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10/12/2007 at 06:55 PM ET

Elisabethhasselbeck1_cbbView co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, poses for the cover and a spread in Pregnancy‘s November issue. Elisabeth expects her second child on November 11th — she and husband Tim Hasselbeck are keeping the sex a surprise.

Click below for all the photo, fashion, and interview highlights, including Elisabeth’s candy craving, how she deals with her Celiac disease, Grace’s birth and her recovery, motherhood, and why sometimes you just need someone to tell you you’re doing a good job.

(Elisabeth is wearing an Isabella Oliver ruched tank ($65) and shrug in black ($50), and Paige Premium Denim Benedict Canyon maternity jeans in optic white ($90).)

On pregnancy pass-outs: Once a pregnancy I tend to pass out. Once was at ‘The View’ Christmas part and it was my first year.

When I came to, Barbara was like, ‘Darling, you’ll stay at myhouse,’ fanning me. Meredith had ice packs on my neck. And Star hadcalled the car already; she tells me, ‘OK, my driver is going to pickyou up, he’s going to get you juice, he’s going to take you home,everything’s all arranged already!’ And Joy was laughing and snappingphotos, documenting the ordeal for the show the next day.

(Elisabeth is wearing an EGG Maternity pleat top in boudoir ($160), and Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon maternity jeans in abyss ($180).)

On cravings: I cannot think of anything but a Tootsie Rolltoday. I know that there’s a bag and a half in my cupboard right abovethe sink in my kitchen. No one better get in my way of getting that.

On her Celiac disease and pregnancy: It has posed a littlebit of a challenge, because your instincts when you’re pregnant arejust to have something fast, and with Celiac disease a lot of thosethings — if you haven’t done your shopping ahead of time — are notavailable. I find myself Googling Hershey’s Kisses: ‘Are thesegluten-free?’

(Elisabeth wears a Belly Basics dreamy silk halter dress ($180; black or rose only).)

Handling ‘gross days’ on national television: I feel likeI have more of those times when I’m not pregnant than when I ampregnant. I feel as though I’m a little less hard on myself when I’mpregnant. I’m just happy that I can be there and not feel nauseousanymore.

Also, there is a confidence and a sense of self that comes when you’re pregnant more so than when you’re not.

(Elisabeth is wearing an Isabella Oliver wrap around top in plum ($110), and Paige Premium Denim Westbourne maternity jeans in Tuscan ($195).)

On being away from Tim (who at the time was playing football and is now a sports commentator): Idon’t like being away from him in general. I like him…a lot. And Iprefer that he’s around…a lot. So I’m just not good at not beingaround him.

I thought it would be easier with Grace, because now I’ve gotcompany and we have fun together, but she misses him so much. Soeverything goes fine, but then if one little thing goes wrong, shebursts into a sob and ‘I want Daddy!’ and I’m like, ‘I know! I wantDaddy too! This is very hard!’

(Elisabeth wears a Cadeau draped satin gown in black ($325).)

On Grace’s birth: Pregnancies are fine — deliveries arenot so comfy. But I had the best nurses [at the hospital], I will neverforget them — they’re your lifeline.

This one nurse taught me how to get Grace to latch on to breastfeed. I was like, ‘You just saved my life, I had no idea!’

And she was caring with Grace. It’s so amazing when you see someone else loving your child. Gosh, I’ll never forget them.

On her recovery from Grace’s delivery: I remember gettingin a cab two days after giving birth and holding myself up and runningin my doctor’s office and just saying, ‘I need the stitches out.’ Everytime I would blink my eye, I would feel something [in my crotch], itwas awful.

(Elisabeth is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg 1/4 sleeve silk wrap blouse in brown/cream ($225), and Mimi Maternity wide leg career pants in white ($78).)

On personality changes since becoming a mother: Motherhoodin general brings out a stabilizer in your body. It gives you thisground because you know you need to be a sounding board for yourchildren. I think I definitely felt like something was birthed in mewhen I birthed Grace — a different element to my personality thatmaybe wasn’t there before or was just lying dormant for nearly 27 years.

On feeling vulnerable as a new mom: It’s just bizarre thatyou’re alone trying to take care of a baby when you feel your almostabsolute most vulnerable. I had this one day when I just broke down andcried. It’s really hard to ask anybody to help you, but you need help.You need somebody to even just look at you say, ‘You’re doing a goodjob.’

