DNA tests confirm Sean Combs fathered Atlanta-area baby

10/08/2007 at 10:22 AM ET

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is working out visitation and support terms with Sarah Chapman, the Atlanta woman who gave birth to Sean’s 15-month-old daughter Chance.  Sean said that he is "committed to being a good father" to Chance, whose paternity was recently established following a DNA test.  The oft-rumored baby was conceived shortly before Sean and Kim conceived their own twin daughters, Jessie James and D’Lila Star, 9-months.  Added Sean,

At first, I wasn’t sure if this was my child.  Now that it has become clear she is, I will take care of her for the rest of her life.

In an interview with Essence magazine, Kim insinuated that Sean’s tryst with Sarah factored into the demise of her relationship with the rap mogul.  The estranged couple also have a son, Christian, 8. Sean has a 13-year-old son, Justin, with ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim.

Source:  NY Daily News


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Jade on

Well… good to hear that he will be a part of his daughter’s life.

Angel on

Let’s see – 3 women (not married to any) and 4 children in 8 years. Even if he takes care of them financially , he needs to grow up and start being a real father to these children and learn a little self-control. After all, he is their role model. Poor kids.

Natasha on

Take note Eddie Murphy, thats what you’re SUPPOSED to do. Good for you Sean 🙂

Nausicaa on

This is great to hear. He made a huge mistake in cheating on Kim, but at least he’s admitting it and owning up to it. That’s more than what can be said about Eddie Murphy! Diddy’s obviously a bad boyfriend, but he seems to be a devoted father.

Now he has three children who are, what, only 5 or so months apart? Sounds like a polygamist sect to me 🙂 Just kidding.

ANA on


Ari on

Kim stood by his side through everything and had three of his children and this is how he repays her? How many more children does he have out there? If a women was to do what he did/is doing she will be every nasty name in the book, but because he is a guy, he can have as many as he want. He may smell nice and dress well but I think he is a dog dressed up in Armani suits.

gianna on

I had a feeling it was his baby. He sure makes a lot of kids.

Grayson's Girl on

Wow, just wow. All I’ll say is I hope he learns to be far more careful than this. Now a days getting someone pregnant is the best case scenario, worst case being far more painful and deadly. He may not be much of a partner, but he loves his kids and takes care of them so I have no doubt this child will be welcomed into the fold. I wonder how this gets explained to the older kids? 15, 13, and 8 is old enough to know what’s up and hear things at school.

Jes on

While it’s admirable that he is going to take care of the baby, I can see why Kim left him. How horrible to know that your long time SO is out knocking other people up!

Principesa on

So much to being committed to the baby mama of his twins…

Condoms, Puffy/Diddy/Whatever.

madison on

What’s worse than cheating on your partner? Cheating on your partner in an unprotected way. He may be a ‘committed’ father but he sure isn’t a committed partner.

Harley on

You would think with as much money as he makes that he could afford 50 cents in order to put something on. Maybe he missed that day in Health class? At least he’s going to take responsibility and be in the girl’s life, I can give him props for that.


I think he needs to make a doctors appointment…and get fixed….at least he is supporting them…but enough is enough….

Astrid on

Yeah yeah yeah so he’s going to financially support the girl. What a hero. I’m not referring to commenters on this blog, but he’s being made out to be such a good guy by taking financial responsibility. I fully agree with Madison- the bigger issue to me is that he endangered not only his health but that of his partner- Kim’s- by having unprotected sex with a woman he barely knew. What a great role model.

Carrie on

Has this man never heard of wrapping it up….

What a prick.

Karen on

I think it is time he made a appointment…and got fixed….

Crystal on

I am not in any way agreeing that Diddy cheating on his partner was aceptable but I would like to point out that we dont know if Diddy and this woman used protection or not. I agree that it is more likely that they didnt due to the fact that there is now this baby girl but it is possible that they used a condom and it ripped. I think men that cheat on their partners are disgusting and I agree that he needs to get his life under control regarding that but atleast he is going to provide for the little girl and I am assuming that he will part of her life since he makes an effort with his other children.

Sasha on

I think it’s nuts that his answer to everything is “Sure, I can make dozens of babies with different women and I’ll just support all you kids for life”. Better get to work, buddy! That money is going to go real quick!!

slm on

Astrid, it has come out that he and Sarah have known each other for years.

