! She’s grown up so fast!! Congrats, she seems like she’s such a sweetie and so smart! Happy belated birthday! And I hope your family had a great day!

Danna on

She’s SO precious ~ her tinyness reminds me of my firstborn! She is still my tiny one.

I need your help/advice! How did you wean her? My son will be 2 in January, & I’m 7 weeks pregnant with our 4th right now. I would like to begin weaning him . . . every time I try any ideas, he is NOT going for it. I would so appreciate knowing how you did it, if you have the time. Thank you!

gianna on

Happy birthday anya, she is adorable.

shannon on

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!
Congrats on getting more sleep! (And for BF for two years!!)

Grayson's Girl on

Happy Birthday Anya! What an adorable little girl! Like everyone else I can’t believe it’s been two years. I was a mere lurker when the pregnancy pics and updates were going up, how time flies! Happy birthday to her and my wishes for many, many more happy, healthy years ahead!

Denise Briggs on

Happy Birthday Anya! Seems like just yesterday when you announced your pregnancy! It’s been such a pleasure watching her grow up! What a cutie!

Silverkoala on

Happy Birthday Anya!

Abby on

Happy Birthday Anya!!! She’s just adorable. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures.

Michelle on

Anya is seriously one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen! I have enjoyed watching her grow up. Happy Birthday little one!!

Rocio on

Like Danna, I’m also in need of some major tips on weening my son. He is almost 18 months and I’m still nursing him. I’m just trying to make it as smooth an non traumatic as possible. Happy birthday to your little darling!


They don’t come much cuter than that… she is a doll! God bless you and your family. I love this website.

Cynthia on

Happy Birthday Anya! You have a beautiful daughter! I love the pictures you take of her! She is so stylish!

Carol Lee on

Beautiful pics. Happy birthday Anya!

Jess on

Happy 2nd birthday, Anya! Hope you have a lovely day. Jess xxx

Monika on

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little doll!! Danielle, you are one lucky momma!

Tracy on

Congratulations on her 2nd year! She’s had a lot of huge things going on for her lately!

So are you guys gonna try for a second soon?

sil on

Anya is adorable! and i love her name 🙂
Happy birthday!!!!
It will be nice to see her birthday party pictures 🙂

Anne on

Happy Birthday Anya!

Heather on

happiest birthday to Anya!

what fun pictures – and to that end – do you mind sharing what kind of camera you have? I take pics of my kids all day long and am in the market for something new (my camera is broken!!) Thanks!

Kelly on

Anya has gotten so big and is soooo adorable!! Thanks Danielle for sharing all of them!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Anya!!! She’s such a doll!

jasminesd on

Wow, I remember when you were pregnant!

Lori on


Happy Birthday. You are a beautiful girl and I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years!! Where did the time go?

FC on

I just adore Anya and these photos of her to pieces! I can’t believe she’s two already. I still remember when you just had her, and how I fell in love with those big blue eyes of hers. 🙂

Hope she had a great birthday! Though I’m sure she did! ♥♥♥♥

Orli on

Happy Birthday Anya…she shares her bday with my brother who turned 32…

nicksmomma on

You know, I have been trying and trying to think of who Anya reminds me of, and after looking at these pictures, it finally hit me. I think she looks alot like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen did when they were this age on “Full House”. However, I must say that Anya is cuter than they were.
My son was also little when he was her age (actually, he still is!) When he was 1, he was in 6 month clothes, when he was 2, he was in 12-18 month clothes, etc. Now, he is almost 5 and is still in some 3T and barely into 4T clothes. He is barely 35 lbs. He has always been on the small side though..:0)
Anway..I hope the party went GREAT and I hope she had a wonderful birthday. She is very cute, and very photogenic. Can’t wait to hear when you guys decide to have more babies..you guys make beautiful ones!