Update: Giveaway: Steal Hazel Moder's dress!

10/12/2007 at 08:48 PM ET

Fig_rgbUpdate: The winners are:

  • Hazel’s Doubling dress in Moss Green – Denise, who said, it  "reminds me of me and my brother when we were little, signifying carefree youth!"
  • Love dress in Moss Green – Sheryl, who said, "I think the red dress would hide my little Emma’s messy habits,but since my favorite color is green… she will have to be EXTRAcareful at IHOP."
  • Velvet dress in Grey – Heather, who said, "My daughter absolutely loves horses after she got to ride her first one this summer!"

Giveaway! Together with Fig Organic Kids Fashion, we are giving away Hazel’s dress!  Three lucky CBB readers can win one of Fig’s organic cotton dresses!  Choose from Hazel’s Doubling dress in Moss Green (size 8 only), the Love dress in Moss Green (size 6 only), and the Velvet dress in Grey (size 8 only).  To enter, visit their website and then post a comment telling us which dress (of the three aforementioned style/size/color combinations only) you’d like to win as well as describing the image on that dress.  (For example, Hazel’s doubling dress pictures two people on a bicycle.)  Note: we only have the three aforementioned style/size/color combinations only.  Entries requesting other sizes, styles, and colors will not be counted because we don’t have them to give away. Giveaway closes Saturday at 2 pm EST.

And moms of boys, don’t worry- we’ll do another giveaway with Fig’s boy’s clothes next week.

Dannymoder05_cbb_cbbWhen we posted this paparazzi shot of the Moder twins out with dad Danny Moder last month, a number of readers had inquired about the dress Hazel was sporting. Fig Organic Kids Fashion let us know that 2-year-old Hazel was wearing their organic cotton doubling dress in ice blue ($39).

The Canadian Fig Organic Kids Fashion (and its grown-up version Twice Shy) features certified organic and sustainable fabrics and manufacturing.  It’s no surprise that the super environmentally-conscious Julia dressed her daughter in their line!

The dress is also available in moss green and the same style dress also comes in red and grey.

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alayne on

What an absolutely adorable dress and enviromentally sensitve too!! Would love to get one for my grand daughter.


Melissa on

That dress is adorable! The other Fig boys and girls’ clothes look great as well!

Sheryl Sullivan on

The dresses are adorable and pracical. My little Emma who is 3 would love one. Although, she pretty much likes any dress. lol I would have to go with the love-red dress with the white doves facing each other. Love birds. πŸ™‚ My Emma has blue eyes to go with the doubling ice, but honestly, the red is the only thing that might not show all of the spills my little beauty creates! Thanks for the chance!!

Lauren on

First, I love that this is environmentally friendly. I would love to win the Love dress in red. I think that color looks great on my daughter, and I like the birds with the heart in between. Its even better because we call our daughter J-bird.

Breanne on

I’d like to win the “Velvet” dress. It has a picture of two trees on it.

Crystal on

I would love to win the Love dress for my niece! Her complexion would be beautiful in that color! The birds are a very nice touch on the front and I love the detail behind it. I love that Fig and other companies are working so hard to be green in order to protect the environment for the kiddies that wear their adorable clothes!

Missy on

what a gorgeous dress! and envirnomentally sound as well, great idea πŸ™‚

I’d like to enter for my daughter who is in a size 6, thanks so much!

StΓ©ph on

That’s too cute and good for the environment too. Wow!!

I would like a sky blue, with the little boy and the little girl on a bicycle, for my future baby.

Denise on

Love the doubling dress (two children double riding on bike). Reminds me of me and my brother when we were little,signifying carefree youth!

Allie on

I would LOVE to win the Doubling dress in Moss Green with the two children doubling on the bicycle. Thanks!

Heather on

What a cute dress! I would love to win the Velvet one in Grey with the trees and a horse. My daughter absolutely loves horses after she got to ride her first one this summer!

Sadie on

I’d love to win the Love in Moss green dress for my daughter(s). The two birds are just precious!

Sarah on

I love the Velvet – Gray dress. It is so simple, but the art work is perfect! My daughter Emmalyn loves horses, so Velvet would of course be the perfect fit!

naomi on

Love in Moss Green (size 6) features a pair of pale blue birds and an intricate scroll design. I’d love to win this for Roo!

Karin on

I would really like to win the Love dress in Moss Green for my daughter. The image on the dress has two birds facing each other with pretty swirly things behind them!

Linzie on

I would LOVE to win the “Love” in Moss dress for my daughter! You know, the one with the doves facing each other over the filigree design? Thanks so much for the chance….organic and sustainable clothing is soooo important to our fam!

jen on

I would choose the size 8 dress with the two on the bicycle. I have 4 daughters and one is 8 years old. Then the rest of the girls could use it later on. Also it is moss green.

devon on

Ok! My first time posting and I posted to the wrong article. LOL! I am a huge fan of Fig kids, but have trouble finding it. I would love any dress for my daughter. But love the Love in moss green with the two lovebirds! But we can rock velvet “horsie” or doubling too. So cute with the boy and girl on the bike.
Thanks for offering organic clothes here, we only buy organic for our children and find it harder to find as they get older.

Leigh on

My daughter would rock in the Velvet dress in grey. Size 8 is perfect for my little fashionista. To make it even more perfect, she’s in love with the horse silouetted on the front of the dress.

Le Anne on

Their clothing line is adorable. I love the Velvet in Grey. This color would look beautiful on my daughter and she LOVES ponies. The horse grazing in front of the trees reminds me of where I went to college. I really like that image.
Le Anne

Lesha on

Definitely the moss green!

roetama on

I’d like to win the Hazel’s doubling dress with two people on a bicycle.
Thank you πŸ™‚

marcela peralta on

Hola, a mi hija Drina le encanto el modelo Love in Moss Green , ella tiene 2 1/2 usa talla 3, saludos a las cibermamas del mundo, un saludo desde Chile!!!!

Luke Sky Walker's Mommy *Kristen* on

The Love dress in Moss: with the two doves facing eachother, and the pretty design behind the doves and the hearts on the bodice. Love it. My daughter is a goof over anything with an animal on it.

Doreen on

Love the ‘Love’ dress in Moss Green! The doves are beautiful and facing each other with the doodles around them is soooo sweet!

shannon on

I would love the Love Dress in Moss Green (size 6) – which would be perfect for my 5yo this Valentines Day. The dress has 2 doves on the bottom in front of a design and a design on the upper part that includes hearts.

BillieO on

hi, i would like the doubling dress in moss green, size 8. i love it, it’s so pretty and different. thanks.

SuperMom22 on

my daughter’s favorite color is green, she has gorgeous blue eyes, and she loves dresses, so we would love a chance at the size 8 “LOVE” dress with the birds in moss green! thank you!

Brooke on

I would have picked the Love in Moss size 6 even if it weren’t one of the choices. The facing doves with the design behind them is super sweet and the cut of this tie back dress would look FABULOUS on my little one.

Sheryl Sullivan on

Lol, I think the red dress would hide my little Emma’s messy habits, but since my favorite color is green…she will have to be EXTRA careful at IHOP. πŸ™‚ I adore the Love dress in Moss green with the little love birds on it. She wears a 5x, but believe me…she’s growing like she’s got hot sauce on her hormones! lol Hope everyone enjoys these beautiful dresses!