Campbell on

well, diddy did it again didn’t he. nice role model sean.

ang on

im with principesa-hasn’t this dude heard of condoms?

FC on

He may be a good father who takes care of his kids, but he needs to learn to be a better man, better “boyfriend”, better at “committed relationships”. At this rate, even if he wanted to get married to whomever, I doubt they’d want to with his track record.

And, the fact that there’s not that many months in between this baby and the twins, well… Doesn’t say much for him. And I still ask myself why Kim ever went back to him. But anyway…

robin on

Why is Diddy being praised on this message board for supporting his child? Isnt that a given? Not like he is doing her some “favor” or being a “Good guy” by doing that. He SHOULD do that. Without question. I think he is morally bankrupt anyway for having unprotected sex, getting someone pregnant, then getting his girlfriend pregnant. I dont feel that bad for her though…she knew what type of cad he was.

Mousie on

He’s hardly to be commended for agreeing to pay support for his child – if he wasn’t forced to, he would have kept on denying paternity. He has no choice but to pay.

I’m not sure how people know he’s a good father to all the children. There are plenty of pictures of him partying, but this is the first I’ve seen of him with these babies since the first spreads after they were born.

terri on

I think they say that he’s a good father because the mothers of his children say that he is. As far as seeing him partying, I’m sure he does. They are not mutually exclusing.

Annoyomus on

I think the reason people are praising Diddy so much is because he isn’t pulling an “Eddie Murphy”. In otherwords, not only is he admitting paternity (Eddie, by contrast, took awhile to admit it even after he took the paternity test) and plans to be a good father to this little girl (at the beginning of the post, it mentions that he and Sarah are trying to work out vistiation for him, so it’s pretty obvious that he plans to be in Chance’s life both financially AND physically)….Which is a lot more than can be said about Eddie!

Also, we have no way of knowing whether he’d still be denying paternity of Chance if it hadn’t been for the test. He even admitted that he, “Didn’t know for sure” that it was his child at first, but that “now that I do, I will take care of her for the rest of her life”. That tells me that he honestly had reason to believe that Chance might not be his child (Eddie, by contrast, hasn’t given anybody any reason to believe that he wasn’t sure that Angel was his child. Melanie even said that he knew darn well that he was her father).

Finally, I think whether or not he used/should use condoms is irrelevant. He shouldn’t have cheated on his girlfriend AT ALL! It seems to me that some people feel that it’s okay for him to cheat as long as he uses condoms!

melanie on

dannnng! Sarah is gonna get PAIDD!!!

Renee on

Good that he will step up and take care of his daughter.I wonder if he plans on having more kids since he is at five now.

G on

Oh Diddy/Puffy/Sean has more children out there by different women…one yet to be claimed is only 2.
Let’s not forget the women that are so willing to be with Sean for obviously what isn’t a meaningful relationship. He isn’t cheating on Kim all by himself…If he were condoms and children wouldn’t be an issue.


I’m sorry, but I find him disgusting, and I don’t like how he runs around and sleeps with women without protection. He has known Sarah Chapman for years, she did an interview not to long ago. Not that he is the only one to blame, but the women who sleep with him as well, if he is not going to wrap it up, she should be making sure that something is being used for their SAFETY. I’m sorry, but these women come off as very foolish and he comes off like a whore

Katie on

Good grief! Can’t this guy keep his pants on?

Yonni on

I can understand why people might be appalled by the fact that P Diddy has fathered a child while being in a relationship, however I think people are being a bit harsh. As most of you are aware, Kim Porter has been his on and off girlfriend for years. Let’s not forget that he dated Jennifer Lopez for a few years, and Kim took him back. She was also still receiving child support from him while they were dating. So, I don’t think they have a typical relationship. AND – So what he has five children now? He takes care of them, and he also takes care of Kim’s other son. He only had two sons up until a little over a year ago, and last time I checked twins automatically means you get two more babies. Stop passing such harsh judgment. It seems that whenever it is a rapper there are always 1,000 comments about condoms.. etc… How do you know the condom didn’t break? Were you there? Also, stop comparing him to Eddie Murphy. Just because they are black and recently fathered a child doesn’t make them “alike”…

Rebecca on

One word.