(Elisabeth is wearing a Vince collared two-pocket cardigan ($250), Isabella Oliver ruched tank ($65), and Paige Premium Denim Blue Heights maternity jeans in black overdye ($185).)

Source: Pregnancy, November issue, p. 88-96

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cindi j. stinemates on

sure looks like a boy to me!

J.M. on

She’s carrying awfully low already. I think this will be an end of Oct. baby and most likely a boy! I know carrying low is an old wives tale but I just have a feeling it’s going to be a little boy.

gabriella on

She has been carrying low for awhile now, and I think the baby will be born before it’s nov 11th due date too. Also my guess it’s a boy, that was my feeling from the start and more so as time goes on.

legemc on

I am always curious about the whole “reading bellies” thing, so I want to do my own test. Please look at this belly and tell me if you think it’s a boy or a girl. Of course, you have a 50/50 shot either way even if you never even look at the belly so it’s won’t really be scientifically accurate results, but I just thought it would be fun.


gabriella on

legemc I think your having a boy.

Sue on

It looks like a boy belly! Can someone post a picture of Elizabeth when she was pregnant with Grace for comparision?

Sarah’s note: March 2005.

legemc on

Hmm…I put the pics of her first pregnancy and this pregnancy right up next to each other and she looks like she might be carrying a little lower this time but it’s hard to tell because her arm is in the way. It looks pretty close though.

Sally on

I don’t know….I’m thinking maybe another little girl. She looks like she’s carrying about the same with this one although I do think she looks bigger this time around. I still don’t quite understand how to tell by looking at the belly, it just looks like she’s carrying the same as she did with her first. I guess we’ll see soon!

happy on

That first picture is really weird. If it wasn’t because I scrolled down and finally saw her belly, I would have thought that her head was on backwards.

Kate on

Why are there still so many people who think they can tell what gender a baby is by the way the mother’s stomach looks? There is no scientific basis to that belief.

Arasto on

Woohoo! Thanks for sourcing my blog. I feel honoured!



Looks like a BOY to me too! I am willing to place a little wager!!!

Victoria on

legemc, I say a girl. I think your belly is high. Best wishes!!

Rye on

legemc I think you are having a girl, but I dont know why. lol. the belly thing is such an old wives tale and i don’t think it’s true. i know various people who carried in all sorts of ways and people would be all, “You are DEFINETLY carrying a boy in there!” and they would have a girl, or vice versa…so i find that that theory rarely is true. The only difference I can see between Elizabeth in 2005 and now, is that she seems more fuller in the face this time around. But, i think that is no sign of gender. I will GUESS that Elizabeth is having a boy just because I know she seems to want a boy, but I secretly think it’s a girl. haha.

Rye on

Oh and i just thought of another thing to discredit the “belly old wives tale” theory…my good friend was pregnant last year and she is a tiny little thing…she is probably 5’3 and originally weighed about 115…when she was pregnant she was ALL belly and she carried SUPER low and pointy. everyone was lamenting to her how she was having a boy, but she ended up having a girl. just a little personal experience that reminded me of how that theory is just a myth and it’s always a 50/50 chance of being either or.

FC on

She looks cute. But yes, her head angles aren’t that flattering for some reason. And I don’t know what’s with her and makeup/tanner?, but it just makes her skin look plastic.

Still, I do like what she’s wearing for the cover shot. And she’s definitely all belly with this baby…just like she was with Grace, but damn, she’s beautiful in the photo of her with Grace.

MissMissy on

Legemc–Though I’m no great shakes at belly reading (and don’t really believe in it either), I’m going to say girl.

It looks like you’re carrying how my mother carried me, and my sister carried my niece.

My best wishes for a healthy baby either way!

De on

I carried differently with each baby, and I have 3 girls so I don’t think there is much basis to the way you carry determining the sex. It is fun to guess however.

We are not big fans of the element of suprise so we knew before each of our little dolls made their grand entrances. 😛

nikkimonique on

I carried my daughter high and my son low so for me the old wives tale was true.

Joe on

is this issue available on newstands or only through subscriptions?

Sarah’s note: On newsstands.

Traci on

Wow, how cute is she!

Julie on

If you compare Bridget Moynahans belly with Elisabeth’s they look identical except Elisabeth is much smaller. But I would most definetly guess that is a boy belly.

