Jaime Pressly on losing the babyweight

10/09/2007 at 11:25 AM ET

Everybody wants to know if I had liposuction. I actually worked out.
Jaime Pressly, 6 months postpartum, on how she lost her pregnancy weight

Have you considered liposuction to get rid of pregnancy weight?

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Amber on

Yes! If it were free and there was NO chance of it going wrong and I might die, otherwise YES. I tell my husband all the time I just need liposuction once just to start over again and I promise to take the best care of my body the next time around. Hahahaha. I’m doing very well for myself right now though. Losing weight the healthy way is slow and boring though!

JR on

No, I haven’t considered lipo or plastic surgery. I think it’s better for me and healthier in general to get back in shape by eating well and exercising.

I would consider plastic surgery if I had a physical problem that was really impacting my quality of life that could be fixed with plastic surgery, provided that the risks were acceptable to me.

momof2girlies on

I am 3 years postpartum!! And STILL cannot get rid of the belly bulge!!! I am not committed enough to workout religously, but if my paycheck depended on it, heck, I would!! But, I stay at home, so if Lipo was covered by insurance and was 100% safe, I’d do it in a heartbeat!!!

m on

No one needs lipo after having a baby! If you eat properly and exercise during your pregnancy you won’t need it. I only gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy and exercised until I went on bed rest for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. I am now 9 month p.p. and weigh 5 pounds less than before I was pregnant. Eating right and exercising will work wonders if you stick with it! Not fun but it works!

Jen on

I’ve thought about it…but my youngest is 19! I think no it would be considered menopause liposuction now!!

PSB on

I’ll be getting a tummy tuck when I finish having kids –and that usually involves a little liposuction…so my answer is YES.

Unfortunately, I work out like a dog and diet, but just don’t have the best genetics for geting back my pre-baby shape.

Callen on

No, I wouldn’t! but im not going to knock anyone who does! Im pregnant with my third. And so far this pregnancy is great.I will be 16 weeks on thursday! I have always been lucky to get my body back, I have always been around 110-115 at 5’4. Before having kids! I didn’t work out much! After my son, I started taking better care of my body. I knew I wouldn’t always be lucky! But lipo for me is not in the cards!

Alexandra on

I just want to rebut the comments suggesting that if a woman works out and eats right she will bounce back. That was not true for me at all. I gained only 25 lbs., never binged, vigorously worked out until the day before I went into labor, and now work out (weights and running) 5-6 times/week and I am 18 months post-partum. While I might appear to have regained my pre-baby body when I’m clothed, I am so far from it when naked. There is loose skin and stretch marks that will only go away if with plastic surgery. That said, I’m not going to go the surgical route. But I just want to remind those of you who are lucky enough to have regained your post-baby bodies that genetics plays a role, too.

Lauren on

Thank you Alexandra, some people are so rude in thinking that if you eat right and workout, then the end result is a pre-baby body and it is just not so. Everyone’s bodies are different.

Callen on

lauren! I dont think anyone meant to be rude at all. please dont take it the wrong way! I think everyone is just trying to share their experience and opinions! No need to take offence!

Whitney on

I agree with Callen. Also keep in mind no one said you would have your pre-baby body back, they said you could get back to your pre-baby weight. A lot of people aren’t fortunate enough to have kids without stretch marks and excess skin, but that shouldn’t effect your ability to get back to your old weight.

niki on

i am 5 months p p and i am haveing so much trouble losing weight. i am 15 lbs. heavier than what i weighed right after having my daughter, yeah i let myself go for 2 months because life was so crazy because i moved right after she was born to a bigger house and just did not have time. but now i walk everyday and eat alright, but the scale is not moving and i am not losing. any suggestions?

Callen on

nikki! eat after you work-out,not before! drink water like there is no tomorrow! And Dance!lol!

I dont know if you tried this, but if you haven’t. I hope it helps!