Billy Baldwin's having the time of his life with his family

10/08/2007 at 04:55 PM ET

Baldwin_0346_cbbWilliam ‘Billy’ Baldwin‘s new ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money has generated such buzz that even his youngest child, Brooke, 2, can’t stop talking about it.

My 2-year-old can speak five words — Mommy, Daddy, dirty, sexy, money. It comes out of her mouth, like, 10 times a day.

The 44-year-old’s life is more hectic these days with the show, but he still makes time for his family that also includes wife Chynna Phillips, 39, and their two older kids, daughter Jameson, 7, and son Vance, 5, doing "classic daddy things" like coaching Little League. But that doesn’t mean William is not aware that time is flying by.

The thing that concerns me most as a parent is can I slow everything down? It’s going too fast. We’re having the time of our lives.

The actor adores family life so much that Chynna says he would love to have a fourth child.

He thrives on the insanity of it. He likes the chaos. If it were up to him he’d say, ‘Let’s go for one more!’ [For now] three is a good number.


Source: People, October 15 issue, pg 128-132

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sarawara on

William Baldwin? Didn’t he used to be Billy Baldwin?

Sasha on

Maybe he ‘grew up’! 🙂 When my father in law remarried he ceased being the Bob we knew and became Robert!

melanie on

is he the one that was having an addiction problem? or was that another baldwin?

Beth on

His two year old can only say five words? My daughter will be two in three weeks and she her vocabulary is shocking…as was my nephew’s and most kids’ I know at age two.

Funny quote though.

say on


That wasn’t William. That was Daniel, who had the drug problem. I think he is expecting a baby soon with his girlfriend if I’m not mistaken.

cappy on

Your annoted guide to the Baldwin brothers:

Alex – The most famous and talented. Prone to leaving nasty, screaming voicemail messages for his daughter. Liberal Democrat.

Lesser Baldwins:

Billy – see above.

Daniel – druggie.

Stephen – Born-again fundie, Republican.

sarawara on

So Billy is William, married to Chyna Phillips.

David is the one with addictions.

Alec is divorced from Kim Basinger, has a daughter, Ireland.

And Stephen in the Christian. Touring the country in a bus.

Are there others? I wonder if their children (all the Baldwin cousins) are close?

melanie on

they go thru a quick run-thru of the family in this week’s issue of People..

renee on

[Alex – The most famous and talented]

*coughs* Alec and Billy were both on top for a long time and made a lot of good movies, just because Billy’s slowed down to be a dad doesn’t mean he’s less talented. Alec is a bit more famous but Billy’s always been my fave Baldwin. They’re both hot.