Halle Berry says no to maternity clothes

10/09/2007 at 11:19 AM ET

I refuse to wear maternity clothes. Maybe when I’m 9 months I’ll have to.
   –Halle Berry, 4 months along, wearing a Calypso dress at an event

Did you refuse to wear maternity clothes?  If you did, did you eventually have to give in?

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Amber on

Maternity clothes are expensive. I bought a few maternity items, mostly the pants but sometimes I bought a shirt if it was really pretty. Mostly I wore plain tshirts or my normal clothes in a larger size.

JR on

There are a lot of really nice maternity clothes that look stylish and celebrate a pregnant woman’s changing shape. I think her aversion to maternity clothes is a little odd, honestly. Heidi Klum comes to mind as someone who looked great and stylish throughout her pregnancy.

Why not push designers to create more interesting maternity clothes, if that’s the problem, rather than refusing to wear them?

meghan on

i was actually really excited to buy maternity clothes – and definitely bought them before i really needed them. now i want to wear normal clothes. maybe baby will come today???

Anna W on

I was also thinking the same thing, that I would just wear normal clothes but in a bigger size. Well, a friend gave me some of her old maternity clothes and once I tried on the pants…it was heaven. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. I was 14 weeks. I am now 35 weeks and dread going back!

MH on

I didn’t even show until I was mid-fifth month (just looked like a wide waist). I managed with a few transitional pieces until my eighth month where I had to switch to full-on maternity wear. That was 2005 but the styles now are empire waist and blousy tops which can easily accommodate an expanding belly until late in pregnancy. You would think with her celebrity status designers would be throwing all kinds of stylish maternity wear her way.

Me on

My pants are barely starting to get tight on me, and I’m counting the days to when I can wear maternity pants. I cannot stand to have anything pressing against my belly, and my jeans now are ALWAYS undone when I’m sitting. I’ve already found several pairs of maternity jeans that are more than comfortable for me, and very decently priced, too.

Lauren on

When I was pregnant I dreaded the idea of wearing maternity clothes! The thought of panels and empire waists made me want to cry.. but then by the 7th month when I didnt have any other choice, I learned to LOVE them! She will change her mind!

Campbell on

I really think this is such a personal choice. Some new moms can’t wait to run out and buy maternity clothing, while others have no desire to. Just a personal choice. Certainly not a “right or wrong”. Funny how thru interviews we think we “know” celebs! One might of thought that HB would run out immediately and buy maternity clothing. However, it is so true that for a temporary condition the clothing can be so terribly expensive… of course there is always the thought of donating after wearing to say a shelter charity, or something…. No right or wrong, just choice. That kinda makes it all so interesting, i think.

Dana on

I could not wait to get into maternity clothes. With my second, I was excited that I showed earlier. I loved wearing maternity clothes for the comfort and the fact that they showed off my belly. If I tried to wear “normal” clothes, I just felt and looked fat. But, with maternity clothes, I looked pregnant.

PSB on

Maternity clothes rock – love those elastic waist pants. It’s the only time in your life you can get away with wearing elastic without being called a frump. I’m all about comfort while pregnant. As far as I’m concerned, style comes second after the second trimester.

Sadie on

My youngest baby is 3.5 and I MISS my maternity clothes! A lot of the pieces were really cute, and I think I felt more stylish in my maternity clothes than I do in regular ones!

Ashleigh on

i wore normal clothes because i thought that maternity clothes looked hideous. i m only a size 2 so i only neede a size 8 or 10 by the end of my 3 pregnancies

gianna on

That’s the thing Ashleigh, you were thin to begin with just like halle. I know many ladies who were size 2/3 and by end of 9 months were wearing size 8, so most of them like you didn’t need maternity clothes. Especially now the styles of shirts, dresses, etc are perfect because you just go a size bigger and you can look adorable and still trendy. Obviously some women need maternity clothes, but some can get away with mostly wearing regular clothes just sizes bigger. Personally I don’t like matenity clothes, there’s a few cute things here and there, but not really my style.

Diana on

I couldn’t get by without maternity clothes after about 4 months.

I carried mainly in my stomach, and I really needed clothes that would accomodate my growing lower abdomen. Almost all of my pre-preg clothes were too form fitting and uncomfortable.

I LOVED maternity clothes. There are so many cute styles. They are cut just right and it was easy to find stuff on sale.

Lauren on

If I had the money while I was pregnant to actually buy maternity clothes I would have and probably felt better about the way I looked, because I always dressed really nice b/f I was pregnant it was a change. But I’m thinking halle is talking and maybe not thinking about what is coming out of her mouth, because I see Nicole and whole bunch of other celebs who look incredible while wearing maternity clothes.

carpot on

What is the difference between buying maternity clothes and buying clothes that are in bigger sizes (i.e. 8 or 10 when you start off as a size 2)? In my opinion, there is no difference. You’re still buying clothes that you probably won’t wear again unless you’re pregnant. It’s not really saving money.

I agree that someone like Halle has access to the most stylish maternity clothes out there and therefore doesn’t have the excuse that maternity clothes aren’t “flattering”.

Cindy on

I only wore a couple maternity t-shirts from Old Navy — other than that, I wore my own clothes, including my jeans.

I had no desire to wear maternity clothing. I didn’t show until my 7th month, and I carried my daughter high so my pants all still fit. The last week or so before her birth I stayed home in pajamas, but that was about the extent of it.

Diana on

I LOVE Maternity clothes! I wore them probably before I needed to, but for me it was buy a bigger size that I wouldn’t last me very long, or buy something maternity that can last most of the pregnancy, so to me it seemed cheaper to buy Maternity. I started wearing maternity clothes at probably 12 weeks! I think lots of it can be really cute! And like someone else said when I wear regular clothes I feel like I look fat, but wearing maternity you can tell you are pregnant!

fatima habtoor on

I’m now pregnant with my forth baby in 7 years. It seems like I’m never out of maternity clothes.
But I did find a great shop in Dubai where I live and it is but isn’t maternity wear.
My mother who is really fashionable but has a little tummy (probably from having 8 children ) also buys most of her clothes there.
It’s hip, trendy and gorgeous, but best of all it’s really very reasonable.
If your interested they have online shopping also http://www.jennyrosematernity.com

Dashin Fashion Children's Clothing Worldwide Guide on

I loved wearing my maternity clothes and found that going up to larger sizes just didn’t look right.

There are so many great lines of maternity clothes today. I even wear some of my maternity tops from the early months once in a while.

TummyStyle Maternity Clothes on

A lot of women try to go as long as they can without buying maternity clothes. We find that by month 4 or 5, those pre-pregnancy clothes will just not work. And, when it comes to maternity swimsuits, a non-maternity bikini will look just awful. Take a look at Angelina Jolie if you want to see what not to do.

TummyStyle Maternity Clothes on

A lot of women try to go as long as they can without buying maternity clothes. We find that by month 4 or 5, those pre-pregnancy clothes will just not work. And, when it comes to maternity swimsuits, a non-maternity bikini will look just awful. Take a look at Angelina Jolie if you want to see what not to do.