Jon A. on

WOW! She looks amazing! Great choice on who to have as your cover! I think elisabeth is great on the view. I only watch it becuase of her….Great photos! We love you elisabeth in NOrthern Kentucky!

Lynn on

How does the sex of the baby affect how you carry? That makes no sense to me.

PSB on

legemc, I also think you’re having a girl. Not sure why (maybe b/c your belly looks fuller and less pointy?), just a vibe I get. Congrats! I hope your delivery is easy and baby is healthy, regardless of the sex ;>

I think Elisabeth is having a boy – not because she said so, but because I remember her being more “face pregnant” last time. This time, she seems to be carrying it all in her belly and nowhere else.

landroverdisco on

Her belly looks nothing like Bridget’s. She is not even in the same league as Bridget Moynahan.

legemc on

Thanks to everyone who participated in my experiment! That’s actually a pic of my sister-in-law (I wish I was pregnant!) from last year and she had a GIRL! So most of you were right. She is due with her second baby (another girl) the day after Elisabeth.

Campbell on

I think one can have a “feeling” of either sex, I think most of us would say we felt like “boy” or “girl” (if we did not know thru some testing) But to look at one’s belly, or any other part of the body and say that the baby is a boy or girl is just down right ridiculous. Maybe it is all in good fun, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but that is ALL it is. I agree w/ those that say that cover shot is a bit strange. When I scrolled down to it, I was a little confused. I think she is absolutely stunning in the champagne blouse and black leggings photo.

legemc on

The first pic to me looks kinda like the grim reaper meets little red riding hood! 🙂

terri on

I think all the pictures are cute, including the cover.

PSB on

You tricked us legemc! LOL.

At least I was right. heehee

Clever little experiment.

Kat on

she’s carrying about the same, but it’s lower… still, that could be from it not being her first pregnancy.

So I’m not sure.

I was positive Bridget Moynahan was having a boy, though… and I’d say Elisabeth is carrying more like her than she did last time… more oval than round.. which is supposed to mean boy… but I carried my first boy low and round… my second boy was high and oval and then dropped after he flipped so his head wasn’t stuck up at the top and was low and oval… and my daughter was high and round

so I’m gonna say I THINK Elisabeth is having a boy

to the woman who posted the link – I think you’re having a girl… you’re carrying pretty round and high… but it could be you just haven’t dropped yet…

My best advice if you want to try to figure it out… use the chinese conception chart… it correctly predicted my boys and we used it to PLAN my daughter.

Anya on

She is adorable – I love her!

Kate2 on

I think the magazine should have given her better clothes to wear. I’m not crazy about any of the things that she’s wearing in those pictures.

J.J. on

It sure does look like a boy belly!! But who knows? It might be another girl! But I have a feeling (and hope) that’s it’s a boy. For some reason I see her having a son the second time around, but if she has another daughter, it still would be exciting!!

mahtab on

I am not a fan of Elizabeth’s at all. She is very rude and her pro-war views are disgusting. For someone with a husband who has never been in the military, she is sure for this war.

Kira Balius on

I am torn every time I see Elisabeth’s images on this site. I wish I could feel compassion for her as a fellow mother/woman…..but her opinions offend me so much. I know we all have to stand for what we strongly believe in….. but I feel she does not mutually accept or respect others’ belief’s. Just had to get that off my chest…. I don’t have an interest in speculating the sex of her child, but as a human being I wish her and the baby good health.

Allison on

My goodness. She is TINY. I looked like that when I was 5 months pregnant! Are these pics current or taken a while ago? Please tell they are!! She looks great, I love that outfit with the Softball quote on it. Gorgeous!

Sarah’s note: They were taken over the summer, I’m not sure exactly when.

erica alayne on

Wow, I’m not even pregnant or planning another pregnancy, but I LOVE what she is wearing on the cover. I would so rock that, pregnant or not.

For the record, I had all of the stereotypical ‘girl’ look to my pregnancy, and my son is almost 15 months old. 😉

tracey on

I’m due around the same time as her (we’re having a boy! any day now..) and I’m gluten intolerant too – so it’s cool to see a pregnant celiac celebrity mentioning how they handle cravings! I definitely relate.

Jezzy on

I gotta say…it looks like she’s carrying a little devil….Like mommy like baby, eh?

FC on

She’s cute in the newly added photos. A tad orange in most of them except for maybe one or two of the new additions, but still cute. 🙂

Michelle on

In the photo with the DVF wrap top and the white pants…what is the brown thing around her hips? Is that part of the shirt, or part of the pants? I love that outfit!

terri on

That was a great article. I really like Elisabeth.

Carol S. on

She looks how I looked with both my boys. The old wives’ tale worked with every one of me and my sisters’ babies…and there are 4 girls and 5 boys…

Sam on

HI :)I think she looks gorgeous but can somebody explain how celebs manage to continue to dye/bleach their hair SAFELY while they are pregnant? My hairdresser said it was a no no.

kim on

I am thinking boy..

Annoyomus on

Sam- From what I have heard, at least for hair dye, is that it depends on the type of dye. Some are safe to use while pregnant, others are not. Also, I think it’s usually safe as long as you do not dye your roots, as the only way hair dye can possibly be absorbed into the body is if the roots are dyed. Provided you don’t dye your roots, the dye will stay where it belongs…in your hair (again, this is just what I’ve heard)!

At any rate, it doesn’t seem to me like Elisabeth is dyeing her hair. If you look at these pictures, her hair seems to have varying shades, which is what “normal”, un-dyed hair looks like, rather than all one, solid shade like dyed hair usually looks. Therefore, I am guessing that if anything she is bleaching it, and if that’s the case, my guess is that, like with hair dye, it all depends on the type of bleach you use.

me on

what? no plug for formula?

Amanda on

She’s just glowing!
For the record I carried low with both of my girls and EVERYONE guessed I was having a boy, both times. Even the second time when I was carrying similar (not the same, and they were both girls) to the first, they thought boy and every stranger I met told me I was having a boy both times also…except my dr who was convinced I was having girls both times from the very start. I even had an older woman argue with me once when I told her I knew I was having a girl, she said ‘but that is a boy belly, I’d bet they are wrong’ Talk about worrying a pregnant woman for no reason!
As for the hair dye, as long as you are doing it in a well ventilated salon and the dye doesn’t have much contact with your scalp I’m told you are fine. I got highlights instead of dyeing my hair while I was pregnant because it doesn’t have any contact with your scalp, nobody could tell I switched.

Nicki on

Hmmm… I never try to guess based on someone’s belly… I was huge and high with both of mine and I had one of each!

Elisabeth looks fabulous though – either way, she seems like a wonderful mom and this kid will be lucky!

sarah on

That one picture looks like she has a blonde wig on. On the cover pic she looks- literally- like a freak. It looks kind of Linda Blairish. Her head looks backwards and her bump looks like her rump.

danielle345 on

When is she going on maternity leave? Please Barbara Walters, replace her with someone who has a brain.

(Don’t edit my comment.)

Estelle on

I carried high and gained weight just in my belly with my first and carried low and gained weight all over with my second and they are both boys. With my second everyone insisted I was having a girl even after we found out it was a boy since I was carrying so low. I had no idea that many people believed that old wives tale.

I’m thinking Elisabeth is having another girl.

Ashleigh on

in my opinion i think she has a rather small belly for being only 3 and a half weeks away from giving birth.

She still looks absolutely stunning.

Sarah’s note: The photos were shot over the summer, so yes, she’s small because she was only about 6 months along.

Lacey on

I have a feeling that Elisabeth is going to have a boy this time around although I am hoping she has another girl, Grace is the cutest kid ever & I have a feeling if this one is a boy it will be their last : (

julie on

give her a big spoonful of gluten so she can be as sick as she makes me.yack hurl chunks

julie on

give her a big spoonful of gluten so she can get as sick as she makes me yack hurl chunks

Kielenn's Momma on

Gonna say boy!

gianna on

Lacey even if it’s a boy, I think they will have anther child and quite soon. Elisabeth has said she wants 3-4 kids. I think she is having a boy, this time around though

Stephanie O'Bran on

I personally think that Elisabeth is carrying a little lower than with her first pregnancy. Trust me I’ve been pregnant 3 times with 4 boys and 2 girls. First came twin girls than triplet boys and than I more single boy and the last pregnancy felt awful low than the others. In my personal opinion Elisabeth will have a big boy.

Angelina on

Please can you do us all a favor and get PREGNANT again.

We love you when you are pregnant!!!

Steve on

she is so hot